Ayanami Juuichi
Civilian Name: Ayanami Julie
Official Name: Ayanami Project Mass-Production Pilot 11 'JUUICHI'
Position: Evangelion Pilot
Sex: Female
Age: Two years old (Created 2015); Biological age 17 (2000)
Nationality: Japanese
Place of Residence: Beijing-2

Physical Details
Hair colour: Light green
Eye colour: Red
Height: 5'3.5" (161.3cm)
Build: Slender

Personal Details
"Hey, if I land the killing shot, do you think Colonel Amatore will promote me?"

The Ayanami Project (The 'A-2' Project, being the 2nd Project starting with an A) was created with the intent to produce an Evangelion pilot designed to specifics. MP-Pilot 00 was the 'prototype' result, the first of twelve in a series. The series were grown beneath Tokyo-2 with the genetic material taken from Ikari Rei, the deceased daughter of the Ikaris. Ikari Rei herself was genetically enhanced by Yui in the womb, and if she'd lived to an older age would have matured into someone possessing the peak level of human capacity.

Ayanami Juuichi- or as she insists on being called, Julie, was the first Ayanami to win their very first sparring match- a hand-to-hand duel with Ayanami Hachi. Although this created a fierce rivalry with Hachi that persists to this day, the positive reaction from others to Julie's victory led her to the conclusion that she quite enjoyed the taste of success.

Today, Julie is a hard-working, highly ambitious young pilot. She was promoted to the position of Lieutenant and Team Leader of Beijing-2's Evangelion squadron in the middle of 2017, and has her sights on being promoted to Captain by at least the end of 2018, or earlier if she can handle it. She's a voraciously energetic socialite, and relishes the opportunity to parlay her status as an Eva pilot into social credit at plays, functions, dinners and gatherings.

Julie even has a boyfriend, a young man named Zhao Paihu, the son of a wealthy and powerful Chinese shipbuilding magnate. Their relationship is rather warm, but it is readily obvious to Julie's closest friends that Paihu is far, far sweeter on her than she is on him; his many many elaborate and extravagant gifts to her attest to this, a tactic that Julie responds to usually with a resigned sort of irritation.

Julie is mostly friendly with her sisters, although as noted she has a vicious rivalry with Hachi; the two cannot even be in the same room half the time without it turning into a fist-fight, so strong is their mutual dislike.

On the other hand, she absolutely adores and cherishes Rei, and dotes on her whenever she has the chance. Julie often does what she can to send Rei little gifts and souvenirs… And sometimes occasionally sends her much bigger, elaborate ones, usually when Paihu's gifts prove simply too much for Julie's patience and are quickly converted into surplus cash.

Name: Ayanami Juuichi
Background: Manufactured
Gender: Male
Career: Skirmisher/Skirmisher
Rank: Heavy Weapons Master
Experience: 28,900


Characteristic Rating Bonus Training/Bonuses
WS 34 3 -
BS 60 6 Expert
Strength 40 4 Superior Specimen
Toughness 40 4 Superior Specimen
Agility 60 6 Expert, Superior Specimen
Intelligence 40 4 Intermediate
Perception 30 3 -
Willpower 35 3 Intermediate
Fellowship 50 5 Expert
Synch Ratio 78 7 Expert, Master Model

Wounds: 24
WUP Pool: 18


AG Bonus Half Full Charge Run
4 4 8 12 24

Fate Points: 2/2
Insanity Pts: (27)25/100

Ego Barrier: 99%

Assets, Drawbacks, Traits, Coherencies, Instabilities and Disorders


Superior Specimen
Opportunistic Synchronizer
Artificial Ego (-10 to Ego)


Ayanami (Emotionless, Stable Synch (40 SR minimum), P-Scale ATS equal to 50% of normal rate rounded up. Gain the Hardy and Resistance (All) talents, start with 25 Insanity)
Gifted (Fellowship)
Sexy Voice
Team Leader


Fanatical (NERV)
Foe (Hachi)
Slow Healer
Diverse Troubles (Perfectionist)



