So. Talking with Syntax last night suggests some faults with the previous style guide for Incidents, specifically in regards to the way mech pictures were handled.

Now the previous style was that Pilot Picture was reserved for their speech and their personal actions (ie. within the cockpit), while the mecha/Eva pic was used for the actions of their machine. This is made sense in theory, but in practice it has its problems. Syntax said that being less familiar with the mech pictures made some of the Incidents more heavy on them a little harder to track, which is an argument I certainly understand. The tooltips are helpful, but they do not necessarily help in ensuring a connection is made between the actor and their respective mech.

So we have two potential solutions, and I've done up prototypes for both. Option 1 retains the previous style of using pictures of the robot for robot actions, but pairs them with their pilot picture. The prototype for this one is only partially done because, frankly, I wasn't quite happy with how it worked out. It looks cluttered and doesn't read particularly well. We could try actually fusing the pictures instead of using two separate ones - for example, how Yanmei's pog looks in maptools - but I don't know that it's worth the extra effort.

Option 2 results were a lot better. In this style Robopics are reserved for two things: Initial descriptions when entering a scene (Where the picture can give a visual reference along with the text) and situations where the pilot plays little-to-no onscreen role (Edit: Or when referring to the actions of a group in the case of the Superheavy squads). In the prototype these are represented by the initial appearance of the Peacecraft and the final actions of DEVA-01 respectively. Overall I think this resolves the readability problem while retaining the useful visuals the odd Robopic can provide. It's also a little less fiddly in terms of the initial formatting.

There is a third option, which would be to change the tooltips to announce machine name as well as pilot (Example: "Peacecraft, Raphael"), but this would be fiddly and wouldn't be as easily readable as Option 2. Still, if it's something we want to consider or if there are any other ideas I can do up some further designs.

Feedback welcome!

EDIT: Effort has also been made in the Option 2 prototype to remove as many instances of the Narrator as possible. Consensus seems to be that it's best kept only for when there's no primary character to attach the pose to.

EDIT 2: A third option is now presented below to pair pilot and mech pictures together. It seems to be the solution favoured by Haplo and Syn, and overall it's quite readable so it suits me. Thoughts welcome.

Option 1 - Mech Picture w/ Pilot Picture

Option 2 - Mech Picture Reserved For Description Poses Only

Option 3 - Actor and Mech Pics Arranged Horizontally

Unnamed Bloody Angel

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