Azariah Caine
Name: Azariah Caine
Position: Leader of the Liberated Nations
Sex: Male
Age: 52 (Born 1965)
Nationality: German
Place of Residence: Unknown

Physical Details
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Blue
Height: 5'8.5" (174cm)
Build: Thin

Personal Details
"You're suffering now, inside the prison of your mind, but it's alright. Soon I'll make everything better- if you can just trust me…"

Azariah's Theme (and the theme of the Liberated Nations)

Born in 1965, the brother of Mary and Elisha Caine and the 2nd child of Jeremiah and Sharon Caine, Azariah was a very different child to that of his siblings. Whereas Mary was cold and calculating, and Elisha was overwhelming in his intellect and personality, Azariah was very gentle and compassionate. Many found him endearing thanks to his friendly and caring attitude towards others. Sadly, his parents were not counted amongst these people, and out of the three Caine children it was Azariah who was given the least approval from the family.

The situation was only exacerbated as Azariah grew up. Showing a strong talent in neuroscience and psychology, he pursued those paths, to the disappointment of his parents, who at the time favoured Metaphysical Biology. Because of this, Azariah was essentially forced to learn the discipline, but he was only ever satisfactory at it; unlike Elisha or Mary.

Azariah notably developed many techniques and breakthroughs in his field. In 2001 he announced that he had determined how to, over the course of six to eight weeks, condition a human being into erasing painful memories or even neuroses. In fact, he could even erase depression or schizophrenia from a person with a 100% success rate if given enough time. For Azariah, who wished desperately to help people- especially his wife, Teresa, suffering from chronic depression- it was his dream come true.

However, within the family, this milestone was barely acknowledged. It was Elisha who first used Azariah's talents; he was employed by Gehirn as part of Project Evangelion to assist with the development (and subsequent conditioning) of Evangelion minds. before long, his talents were being put to other uses- most predominantly in the conditioning of the NeoSpartan Project. The work disturbed Azariah deeply, but he ruminated that he had no choice, given the sword of Damocles hanging over his head in the form of the Caine Family. Slowly, his point of view became distorted.

Azariah had a son- Silas, who was placed in the NeoSpartan Project very early on to act as a commander and a person whom the NeoSpartans would be unable to deny. Silas was, however, killed at a young age in an accident, where he tried to intervene to save an escaping NeoSpartan from execution. The event broke Azariah, and from that day forth he was obsessed with bringing his son back and improving the world- his way.

To this end, Azariah broke with Gehirn, taking with it many of its assets, including staff and technology. From there, he founded the Eigenhart Initiative; the same body that acts as the clandestine power behind the Liberated Nations, which fights to destroy the UN and its shadowy overlords.

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