Atticus Likes Laughing A Lot And Plotting A Lot

[22:47] <@Dorian> [As the Thruster Solace emerged, elsewhere in the facility, Atticus stood at a window, staring out- behind him, a vertiable crew of technicians and operators at a bevy of consoles. "Status?" Asked Atticus.-
[22:48] <@Dorian> ["Solace Supercomputer, online." Said a technician. "Positron Gatling Systems- online. Solace Cannon- online. Lower actuators- online. Upper actuators- online. Sensor package- online. Nuclear reactor- online. All systems ready, Captain."-
[22:49] <@Dorian> ["Excellent. Everything is operational!" Said Atticus happily.-
[22:50] <@Dorian> ["A remarkable achievement." Said Kaworu, placidly, at his side. "Captain, may I have a word in private?"-
[22:51] <@Dorian> ["Certainly." Said Atticus happily, taking Kaworu aside into a corridor…-
[22:52] <@Dorian> [… And immediately they started to powerwalk down its length, Atticus reaching for the buttons of his coat. "I take it the virus was installed perfectly?" "Yes, Atticus. On your signal, the Supercomputer will switch to hostile mode."-
[22:53] <@Dorian> ["Fantastic." Said Atticus cheerfully. "Fantastic! Oh, this is so exciting." He trilled, buzzing with joy. "I can't wait. You've changed the override passwords, I take it?"-
[22:54] <@Dorian> ["Naturally." Said Kaworu placidly. "Once again, you are the only person who can bring a halt to the Solace's rampage once it begins."-
[22:56] <@Dorian> ["Fantastic! Fantastic!" Atticus started to hop from foot to foot as he ran, shivering with excitement. "And you've prepared my anti-radiation shielding suit, I take it? For my heroic entry~?"-
[22:56] <@Dorian> ["Of course, Atticus. Everything is as planned. Even the Evangelions are ready…" A thin smile. "Just as the script says."-
[22:57] <@Dorian> ["Yes, yes, yes." They emerged into a room dominated by a table. On the table sat a radiation suit- and a key.-
[22:59] <@Dorian> ["This is going to be ~the best day~" Trilled Atticus, picking the key up with a trembling hand. He took a handheld device out of his pocket. "I wonder if Yanmei will be impressed by my noble, sacrificing ways? I can't wait to see how it goes~!" The key is placed in a keyhole built into the device- it turns. A compartment of the device slides open, revealing a single button.-
[22:59] <@Dorian> [Atticus pressed it.]
[02:19] <@Dorian> [The Dirac hop had been surprisingly free of disorientation. Atticus sprinted across the back of Thruster Solace, diving at the emergency hatch just in time- he yanked it open and rolled through just as Solace lurched back to attack 01.-
[02:23] <@Dorian> [Inside, Atticus took the chance to hunker down and take a few breaths. The filtered air of his suit tasted… Recycled, unsurprisingly. "H-Heh." He proceeded forth.-
[02:27] <@Dorian> [The first step was a ladder. He grabbed the sides and slid down- and down, and down. The ladder went for about seven metres.-
[02:30] <@Dorian> [Next was a door. A large blast door. A winch jutted out of the door frame, and it was this that Atticus started to wind- after 20 seconds of winding, the door was finally wide enough for him to slip through. "I'm in."-
[02:34] <@Dorian> [The nuclear reactor dominated the room that lay beyond. It was all up around 15 metres tall, and ringed with three steel platforms that were connected by ladders.-
[02:36] <@Dorian> ["Alright. First step, I need to access main engineering and see if I can't shut down the power remotely." Murmured Atticus, grabbing onto a ladder and sliding down the length.-
[02:37] <@Dorian> [The entire war machine lurched, suddenly, and with a gasp, Atticus fell, crashing into the ground with a scream of pain.-
[02:40] <@Dorian> [Atticus got to his feet, holding his side. A few broken ribs. -Nice-. He grinned despite the pain as he swapped over commlinks. "Kaworu, what was that?"-
[02:40] <@Dorian> ["Sera de Pteres just tore off an arm. Oh, brace for impact."-
[02:40] <@Dorian> ["Wh-"-
[02:41] <@Dorian> [Bang! The entire warmachine lurched to one side, sending Atticus sprawling across its deck.-
[02:41] <@Dorian> [He smashed into the wall, gasping, hissing in pain. "God-damnit-."-
[02:41] <@Dorian> ["That would be Aline Blanc biting off the other arm."-
[02:43] <@Dorian> ["Biting? God. They really are just animals." Muttered Atticus. "Eva was right." He got to his feet, clutching his side as he lurched toward the reactor. "Kaworu?"-
[02:43] <@Dorian> ["Yes?"-
[02:43] <@Dorian> ["Why hasn't the self destruct sequence begun yet?"-
[02:44] <@Dorian> [The chamber… Turned red, green lights turning crimson, bathing the entire chamber.-
[02:44] <@Dorian> ["Oh, excellent. There we go." Said Atticus cheerfully. "Say, Kaworu?"-
[02:44] <@Dorian> ["Yes?"-
[02:44] <@Dorian> ["What's the chance of destroying the head disabling the self destruct sequence?"-
[02:45] <@Dorian> ["Mm… The head has already transmitted the message." Said Kaworu placidly.-
[02:46] <@Dorian> ["So… It'd be down to the automatic shutdown systems if Solace Supercomputer was destroyed."-
[02:46] <@Dorian> ["That is correct."-
[02:46] <@Dorian> ["…" Atticus stared at the reactor. "A lot of people would die if this reactor were to explode."-
[02:47] <@Dorian> ["Again, correct. And the wider economic damage would be severe."-
[02:47] <@Dorian> [Atticus stared at the reactor for a good few seconds as time ticked by.-
[02:47] <@Dorian> ["You have ten seconds left, Atticus."-
[02:47] <@Dorian> ["Righ- Gah!" The Solace shuddered as the head was finally destroyed, sending Atticus tumbling across the floor once again.-
[02:48] <@Dorian> ["O-Oh, it hurts, Kaworu."-
[02:48] <@Dorian> ["Please deactivate the reactor, Atti-chan." Said Kaworu quietly, a small note of actual pleading in his voice.-
[02:49] <@Dorian> ["Why?" Atticus ferreted out the control pad. "Why should I listen to you, again, Kaworu?"-
[02:49] <@Dorian> ["Because I love you, Atti-Chan." He said softly.-
[02:50] <@Dorian> ["Oh. That's right." Atticus barked- and flicked the switch. The reactor depowered almost immediately.-
[02:50] <@Dorian> [The commchannel was switched yet again. "N-Nngh. R-Reactor… Disabled."]

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