Beijing 2 Falls

[22:38] <@Ikari‘Yui> [It was quiet in Beijing-2’s Underground Cold Storage Facility. Technical Division Head Zhang Mingzhu leaned on a railing, staring up at a silo- within it lay EVA-09, thin and white, a single cyclopean eye shining from its head. This was the first of the Project M Types- the Master Evangelions. This would be the one piloted by Rei Ayanami.-
[22:39] <@Ikari‘Yui> ["You did a good job here, Mingzhu." Said a voice behind her. Mingzhu turned, giving a little wave to Ritsuko Akagi as she approached.-
[22:39] <@Ikari`Yui> ["Thanks. But it really wasn’t all my doing, after all?"-
[22:44] <@Ikari‘Yui> ["You shouldn’t be so modest." Said Ritsuko, heading over to Mingzhu's side. "You were instrumental in turning Beijing-2 from a production base to a full-fledged Evangelion carrying branch. I doubt many other Tech Division heads would be able to get three Cages up and running so quickly."-
[22:46] <@Ikari‘Yui> ["It wasn’t an easy job, so I'll take your praise." Said Mingzhu, chuckling a little and turning back towards EVA-09. "What's your take on the Master Models?"-
[22:50] <@Ikari‘Yui> ["They’re made with all the best technology, so statistically speaking, they should be superior to the Production Models and the Prototype and Test Type…"-
[22:51] <@Ikari‘Yui> [Mingzhu was quiet.-
[22:51] <@Ikari`Yui> ["… I’m not sure if I fully trust the statistical data here, though."-
[22:51] <@Ikari‘Yui> ["Oh?"-
[22:53] <@Ikari`Yui> [Ritsuko nodded. "Their specs might be superior on paper, but it’s really not enough to ensure a victory. I think ultimately they're even with the other models."-
[23:02] <@Ikari‘Yui> [Mingzhu stared out at EVA-09. "That’s good, though. It means they're at least good enough to beat an Angel."-
[23:02] <@Ikari‘Yui> ["With any hope." Said Ritsuko.-
[23:12] <@Ikari`Yui> ["Let’s head up to Command." Said Mingzhu. "It's pretty quiet right now, and we can use some of the consoles there to help with our work."-
[23:20] <@Ikari‘Yui> ["Right."-
[23:22] <@Ikari`Yui> [A few minutes later, the two of them were sitting in chairs in Beijing-2’s command centre. It was quiet and a little cold. Ritsuko was smoking, and Mingzhu was drinking a cup of coffee.-
[23:29] <@Ikari‘Yui> ["Two in Germany." Said Ritsuko. "Two in Russia. Two in Algeria. Two in Boston, one in Tokyo and three in Beijing. Bringing all branches up to our full strength…"-
[23:30] <@Ikari`Yui> ["It seems hard to believe, considering how we were barely sustaining 00 through 04 in 2015."-
[23:32] <@Ikari`Yui> ["It only becomes easier from here on in." Said Ritsuko. "We’re on the home stretch now, Mingzhu."-
[23:34] <@Ikari‘Yui> ["Can I ask you something, Ritsuko?"-
[23:34] <@Ikari`Yui> ["What is it?"-
[23:35] <@Ikari`Yui> ["After this war is over, will the Evangelion pilots be remembered outside of the Paris-2 ones?"-
[23:35] <@Ikari`Yui> ["Hard to say. I think they’ll certainly be -noted-. But I think it's safe to say they won't have the same legend as the Paris ones do."-
[23:37] <@Ikari‘Yui> ["The same legend…" Mingzhu tapped her chin. "Your Director Ikari once told me something odd."-
[23:38] <@Ikari`Yui> ["Yes, he does that. What did he say?"-
[23:38] <@Ikari`Yui> ["He said that the Evas of today will be the gods of tomorrow."-
[23:42] <@Ikari`Yui> ["That does sound like something he’d say." Muttered Ritusko.-
[00:28] <@Ikari‘Yui> [Mingzhu moved to reply, when a loud keening noise cut through the air.-
[00:28] <@Ikari`Yui> [A console about a metre away was flashing.-
[00:28] <@Ikari`Yui> ["What-?" Mingzhu stood up, as did Ritsuko, who headed over.-
[00:28] <@Ikari`Yui> ["…" Ritsuko stared.-
[00:28] <@Ikari`Yui> ["What is it?, Ritsuko?"-
[00:28] <@Ikari`Yui> ["It can’t be…"-
[00:28] <@Ikari‘Yui> ["What?"-
