Bogumir Lodzewski
Name:       Bogumir Łódźewski
Background: Desperate Migrant
Gender:     Male
Career:     Enforcer
Rank:       Gorilla
Experience: 400

Ch.   Rating  Bonus
WS:     38      3
BS:     30      2
S:      43      3
T:      51      4
Agi:    36      3
Int:    31      2
Per:    34      3
WP:     38      3
Fel:    30      2

Wounds: 16

Agi.Bonus  Half  Full  Charge  Run
    3       3     6      9     18

Fate Points:    3
Insanity Pts:   8/100

Respect:        7

Dollars:        100
Monthly Income: 0

Build:          Stocky
Skin Color:     Medium
Hair Color:     Blackish-Brown
Eye Color:      Brown
Age:            43

==Combat Abilities==

-AT Powers-

==Equipped Items==


-Positive Traits-

Hard Lives Breed Hard Men
 Living wasn't easy in the old country. You had to grow up fast, and you had to grow up strong. It's a life that's made you tough as hard nails, however- a valuable trait in the hard-knock arena of America's cities.
  +3 to Toughness and Strength

 When you have very little to work with, you learn to make do.
  You gain a +10 to all re-rolls made when spending a Fate Point. When spending a Fate Point to add 1 degree of success, you add 2 instead.

-Negative Traits-

Old World Trauma
 Whatever forced you from your homeland was genuinely traumatic in origin- and its scars still persist even to this day.
  You start play with 1d10 insanity points.

 You've been slow to adapt to the United States- to its customs, its norms, its culture.
  The following skills cost twice as much XP to attain for you: Disguise, Lip-Reading, Inquiry, Common/Scholastic Lores related specifically to the USA.


==Basic Skills==
Skill                    Characteristic  Skilled  Master 1  Master 2
Awareness                     Per           *
Barter                        Fel
Carouse                       Tou           *
Charm                         Fel
Climb                         Str
Concealment                   Agi
Contortionist                 Agi
Deceive                       Fel
Disguise                      Fel
Drive (Heavy Vehicle)         Agi           *
Dodge                         Agi
Evaluate                      Int
Gamble                        Int
Inquiry                       Fel           *
Intimidate                    Fel
Logic                         Int
Scrutiny                      Per
Search                        Per
Silent Move                   Agi
Swim                          Str           *
Common Lore (America)         Int           *
Common Lore (Poland)          Int           *

==Advanced Skills==
Skill                    Characteristic  Skilled  Master 1  Master 2
Literacy                      Int           *
Speak Language (English)      Int           *
Speak Language (Polish)       Int           *
Underworld Lore (Gangs)       Int           *

Basic Weapon Training (Shotgun)
Enigma Power
Enigma Rating 1
Minor Enigma Power
Minor Enigma Power
Minor Enigma Power
One-Handed Weapons Training (Impact)
Quick Draw
Rapid Reload

Fearless (300XP)
 Your character either is just too brave to show fear, or genuinely doesn't feel the emotion.
  As per the DH talent.
  Special: Cannot be taken with the 'Coward' drawback.

Heavyweight (100XP)
 You can drink men twice your size under the table- and we're not talking about weak drinks here.
  You begin play trained in the Carouse skill and the Decadence talent.

Addict [Vodka] (100XP)
 You have an insatiable craving for something- alcohol, or perhaps some kind of drug, or maybe a really amazing food. But a lot of your money goes to acquiring whatever it is.
  Choose a substance, whether it be alcohol, a narcotic, drug or a type of food. Your character must consume at least 2 dollars' worth of it per day. Should they go without, take a willpower test or suffer a level of fatigue that cannot be removed in any way until the character imbibes again.

Damaged Goods (100XP)
 You've suffered some sort of massive trauma in the past and never fully recovered.
  Begin play with 1d5+5 insanity points.

Grating Voice (100XP)
 Take a -5 penalty on all fellowship based skills.
  Special: This Drawback may not be taken with the “Sexy Voice” Asset.

Short Fuse (100XP)
 You have a hard time controlling himself when he gets angry.
  When confronted or otherwise stressed and agitated, you must pass a Willpower test or fly into a rage either yelling at the source of your anger or trashing the surrounding environment. Punching someone in the face might also be appropriate, if ill advised.

Baseball Bat
Brass Knuckles
Flask (Vodka)
Heavy Leather Coat
Set of Good Quality Clothing
Shotgun (Sawed-Off)
Shotgun Shells (12)

==Special Qualities==

==Experience Log== 

==Cash Log==
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