Ayanami Chiisana

Civilian Name: Ayanami Chiisana Himesama
Official Name: Ayanami Project Mass-Production Pilot 04 'Shi'
Position: Evangelion Pilot, assigned to Beijing-2
Sex: Female
Age: Three years old (Created 2015); Biological age 18 (2000)
Nationality: Japanese
Place of Residence: Beijing-2

Physical Details
Hair colour: Light blue
Eye colour: Red
Height: 5'3.5" (161.3cm)
Build: Slender

Personal Details
""Remember that a princess must be a master of the social -and- martial arts."

The Ayanami Project (The 'A-2' Project, being the 2nd Project starting with an A) was created with the intent to produce an Evangelion pilot designed to specifics. MP-Pilot 00 was the 'prototype' result, the first of twelve in a series. The series were grown beneath Tokyo-2 with the genetic material taken from Ikari Rei, the deceased daughter of the Ikaris. Ikari Rei herself was genetically enhanced by Yui in the womb, and if she'd lived to an older age would have matured into someone possessing the peak level of human capacity.

Shi- or as she prefers to be called, Chiisana Himesama- has grown into a regal, forceful and proud young woman, quick to act, quick to anger, and quick to display her feelings and emotions. This is reflected greatly in her usual attire, which is often bold, eye-catching and stands out exceedingly well, which is exactly how she'd like it. Chiisana carries herself with a great personal bearing and dignity; she speaks courteously and clearly, and is quick to demonstrate that beneath the nigh-bombastic presentation is someone of real intelligence. She is, however, infamously stubborn, and once she has decided on something, very, very few people can dissuade her from that course.

Character Details

Character Details
Name Chiisana Himesama Gender Female
Background Ayanami Career AT Tactician/Dervish
XP Total 39500 Rank Elite
Kit: Statesman

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Vital Statistics


Name Value Bonus Modifiers
Weapon Skill 47 4 Intermediate
Ballistic Skill 28 2 -
Strength 42 4 Simple
Toughness 51 5 Intermediate
Agility 50 5 Intermediate
Intelligence 60 6 Expert
Perception 50 5 Expert
Willpower 40 4 Intermediate
Fellowship 50 5 Intermediate
Synch Ratio 100 10 Expert

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Wounds: 24 Fate Total: 2
Insanity: 20/100 Ego Barrier: 100/100
WUP Pool: 10 Fatigue Threshold: 5

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Asset Effect
Driven You gain a Fate Point that may only be spent facing huge odds or superior opponents.
Gifted (Toughness) You purchase WS improvements at one step cheaper.
Fast You increase your P-Scale speed by +1 AB.
Sexy Voice You take a +10 bonus to Fellowship tests with males.
Shrewd You gain a Fate Point that may only be spent in social or negotiative situations.

Injuries and Complications

Injury Effect Cause Incident

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Skill Name Characteristic Proficient Trained Mastery Bonuses
Acrobatics Agi X X X -
Athletics Str X X X -
Awareness Per X X X -
Carouse Tou - - - -
Charm Fel X X X Seduction Field, Sexy Voice
Chem Use Int - - - -
Command Fel X X X Talented, Seduction Field, Sexy Voice
Commerce Int - - - -
Deceive Fel X X X Seduction Field, Sexy Voice
Demolitions Fel - - - -
Disguise Fel - - - -
Dodge Agi X X X -
Inquiry Fel X X X Seduction Field, Sexy Voice
Intimidate Fel X X - Seduction Field, Sexy Voice
Literacy Int X - - -
Logic Int X X X Talented
Medicae Int X - - -
Parry WS X - - -
Scrutiny Per X X X -
Security Int X - - -
Sleight of Hand Agi - - - -
Stealth Agi X X X -
Survival Per X X - -
Tech Use Int - - - -

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Proficiency Talents

Weapon Talents

Weapon Class Weapon Type Proficient Specialized Mastery
Melee General General X - -
- Prog X - -
Basic Bolt X - -
- Flame - - -
- Fusion X - -
- General X - -
- Maser X - -
- Positron X - -
Heavy Bolt - - -
- Flame - - -
- Fusion - - -
- General - - -
- Maser - - -
- Positron - - -
Pistol Bolt X - -
- Flame - - -
- Fusion X - -
- General X - -
- Maser X - -
- Positron X - -

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Skill Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Talented AT Fields Gain a +10 to tests made using this skill.
- Charm Gain a +10 to tests made using this skill.
- Command Gain a +10 to tests made using this skill.
- Deceive Gain a +10 to tests made using this skill.
- Tactics Gain a +10 to tests made using this skill.

