Beyond This Place Of Wrath And Tears Looms But The Horror Of

[20:41] <Ayanami‘Rei> [It was supposed to have been Raphael’s day off.-
[20:46] <Ayanami‘Rei> [Suzanne was off with Rosalie, affairs at the SRHQ were being managed well… It was a good day to go to the shops, for example, and pick up a few groceries, books, things for Suzanne…-
[20:48] <Ayanami`Rei> [And yet, and yet. An intercept from Minerva Linden had spiralled (even if Raphael could not quite recall actually -agreeing- to it) into an hour and a half of sightseeing through cake shops and delicatessens, ice creameries and gelatin stands- Raphael being encouraged to sample just about every sweet and creamy delight Minerva could provide.-
[20:49] <Ayanami`Rei> [It was only after this whirlwind of dessert that he found himself at one of the gates to the Geofront…]
[20:57] * Raphael passed through the security checks, still looking a little shellshocked. True, he had never said yes to any part of the morning’s detour, and yet Minerva seemed to have a way of twisting any response into one of acceptance. It was the gift of a politician, he supposed.-
[21:08] <Raphael> Still, it was over now, and there was still time left in the day for a visit to the Geofront to check in with a few of his busier friends. Indeed, the whirlwind tour of the city had brought with it a bit of gossip about Paris' fearless OD…
[21:17] <Ayanami‘Rei> [It required a trip to one of NERV’s infamous elevators, however. As the doors opened up, a giggling form- which he would recognise as Sophie Gagnier- slipped out and down the corridor, leaving a relaxed Frederic behind her, casually buttoning up his uniform jacket. "Captain."]
[21:23] * Raphael blinks just once, but manages to keep it at that as he steps past Sophie with a quick nod and joins Frederic in the elevator. He's beginning to get a handle on some of the more basic idiosyncrasies of this shape. "Captain Gosselin."
[21:23] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["Isn’t today your day off? What are you doing in?"]
[21:26] <Raphael> "I… just happened to be in the neighborhood. I thought I should say hello to the Major."
[21:28] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["Oh?" Frederic furrowed his brow, momentarily puzzled. There was, at this time, no less than three majors and four captains currently operating from the Geofront, and it got a little confusing. So he simply went with the most obvious. "Ah, of course. I suppose she’s been rather busy. Going to say hello in her office? Perhaps a bit of the old workplace trysting?" he winked scandalously.]
[21:33] <Raphael> He might be learning, but his face still turns red at that, and he snaps around to stare at Frederic. "… I-I thought we’d put this business to bed, Captain. Marianne and I are just frie-" He stops, blinking as his brain finally finds the time to go back over what had been said. "… Ah. /Colonel/. I meant the Colonel, sir."
[21:34] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["Oh. #Oh#." Frederic coughs. "Oh. Of course." An awkward pause. "So you -aren’t- going to pay a workplace tryst to Major Katsuragi?" He leaned down a little in what could only be the way a big brother ought to treat a little one. "I could get S2 to turn off its cameras for an hour or so, you know…"]
[21:38] * Raphael keeps up the stare, but it stretches on for a moment too long as though he's almost considering it. But he just coughs and looks up towards the elevator's most obvious camera above the door. "I'm sure you could, sir. Are the cameras on in here?"
[21:38] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["Not for another two minutes."]
[21:41] <Raphael> "Mmm."
[21:42] <Ayanami`Rei> ["Ah, well." Frederic smiled. "Marianne’s going to be snowed under for an hour or so, so you might want to wait a bit. Just as a tip." He winked. "But there're plenty of other people you can see in the meantime…"]#
#6[21:45] * Raphael keeps his gaze on the elevator door and his expression calm, but a little bit of colour has begun to rise on his cheeks. "… S2, hmm?"
[21:46] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["Indeed." He grinned. "Of course, there’s the possibility of S2 being a bunch of gossipy jerks. In which case, I can offer you a more innocent time…"]
[21:47] <Raphael> "Oh?"
