Ayanami Rei

Name: Ayanami Rei
Position: AEC Major Colonel, Evangelion Pilot Unit 09.
Sex: Female
Age: Three years old (Created 2015); Biological age 18 (2000)
Nationality: Japanese
Place of Residence: Boston

Physical Details
Hair colour: Light blue
Eye colour: Red
Height: 5'3.5" (161.3cm)
Build: Slender

Personal Details
Rei's Theme

The Ayanami Project (The 'A-2' Project, being the 2nd Project starting with an A) was created with the intent to produce an Evangelion pilot designed to specifics. MP-Pilot 00 was the 'prototype' result, the first of twelve in a series. The series were grown beneath Tokyo-2 with the genetic material taken from Ikari Rei, the deceased daughter of the Ikaris. Ikari Rei herself was genetically enhanced by Yui in the womb, and if she'd lived to an older age would have matured into someone possessing the peak level of human capacity.

Ayanami Rei- MP-Pilot 00- is no different to her eleven 'sisters', except for two crucial differences- she is seen as the 'leader' of the series, and the others are conditioned to follow her; and secondly, she has been imprinted with all the memories of the deceased Ikari Rei, right up to her death, whereas the others were given selective imprint packages.

These days, Rei is rarely seen outside of the company of her beloved Alphonse Wellesley, the Boston Operations Director, to whom she is utterly devoted.

Rei has come a long way since 2015. She's a more confident, self-aware and determined person than she was two years ago. Despite a number of grueling challenges- Angel attacks, a world war, and struggles with her own identity- each conflict has only made her stronger.

Character Details

Character Details
Name Ayanami Rei Gender Female
Background Ayanami Career Pointman/Support
XP Total 40200 Rank Elite

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Vital Statistics


Name Value Bonus Modifiers
Weapon Skill 64 6 Expert
Ballistic Skill 31 3 -
Strength 62 6 Expert
Toughness 63 6 Expert
Agility 63 6 Expert
Intelligence 56 5 Trained
Perception 52 5 Trained
Willpower 58 5 Expert
Fellowship 61 6 Expert
Synch Ratio 100 10 Expert, Ayanami Merging (+10)

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Wounds: 33 Fate Total: 4
Fatigue Threshold: 6 Conditional Fates: 1

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Asset Subname Effect
Driven Gain one conditional Fate Point to be used when facing a superior foe or exceptionally bad odds.
Fast Increase your P-Scale movement speed by +1 AB.
Gifted Strength Choose a characteristic. This characteristic advancement category improves by one step.
Take Point - Whenever you benefit from a Formation, you may choose to permanently swap your Initiative with one other benefactor of the Formation.
Team Leader - Gain Command(T), gain conditional fate point that may be used when working with and by subordinates.

Injuries and Complications

Injury Effect Cause Incident

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Skill Name Characteristic Proficient Trained Mastery Bonuses
Acrobatics Agi X ** **X X Talented
Athletics Str X ** **X X -
Awareness Per X ** **X X -
Carouse Tou - - - -
Charm Fel X ** **X X -
Chem Use Int - - - -
Command Fel X ** **X X -
Commerce Int - - - -
Deceive Fel X - - -
Demolitions Int - - - -
Disguise Fel - - - -
Dodge Agi X ** **X X -
Inquiry Fel X X - -
Intimidate Str X X - -
Literacy Int X ** **- - -
Logic Int X X - -
Medicae Int X - - -
Parry WS X ** **X X Talented
Scrutiny Per X ** **X X -
Security Int X X X -
Sleight of Hand Agi X X X -
Stealth Agi X X X -
Survival Per X X X -
Tech Use Int - - - -

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Basic Skill Reference Cards

Skill Name Acrobatics
Characteristic Agility
Action Full Action unless otherwise noted
Acrobatics is the skill of moving with agility, grace and balance. Balancing on a tight rope, understanding the best stance for a jump, or somersaulting away from an enemy- all of these are uses of Acrobatics. Use of Acrobatics include keeping your balance in unstable or uneven ground, jumping from a height and landing without harming yourself, or moving around enemies without slowing down.
Special Uses
Maneuvering You may make a Disengage action (normally a Full Action) as a Half Action, so long as you pass an Acrobatics +0 test first.
Contortionist As a Full Action, you may test Acrobatics to free yourself from bonds or restraints. This may only be tested once to escape restraints; if you fail the first time, then you are simply too tightly bound to wriggle free. This test may be modified depending on the quality of the bonds. You may also use Acrobatics to escape from a grapple in place of testing Strength or Agility.
Jumping When jumping or leaping, you may test Acrobatics in place of Agility and Strength tests.

