Ayanami Hachi

Civilian Name: Ayanami Hachi
Official Name: Ayanami Project Mass-Production Pilot 08 'HACHI'
Hidden Identity: Ripper Vengeance Eight
Position: Evangelion Pilot
Sex: Female
Age: Three years old; Biological Age 18
Nationality: Japanese
Place of Residence: Berlin-2

Physical Details
Hair colour: Auburn
Eye colour: Red
Height: 5'3.5" (161.3cm)
Build: Slender

Personal Details
"Asuka-! Shove off already! There's seven of them with knives and guns. I'll be fine."

The Ayanami Project (The 'A-2' Project, being the 2nd Project starting with an A) was created with the intent to produce an Evangelion pilot designed to specifics. MP-Pilot 00 was the 'prototype' result, the first of twelve in a series. The series were grown beneath Tokyo-2 with the genetic material taken from Ikari Rei, the deceased daughter of the Ikaris. Ikari Rei herself was genetically enhanced by Yui in the womb, and if she'd lived to an older age would have matured into someone possessing the peak level of human capacity.

Ayanami Hachi- MP-Pilot 08- is genetically identical to her sisters. Psychologically, however, she is different- as they all are. Hachi is almost certainly the most aggressive Ayanami there is. Short-tempered, often angry, violent and impatient, four out of five psychologists agree that pairing her with Asuka Langley-Soryu was a terrible idea. Naturally, the two are friends, hidden beneath occasional vitriol and fist fights.

Hachi is trained for long ranged combat, so strategically at least, she is a solid pair for Langley-Soryu.

Character Details

Character Details
Name Ayanami Hachi Gender Female
Background Ayanami Career Sniper/Ghoul
XP Total 34,400 Rank 6
Kit Fighter

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Vital Statistics


Name Value Bonus Modifiers
Weapon Skill 58 5 Expert
Ballistic Skill 65 6 Expert
Strength 51 5 Intermediate
Toughness 52 5 Intermediate
Agility 60 6 Expert
Intelligence 32 3 -
Perception 63 6 Expert
Willpower 43 4 Intermediate
Fellowship 27 2 -
Synch Ratio 81 8 Master Model, Expert

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Wounds: 24 Fate Total: 2
Insanity: 25/100 Ego Barrier: 100/100
WUP Pool: 18

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Asset Effect
Fast You increase your P-Scale speed by +1 AB.
Gifted (Perception) You purchase Perception upgrades at one step cheaper than usual.
Quick Healer Whenever you heal a wound for any reason, you heal one extra.
Thrill Seeker When you spend a Fate Point in situations where you are outmatched or in moments of great bravery, roll a 1d10. On a result of 9 the fate is kept.
Troublemaker You gain the Deceive and Sleight of Hand skills. Anyone in a position of apparent authority take a -20 penalty to Charm and Command when trying to coerce you.

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Drawback Effect
Big Ego In any situation where someone else proves themselves to be more skilled than you, you must take a Willpower+10 test. On a failure, at the next available opportunity you must choose an action that has at least a -20 net penalty attached to it, preferably something flashy and attention-getting. On a Willpower success, however, you instead take a -10 penalty to Intelligence, Perception and Fellowship for an hour.
Compulsive Behaviour (Show up Julie) Failure to show up Julie whenever the opportunity shows itself grants Hachi a -10 penalty to all tests for 1 hour.
Short Fuse Whenever you are confronted or otherwise stressed or agitated, you must pass a Willpower Test or fly into a rage, taking it out on the environment and/or people around you.

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Trait Effect
Ayanami You begin with the 'Ayanami' trait, which replaces the Angel Hybrid asset. You gain immunity to mechanical effects that stem from emotion (positive or negative), the Hardy and Resistance (all) talents, a P-Scale AT Field equal to your normal ATS, and your SR can never drop below 40. You also begin with 25 Insanity. Whenever you burn fate due to death or insanity, you have a 50% chance of preserving the fate and being revived three campaign turns later, having lost any XP associated with the battle you died in. Any injuries you may have accumulated are lost, but you gain five randomly chosen traumas which persist for two campaign turns afterwards, and must test Willpower or develop a disorder related to how you died.
Sniper Type You gain a +5 to BS and Perception, and start with the Dodge skill.
Warrior Type You gain +5 to WS and Strength, and start with the Parry skill.
Psychological Fragility You take a -10 penalty to tests to resist Trauma, Instability or Coherency Disruption. You also take a -10 penalty to tests to resist gaining Ego Damage or Insanity. Finally, you only recover 1 Ego a turn instead of 2.
Unnatural Mentality You begin with a Severe Disorder.