[21:48] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["Well, on this busy day of days, do you know where Major Wellesley is?"]
[21:50] <Raphael> "I don’t believe so. It's been a few days since I spoke to him."
[21:52] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["He is in his office, with his dear ~little kitten~. Apparently she’s caught a bug or something. Been sneezing endlessly all day or more. But who knows what they could get up to?"]
[21:57] <Raphael> "They're not 'getting up to' anything, I'm sure." Raphael said flatly, raising an eyebrow at the Captain. "… Still, I'll go up and check on them. Maybe if I keep an eye on Rei Major Wellesley will be able to see to his work. I would have been here earlier if I'd known."
[21:58] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["What a good idea." Said Frederic brightly. He pressed a button on the elevator list.]
[22:04] <Raphael> "I’ll leave the workplace trysts to you, sir." Raphael says, managing not to look too disappointed.
[22:06] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["What workplace trysts?" Asked Frederic with the innocent, yet entirely facetious tone of a man that knew that so long as it wasn’t caught on NERV camera, for all intents and purposes it had never happened.]
[22:08] <Raphael> To that Raphael doesn't bother to reply, although he's smiling as he returns his stare to the door.
[22:08] <Ayanami‘Rei> [Eventually the doors open. "Have a nice day, Captain."]
[22:12] <Raphael> "You too, sir. Give my regards to Lieutenant Gagnier." Raphael says, stepping out into the hall before the doors shut again.
[22:12] <Ayanami`Rei> ["I will." He winked. The doors closed.]
[22:15] * Raphael waits until they do before letting out a gentle laugh as he turns and heads in the direction of Alphonse’s temporary office.
[22:17] <Ayanami‘Rei> [It’s not too far a walk. Before long he's sitting outside Alphonse's door, which is marked as his by a piece of paper hastily sticky-taped over the front. He can hear quiet mumbling- indistinct- within.]
[22:25] * Raphael knocks twice, one hand moving towards his pocket only to remove it a moment later when he finds a handful of liquorice whips he doesn't even remember buying, earning the confectionary a rather bewildered look.
[22:30] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["One minute-"-
[22:31] <Ayanami`Rei> [A few seconds later the door opens, and Raphael comes eye-to-eye with Alphonse himself. "Oh, Captain! I wasn’t expecting to see you here today! Isn't it your day off?"-
[22:32] * Ayanami‘Rei is in the room, of course, lying on the bed that NERV helpfully provided in every office for anyone over the rank of Captain. Her nose looks red raw and a box of tissues is lying on the bedside table next to her. When the door opens, she sits up. "Raffy-k-*achoo*-"
[22:38] <Raphael> "It is. I wasn’t planning to be here today, but I had business close by." He looks over Alphonse's shoulder and gives Rei a sympathetic look. "Lay down, hon. I'll be there in a second."-
[22:39] <Raphael> "Captain Gosselin let me know about Rei. You should have called me, Major, especially when you're this busy."
[22:42] * Ayanami‘Rei dutifully lay back down again.-#
[22:43] <Ayanami`Rei> ["Oh, it’s no hassle. I'm quite capable of looking after Rei -and- doing work." Says Alphonse gently. "Besides, I'm not going to call you in on your day off."]
[22:45] * Raphael shakes his head. "You really think I'd mind, Alphonse? It's Rei." He says, smiling a little. "Can I come in?"
[22:46] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["Of course." Alphonse steps aside.]
[22:52] * Raphael shuts the door as he enters, stripping off his jacket and hanging it on the hook by the door on his way to the bed. "How are you feeling, sweetheart?"
[22:54] <Ayanami`Rei> [There’s a television sitting opposite to her, one of her favourite animes paused on the screen.-
[22:54] * Ayanami‘Rei frowns a little. She takes a deep breath. "My nose is stuffy. And I feel hot. It just sucks, Raffy-kun." She sighs and stares up at the roof darkly. "And I keep sneezing."
[22:57] * Raphael chuckles a little to hear her talking like that, sitting down on the edge of the bed. "Well, you can’t be a magical girl all the time. Sometimes it's ok to be sick like the rest of us, hmm?"
