At Powers

AT Field Powers

Spread Patterns

Name: Accelerator
Deflection per ATS: 10% Action: Half Action, Maintain Free
Your AB increases by 1 per 20% of Deflection for the purposes of movement.

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Offensive Powers

Name: AT Bolt
ATP: 2 ATP Action: Half
Damage: 1d10+1, Pen 1 Range: Medium Range (6km)
Single-target ranged attack that auto-hits, striking a random location and inflicting damage as above. Damage type may be chosen freely.
Special Notes and Effects
By expending a Reaction, you may select which body part is struck.
Per 2 ATP: +1 Damage, Penetration
Per 4 ATP: Increase Range by one step to maximum of Very Long
Per 6 ATP: Generate an extra attack, which may be directed against any enemy in range, has same damage as the first.

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Enhancement Powers

Name: Beacon
ATP: 5 ATP Action: Half, Maintain Half/Reaction
Damage Bonus: - Range: Close Range (3km)
Select one target within range. So long as the power is sustained, you are capable of innately sensing and knowing where the target is. Target may not hide from you, may not ambush you, and you may reroll attack tests against them and take the preferred result. This effect persists even if the enemy leaves the ability's range, although then the effect lasts for an extra 1d5 rounds before breaking, unless you spend a Full Action to maintain the power; the counter resets if they reenter range in that time.
Special Notes and Effects
The AT Beacon effect may be removed from yourself with the use of the Neutralisation power; any ATP will do.
If you are Blinded, then you may target Beacon-afflicted targets as though you were not, but sacrifice the to-hit bonuses from AT Beacon.
Per 5 ATP: Increase range by one step to maximum of Very Long; make Maintain Free.

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Dirac Powers

Name: Abduction
ATP: 3 ATP Action: 1 Full, Maintain Free
Range Self
From inside your Dirac Sea, you centre a Blast (3) effect on yourself, absorbing any caught within. Unwilling targets may test dodge as normal. The effect lasts until your Dirac Sea collapses, you cease to sustain it or you are defeated.
Special Notes and Effects
This power may only be used if you are using the Inverted Spread Pattern and would possess 5 or more ATS after the ATP cost of this power has been paid. If your ATS drops to 4 or lower, you are shunted back into realspace and stunned for 1 round.
Per 2 ATP: Selectively choose what is absorbed
Per 4 ATP: Blast (+1)

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Utility Powers

Name: Anti-AT Field
ATP: 20 ATP Action: 1 Full, Maintain Half
Range Medium Range (6km)
You rewrite reality around you and may cause any single effect so long as it does not extend beyond the range of this power, is not effectively 'instantly destroy this foe', and has GM approval. If it would do damage, the most it may do is either replicate an attack with another weapon or A.T. Power, an N2 Mine (with you at the epicenter) or deal 2d10 damage that ignores AT Fields, Armor and TB to a location of the user's choice against a single target. Similarly, no Characteristic of an enemy with an active A.T. Field may be reduced by this Power below half its value. The effects of the Anti-A.T. Field last for as long as it is maintained, but it may only produce the original single effect and repeated use (such as if used to deal damage) requires multiple different activations. For every turn the Anti-AT Field is active, the user and everyone within range must test Willpower or take 1d5 Ego damage. People without the protection of a powerful AT Field such as an Evangelion instantly fail their Willpower test and multiply their Ego damage by ten.
Common Uses
Anti-AT Blast: Fire a single attack that instantly hits and deals 2d10 damage to a single enemy within range that ignores AT Fields, AP and TB to a location of the user's choice.
Anti-AT Barrage: Fire five attacks that instantly hit and deal 1d5 damage, allocated amongst available targets within range, that ignores AT Fields, AP and TB to a location of the user's choice.
Remove Deflection: Remove all Deflection from all units within range.
Halve Characteristic: Halve one Characteristic of a single target within range.
Suppression: Single target loses the ability to use all AT Field powers.
Per 10 ATP: Increase range by one step, +1d10 damage cap

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Neutralisation Powers

Name: Neutralise
ATP: 1 ATP Action: Half, Maintain Free
Range Close Range (3km)
Neutralises 15% of target's deflection.
Per 1 ATP: +15% Neutralisation

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Angelic Powers

Angelic Spread Patterns

Name: Absolute Terror
Deflection per ATS: 0 Action: Half Action, Maintain Free
Prerequisites: ATS 20, Absolute Master, Lore (Angels+20, AT Fields+20) Restrictions: -
You manifest a miniature Anti-AT Field around yourself, which extends to 1km per 10 ATS, to a minimum of 1 km. Anyone, friend or foe, within range of the field loses all Deflection, and at the start of every round, anything within the field must take a Willpower test or take 1d10 ego damage. Furthermore, everyone within this area takes 1 damage to all locations which ignores TB and AP. Creatures without spread AT Fields take 5 damage to all areas, automatically fail their Willpower test and increase their ego damage by *5.
Special Notes and Effects
The 'Anti AT-Field' power becomes 1 Half, Maintain Free.

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Angelic Offensive Powers

Name: Fusion Storm
ATP: 4 ATP Action: Full
Damage: 1d10E Pen 4 AT Pen 4 Range: Assault (1km)
Prerequisites: ATS 10, Thermal Mastery Restrictions: -
You strike a single foe in range with a storm of intense fusion energy. Roll to hit with BS or WP, and deal the damage shown; the attack possesses the Fusion quality.
Special Notes and Effects
The range of this power may not be increased by Winged Form or by any sort of other range-boosting effect other than Augmentation.
Per 1 ATP: +1 Damage, Penetration and AT Penetration
Per 6 ATP: Increase range by one step, to a maximum of Very Long

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Angelic Dirac Powers

Name: Spatial Division
ATP: 5 ATP Action: Full, maintain Free
Prerequisites: Willpower 60, ATS 15, Dirac Master, Angelic Senses Range: Adjacent
Using time displacement aided by a Dirac Sea, you manage to essentially occupy two places at once, a 'shadow' of your soul in space, with a physical copy of your body occupying the space as well. You duplicate yourself, generating a 'copy' which appears adjacent to you. This version is identical to you, possesses all your powers, talents, abilities and so forth, and gains a Full Action and reaction every round. It may act independently of you, however, the both of you are still limited to one Concentration or Attack type action per round (that is, only one of you can do a Concentration or Attack type action per round). When one of you is hit by an attack, or uses this power again, you must then decide which of the two of you is the 'real' one; the other one instantly vanishes.
per 5 ATP: +1 Duplicate. You may maintain a maximum of WPB duplicates.

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Angelic Utility Powers

Name: Cursed Distortion
ATP: 4 ATP Action: Full Action
Prerequisites: ATS 10, Dirac Master, Psychic Master, Angelic Senses Range: Medium (6km)
You select one enemy within range. They now gain a single Curse Point per round unless they spend a Full Action to remove it.
Per 4 ATP: Select an extra target.

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