Blue Asterion
Angel Type
Order: Messenger
Choir: Guiding
Body: Artificial
Size: Puny

Characteristics (Normal)

WS BS Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship LS
40 70 10 60 40 30 30 50 20 240

Body Parts

Name Hit Chance AP Wounds
Head 1-10 2 24
Body 11-60 2 66
Legs 61-100 2 29

Movement (Flight)

AB Half Full Charge Run
4 8 16 24 48


Ranged Talents

Name Effect
Crack Shot +2 Critdam
Marksman Reduce range penalties by 20
Mighty Shot Add BSB/2 to ranged damage

Agility Talents

Name Effect
Sprint Double run speed
Hard Target Enemy takes -20 penalty when you charge or run (-40 total for run)


Name Effect
Heavenly Spend no ATP
LS Bonus +20 Bonus to all Skill Tests.
LS Rerolls May reroll 4 tests per combat
LS Unnatural Toughness Doubles TB (TB12)
Angelic Fear (3) Fear Rating 3
Angelic Senses (50) Angelic Senses 50dm/5km

Special Abilities

Name Effect
Sapphire Resonance The Blue Asterion's physical form is of a strange, alien composition that, when exposed to water, reacts bizarrely, rendering the Blue Asterion almost impossible to kill. Any part of the Blue Asterion immersed in water doubles its TB for the sake of soak.
Demesne of Water So long as the Blue Asterion is immersed in water, it may, as a reaction, completely dissolve its form, reappearing in any nearby body of water within 5km. As a Full, it may dissolve and reappear at the start of its next turn in any body of water within 30km. Furthermore, the Blue Asterion is aware of any enemies within any watery surface within 10km, and may attack them as though they were at point blank range.

AT Powers

Barrier Field
Deflective Field
Layered Field
AT Funnel
Cross Blast
Rising Cross
Mind Probe
Kinetic Jolt

Weapons and Natural Attacks

Melee Attacks

Name Class Damage Base Pen Special
Blue Minos Whip (Natural) 1d10+1I 2 Flexible, Sympathetic Overload

Ranged Attacks

Name Class Range RoF Damage Base Pen Special
Blue Rhadamanthus Precise Blast LoS S/-/- 1d10+8E 6 Infest, Precise
Blue Sarpedon Large Beam LoS S/-/- 3d10+3E 6 Disruptive Feedback, Recharge
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