[22:58] <Ayanami‘Rei> "But I’m not supposed to -get- -*achoo-" She covered her nose with a tissue. "Sick at all…"
[23:01] <Raphael> "But it's happened before, and you came through that." He says, absently testing her forehead with the back of his hand. "Still, have you two spoken to Medical? Even if it's a normal cold, we probably shouldn't take any chances with all that's happening."
[23:01] <Ayanami‘Rei> [She -does- feel rather warm. Not as feverish as she did back then, though.-
[23:03] <Ayanami`Rei> ["Yeah, we had Dr. Clement come up and see what it was. I think any other doctor would’ve been annoyed, but he seemed to get it. He said it looked like she just had a bad cold, perhaps a low-lying fever. Should burn away in a couple of days, but he gave us something to help it along." Alphonse chuckled. "Fixing acid burns? Rub some biogel in it, but the common cold has us -stumped-."-
[23:04] <Ayanami‘Rei> "I have a bit of a headache, too." Says Rei, and the slight edge of petulance in her tone combined with a mild pout suggests that she’s rather annoyed at it all.
[23:09] * Raphael laughs, and the hand he's laid on Rei's forehead moves to gently brush her hair the way she's seen him do with Suzanne at bedtime. "We could set you up at my apartment if you'd like, hon. It might be a bit more comfortable there, if nothing else."
[23:10] <Ayanami‘Rei> "But I could get Suzie sick."-
[23:11] <Ayanami`Rei> ["You could get me sick too, you know." Noted Alphonse casually.-
[23:12] <Ayanami`Rei> "But Al-chan, I-*achoo* I could look after you." Her sickness doesn’t prevent her from shooting a clearly adoring look across the room.
[23:17] * Raphael rolls his eyes in a clearly exaggerated fashion, but he's smiling as he does it. "Suzanne, as much as I love her, is not one of the people in charge of a major attack on the LN in a few days." He says gently. "You can have my room. Providing I can keep Suzanne from clinging to you she'll be fine, though that'd be a miracle in and of itself…"
[23:19] * Ayanami‘Rei turns her gaze from Raphael to Alphonse, unsure whether he’s alright with it.-
[23:19] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["It’s fine, kitten. Besides, if you can do this I'll see about telling everyone about your excellent victory holiday idea."-
[23:20] * Ayanami‘Rei let out a giggle, and turned her eyes back to Raphael. "Alright, Raffy-kun."
[23:22] <Raphael> "Good." Raphael says, giving her a quick squeeze. "Do you want me to pack a few things for you?"
[23:22] <Ayanami`Rei> "If that’s ok." Rei turns to Alphonse. "Will Ban-Ban be alright with you, Al-chan?"-
[23:22] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["Sure."]
[23:25] <Raphael> "Where is he, actually? I haven’t seen him at all yet."#
[23:25] <Ayanami‘Rei> "He usually spends his time in the library."
[23:25] <Raphael> "… Doing what?"
[23:25] <Ayanami`Rei> "Reading books."
[23:26] <Raphael> "…"
[23:26] <Ayanami`Rei> "He’s reading lots! He's very good at it." Said Rei happily.
[23:28] <Raphael> "… Mmm." Raphael says, shooting a glance at Alphonse.
[23:28] <Ayanami‘Rei> [Alphonse is grinning in clear amusement. "Hang around for a few minutes and you’ll see him come back with his latest selection."]
[23:30] <Raphael> "I've been told you're to blame for most of that, Major." He says, standing up and moving towards where the various pieces of luggage were stacked. "Do you mind if I…?"
[23:30] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["Go ahead."-
[23:31] <Ayanami`Rei> "Why don’t I open my Cache, Raff-*achoo*-kun?"
[23:32] <Raphael> "You can if you'd like, though it's probably best you don't overexert yourself right now."
[23:33] <Ayanami‘Rei> "It’s ok. I think I can manage." She stretched out a hand, and a floating portal rippled open.