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Specialist Skill Reference Cards

Skill Name Common Lore
Characteristic Intelligence
Action Free Action
Specialist Examples Science, Technology, History, War, Government, Second Impact
Common Lore represents your understanding of common knowledge on a topic. This information is deeper than simple knowledge of something's existence, reflecting a degree of familiarity and interested study. Common Lore tends to be broad topics, often equivalent to high school study. This is opposed to Scholastic Lore, which represents detailed intensive scholarly study and research, often into a specific field. Common Lore is a Specialist Skill. Example uses of Common Lore is you testing to know a specific detail about a common subject, or when the GM feels you might know something about a situation, person or place.

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Proficiency Talents

Weapon Talents

Weapon Class Weapon Type Proficient Specialized Mastery
Melee General General X X X
- Prog X - -
Basic Bolt X - -
- Flame X - -
- Fusion X - -
- General X - -
- Maser X - -
- Positron X - -
Pistol Bolt X - -
- Flame X - -
- Fusion X - -
- General X - -
- Maser X - -
- Positron X - -

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Skill Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Basic Talents
Talented Acrobatics Gain a +10 to tests made using this skill.
- Parry Gain a +10 to tests made using this skill.

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Combat Talents

Generic Combat Talents

Talent Name Talent Sub-Title Effect
Basic Talents
Arms Master - Take a -10 penalty when wielding weapons without Proficiency instead of -20.
Commission 1 Everytime you take this talent, you gain an extra equipment slot, which may contain any weapon. Furthermore, you can take one Commission upgrade. This applies to both P and E-Scale.
Advanced Talents
Armor Master - Your AP on all areas counts as 2 higher than it actually is. Furthermore, you reduce all penalties to agility due to armor (such as Heavy Armor or F-Type) by 10. You retain the Movement Bonus when using F-Type Equipment. Any stealth penalty due to high AP is reduced by 10.

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Melee Talents

Talent Name Talent Sub-Title Effect
Basic Talents
Berserk Charge - Whenever you Charge an enemy, you gain an extra +10 bonus to charge, for a total bonus of +20.
Disarm - This talent permits use of the Disarm Action.
Double Team - Increase Gang-Up bonus by +10.
Furious Assault - All Out Attack. Expend Reaction when making All-Out attack to deal a second attack. May not be used in conjunction with another reaction-expending attack talent.
Takedown - This talent permits use of the Takedown Action.
Swift Attack - This talent permits use of the Swift Attack Action.
Unarmed Warrior - Unarmed Attacks deal 1d10+SB-2 damage, and no longer count as Unarmed.
Advanced Talents
Advanced Disarm - You take a +20 bonus to Disarm tests.
Battlemaster - Once per Round, you may reroll an attack test made with a melee weapon and take the preferred result.
Combat Master - So long as you are not helpless or immobilised, you deny enemies the Ganging Up bonus against you and enemy hordes take a -20 penalty to attack you in melee combat.
Counter-Attack - This talent permits use of the Counter-Attack Action.
Gravity Kick - This is a special Charge attack that may only be used if you start the charge at a height higher than your enemy Make a WS test against a single enemy below you. On a hit, you deal normal unarmed leg damage plus another +1d10 damage. The attack has a Penetration value equal to 1 per KM of height. This attack may not be parried. If the attack fails to connect (either due to the enemy dodging, or the attack failing), the attack is applied to the used leg instead.
Lightning Attack - This talent permits use of the Lightning Attack Action.
Unarmed Master - Unarmed Attacks deal 1d10+SB damage, and no longer count as Primitive.
Wall of Steel - You gain an extra reaction per round which may only be used to make the Parry action.
Elite Talents
Hammer Blow - When making an All Out Attack, you may add half of your SB to the attack's Penetration. Attack has the Concussive quality.

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Ranged Talents

Talent Name Talent Sub-Title Effect
Basic Talents
CQC Gunplay - When making attacks with pistols in melee combat, you may treat them as though they were at Point Blank, gaining the +30 range bonus to hit.
Rapid Reload - Weapon reload times are reduced by a half action.