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Coherency Disruptions

Coherency Disruptions
Disruption Effect Tested Characteristic Threshold
- - -

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Instability Effect Ego Threshold
- - -

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Disorder Effect Threshold
Severe Disorder: Combat Fixation You suffer from a strong desire to indulge in combat- not training or sparring but real combat. You must be deployed to combat at least once per Campaign Turn. If you are not, you take a -10 to all tests (except WS/BS) for the rest of the turn, and test against your Disorder (without the -10 penalty). On a failure, you will indulge your desire in some other way, often by trying to start a fight with another person (pick someone from the Pilot, Leader or Other list, preferably someone who has annoyed you, but if not, then at random; you must test WP+20 or attempt to fight them). if you fail 3 Degrees or more, you don't just start a fight, but you start a brawl (preferably against thugs or criminals, but if not, idle soldiers will do). Count this as a Sub-Mission with 1d3 Combat Challenges. Either way, the next time you are deployed on a mission, all attempts to order you around take a -20 penalty and you possess the Impetuous Drawback for that fight only. Starting

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Basic Skills

Skill Name Characteristic Proficient Trained Mastery Bonuses
Acrobatics Agi X X X -
Athletics Str X X X -
Awareness Per X X X -
Carouse Tou X X X -
Charm Fel X - - -
Chem Use Int - - - -
Command Fel - - - -
Commerce Int - - - -
Deceive Fel X X X -
Demolitions Fel X - - -
Disguise Fel - - - -
Dodge Agi X X X -
Inquiry Fel - - - -
Intimidate Str X X X -
Literacy Int X - - -
Logic Int X - - -
Medicae Int - - - -
Parry WS X X X -
Scrutiny Per X X X -
Security Int - - - -
Sleight of Hand Agi X - - -
Stealth Agi X X X -
Survival Per X X X -
Tech Use Int - - - -

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Specialist Skills

Skill Name Specialisation Characteristic Proficient Trained Mastery Bonuses
Common Lore - Int - - - -
- - Int - - - -
Navigate - Int - - - -
- - Int - - - -
Operate - Agi - - - -
- - Agi - - - -
Scholastic Lore - Int - - - -
- - Int - - - -
Speak Language English Int X - - -
- German Int X - - -
- Japanese Int X - - -
Trade - Int - - - -

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Weapon Proficiencies

Weapon Class Weapon Type Proficient Specialized Mastery
Melee General General X X -
- Prog X X -
Basic Bolt X X X
- Fusion X X X
- General X X X
- Maser X X X
- Positron X X X
Heavy Bolt X X X
- Fusion X X X
- General X X X
- Maser X X X
- Positron X X X
Pistol Bolt X X X
- Fusion X X X
- General X X X
- Maser X X X
- Positron X X X

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Basic Combat Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Arms Master - Take a -10 penalty when wielding weapons without Proficiency instead of -20.
Quick Draw - Use the Ready action as a Free Action.

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Proficiency and Skill Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect

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Melee Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Berserk Charge - Charge. +10 bonus to charge, total +20.
Furious Assault - All Out Attack. Expend Reaction when making All-Out attack to deal a second attack. May not be used in conjunction with another reaction-expending attack talent.
Gravity Kick - Charge, Height. Make a WS test against a single enemy below you. On a hit, you deal normal unarmed leg damage, +1d10 damage. The attack has a Penetration value equal to 1 per 5dm fallen (or 2 per 1km in Strategic Mode). This attack may not be parried. If the attack fails to connect (either due to the enemy dodging, or the attack failing), the attack is applied to the used leg instead.
Makeshift Murder - Your Improvised weapons count as 1d10+2 and do not count as Primitive.
Swift Attack - Full Action. Make a single Attack roll. For every 2 Degrees of Success you score, you deal another hit. If you have Two Weapon Wielder, you may also make a single attack with a 2nd Melee Weapon.
Takedown - Half Action. Declare before test. Make a standard attack test against a single enemy. On a confirmed hit that does damage, the damage is ignored, and your opponent must test Toughness or be stunned for 1 round.
Unarmed Warrior - Unarmed Attacks deal 1d10+SB-2 damage, and no longer Unarmed.
Unarmed Master - Unarmed Attacks deal 1d10+SB damage, and no longer Primitive.
Vice Grip - You take a +10 bonus to Grapple tests, and deal +2 damage when using Grapple attacks. Furthermore, when you use the Push Opponent Grapple action, they land prone.

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Melee Pointman Talents

Talent Name Talent Sub-Title Effect
Maneuver Mastery - +10 to WS tests when using the Maneuver action.