[23:38] * Raphael begins collecting various bits and pieces from around the room and placing them into the strangest piece of luggage he's ever dealt with, as directed by Rei. Clothes, books and DVDs all go into the portal, along with anything else she'd need to be comfortable in the short term.
[23:44] <Ayanami‘Rei> The portal closes without incident, and Rei swings her legs off the side of the bed.
[23:56] * Raphael smiles and offers her a hand. "Is your balance alright, or will you need me to help you on the way to the car?"
[23:58] <Ayanami`Rei> "I’ll be fine, Raffy-kun." She smiles, and reaches a hand under the bed. A few seconds later, a kitten- Nene, no doubt- creeps out to lick at it- Rei scoops the cat up into her hands. "Everything's ready now."
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[00:04] <Raphael> "Hello, Nene." Raphael says gently, giving the kitten a little pat. "Alright, then, let's get you home. I take it we'll see you later tonight, Major?"
[00:05] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["That’s right. I can't be parted from my little kitten too long~" He says, his voice slipping into an adorable little coo.-
[00:06] * Ayanami‘Rei giggled, slipping over to give him a goodbye cuddle. "I’ll see you later, Al-chan."#
#6[21:24] * Raphael chuckles as he opens the door. "Well, I'll find space for you if you'd like to stay with us tonight, but I'll take good care of her until you're finished here, hmm?"
[21:25] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["You’d better." Said Alphonse dangerously. "Otherwise, I could do something really nasty, like release your picture to a modelling agency."]
[21:25] * Ayanami‘Rei let out an appropriately dramatic gasp.
[21:36] <Raphael> "As though Suzanne and half of the Geofront haven’t already tried." Raphael says with a sigh. "Now come along, /kitten/."-
[21:36] <Raphael> "… ah, and you should come along too, Rei."
[21:37] <Ayanami‘Rei> [Alphonse chuckled. "Nice."-
[21:37] * Ayanami`Rei cuddled little Nene close to her chest, and smiled at Raphael innocently. "Coming, Raffy-kun~"
[21:42] * Raphael holds the door open for Rei and gives Alphonse a quick nod before shutting the door and leaving the young Major in peace. "You sure you have everything you need?"
[21:43] <Ayanami`Rei> "I-I- *achoo*" She screwed up her face in obvious distaste. "Everything, except a… Not-sneezy nose." She frowned.
[21:46] <Raphael> "Suzanne’s going to find it incredibly funny that you're so grumpy about a little cold, you know." He says, leading her towards the elevators.
[21:50] * Ayanami‘Rei pouted. "If she so much as giggles I’ll tickle her u-u-*achoo!*- uuu…" Rei sighed.
[21:51] <Raphael> "Uh-huh. You are truly an intimidating young lady today, ma'am."
[21:53] <Ayanami‘Rei> "Hmph. If I didn’t have Nene I'd show you a thing or two, Raffy-kun."
[21:54] <Raphael> "But you do." He notes, giving her a grin as he presses the elevator's call button.
[21:55] * Ayanami‘Rei smiles in return. "Thank you, Raffy-kun."
[21:59] <Raphael> "For this?" He waves a hand. "You know that I don’t mind having you around. And besides, it's as much a favour to Alphonse as anything else. If he hadn't seen to his work they might have sent Major Katsuragi up next."
[22:00] <Ayanami‘Rei> "Ah…" Some thought comes to Rei’s mind and she looks down at Nene, scritching the cat under the chin and hiding her sudden bright blush.-
[22:01] <Ayanami‘Rei> [The doors opened. A voice issued forth. "Uncle Rrrraaaafffyyyyy!"-
[22:02] <Ayanami`Rei> [Sitting in a wheelchair was Ban-Ban, tail coiled around his waist like a belt, right leg little more than a stump, the end of which was covered in slightly pulsating tumour-like growths. The same effect had replaced one of his clawed arms. A stack of books was in his lap.-
[22:02] <Ayanami`Rei> [Behind him was a clearly terrified Tech division intern who looked as though she was about to burst into tears.]