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General Pointman Talents

Talent Name Talent Sub-Title Effect
Basic Talents
Guardian - You may expend a reaction to parry a melee attack aimed at an adjacent ally.
Sacrifice - You may declare that an attack aimed at you hits one of your arms instead. If your arm is destroyed, there is a 50% chance of the original location taking any excess damage (using the same penetration) after soak. Can use in conjunction with Guardian to cover ally.
Advanced Talents
Intervention - When you successfully parry a melee attack from an enemy (aimed either at you or at an ally you defend with Guardian), you gain a +20 to any feint, grapple, or knockdown tests against that same enemy on your next action.
Spotter - As a Half Action you may designate one enemy. All allies treat that enemy as being one Distance step closer than they really are, to a minimum of Point Blank. This has no effect if the Distance is beyond an ally's maximum range.
Elite Talents
Dynamic Reaction - On successfully parrying an attack, in place of the standard melee attack granted by Counter Attack, you may choose to take instead any legal half action.
Shield Specialist - Increase the AP bonus of Shields by +1, and increase the bonus to Parry from the Defensive quality to +20.

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Melee Pointman Talents

Talent Name Talent Sub-Title Effect
Basic Talents
Force Move - After succeeding with the Maneuver Action, you may activate the Float AT Field Power as a free action to send you and your target 1d3+2km in one direction of your choice; you may increase this amount by +2 per 4 ATP spent. Upon landing, the enemy is knocked Prone (and falls to Earth if knocked upwards without the ability to hover)
Maneuver Mastery - You gain a +10 to WS tests when using the Maneuver action.
Advanced Talents
Halt Advance - This is a Half Action. You make an opposed WS test with an enemy you threaten. On a success, the enemy is unable to move from that spot unless you are first defeated, stunned, knocked prone, incapacitated or pushed out of melee range. If you succeed with 3+ DoS, you may maneuver the enemy as per the action for free.
Tactical Blow - When armed with a an Impact damage-based melee weapon, you may test Strength whilst maneuvering an opponent. On a success, you may maneuver the enemy 1 extra km, with an extra 1km per 2 DoS you gained on the Strength test.
Elite Talents
Tactical N2 Punch - Your commander must spend a Fate Point and expend one N2 Strike talent. An N2 Warhead is deployed for you to equip with a hand, so long as there is a reasonable deployment spot nearby such as a supply port or an Eva Base or Assault Carrier. In place of a melee attack, you may make a Tactical N2 Punch: you must expend all of your ATP (minimum 6) to detonate the N2 Warhead at the enemy. The arm holding the Warhead is instantly destroyed (-10 Energy Critical Damage). You must then test SR. On a success, the enemy takes damage as though struck by an N2 Warhead. Reduce the enemy's ATS for the purpose of Deflection (and thus resisting the attack) by the amount of ATP expended. If this reduces the enemy's ATS to 0 or below, they take +2 damage per negative ATS. On a failure, the N2 Warhead explodes as normal, affecting everything in range.

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Ranged Pointman Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Maser Overload - On a successful attack with a Maser weapon, you may choose not to roll for damage and instead cause the target to suffer a -10 penalty to all tests for a number of rounds equal to the number of shots that hit the target. Multiple uses of this talent do not increase the penalty but do add to its duration.
Obscuring Barrage - You must wield a full auto weapon. Declare Obscuring Barrage, then make a Full Auto attack on a target; on a successful test that breaches enemy AT Field, the enemy makes a Perception test, -5 penalty per hit; on a failure they take no damage but are blinded for 1 round.
Positron Burrow - Make a Standard Attack with a Positron Weapon against a target; you take a -20 penalty. Instead of rolling for damage, you may instead reduce the target's Deflection by 15% per point of Penetration on your. This persists until the start of your next turn. Multiple Burrows do not stack.
Shell Shock - After a successful hit with a Bolt weapon, you may choose to, Instead of rolling for damage, reduce the target's TB by X, where X is the amount of Penetration your weapon possesses, to a maximum of half the enemy's total TB. This persists until the start of your next turn. This effect does not stack, and the entire attack must be sacrificed, including extra hits from full autos.

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Personal Talents

Mental Talents

Talent Name Talent Sub-Title Effect
Basic Talents
Hotblooded - You take a +10 to Feedback tests, and may roll twice on the Shock Table and take the preferred result after failing a Fear test.
Indomitable - Reduce all Ego Damage taken by 1, to a minimum of 1.
Jaded - You are unaffected by mundane horrors such as death, violence or the sight of blood. Furthermore, you roll twice on the trauma table and take the preferred result.
Resistance All You gain a +10 to tests to resist the chosen object.
Advanced Talents
Fearless - You increase your Fearless trait rank by 1.
Nerves of Steel - You may reroll Willpower tests to resist or recover from Pinning and take the preferred result. Furthermore, take a +20 bonus to your Opposed Test to resist uses of the Intimidate skill.