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Combat Talents

Generic Combat Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Arms Master - Take a -10 penalty when wielding weapons without Proficiency instead of -20.

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Melee Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Berserk Charge - Whenever you Charge an enemy, you gain an extra +10 bonus to charge, for a total bonus of +20.
Furious Assault - All Out Attack. Expend Reaction when making All-Out attack to deal a second attack. May not be used in conjunction with another reaction-expending attack talent.
Street Fighting - +2 Critical Damage with a knife, Natural or unarmed attack.
Swift Attack - This talent permits use of the Swift Attack Action.
Unarmed Warrior - Unarmed Attacks deal 1d10+SB-2 damage, and no longer count as Unarmed.

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Ranged Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Deadeye Shot - You reduce the penalty to called shots by -10.

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Personal Talents

Interpersonal Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Air of Authority - When using the Command action, you may issue commands to a number of people equal to 1,000 times your Fellowship Bonus. Only NPCs are affected, and any NPCs not under your command will only obey the order if you achieve more degrees of success than their WPB. You gain a +10 to Command tests in Social Conflicts. Your Followers also have +10 Loyalty when in your presence.
Cold Hearted - Any use of the Charm skill against you gives you a +20 to the Opposed Test to resist the skill in addition to other modifiers. This applies to Social Conflicts.
Demagogue - Once per round, when addressing a crowd, you may reroll a Social skill test. When in a social conflict with multiple opponents, including crowds, you inflict FB/2 extra Willpower damage against all foes if you used Charm or Intimidate for your Opposed Skill Test.
Forward, you Dogs - You may test Command as a half action on your turn. On a success, all allies within vocal range of you who are suffering from mental effects (Break, Fear, Pinning, Frenzy, and others) may take an immediate free Willpower test to shake off the effects. For every degree of success on your Command test, those allies gain a +5 bonus to their Willpower test.
Galvanising Presence - When using the 'Terrify' special use of the Command skill, its affects apply to all allies within FB km. Furthermore, the Character counts as having Fear (2) for the purposes of all Terrify tests.
Inspirational - When using the 'Inspire' use of the Command Skill, you may increase the bonus by +5 per 3 degrees of success. Furthermore, in Social Conflicts, any fellow allies participating in the Conflict increase their Vigour by +10.
Into the Jaws of Hell - Your Followers, subordinates and any attached Hordes take a +20 to their Break, Fear, and Pinning tests, so long as you are within visual or audial contact with them.
Iron Discipline - Your Followers, subordinates and any attached Hordes may reroll failed Break, Fear, and Pinning tests and take the preferred result, so long as you are within visual or audial contact with them.
Master Orator - When using the Charm or Intimidate action, you may affect a number of people equal to 1,000 times your Fellowship Bonus. When in a Social Conflict with multiple opponents, including crowds, you sap 1d10 Willpower instead of 1d5 against all foes if you used Charm or Intimidate for your Opposed Skill Test. Such is your charisma that all Followers gain a permanent +10 to Loyalty.
Peer (X) Group eg. 'UEF', 'Law Enforcement' You gain a 10*X bonus to Fellowship tests with people belonging to the specified group. Note that this category can be rather broad- typically, a character with Peer (Medical Establishment) could rely on gaining this bonus against most doctors worldwide, for example. This is to represent the idea that Peer is as much due to you knowing how a group typically operates as opposed to having just built up bonds with a particular set of people.
- Japanese 1 -
- Social Elite 1 -
Radiant Presence - All allies within 2km of you take a +10 to tests to resist Break, Fear, Pinning or Intimidation.

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Mental Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Blind Fighting - You take half the usual penalties when fighting in situations where your vision is obscured. Includes Blindness, but BS attempts still automatically fail.
Fearless - You gain a +10 bonus against Fear, and count Insanity as being +20 points higher for determining Fear immunity.
Foresight - You may spend 10 minutes in contemplation to add +10 to a single Intelligence test.
Hotblooded - You take a +10 to Feedback tests, and may roll twice on the Shock Table and take the preferred result after failing a Fear test.
Jaded - You are unaffected by mundane horrors such as death, violence or the sight of blood. Furthermore, you roll twice on the trauma table and take the preferred result.
Nerves of Steel - You may reroll Willpower tests to resist or recover from Pinning and take the preferred result. Furthermore, take a +20 bonus to your Opposed Test to resist uses of the Intimidate skill. This applies to Social Conflicts.
Resistance Cold +10 to tests to resist the cold.
- Fear +10 to tests to resist fear.
- Heat +10 to tests to resist the heat.
- Poison +10 to tests to resist poisons and toxins.
- Mental +10 to tests to resist mental attack.
Sanity Grip - You may spend a Fate; until the start of your next turn, you take no Insanity Points and suppress all Disorders and ongoing Traumas.
Strong Minded - You re-roll any failed Willpower tests to protect you against mental attack.