[22:07] * Raphael flinches slightly at the sound - even after this much exposure it’s still like nails on a chalkboard - but it only takes him a moment to place the voice. "Ban-ban." Raphael said, giving the creature a dutiful smile before helping him out of the elevator, giving the intern a sympathetic look as soon as he had a moment and tilting his head toward the hall.
[22:09] <Ayanami`Rei> ["Booooks." Ban-Ban grinned- showing over sixty razor-sharp fangs- and wheeled his way off with Raphael’s help. "Sssssee you, Rreirei."-
[22:09] <Ayanami‘Rei> "Byebye, Ban-Ban~"-
[22:09] <Ayanami`Rei> [The intern gave Raphael a grateful look and bolted down the hall at an indecently fast pace.]
[22:10] <Raphael> "Enjoy your reading." Raphael called, shaking his head a little as he joined Rei in the elevator.
[22:11] <Ayanami`Rei> "I was consideri-i-*achoo-* -ugh- asking Al-chan about enrolling him in school when he gets better." Said Rei happily.#
[22:14] <Raphael> "Is that rea-" He bites down on his instinctual response, along with his desbelief, and tries again with something more diplomatic. "Is that so? Are you sure tutoring wouldn’t be a better option.
[22:14] <Raphael> «?"*»
[22:14] <Ayanami‘Rei> "I want him to make friends, though."
[22:19] <Raphael> "… Ah." Raphael says. That… requires a longer pause when it comes to formulating a gentle response. "It could be very difficult for him. People can be judgemental when it comes to things they don’t understand."
[22:21] <Ayanami‘Rei> "Yes. I know." A sad look crosses her face.-
[22:21] <Ayanami`Rei> But a second later she turns to Raphael, offering him a radiant smile full of hope and sheer optimism. "But lots of people have accepted me now, Raffy-kun, so why not Ban-Ban too?"
[22:25] <Raphael> "… That’s true." Raphael admitted. There was no real way to deny it. "Why don't you find a way for him to make friends around the Geofront instead? As you said, our people have experience in learning to overcome these sorts of things. And if he was going to go to school it would be best to avoid any potential problems getting in the way of learning, hmm?"
[22:26] * Ayanami‘Rei pondered this, and nodded slowly. "That’s a good idea, Raffy-kun…"-
[22:27] <Ayanami‘Rei> "… But he’d look so nice in a cute school uniform, though!" She pondered quietly. "I wonder if we can get him a NERV position…"
[22:27] <Raphael> "… One step at a time, hon."
[22:28] <Ayanami‘Rei> "Aw. You’re right." But she brightened. "Did you know Ban-Ban got -visitors- in hospital?"
[22:29] * Raphael raises an eyebrow at that. "Really?"
[22:31] <Ayanami‘Rei> "Yeah. Apparently during the battle, he found some stray soldiers and protected them from the LN. So when he was in hospital they all came in to wish him well." She giggled. "One of them was a girl~"
[22:36] * Raphael lets out a bright laugh. "I think I met a few of them during debrief, actually. It seemed like he saved some good people. I’m glad they took the time to say thank you, though, he deserved that much."
[22:38] <Ayanami‘Rei> "Yeah. He’s a really good person at heart." She smiled brightly.-
[22:38] <Ayanami‘Rei> [The elevator came to its slow stop, the doors rumbling open.]
[19:24] <Raphael> It’s the usual routine from there. A short walk back to Raphael's neatly-kept car followed by a ten minute security check to exit the parking lot, which Raphael spends chatting amiably with the guard on duty. Still, eventually they'd make it through and find themselves back out on the streets of Paris-2.
[19:29] * Ayanami‘Rei has put Nene safely on the back seat. The kitten runs back and forward a little bit before curling up in a corner and going to sleep.-
[19:31] <Ayanami`Rei> "Raffy-kun, when was the last time you were sick?"