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Ranged Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Assault Shooter - May fire Basic/Heavy weapons in melee. Heavy weapons have -20 penalty, basic have 0, and pistols count as having the Point Blank bonus.
Barrage - +1 Degrees of Success with Ranged attacks.
Crack Shot - +2 critical damage from ranged attacks.
Deadeye Shot - Reduce penalty to called shots by -10.
Divine Bullet - Spend Fate before rolling BS to hit target. Instead of rolling, treat attack as though you had rolled a 1 to hit.
Eye of Vengeance - Apply to single-shot with Full Aim. +1 Pen per degree of success, auto-confirm furies.
Gun Drill Bolter Drill +1 to max Semi/Full auto hits with Bolt Weapons.
- Fusion Drill +1 to max Semi/Full auto hits with Fusion Weapons.
- General Drill +1 to max Semi/Full auto hits with General Weapons.
- Maser Drill +1 to max Semi/Full auto hits with Maser Weapons.
- Positron Drill +1 to max Semi/Full auto hits with Positron Weapons.
Hip Shooter - May move Full Move or Run and fire single shot with one Pistol or Carbine. However, apply -20 Penalty to BS if firing as part of a Run action, -40 if used with Sprint.
Independent Targeting - When firing two ranged weapons at once, may may attack targets more than 10m apart.
Marksman - No penalties for shooting at long/extended range.
Mighty Shot - Add half of BSB to ranged weapon damage, rounding down.
Overcharge - Weapons with the 'Recharge' quality can be fired without having to wait for the recharge providing the wielder passes a flat BS check first. Each consecutive turn this talent is used adds a -20 penalty to the check. On a failure, the weapon overheats.
Precision Basic Well-Placed, Fast, Cleaving, Crippling, Double Tap Whenever you select this talent, choose one of the abilities below. You may only apply a single Precision Basic effect at any one time.
- Well-Placed Standard or Called Shot Ranged Basic Attack: roll Ballistic Skill twice, take the better roll.
- Crippling Standard or Called Shot Ranged Basic Attack: +1 Critical Damage if Critical Damage is dealt.
Precision Heavy Well-Placed, Fast, Cleaving, Overpower, Brutal, Devastate Whenever you select this talent, choose one of the abilities below. You may only apply a single Precision Heavy effect at any one time.
- Fast Standard or Called Shot Ranged Heavy Attack: Target takes a -20 penalty to dodge this attack.
- Brutal Standard or Called Shot Ranged Heavy Attack: +2 Damage.
Precision Pistol Well-Placed, Fast, Cleaving, Crippling, Execution, Gun Kata Whenever you select this talent, choose one of the abilities below. You may only apply a single Precision Pistol effect at any one time.
- Crippling Standard or Called Shot Ranged Pistol Attack: +1 Critical Damage if Critical Damage is dealt.
- Execution Standard or Called Shot Ranged Pistol Attack: +3 Damage to enemies within Point Blank range.
Rapid Reload - Weapon reload times are reduced by half.
Sharpshooter - Reduce penalty to called shots by -20.
Stable Shooter - Fire semi/full as a Half Action.
Storm of Iron - Enemies take a -10 to dodge full auto bursts from you. Furthermore, when attacking Hordes with a semi or full auto burst, so long as one attack deals damage you add your Ballistic Skill Bonus once to the total Magnitude Damage dealt against that Horde that turn.
Target Selection - Take no penalty for firing into melee combat

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Physical Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Bulging Biceps - May fire unbraced Heavy Weapons on Semi/Full Auto without the -30 unbraced penalty. Furthermore, take a +20 Bonus when testing Athletics to increase your carrying capacity.
Drop Trained - Falling, 10dm or above. Always land on your feet, and treat distance as 1/3rd for purpose of falling damage.
Hard Target - Whenever you Charge or Run, enemy attacks against you take a -20 penalty (for a total of -40 if you Ran).
Hardy - You always count as Lightly Wounded for the purposes of healing lost wounds.
I Cannot be Defeated - Increase your Fatigue Threshold by 2.
Lightning Reflexes - Double your AB when rolling Initiative.
Sound Constitution 10 Increase your Wounds by 1 per purchase of this talent.
Sprint - +AB to movement distance when full moving, double movement distance when running. You gain a level of Fatigue if you use this talent two turns in a row.
True Grit - Halve Critical Damage taken, rounding down. Minimum of 1 Critical Damage taken.

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Mental Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Blind Fighting - Take half the usual penalties when fighting in situations where your vision is obscured. Includes Blindness, but BS attempts still automatically fail.
Frenzy - Full Action. At the start of your next round you Frenzy, gaining +10 WS, Strength, Toughness and Willpower, but a -20 penalty to BS, Intelligence, and Fellowship tests. You must attack the nearest enemy in melee combat if possible, although avoiding obviously suicidal actions (eg. jumping off a bridge). You are immune to Fear, Pinning, Stunning and Fatigue, and may not Parry, retreat or flee. You may not use AT Field Powers. You remain Frenzied for the duration of the combat.
Indomitable - Reduce all Ego Damage taken by 1, to a minimum of 1.
Nerves of Steel - Reroll WP tests to resist or recover from Pinning. Furthermore, take a +20 bonus to your Opposed Test to resist uses of the Intimidate skill. This applies to Social Conflicts.
Resistance Cold +10 to tests to resist the cold.
- Fear +10 to tests to resist fear.
- Heat +10 to tests to resist the heat.
- Poison +10 to tests to resist poisons and toxins.
- Mental +10 to tests to resist mental attack.

