Caitlin Guillory
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Name: Caitlin Guillory/ "Ayanami June"
Position: Family member
Sex: Female
Age: Mentally 11 (1989-2001); Physically 16-17 (Reincorporised July 2018)
Nationality: Nominally French
Place of Residence: EFS Dorian Lachapelle

Physical Details
Hair colour: Black and Burgundy
Eye colour: Displays Amber/Red Heterochromia
Height: 5'6"
Build: Slender

Personal Details
""We won't be gone, Raffy. We'll be here, with you. Don't forget that.""

The last child of the Guillory family, her parents were relieved to see Caitlin develop the relaxed, easygoing nature they sometimes wished her siblings displayed. She was a bright, friendly girl, quick to smooth over the frequent fights between Lucas and Marie or Raphael's worrying, and was quietly doted on by both of her brothers - much to Marie's irritation. In school she developed an interest in science and art, and she was a voracious reader throughout her childhood.

Unfortunately Caitlin was a late casualty of Second Impact, and the final one for the Guillory family. After surviving the earthquake-driven floods that struck their home and watching Marie perish a week later to injuries sustained in the same, the remaining three Guillories made their way north to the larger cities in search of help. It took weeks before they were finally accepted into a refugee camp, although the squalid, cramped conditions saw Caitlin suffer from an untreated respiratory infection that eventually ended in her death.

Though in any other case this would be the end of her story, but in early May 2018 - immediately before the final battle with Metatron - it was discovered that the Ayanami Roku the UEF had recovered in the wake of their defection was in fact a fake: A foreign soul embodied in a backup body, with just a sliver of Roku's soul and memories bolted on to avoid detection. This process had given the fake, named "June" by Rei, a drastically limited lifespan, and within hours of her discovery her ego barriers had entirely collapsed. Reduced to LCL, she was stored for months following the death of Metatron and the UEF's return to Earth, only for a reincorporisation attempt to finally be made in mid-July.

Unfortunately only at this point did it become clear that the UN had laid a second trap in June: The Angel Ireul had been hidden within her soul, and it was only through the intervention of Tsubaki Akagi that the reincorporisation process was successful in the wake of its release. The Angel was captured with the aid of Sarasvati, and the true soul of June was revealed to be none other than Caitlin Guillory.

It is unclear how she will cope with her death and return or her time in the Eternity Drive, but her surviving family waits to offer what assistance it can.

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