[19:36] <Raphael> "… hmm." Raphael keeps his eyes on the road, but he begins to tap one finger on the steering wheel as he considers. "I remember Suzie bringing home a decent case of the flu that she decided to share with me. I think that was a few weeks before the battle with the Nineteenth."
[19:39] <Ayanami`Rei> "Oh no! How bad was it?"
[19:43] <Raphael> "I was lucky enough to shake it off after a day or two, but Suzie was quite ill for a week or so. Luckily Mrs. Moreau was happy to keep an eye on her during the day."
[19:48] <Ayanami`Rei> "Aw. Poor Suzie." Rei settles into her chair. "How long d-d-*achoo*-urrrrrgh- do you think I’ll have it?"
[19:49] <Raphael> "It's hard to say for you and your sisters, but I doubt it'll be longer than a couple of days." He says, looking over at her with a small smile. "All we can do is keep you comfortable and make sure you get plenty of water and rest."
[19:51] <Ayanami‘Rei> "Alright, Raffy-kun." She smiles, back, leans her head against the headrest. "I’ve been trying to get lots of rest, but it's been hard…"
[19:52] <Raphael> "Trouble sleeping? If you've been using those Geofront beds I can hardly blame you…"
[19:53] * Ayanami‘Rei shook her head. "No, it’s not that. Just bad nightmares."
[19:55] <Raphael> "Nightmares?" He gives her a concerned look. "The kind you were having back when we met?"
[19:57] * Ayanami‘Rei frowned. "Yes… Well, no. Not exactly. A little."
[19:57] <Raphael> "Do you need to talk about it?"
[19:59] * Ayanami`Rei looks over at him, a troubled look in her eyes. She looks back at the windscreen. "I’m being eaten."
[20:07] <Raphael> "…" Raphael turns his own gaze back to the windscreen, but he's frowning now. "Have you been having this one for long?"
[20:07] <Ayanami‘Rei> "Not really. Only for about a week or so."
[20:10] * Raphael nods. "… Is there any more to it? You don’t have to tell me if you'd prefer not to."
[20:10] <Ayanami‘Rei> "It’s ok, Raffy-kun."-
[20:20] <Ayanami‘Rei> "I’m… Standing in a plain, of grass." She said quietly. "My sisters are next to me. We're armed, and we're standing in a line… And slowly the grass starts to die around us, replaced with just… Dirt. There's this hill in front of us, and on it stand seven… I guess they must be Angels. There's Malchediel, and Ramliel, and five others I don't recognise."
[20:25] * Raphael nods slowly, and though he's not quite willing to interrupt it's clear she has his full attention.
[20:37] <Ayanami‘Rei> "We fight. It doesn’t go very well." She shakes her head slowly. "The Angels defeat us. And once we're defeated, they start to… Eat us." She shakes her head. "A sword appears above me. I don't recognise it, but it… Speaks in my head. It says something…" She frowns, placing a hand protectively over her chest. "It tells me that I've failed. That I'm just… Just a monster. The sword stabs me, and then it starts to change into- something else. A long, thin hand, which slowly joins into a shoulder, then this horrible body, floating in the air. It's face is… Like a mask, like a puppet's mask. I can feel myself being pulled into that hand, and… That's when I wake up." She shoots a sheepish look at Raphael. "And that's usually when Alphonse wakes up too…"
[20:48] <Raphael> "Aw, hon…" He murmurs, wincing sharply at the final description even as he feels his own stomach twist into a knot. He reaches over to squeeze her hand. "No wonder you've been having trouble."
[20:51] * Ayanami‘Rei stares down at the hand for a second, before she squeezes back and intertwines her own fingers with his. "It’s… So silly, Raffy-kun. My dreams are usually a lot different. Why…? It's not my diet. Is it me being sick?" She sighed. "Either way, I can't get back to sleep afterwards, so I just kill time."
[20:58] <Raphael> "It could be because you're ill, certainly. You've also been under a lot of stress since the battle in Boston, and I doubt that helps." He says gently. "… Has there been anything strange happened with your Evangelion lately?"