Manufactured Skirmisher
Starting Skills: Deceive, Charm, Logic, Scrutiny, Speak Language (English), Speak Language (Japanese), Speak Language (Chinese) Literacy
Starting Talents: Neutralise, Deflective Field, Melee General, Basic General, SUP


Silent Move+10


Performer (Dancer)+10
SL (Chinese High Society)
Speak Language (English)
Speak Language (Japanese)
Speak Language (Chinese)


Weapon Proficiency Talents

Name Proficient Specialized Mastery
Melee General Yes - -
Melee Prog Yes - -
Basic Bolt Yes Yes Yes
Basic Fusion Yes - -
Basic General Yes - -
Basic Maser Yes - -
Basic Positron Yes Yes Yes
Heavy Bolt Yes Yes Yes
Heavy General Yes Yes Yes
Heavy Fusion Yes - -
Heavy Maser Yes - -
Heavy Positron Yes Yes Yes
Pistol Bolt Yes - -
Pistol General Yes - -
Pistol Maser Yes - -

Generic Combat Talents

Name Effect
Ambidextrous No penalty for using off-hand, -10 to penalty for using both hands at once
Arms Master -10 penalty to untrained weapons, not -20
Gunslinger -10 to penalty for using both hands at once when firing pistols
Quick Draw Can swap/draw/etc items as a free
Rapid Reload Reload time halved
Two Weapon Wielder (Ballistic) Reduce penalty w/dual wield ballistic

Melee Talents

Name Effect
Berserk Charge +10 bonus to charge, total +20
Furious Assault Expend Reaction when making All-Out attack to deal a second attack
Unarmed Warrior Unarmed attacks do 1d10+SB-3 damage, and do not count as Unarmed

Ranged Talents

Name Effect
Assault Shooter May fire Basic/Heavy weapons in melee. Heavy weapons have -20 penalty, basic have 0, and pistols have +30.
Bolter Drill +1 to max Semi/Full auto hits with a Bolter
Crack Shot +2 critical damage from ranged attacks
Deadeye Shot Reduce penalty to called shots by -10
Dual Shot May shoot two pistols with one action and one BS test
Eye of Vengeance Apply to single-shot with Full Aim. +1 Pen per degree of success, auto-confirm furies.
Hip Shooter May move full move and fire single shot with one pistol
Marksman No penalties for shooting at long/extended range
Mighty Shot Add half of BSB to ranged weapon damage
Overcharge Fire weapon with 'Recharge' quality without having to recharge, taking a WS-10 penalty with a stacking -10 until weapon can recharge
Positron Drill +1 to max Semi/Full auto hits with a Positron Weapon
Sharpshooter Reduce penalty to called shots by -20
Stable Shooter Fire semi/full as a Half Action
Storm of Steel Enemies take a -10 to dodge full auto bursts; double damage against Hordes with semi/full auto burst
This Gun Is Mine May unjam a gun as a half

Fortitude Talents

Name Effect
Bulging Biceps Can fire heavy weapon w/out bracing
Catfall Reduce Falling Damage
Drop Trained Reduce Falling Damage above 10dm
Hard Target -20 to enemy BS to hit when Charging (-20) or Running (-40)
Lightning Reflexes Double AB for initiative rolls
Sprint +AB to movement when full moving, double movement when running
True Grit Halve Critical Damage taken

Willpower Talents

Name Effect
I Cannot be Defeated +2 to Fatigue Threshold
Hotblooded +10 to willpower to resist feedback. Roll twice on shock table after fear
Jaded No insanity from gore
Nerves of Steel Reroll failed WP test to recover/avoid Pinning
Resistance (Cold) +10 to resist effects from cold
Resistance (Heat) +10 to resist effects from heat
Resistance (Mental) +10 to resist mental effects
Resistance (Poison) +10 to resist poison