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Physical Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Catfall - Whenever you fall, you may test Agility or Acrobatics as a Free. On a success, and for every 2 DoS, you remove one Falling Damage hit.
Drop Trained - Whenever you fall, you always land on your feet, and treat the distance as 1/3rd for the purpose of generating falling damage hits.
Hard Target - Whenever you Charge or Run, enemy attacks against you take a -20 penalty (for a total of -40 if you Ran).
Hardy - You always count as Lightly Wounded for the purposes of healing lost wounds.
Sound Constitution 10 Increase your Wounds by 1 per purchase of this talent.
Sprint - When making a Movement Action, you may increase your AB by AB/2 for the purposes of movement. You gain a level of Fatigue if you use this talent two turns in a row.

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Specialist Talents

Support Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Hunker Down - As a free action, select a number of allies within audio and visual range up to your IB. All enemies firing at these allies from a position where the allies are treated as being in cover take a -10 penalty to hit.
Soak Fire - Allies benefiting from the Hunker Down action treat their AP as being higher by an amount equal to your IB/2.

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Metaphysical Talents

AT Field Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Analyze Field - As per Scan Field; however, if you pass the test by 3 degrees or more, you may make a Perception+10 test; on a success, and for every DoS, you can learn what 1 AT Power does.
Angelic Senses - So long as your SR is above 80 and your AT Field is spread, you have the Angelic Senses trait.
Assault Pattern Harvest Blade, Murderstroke, Shieldbreaker Whenever you select this talent, choose one of the abilities below. You may only apply a single Assault Pattern effect at any one time.
- Murderstroke By spending 8 ATP on Massive Momentum, you apply the Vengeful (-1) Quality to your melee attack.
AT Duelist - As long as you have an ATS of 1, reduce the augmentation of all AT Powers used against you by your WP Bonus.
AT Extension - You can use the AT Funnel, Massive Momentum, Restrict Shot, Kinetic Damping and Force Null powers on allies within 4km.
AT Focus - Designate a single AT Power; you bank a number of ATP up to your IB, reducing your current ATS by that amount. Next turn, you test Synch Ratio. On a pass, you gain an extra amount of ATP equal to the amount banked, but may only be spent on the designated power (either activating it or augmenting it or both). On a failure, the ATP is lost. If the pilot is unable to activate the declared power, treat it as a failure.
AT Maneuver Fluid-tuned, Fortification, Inertia Boost, Kinetic Aid, Mind's Eye, Quick Draw, Wipe Clean, Flux Whenever you select this talent, choose one of the abilities below.
- Inertia Boost You gain Unnatural Agility (1).
- Mind's Eye You may use your Synch Ratio when Testing Awareness, instead of Perception
- Flux You may spend a reaction to modify a single test result within 4km of you. You modify this result by an amount equal to your Synch Ratio bonus.
AT Reserve - Your Eva is always treated as having an ATS of 1, even if all ATP have been spent.
Disruption Pattern Broadcast, Counter, Dissonance Whenever you select this talent, choose one of the abilities below. You may only apply a single Disruption Pattern effect at any one time.
- Counter Choose a single AT Power when using Neutralize. So long as the ATS spent on Neutralize matches the cost required to use the chosen power, the target is unable to use that power.
Impossible! Hostile Synch, Oscillating Field, Delta Waveform Whenever you select this talent, choose one of the abilities below.
- Oscillating Field You may choose to have the effect of any two Spread Patterns, using the lowest Deflection of the two. You are treated as having both spread patterns active for any and all relevant abilities.
Mimic Field - You may test Synch Ratio to 'learn' an AT Power used by another. On a success, you learn the power and retain it for a number of rounds equal to your IB. If the power power is a unique Angel power without an ATP cost, then the ATP cost is equal to the Angel's WPB*2.
Offensive Mastery Focused Strike, Incendiary Burst, Phantom Blades, Unstoppable Force Whenever you select this talent, choose one of the abilities below.
- Focused Strike You may test Synch Ratio to attack a specific limb when using Rising Cross, with the usual penalties not mitigated by any talents. On a failure, attack defaults to limb.
- Phantom Blades You now deal extra attacks to enemies hit with the AT Wave attack, equal to +1 hit per 4 ATP spent on the power.
Quick Spread - The Spread (Full) action is now a Half. Also, you may now use the Spread (Half) as a Free Action.
Reinforce Ego - You may spend fate to become immune to ego damage until the end of your next turn. May only be used once per session.
Scan Field - Roll Perception/Awareness test when within 60dm/6km of target to gauge strength of their ATS. Success of 3 DoS or more tells you exact ATS.
Spark of Genius - You may spend a Fate to gain AT power that you meet the prereqs for but do not have. You may use this power for 1d5 rounds, after which you must test SR at the start of every round or lose it.
Spread Mastery Alacrity of Thought, Area Field, Defensive Magnetism, Particle Spread Whenever you select this talent, choose one of the abilities below.
- Alacrity of Thought When Accelerated Territory is spread, AT Powers that take a Full Action take only a Half; AT Powers that take a Half Action take only a Reaction.
- Area Field When using the Bunker Field Pattern, selected objects within km equal to your WPB/2 now benefit from your Spread Pattern as though it were their own, albeit at half Deflection.
- Particle Spread When using the Deflective Field Pattern, you gain +2 ATS so long as this field is spread.
Synchronization Control - During Synch Disruption, you may reroll either of the following: 1d10 Roll to determine whether your Ratio increases or decreases. 2d10 Roll to determine by how much your Ratio increases or decreases. You may reroll both, but you must pass an Intelligence check before you may make a 2nd reroll.
Synchronize Group - Full Action. Your AT Field merges with the AT Fields of allies within 3km of you. All pilots involved must test Synch Ratio, or spend a Reaction to automatically pass. If at least two pilots succeed (including yourself), Group Synchronization occurs. Any pilot who fails is not included in the Synchonization and must make a WP test or take 1d5 Ego damage. If you fail, then the entire group fails. In Group Synchronization, all Evas in the Sync lose their AT Fields, and you gain an AT Field with strength equal to your ATS, plus the highest ATS out of the rest of the Evas, then finally half of the ATS of every other member. At the start of every round after the first round in which Sync was formed, you must test SR or else the Sync fails. If an Eva other than you attempts to use an AT Field power during this, you must pass an SR test at -30 or else Sync fails, and all involved are Stunned for 1 round. Whilst Sync is in effect, any mental attack that affects one member affects all members, although they gain a +20 to any resistance tests.