[21:00] <Ayanami‘Rei> "I don’t think so…"
[21:06] <Raphael> "I'm tempted to blame anything strange on your contact with those things, but… hmm. Maybe that's not the case here." Raphael mutters, looking a little troubled by the whole thing. "Why don't we just get you well for now, hmm? That might be all there is to it, and if not I'll make sure you get whatever help you need."
[21:07] <Ayanami‘Rei> "Thank you, Raffy-kun." She says, genuine fondness in her voice. "I’m lucky to have people like you and Al-chan around to look after me."
[21:14] <Raphael> "You're more than worth it, sweetheart." He says, taking his hand back from Rei's grip as he turns into the last street before his apartment block. "… So he really /is/ growing out his hair, isn't he?"
[21:18] * Ayanami‘Rei let out a giggle. "He’s going to look so cute. I'm going to find a really windy hill and just~ ah~"
[21:26] * Raphael chuckles and shakes his head. "I'm certain a standing fan would do the job, Rei."
[21:28] * Ayanami‘Rei pouted. "Don’t take away my fun, Raffy-kun."-
[21:29] <Ayanami‘Rei> [Raphael would notice at this point a police cruiser in his rear view mirror, trailing him…]
[21:32] <Raphael> "It’s part of the job, I'm afraid." Raphael smirks, catching the glint of the cruiser's windshield in his rearview mirror and letting out a sigh. "Not again…"
[21:33] <Ayanami‘Rei> "Oh no. Police." Rei murmured. "It’s ok, Raffy-kun. If they take you away, I'm sure Misa-bachan will pay the bail."
[21:35] <Raphael> "They're not going to take me away, Rei." Raphael mutters, already looking for a place to pull over. "… Probably."
[21:36] <Ayanami‘Rei> "They’re going to take you to the modelling pits." She says sadly. "Alas, poor Raffy-kun. Too pretty to be free."
[21:37] * Raphael pulls to a stop and gives Rei a dark look. "You're as bad as Suzanne."
[21:37] * Ayanami‘Rei giggles happily.-
[21:40] <Ayanami`Rei> [The police car pulls over behind Raphael- the driver’s door opens. A police officer steps out, and walks over to Raphael's window. He stares at Raphael.]
[21:41] * Raphael stares back, unblinking. The window seems to roll down of its own accord.
[21:42] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["Good evening, young man." Says the officer. "Could I see your license, please?"]
[21:48] * Raphael shifts his weight to get at the wallet in his back pocket, eventually pulling out a license with his new face printed in the corner and offering it to the officer. He makes sure to turn it over to show the man the special NERV ID and reference number on the back. "Hopefully there won’t be any trouble, sir."
[21:50] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["Hmm." The man screws up his face in thought as he sees Raphael’s ID. "Oh. Oh -right-. Damn, I knew you looked familiar." He handed the ID back. "Sorry for the hassle. Command told us that if we saw a kid- sorry, sir- a gentleman like you around we were to not bother him due to special circumstances." He coughed. "Sorry. It's just- we're on the lookout. Someone committed a crime in the area with a car of your model and paint scheme."]
[21:55] <Raphael> Most of Raphael's tension seems to drain away the moment it becomes clear he's not going to have to run through this story - or worse, call Misato. "It's nothing, Officer. I can't blame you for doing your job." He says, tucking the ID away again. "… What sort of crime, if you don't mind my asking?"
[21:55] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["Someone robbed a liquor store."]
[21:58] <Raphael> "…" Raphael nodded slowly, knowing better than to go further and ask when. After all, if it had coincided with Misato borrowing his car to fetch groceries the night before… "Well, I’m sorry to have caused any confusion, officer."
[21:59] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["That’s quite fine, sir. The two of you have a good day now." he tipped his hat and walked back to his car.-
[21:59] * Ayanami‘Rei began to giggle.
[22:02] <Raphael> "That’s the third time this week." Raphael mutters, rolling up the window again and turning the key in the ignition.