-Interpersonal Talents-

AT Field Talents

Name Effect
Barrage Pattern: Angelic Artillery AT Funnel shots are now Blast +1, +1 per 4 ATP spent
Barrage Pattern: Shatter Spend 8 ATP on AT Funnel, weapon now possesses Positron Quality. Positron weapons reroll penetration
Barrage Pattern: Sniper Shot Spend 8 ATP on AT Funnel, add Accurate quality to weapon. Accurate weapons can sacrifice AT Funnel dam/pen and gain Brutal quality instead
Quick Spread Spread full as a half

AT Field Powers

AT Field Spreads

Barrier Field
Bunker Field
Deflective Field

Offensive Powers

Cross Blast

Enhancement Powers


Neutralization Powers


-Dirac Sea Powers-

Utility Powers

Wrap Beam


Name Effect Purchase
Commission (Scout) +2 WUP to permanently purchase weapon Positron Rifle Mk3
Commission (Precision Shooter) +2 WUP to permanently purchase weapon Positron Rifle Mk3
Commission (HW Spec) +2 WUP to permanently purchase weapon Integrated Bolter
Commission (Lancer) +2 WUP to permanently purchase weapon Integrated Bolter


Melee Weapons

Name Class Range Base Damage Real Damage Base Pen Real Pen Total Specials
Ayanami Staff Melee (1H) - 1d10+1I 1d10+7I 1 1 Disabling, Force, Projection (2)
Ayanami Sword Melee (1H) - 1d10+2R 1d10+8R 2 2 Balanced, Force

Ranged Weapons

Name Class Range Base RoF Real RoF Base Damage Real Damage Base Pen Real Pen Total Specials
Ayanami Handbow Pistol 20m S/-/- S/-/- 1d10+3R 1d10+5R 2 2 Ayanami Bow*, Best Quality, Compact, Silent, Tearing
Ayanami Bolter Basic 120m S/3/5 S/4/6 1d10+6X 1d10+8X 4 4 Tearing, Best Quality
Ayanami Bolt Pistol Pistol 35m S/2/- S/3/- 1d10+6X 1d10+8X 4 4 Tearing, Best Quality
Ayanami Bolt Pistol Pistol 35m S/2/- S/3/- 1d10+6X 1d10+8X 4 4 Tearing, Best Quality
Ayanami Crossbow Basic 160m S/-/- S/-/- 1d10+4R 1d10+6R 3 3 Accurate, Ayanami Bow*, Best Quality, Silent, Tearing
Ayanami Positron Gun Basic 200m S/2/- S/2/- 1d10+5E 1d10+7E 4 4 Positron, Best Quality
Ayanami Stalker Bolter Basic 200m S/-/- S/-/- 1d10+6X 1d10+8X 4 4 Accurate, Tearing, Best Quality
  • Ayanami Bow weapons can only be used by those with an AT Field. They count as Force weapons.


Name Weapon Size per Clip Reload Time (Real) Qty
Bolter Clip Bolter 30 1 Half 3
Bolt Pistol Clip Bolt Pistol 6 1 Half 6
Handbow Bolt Handbow 1 1 half 12
Crossbow Bolt Crossbow 1 1 half 20
Positron Gun Cartridge Positron Gun 12 1 Half 2
Stalker Bolter Clip Stalker Bolter 24 1 Half 3


Name Locations Covered AP Special
Ayanami Breastplate Body 8 Ablatives, No stealth penalty
Ayanami Gauntlets Arms 6 No stealth penalty
Ayanami Greaves Legs 6 No stealth penalty
Ayanami Gown Arms, Body, Legs 2 (Arms, Legs), 3 (Body) -20 to enemy grapple attempts

Base Characteristics

Characteristic Rating Bonus Training/Bonuses
WS 34 3 -
BS 40 4 -
Strength 37 3 -
Toughness 37 3 -
Agility 37 3 -
Intelligence 30 3 -
Perception 30 3 -
Willpower 25 2 -
Fellowship 30 3 -
Synch Ratio 55 5 -

Wounds: 14


AG Bonus Half Full Charge Run
4 4 8 12 24

Fate Points: 2/2
Insanity Pts: 25/100

Ego Barrier: 100%

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