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AT Field Powers

Spread Patterns

Name: Accelerated Territory
Deflection per ATS: 10% Action: Half/Full to Spread, Maintain Free
Your AB increases by 1 per 20% of Deflection for the purposes of movement.

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Offensive Powers

Name: AT Beam
ATP: 10 ATP Action: Full
Damage: 1d10+10E, Pen 10, AT Pen 10 Range: Long Range (10km)
Ranged attack with the Line quality. Roll to hit with BS or WP, and inflict damage as above.
+1 damage, penetration and AT Penetration per 1 ATP. Increase Range by one step per 5 ATP, to a maximum of Orbital. Increase damage code by +1d10 per 10 ATP, to a maximum of +2d10.

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Enhancement Powers

Name: AT Beacon
ATP: 5 ATP Action: Half, Maintain Half/Reaction
Damage Bonus: - Range: Close Range (3km)
Select one target within range. So long as the power is sustained, you are capable of innately sensing and knowing where the target is. Target may not hide from you, may not ambush you, and you gain a +20 to WS and BS tests against the target, or a +30 to hit with AT Field or AT Enhanced attacks. This effect persists even if the enemy leaves the ability's range. If the enemy is more than 1km away, then the effect lasts for an extra 1d5 rounds before breaking, unless you spend a Full Action to maintain the power.
Special Notes and Effects
The AT Beacon effect may be removed from yourself with the use of the Neutralisation power; any ATP will do.
If you are Blinded, then you may target Beacon-afflicted targets as though you were not, but sacrifice the to-hit bonuses from AT Beacon.
You may maintain this power as a free by spending +5 ATP.

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Dirac Powers

Name: Dirac Abduction
ATP: 3 ATP Action: 1 Full, Maintain Free
Range Self
From inside your Dirac Sea, you centre a Blast (3) effect on yourself, absorbing any caught within. Unwilling targets may test dodge as normal. The effect lasts until your Dirac Sea collapses, you cease to sustain it or you are defeated.
Special Notes and Effects
This power may only be used if you are using the Inverted Spread Pattern and would possess 5 or more ATS after the ATP cost of this power has been paid. If your ATS drops to 4 or lower, you are shunted back into realspace and stunned for 1 round.
You may selectively choose what you take with you if you spend +2 ATP. The range increases by a step to a maximum of Long Range (10km) per 4 ATP.