[22:02] <Ayanami‘Rei> "Were any of them girls, Raffy-kun?"
[22:02] * Raphael says nothing, but his expression is answer enough.
[22:05] * Ayanami`Rei giggles helplessly. "See, Raffy-kun? If you’re lucky, I bet you could drive as fast as you want, and if you get a girl officer, you can just…" She beamed, fluttered her eyes, and smoothed down her skirt. "I remember my dad was told to do that once by Mama. He was so upset." Said Rei happily. "'Yui, I am not going to 'show some leg'. Grrr.'" She made a frowny face.
[22:12] * Raphael remembers how rare the sense of a conversation careening wildly out of control used to be for him, and considers that these days he almost takes it as a given. On the positive side, his confusion about which part of that he should be more horrified about seems to have something of a numbing effect. "… That would be -incredibly- unethical, Rei." Raphael says sternly, steering the
[22:12] * Raphael car back onto the road.
[22:15] <Ayanami‘Rei> "So would be speeding, Raffy-kun." She leans over and hugs him around the middle. "But you’re too good a person to do that~"
[22:20] <Raphael> "Mmm." He mumbles, leaning his chin down on her head for a moment. "You seem to have brightened up. Did you just need the chance to mock me for a while?"
[22:21] <Ayanami‘Rei> "Teasing you is fun, Raffy-kun. Misa-bachan told me to do it." She beamed.#
[22:22] <Raphael> "I’m not surprised. It always seems to make her feel better."
[22:24] * Ayanami‘Rei giggled. "Raffy-kun, you really like Misa-bachan, don’t you?"
[22:30] * Raphael keeps his eyes on the road. "… Mmm, I do."
[22:32] <Ayanami‘Rei> "She likes you too." Says Rei quietly. "I’ve known Misa-bachan for awhile now, but I think for a lot of that time, she was only pretending to be happy."-
[22:32] <Ayanami‘Rei> "Now I don’t think she has to pretend."
[22:36] <Raphael> "… I know how she feels." Raphael said quietly as the apartments come into view ahead. "Hopefully I'll be able to keep her that way."
[22:39] <Ayanami‘Rei> "I hope so too, Raffy-kun." She pulled back into her own seat. "Ah, we’re nearly home…" She stretched. "I feel sleepy already."
[22:44] <Raphael> "Glad to hear it. I'll be around for the rest of the day if you have any more of those nightmares, alright?" He says as he pulls in to the carpark. "I can even bring the TV in from the living room if you'd like to watch your cartoons."
[22:49] <Ayanami‘Rei> "What are you going to do, Raffy-kun?"
[22:51] <Raphael> "I’ll probably catch up on reading my reports until it's time to pick up Suzie."
[22:54] <Ayanami‘Rei> "Aw."
[22:55] <Raphael> "… You had another idea?
[22:55] <Raphael> "
[22:56] <Ayanami`Rei> "Not really. I was just hoping you had something fun to do."
[22:57] <Raphael> "Surely you’ve known me too long to expect something like that."
[23:00] * Ayanami‘Rei pouted. "You should watch TV with me!"
[23:03] <Raphael> "I can’t, Rei. I already feel guilty for taking a day off." He says, pulling into his parking space.
[23:06] <Ayanami‘Rei> "… Raffy-kun, you deserve time off too, you know." Says Rei gently. "Otherwise I’ll get Al-chan to order you to take a week off and you can take Suzie and Misa-bachan and me to a theme park." She adds, with a firmer voice.
[23:08] <Raphael> "… That doesn't sound so bad."
[23:11] * Ayanami‘Rei beams. "It does, doesn’t it?"
[23:17] <Raphael> "We'll have to keep it in mind, won't we? Even if it waits until the war is over, there'll be plenty of time for the four of us…" Raphael says staring out the window for a moment or two before he remember himself. "Heh. But what's important right now is getting you upstairs and feeling better, hmm? If you grab Nene I'll lock up here."
[23:18] <Ayanami`Rei> "Ok, Raffy-kun." She smiles fondly and gets to it.#

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