[00:29] <@Ikari`Yui> ["The AT interception grid has detected an Angel in orbit!"-
[00:29] <@Ikari`Yui> ["W-" Mingzhu stared blankly at Ritsuko for a second before rushing over to another console, hitting a base-wide alert.-
[00:31] <@Ikari`Yui> ["It’s a Dirac Sea effect forming in space…" Muttered Ritsuko. "Th-That's impossible. It's getting bigger."-
[00:31] <@Ikari‘Yui> ["How big is it now?"-
[00:31] <@Ikari`Yui> ["Two… No, three- four? Four kilometres wide…" Said Ritsuko.-
[00:32] <@Ikari`Yui> ["Four kilometres…" Mingzhu stared up at the roof for a second, before over to Ritsuko. "Where is it in relation to earth locations? Is it heading for Paris-2?"-
[00:32] <@Ikari`Yui> [Ritsuko was quiet, before she looked up, pale. "It’s in geosynchronous orbit with Beijing."-
[00:33] <@Ikari‘Yui> ["But…" Mingzhu frowned. "But they don’t attack us here. We don't have anything of value."-
[00:33] <@Ikari‘Yui> ["… You have three Evangelions." Muttered Ritsuko.-
[00:33] <@Ikari`Yui> ["But that isn’t enough, is it?"-
[00:34] <@Ikari‘Yui> ["It was for Qaphsiel." Said Ritsuko quietly. "What do we do, Mingzhu?"-
[00:34] <@Ikari`Yui> ["…" Mingzhu frowned. "We don’t have any defenses here. We need to get to the deep bunkers."-
[00:37] <@Ikari‘Yui> [Ritsuko nodded. "R-" She stopped, staring at the console. "It’s launched something at us!"-
[00:37] <@Ikari‘Yui> ["A projectile-?!"-
[00:42] <@Ikari`Yui> [It was an object, roughly fifty to sixty metres long. It was hurtling at immense speeds towards Beijing- so fast that no conventional surface radar picked it up.-
[00:43] <@Ikari`Yui> [As it hit the city…-
[00:43] <@Ikari`Yui> [An immense impact rippled through buildings and streets, structures warping before being completely wiped away by a wall of energy.-
[00:44] <@Ikari`Yui> [Within Beijing-2’s Minifront, Ritsuko and Mingzhu dived to the ground, the roof shaking with tremendous force. Ritsuko rolled under a desk and Mingzhu held her arms over her head.-
[00:46] <@Ikari‘Yui> [When the tremors subsided a minute later, they emerged- staring at a massive hole that had been ripped into the Minifront’s armor plates. Darkness and dust streamed into the underground, whilst above, the dust and debris stirred up by the impact started to settle.-
[00:46] <@Ikari‘Yui> [The console flashed again, and Ritsuko stared at it. Her eyes went wide.-
[00:46] <@Ikari`Yui> ["A Dirac portal is forming in the Minifront-"-
[00:47] <@Ikari`Yui> [They both looked up through the nearest window as a disturbing, multicoloured rent in space ripped its way into reality, forming an irregular, warped portal.-
[00:47] <@Ikari`Yui> [Ritsuko stared down at her console again- and froze.-
[00:48] <@Ikari`Yui> ["Come -on-!" Mingzhu grabbed Ritsuko and dragged her toward the main command tower, throwing her over the shielding before rolling in herself. A second later, a storm of energy bursts ripped through from the portal, shredding whole portions of the Minifront’s main building.-
[00:49] <@Ikari‘Yui> [A hulking beast emerged from the portal after that, all throbbing muscle and bulging flesh. Its head was armoured, a small glowing light flowing from its forehead.-
[00:50] <@Ikari`Yui> [Cracks appeared across the beast’s flesh, originating from its head and rippling across its body. The rents glowed with bright white light- and a second later it exploded, waves of energy and heat and light sweeping through the Minifront, incinerating all in its path, leaving behind nothing but bent metal and scorched earth.-
[00:51] <@Ikari‘Yui> [Mingzhu’s vision was fading. The last thing she heard was a quiet -beep- as an emergency console kicked in- before she saw no more.-
[00:51] <@Ikari`Yui> [Thousands of miles away in Paris-2, an emergency alert appeared across the Command Centre consoles.]

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