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Physical Talents

Talent Name Talent Sub-Title Effect
Basic Talents
Catfall - Whenever you fall, you may test Agility or Acrobatics as a Free. On a success, and for every 2 DoS, you remove one Falling Damage hit.
Drop Trained - Whenever you fall, you always land on your feet, and treat the distance as 1/3rd for the purpose of generating falling damage hits.
Hardy - You always count as Lightly Wounded for the purposes of healing lost wounds.
Sound Constitution 14 Increase your Wounds by 1 per purchase of this talent.
Advanced Talents
Hard Target - Whenever you Charge or Run, enemy attacks against you take a -20 penalty (for a total of -40 if you Ran).
I Cannot be Defeated You increase your Fatigue Threshold by 2.
Iron Jaw - When you become Stunned, you may test Toughness to shrug off the effect. This is in conjunction with any other test you may be permitted.
Leap Up - You may stand up from the Prone position as a Free Action.
Lightning Reflexes - You double your AB when rolling Initiative. So long as you are not stunned, helpless or otherwise immobile, Enemy Hordes take a -20 penalty to hit you with ranged attacks.
Rapid Reaction - When surprised or ambushed, you may pass an Agility test to act normally.
Sprint - When making a Movement Action, you may increase your AB by AB/2 for the purposes of movement. You gain a level of Fatigue if you use this talent two turns in a row.
Elite Talents
Extreme Endurance - You may declare Extreme Endurance once per session. For a number of hours equal to your TB, you roll Toughness tests with a +20 bonus, and may reroll every Toughness test and take the preferred result. So long as Extreme Endurance is active, when taking fatigue, you may test Toughness. On a success, you reduce the amount of Fatigue taken by 1.
Extreme Resilience - You ignore the effects of critical damage (bar the sort that kills, disables or dismembers you) until the end of the battle.
Feat of Strength - Once per session. You gain Unnatural Strength (+4) for a number of rounds equal to your pre-Feat of Strength SB/2.
Last Man Standing - You cannot be pinned by pistols or basic weapons, and you count Cover and Shield AP as being +1 against ranged attacks.
Renewed Vigour - Once per session, you may declare Renewed Vigour. You restore wounds equal to your TB as a free action.
Second Wind - This ability triggers the first time during an encounter you take Critical Damage or you spend your last fate point, whichever comes first. On being triggered, you gain Unnatural Toughness (+1), a +10 to Toughness tests, and instantly heal 1d5+TB wounds. Any status effects with a temporary duration less than one hour are removed. This ability can only trigger once per Campaign Turn.
Stalwart Defense - You may spend a fate point as a Full Action to root yourself to a location. You may not move and you may not dodge, but you can make a parry reaction against any and all successful melee strikes against you (or an ally if you have Guardian). All damage you suffer is reduced by 2, and enemies gain no bonuses for outnumbering you in close combat. This state continues until you are incapacitated or you choose it to end.
Stoic Defense - You may declare Stoic Defense once per combat. During this time, you may only make Half Move; but you gain 18 temporary Wounds not protected by Toughness or AP that are removed before normal wounds. Should you move a distance more than your Half Move distance willingly or involuntarily, your wounds are lost.
True Grit - You halve Critical Damage taken, rounding down, to a minimum of 1.

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Metaphysical Talents

AT Field Talents

Talent Name Talent Sub-Title Effect
Basic Talents
Quick Spread - The Spread (Full) action is now a Half. Also, you may now use the Spread (Half) as a Free Action.
Scan Field - You may make an Awareness test when using the AT Ping power to discern the ATS of another AT Field.
Synchronize Group - Full Action. Your AT Field merges with the AT Fields of allies within 3km of you. All pilots involved must test Synch Ratio, or spend a Reaction to automatically pass. If at least two pilots succeed (including yourself), Group Synchronization occurs. Any pilot who fails is not included in the Synchonization and must make a WP test or take 1d5 Ego damage. If you fail, then the entire group fails. In Group Synchronization, all Evas in the Sync lose their AT Fields, and you gain an AT Field with strength equal to your ATS, plus the highest ATS out of the rest of the Evas, then finally half of the ATS of every other member. At the start of every round after the first round in which Sync was formed, you must test SR or else the Sync fails. If an Eva other than you attempts to use an AT Field power during this, you must pass an SR test at -30 or else Sync fails, and all involved are Stunned for 1 round. Whilst Sync is in effect, any mental attack that affects one member affects all members, although they gain a +20 to any resistance tests.
Advanced Talents
Champion Protector, Sentinel, Warden Whenever you select this talent, choose one of the abilities below.
- Protector Select one Arm. For as long as the Bunker Field Pattern spread, that arm is considered to possess the Unnatural Toughness (+4) trait. It can be used to parry both melee and ranged attacks.
Disruption Pattern Broadcast, Counter, Dissonance Whenever you select this talent, choose one of the abilities below. You may only apply a single Disruption Pattern effect at any one time.
- Broadcast As long as you spend 5 ATS, you can reduce the range of your Neutralize Power by one step, but may apply the effects to any and all opponents within range.
- Counter Choose a single AT Power when using Neutralize. So long as the ATS spent on Neutralize matches the cost required to use the chosen power, the target is unable to use that power.
Disruption Adept - You may apply two Disruption Pattern effects at once.

