Assault Knight Special Traits List

Assault Knights Special Traits List

Roll a 1d5 to determine Trait category, then a further 1d5 or 1d10 to determine actual trait.
Assault Knights roll on this list once, Assault Lieutenants twice. No two Knights in the same squad can share the same trait.
Assault Knights only have four categories. When rolling the 1d5, treat both a result of 1 or 5 as a Category 1 result.

Category 1: Melee Weapon Traits

Result Name Effect
1 Sword Lord The Guard is a menace with swords. He gains the Blademaster talent and adds +2 damage to every attack he makes with a Sword.
2 War Wind The Guard strikes with the force of the wind. He gains the Swift Attack (Lightning if he already has Swift) and Whirlwind of Death talents.
3 Iron Ripper The Guard is specialised with chain weapons. He gains the Weapon Mastery: Progressive and Flesh Render talents.
4 Duelist The Guard is capable of focusing on a single enemy, dominating it utterly in close-quarters combat. They may mark a foe as a half during battle. They re-roll all melee attacks made against that foe. They also gain the Counter-Attack talent.
5 Furious The Guard is reckless in close combat, throwing themselves into the fray with mad glee. They reroll all attacks made with the All Out Attack/Furious Assault actions, and gain a +2 to damage and penetration when doing so.
6 Gunslinger The Guard specializes in using guns in close combat. He gains the Akimbo talent, which means he may use his WS in place of his BS when shooting pistols in melee combat. He also gains the Gunslinger and Dual Shot talents, and is free to exchange his chainsword for a second bolt pistol.
7 Blade Dancer The Guard is best when wielding a pair of weapons at once. He gains the Blade Dancer talent, which reduces his penalty to using two melee weapons at once to zero. He also gains the Dual Shot talent, and is free to exchange his bolt pistol for a second chainsword.
8 Bloody Grace The Guard is like music in motion in combat- speedy, fast, and when he strikes it is definite. He gains the Assassin Strike and Precise Blow talents as well as all Melee Precision talents.
9 Heroic Thunderstorm The Guard is a terrifying foe during a charge. He gains the Heroic Assault, Thunder Charge and Storm Strike talents.
10 Executioner The Guard is perfect with heavy, crushing blows- he is, essentially, an axe-master. He adds +2 damage to every attack he makes with an axe and gains the Hammer Blow and Killing Strike talents.

Category 2: Characteristic Traits

Result Name Effect
1 Finesse The Guard excels in close combat. He gains +5 WS and receives the Crippling Strike talent.
2 Impassable Wall The Guard is good in close combat, mostly for his excellent defense. He gains +5 WS and receives the Wall of Steel talent.
3 Brute The Guard is strong, even for an Iron Guard. He gains +5 Strength and the Crushing Blow talent.
4 Hulk The Guard is even more resilient than most Iron Guard. He gains +5 Toughness, +2 wounds and the Extreme Endurance talent.
5 Lightning Bruiser The Guard is fast enough that lesser mortals wonder how something so big can be so fast. He gains +5 Agility, mastery of the Dodge skill and the Step Aside talent.
6 Tech-Guard The Guard is amazing with technology. He gains +5 Intelligence, mastery in the Tech Use skill and the Technical Knock talent. All weapons he wields become Reliable.
7 Hawk-Eyed The Guard's perception is inhumanly sharp. He gains +5 Perception, the Talented (Awareness) talent and the Mighty Shot talent.
8 Spirited The Guard laughs in the face of danger and refuses to be daunted. He gains +5 Willpower and the Fearless and Strong-Minded talents.
9 Esprit de Corps The Guard is friendly and likeable; he makes the team feel more like a team. He gains +5 Fellowship, the Talented (Charm) talent and can grant one reroll to an ally per round.
10 Gifted Roll again in this category. Double the characteristic bonus in whatever result you roll.

Category 3: Special Role Traits

Result Name Effect
1 Berserker The Guard is capable of shocking fury in combat, turning into an uncontrollable berserker. He gains the Frenzy, Battle Rage and Flesh Render talents. Should there be no enemies in sight, he snaps out of frenzy (Guard never attack other Guard of their own squad!) and must test toughness or take a level of fatigue. Lieutenants must reroll this option.
2 Battering Ram The Guard is a shockingly unsubtle battering ram. He gains the Shattering Landfall talent: whenever he uses the Assault Jump talent, he causes a Blast (2) attack originating from his landing point dealing an unarmed attack to all in range with the Concussive quality. Finally, he adds 1d10 Mag damage after the end of every attack sequence against a horde.
3 Medic The Guard is trained as a medic. He gains mastery of the Medicae skill, the Talented (Medicae) and Master Chirurgeon talents, and permanently adds +2 Biogel and a Mediglove to his equipment.
4 Immovable The Guard is capable of holding his ground against incredible odds. He gains the Extreme Resilience, Stoic Defense and Last Man Standing talents.
5 Support The Guard's primary role is not to defeat foes but make it easier for others to defeat them. He gains the Maneuver Mastery, Obscuring Barrage, Tactical Blow and Shell Shock talents.

Category 4: Personality/Teamwork Traits

Result Name Effect
1 Coordinated The Guard is excellent at coordinating his allies. He may mark a target as a half action. All other squad members reroll attack and damage rolls against the target.
2 Protective The Guard is protective of his allies. He gains the Guardian and Sacrifice talents.
3 Synchronized The Guard's presence helps his allies to fight. He gains the Double Team talent, and other squad members within 2m also possess the talent for so long as he is in range.
4 Driven The Guard seems burns with fervour. He gains an extra Fate Point and the Driven trait.
5 Experienced The Guard has seen more combat than the others. He gains Weapon Specialisation in every weapon category, is immune to Fear, and gains Mastery in the Evaluate and Awareness talents.

Knight Lieutenant Command Traits

In conjunction with the above traits, Knight Lieutenants also roll once on each of the following two categories.

Lieutenant Formations

Roll Name Effect
1 Assault Coordination Gains the appropriate Formation ability.
2 Furious Charge Gains the appropriate Formation ability.
3 Reckless Advantage Gains the appropriate Formation ability.
4 Lead by Example Gains the appropriate Formation ability.
5 Regroup Gains the appropriate Formation ability.

Lieutenant Abilities

Roll Name Effect
1 Precision Targeting As per the OD talent.
2 Logistics The Squad gains a number of Upgrade Points equal to the Lieutenant's Fellowship Bonus.
3 Inspiring Voice As per the OD talent.
4 Into the Jaws of Hell As per the DH talent.
5 Tactical Genius As per the OD talent. Gain +1 Fate Points.
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