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Utility Powers

Name: Anti-AT Field
ATP: 20 ATP Action: 1 Full, Maintain Half
Range Medium Range (6km)
You rewrite reality around you and may cause any single effect so long as it does not extend beyond the range of this power, is not effectively 'instantly destroy this foe', and has GM approval. If it would do damage, the most it may do is either replicate an attack with another weapon or A.T. Power, an N2 Mine (with you at the epicenter) or deal 2d10 damage that ignores AT Fields, Armor and TB to a location of the user's choice against a single target. Similarly, no Characteristic of an enemy with an active A.T. Field may be reduced by this Power below half its value. The effects of the Anti-A.T. Field last for as long as it is maintained, but it may only produce the original single effect and repeated use (such as if used to deal damage) requires multiple different activations. For every turn the Anti-AT Field is active, the user and everyone within range must test Willpower or take 1d5 Ego damage. People without the protection of a powerful AT Field such as an Evangelion instantly fail their Willpower test and multiply their Ego damage by ten.
Common Uses
Anti-AT Blast: Fire a single attack that instantly hits and deals 2d10 damage to a single enemy within range that ignores AT Fields, AP and TB to a location of the user's choice.
Anti-AT Barrage: Fire five attacks that instantly hit and deal 1d5 damage, allocated amongst available targets within range, that ignores AT Fields, AP and TB to a location of the user's choice.
Remove Deflection: Remove all Deflection from all units within range.
Halve Characteristic: Halve one Characteristic of a single target within range.
Suppression: Single target loses the ability to use all AT Field powers.
Range increases by one step and +1d10 damage cap per 10 ATP.

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Neutralisation Powers

Name: Destructive Interference
ATP: 1 ATP Action: Half, Maintain Free
Range Close Range (3km)
Neutralizes 15% of target's Deflection. If 5 ATP or more is spent on this power, then the target suffers a -10 non-stacking penalty to all tests so long as the power is maintained.
Special Notes and Effects
This power is likely to cause the target to aggressively attack the user.
Neutralizes 15% of Deflection per extra ATP.

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Advanced AT Field Powers

Advanced Spread Patterns

Chaotic Field
Defensive Field
Offensive Field
Reflective Field
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Advanced Kinetic Powers

Compression Shock
Kinetic Bolt
Kinetic Surge
Redirect Projectile
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Advanced Psychic Powers

Drive Sense
Mental Cleansing
Mind Bolt
Psychic Sanctuary
Psychaudience (Focused)
Psychaudience (Passive)
Seed of Control
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Melee Weapons

Name Class Range Base Damage Real Damage Base Pen Real Pen Total Specials
Ayanami Sword (Light Model) Melee - 1d10+1R 1d10+5R 2 2 Best; Force Weapon; AT Foci (1), Balanced
Ayanami Rod Melee - 1d10+1 I 1d10+5 I 3 3 Best; Force Weapon; AT Foci (1), Balanced, Disabling
Ayanami Staff Melee - 2d10+I I 2d10+5 I 4 4 Best; Force Weapon, Pneumatic; Amp (1), AT Foci (2), AT Surge, Projection (1), Unwieldy

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Name Body Arm Leg Head Special
Ayanami Light Armour 7 7, Weak Spot (2) 7, Weak Spot (2) 7, Weak Spot (3) Ablative (2), Auto-Doc (1), Empowering (1), Light, Powered, Sealed, Sentinel, Slippery
Ayanami Heavy Armour 8 8, Weak Spot (2) 8, Weak Spot (2) 8, Weak Spot (3) Ablative (2), Auto-Doc (1), Empowering (2), Heavy (40), Powered, Sealed, Sentinel, Slippery

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Starting Stats


Starting Characteristics
Name Value Bonus Modifiers
Weapon Skill 37 3 -
Ballistic Skill 28 2 -
Strength 37 3 -
Toughness 41 4 -
Agility 40 4 -
Intelligence 40 4 Leader Type (5)
Perception 30 3 -
Willpower 30 3 -
Fellowship 40 4 Leader Type (5)
Synch Ratio 80 8 Master Model (5), Miracle Type (10)

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Wounds: 14 Fate Total: 2
Insanity: 25/100 Ego Barrier: 100/100
WUP Pool: 10

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Starting Skills and Talents

From Background


From Career

Medicae (SP)
Security (SP)
Speak Language (English, Japanese, Mandarin)

Starting Talents

AT Power (Deflection Field, Neutralise)
Melee (General)

Experience Table

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