Audrey Williams

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Name: Audrey Kimberly Williams
Position: Chief Medical Officer, AE-02
Sex: Female
Age: 20 (Born 1998)
Nationality: American
Place of Residence: Boston, United States of America

Physical Details
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Turquoise
Height: 5'10.5"
Build: Slim and limber

Personal Details
"San, again? For real? Listen, sweetheart, everything's fine, you're fine, your mind's fine, you're good, okay? No, San, that's perfectly natural. I know it's scary, but it really is. … Huh? Oh, sweetheart, no! Like I told you the last four times, a bit of battle trauma is natural, just make sure you do what I told you to do. Okay? Okay, goodbye, sweetheart! … Goddamn, and I thought being posted to Boston would be an easy gig."

Dr. Audrey Williams is the Chief Medical Officer of the AE-02. Before this, she was the director of medical at NERV Boston. She's very young for a doctor, of course, but this shouldn't be surprising- much like her commander, she's a Companion, a graduate of the NeoAlexander Program.

Williams was born in 1998 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, the youngest of four. Her father was a high-achieving officer in the US Air Force, whilst her mother was a banker. Williams' father was killed shortly after Second Impact- at the time, the US Government had been subjected to a military shadow coup, and the military was in the process of purging dissidents from its ranks. Williams' father was one of these dissidents. Her mother, Gabriella, was highly traumatized by Williams' father's death, and in the chaos of post-Impact, ended up destitute. It was through this mechanism that the NeoAlexander Program was able to 'acquire' Williams, promising her mother that the girl would be well-treated and the rest of the family financially supported. Gabriella accepted the offer with a great deal of reluctance, and never really forgave herself, even though Williams forgave her years ago.

Williams was one of the oldest candidates of the Program, and her tall height and early growth ensured that for most of those years, she was one of the tallest. Fortunately, this physical maturity was matched by emotional and mental maturity as well, and she easily became one of the Program's most sensible and grounded individuals. Many in the Program saw her as something of a big sister figure.

Early on in the Program, Williams' tutors came to the conclusion that training her in the principles of warfare was basically a lost cause. Instead of removing her from the Program, however, Williams was given the same general education as the rest of the Companions; when the others went to study warfare and tactics, however, Williams was given more scientific pursuits to follow. The main intent was to train Williams as a medical doctor, and in this the project was very successful. Williams is an accomplished healer and psychologist, traits that would come in just as useful as military leaders would in the future. When the Program ended, Williams was assigned to Boston along with many other Companions, including Alphonse Wellesley.

At Boston, Williams was given the role of Director of Medical. She organised the department well, and made sure it hired the best it possibly could. In reality, her department was rather small- Boston was never envisioned as a base that would ever need a large medical staff like Paris-2, since Boston's base population was smaller and, besides, two of the pilots were Ayanamis- practically immune to disease and quick to heal. It should've been an easy task.

This worked well enough when Boston was just another base, but once the LN War began, they quickly found themselves overworked. Williams had to split her efforts between treating the injured and trying to expand her department at the same time, a process that she found exhausting.

After the LN War, Williams managed to find the time to reconnect with her family, and they now remain in constant contact.

At Boston, just like in the Program, Williams is well-liked, her air of maturity and concern making her feel trustworthy. She is highly admired for her skill and the tasks she accomplished during the LN War. Particularly, she's something of an unofficial mentor for Ayanami San. San has a natural interest in psychology which sees her often spending time with Williams, asking questions and 'comparing research' (often random notes San has taken about people around her). Furthermore, San's constant habit of picking up injuries, being agonized by mental assault or feedback, and being defeated in the Eva (leading to mental stress and, infamously, vomiting after being retrieved) has seen San develop something of a 'Health Complex', often running to Williams with all sorts of health concerns, which Williams then has to assuage.


Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship
25 25 25 30 30 60 50 35 50
Awareness, Charm, Deceive, Inquiry, Literacy, Logic, Medicae+20(ST), Scrutiny
Common Lore (Science), Scholastic Lore (Psychology+20), Speak Language (English)
Characteristic Boost (Intelligence, Perception, Fellowship), Extra Skill (1), Extra Talents (2), Touched by the Fates (1)
Medic (Horde heals 10% Mag per turn. Mag healed cannot take a Squad over 10 Mag.)
Melee (General), Basic (General), Pistol (General)
Specialist (Medicae), Talented (Medicae)
Brilliance, Foresight, Jaded
Back Into It, Critical Aid, Hasty Aid, Healing Hands, Master Chirurgeon, Medic's Eye, Relieving Touch, Snap Out of It
9 73 Fed. Light Power Armour (W/Mediglove(w/1 Biogel and 10 Morphine), Railpistol, 6 Biogel

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