Australia Calls For Aid

"Looks like my work's just getting started."
- Terence Savage, Guard Captain

Australia was an LN member during the war, eager to reclaim control and territory from both China and Indonesia (although Indonesia was also an LN member). After the war, the remoteness of the continent and its vast wildernesses made it a safe haven for many Guard, who thrived in the inhospitable landscape better than almost any human would. These Guards formed clans, based around their qualities and affiliations.

Relations between the biotypical population and the Clans has been tense but mostly non-violent. The Clans mostly focus on attacking each other, and often trade with the biotypicals. In remote areas, however, many biotypicals live as vassals of one Clan or another; these areas are essentially under the control of Guard warlords.

One such Warlord, however, has decided that controlling vassal towns is not enough. This warlord is known as Luther. He has led the Death Adder clan into the eastern coastal regions of Australia, which are the most densely populated. He swept his forces into the state of New South Wales, prompting a panic after he routed the 4th Australian Regiment. The government desperately recalled four more regiments from other states to fight them off, but Luther scattered and destroyed them as well; the back of the Australian army has been broken.

Luther's victories had an unintended effect: other Iron Guard clans began rallying to his ranks, and before long his numbers had swollen to over 600 Guard. Luther began rearming his captives and turning them into a type of bonded auxilia army; so far he has around 2,000 infantry of this nature.

After his victories against the army, Luther turned south and marched into the capital of Canberra. There he sacked the city; he caught the Australian parliament mid-flight and slaughtered most of them. With his conquest of the capital complete, he now turned his attention toward Sydney-2, Australia's largest city.

The Australian government is paralysed and most of its leaders are dead. The Premier of New South Wales has fallen into the role of an interim leader; it was she who requested aid from the Federation.

With the UEF now having access to the Pacific, we can now send forces to Australia to aid them in their moment of crisis.

Chosen Response

This Event calls for force deployment! A basic success requires you to accrue a certain number of 'points', the value of which can only be estimated unless you spend Intelligence to expand your awareness. You may dispatch Hordes and some commanders, with each Horde providing a number of points per Magnitude point. Crossing the threshold grants you a basic success, but crossing it a lot or sending certain units over (depending on the mission) can provide extra bonuses. See below for details:

  • Infantry, Foreign Legion, Starfleet Marines, Fighters and Starfighters add 1 point per Magnitude
  • Artillery, Tanks, AC Suits, Iron Guard, Stormbirds and Skytears add 2 points per Magnitude
  • Superheavies and Starships add 4 points per Magnitude
  • Evangelions add 200 Points each.
  • You may allocate one commander, either a Director or a 2nd Level Commander. Directors add 200 points, whilst Commanders add 100. On being allocated, they will be unusable for other missions this Turn.
  • Some other options, particularly inventive ones you come up with, might also add points.

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Actor Dialogue
Ginevre2.png?raw=1 "No UEF states particularly care about Australia. They might approve of the action. Aiding Australia in this way is likely to cement bringing Australia into our sphere, and we can also make progress on taming the Guard there for our own purposes."
AriadnePage.png?raw=1 "The UN probably doesn't give a damn. However, Indonesia might become spooked by signs that the UEF are aiding one of their rivals."
Jeanne%20Pog.png?raw=1 "Although this calls for a military deployment, there are a few other ways we can push things in our favour. We have a few Clans in Australia who are tentatively on our side- we might petition them to aid our forces. We could also attempt an assassination, but that would be risky and uncertain."
Kourosh%20Pog.png?raw=1 "I estimate… We would need between 550 and 650 Points for this deployment. I recommend we send mostly land forces and conserve our Starships and Supers. I recommend we dispatch Brown on this mission, but if he's not available, we can send Captain Savage instead."
Surov2.png?raw=1 "Iron Guard clans often suffer from chronic tech and equipment shortages. We might lure some away from Luther if we promise them weapons, equipment and technology."

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