Base Defense

Base Defenses

With the Master Models now interred within the Tartarus vaults in Paris, Boston, Beijing and Asgard, we must now assign units to protect them. This is for two reasons- firstly to guard these bases from attack, and secondly to put down the Evangelions should it come to that.



Minimum Allocations
Three Constructs for Asgard
Three Constructs for Paris-2
Three Constructs for Boston
Three Constructs for Beijing-2
Maximum Allocations
Six Constructs and one Starship for Asgard
Six Constructs and one Starship for Paris-2
Six Constructs and one Starship for Boston
Six Constructs and one Starship for Beijing-2
Other Notes
Please note which Master Models are being kept at each base.

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Duration One Turn
Expires When the Master Models are free
May be Undertaken: Unlimited Times

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No test. These units will be deployed if the bases are attacked/the MMs rise up during a Skirmish.

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Personnel Allocations

Asgard: Eva, C-Alex, Asari, Henri, Pham, Simonides
Paris 2: Nataniel, Remy, Hugues, Matthias, Shire, Michael
Boston: Yamagishi, C-Hikari, Edgar, Lilly, Isha, Gendo Ikari
Beijing-2: Musashi, Kensuke, Toji, Mana, Blaise, Shinji
Master Models
Asgard: Go, Roku (D), Julie (D)
Paris-2: Hachi, Chii, Ni (D)
Boston: Rei, Juu (D), Kyuu (D)
Beijing-2: Sho, Nana (D), San (D)

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