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AT Field Powers

Spread Patterns

Name: Accelerated Territory
Deflection per ATS: 10% Action: Half/Full to Spread, Maintain Free
Your AB increases by 1 per 20% of Deflection for the purposes of movement.

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Offensive Powers

Name: AT Blast
ATP: 4 ATP Action: Half
Damage: 1d10+4E, Pen 2, AT Pen 2 Range: Medium Range (6km)
Single-target ranged attack, roll to hit with BS or WP, and inflict damage as above.
+1 damage and per 1 ATP, +1 Pen and AT Pen per 2 ATP. Increase Range by one step per 4 ATP, to a maximum of Very Long (15km). The attack gains Semi-Auto +1 per 6 ATP.

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Enhancement Powers

Name: Massive Momentum
ATP: 4 ATP Action: Half, Maintain Free
Damage Bonus: +2 Dam, Pen, AT Pen Range: Own weapon
Apply to a melee weapon you are currently wielding. Before making a melee damage roll, you may expend this power to add the above damage to the profile.
Special Notes and Effects
You may freely change the damage type of your melee weapon to another (Energy, Explosive, Impact, Rending) so long as this power is maintained. Effect expires when power is expended.
+1 Damage, Penetration and AT Penetration per 2 ATP.

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Dirac Powers

Name: Dirac Cache
ATP: 1 ATP Action: Half, Maintain No Action (can be maintained whilst stunned or asleep)
Range Self
Choose one weapon or smaller object. You create a small Dirac Sea and place the item inside. The object will remain there until the Sea is opened again, which may be done as a free whenever you chooses, or 1d5 rounds after you stop maintaining the power. Multiple items may be placed into the same Cache at no extra cost, but still require a half action.
Special Notes and Effects
When you have an item in a Dirac Cache, you may use the 'ready' action on it as a free action, essentially 'flashing' it into your hands or onto your body.

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Utility Powers

Name: AT Flare
ATP: 2 ATP Action: Free
Range Very Long (15km)
You spike your AT Field and spread it thin but widely, creating a very bright and noticeable AT Field signal. Any entity with an active AT Field within range automatically knows your location. Angels and Berserk Evas must test an Intelligence test. If this test is failed, the Angel or Berserk Eva considers the activator of the power a priority threat and target them specifically. The Angel or Berserk Eva automatically succeeds if it is already in combat with an opponent with a spread AT Field, or is being neutralised by someone else with an AT Field.
Special Notes and Effects
The target takes a +10 to the test if there is another Eva nearby with an unmodified spread ATS higher than the activator.
-10 penalty to Intel test per 2 ATP. Increase range by one step to a maximum of Orbital per 4 ATP.

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Neutralisation Powers

Name: Destructive Interference
ATP: 1 ATP Action: Half, Maintain Free
Range Close Range (3km)
Neutralizes 15% of target's Deflection. If 5 ATP or more is spent on this power, then the target suffers a -10 non-stacking penalty to all tests so long as the power is maintained.
Special Notes and Effects
This power is likely to cause the target to aggressively attack the user.
Neutralizes 15% of Deflection per extra ATP.

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Melee Weapons

Ranged Weapons




Starting Stats

Vital Statistics


Name Value Bonus Modifiers
Weapon Skill 44 4 Warrior Type (+5)
Ballistic Skill 31 3 -
Strength 42 4 Warrior Type (+5)
Toughness 43 4 Ayanami (+5)
Agility 43 4 Ayanami (+5)
Intelligence 41 4 Leader Type (+5)
Perception 37 3 -
Willpower 38 3 -
Fellowship 41 4 Leader Type (+5)
Synch Ratio 70 7 Ayanami (+5), Master Model (+5)

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Wounds: 17 Fate Total: 4
Fatigue Threshold: 4 Conditional Fates: 1

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Starting Skills and talents

From Background

Speak Language (English, French, Japanese)

From Assets


From Career

CL (Japan) (SP)
Trade (Artist) (SP)

Starting Talents

Skill Proficiency*2
Resistance (All)
Deflective Field
1 SUP, 1 BUP

Experience Table

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