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Rank Weapon Selected/Scale Effect
Scout Heavy Bolter P-Scale 1 P or E-Scale weapon now always free. May take 4 RP of upgrades for weapon, and may allocate 1 Commissioned upgrade to any weapon
Precision Shooter Power Gauntlet P-Scale 1 P or E-Scale weapon now always free. May take 4 RP of upgrades for weapon, and may allocate 1 Commissioned upgrade to any weapon
Heavy Weapons Specialist Heavy Bolter E-Scale 1 P or E-Scale weapon now always free. May take 4 RP of upgrades for weapon, and may allocate 1 Commissioned upgrade to any weapon

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AT Field Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Barrage Pattern Focused Funnel By spending 10 ATP on an AT Funnel applied to a weapon with the semi or full auto qualities, your attack loses its Semi, Full Auto to-hit bonus. However, the attack can now be used as a Called Shot, and regardless, all hits scored by Semi, Full Auto now all hit the same location. This changes AT Funnel's other bonuses; you now only gain +1 damage, penetration and AT penetration per 5 ATP, but these bonuses are applied across all attacks.
Quick Spread - Spread full as a half. May spread as a free, gaining ATS equal to your WPB.

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AT Field Powers

Spread Patterns

Accelerated Territory
Barrier Field
Bunker Field
Deflective Field
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Offensive Powers

AT Blast
AT Wave
Cross Blast
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Enhancement Powers

AT Funnel
Restrict Shot
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Dirac Powers

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Utility Powers

AT Ping
Wrap Beam
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Neutralisation Powers

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Melee Weapons

Name Class Range Base Damage Real Damage Base Pen Real Pen Total Specials
Ayanami Sword Melee - 1d10+4R 1d10+11R 3 3 Best Quality, AT Foci (1), Balanced, Force Weapon
Ayanami Rod Melee - 1d10+2I 1d10+9I 3 3 Best Quality, AT Foci (1), Balanced, Disabling, Force Weapon
Ripper Fist (Power Gauntlet) Melee - 1d10+3+SB*2 1d10+15I 4 4 Best Quality, Pneumatic, Unbalanced, Upgrades (+1 Dam, +1 Pen, Balancing)
Ayanami Staff Melee - 1d10+3+SB*1.5I 1d10+12I 3 3 Amp (1), Best Quality, AT Foci (2), Force Weapon, Projection (2), Unbalanced

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Ranged Weapons

Name Class Range Base RoF Real RoF Base Damage Real Damage Base Pen Real Pen Total Specials
Big Ripper (Heavy Bolter) Heavy 14dm -/-/10 -/-/12 1d10+8X 1d10+11X 6 6 Devastating (5), Inaccurate, Special Bolts, Tearing, Upgrades (+1 Dam, +1 Pen)

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Ranged Weapons

Name Weapon Clip Size Reload Time Qty
.75 Heavy Bolt Pack Heavy Bolter 60 2 Full 2
.75 Dragonfire Heavy Bolt Heavy Bolter 60 2 Full 1
.75 Disruptor Heavy Bolt Heavy Bolter 30 2 Full 1

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Name Head AP Arm AP Leg AP Body AP Special
Ayanami Light Armour 7 8 8 9 Ablative, Auto-Doc (1), Empowering (1), Light, Powered, Sealed, Sentinel, Slippery
Ayanami Heavy Armour 8 9 9 10 Ablative, Auto-Doc (1), Empowering (2), Heavy (45), Powered, Sealed, Sentinel, Slippery

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Starting Stats


Starting Characteristics
Name Value Bonus Modifiers
Weapon Skill 38 3 Warrior Type (+5)
Ballistic Skill 45 4 Sniper Type (+5)
Strength 41 4 Warrior Type (+5)
Toughness 42 4 -
Agility 40 4 -
Intelligence 32 3 -
Perception 43 4 Sniper Type (+5)
Willpower 33 3 -
Fellowship 27 2 -
Synch Ratio 61 6 Master Model

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Wounds: 13 Fate Total: 2
Insanity: 25/100 Ego Barrier: 100/100
WUP Pool: 0

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Starting Skills and talents

From Background


From Assets

Sleight of Hand

From Career

Speak Language (English, Japanese, German)

Starting Talents

Experience Table

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