Calligrapher Of The Ultraviolet Inks

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Full Name: Calligrapher-of-the-Ultraviolet-Inks of House Drawing-Shadows-With-Fire
Position: Defector Guide of the FSS Valletta
Gender: Male
Date of Birth/Age: 1868/180
Place of Residence: New York, New York, Earth/FSS Valletta

Physical Details
Feather Colour: Vivid purple
Eye Colour: Pink
Height: 7'1
Handedness: Left-upper

Personal Notes

Notes from Starfleet dossier
Calligrapher-of-the-Ultraviolet-Inks of House Drawing-Shadows-with-Fire. Accepts "Violet of House Shadowfire" for short. Born 1868 on the Defector homeship "Lonely Emperor" as part of a pod of four. Considered a brash youth, he fought in the last major war against the Overseer Empire at the tender age of twenty, where he lost two of his pod-brothers as well as two mothers and four house-siblings. He served with distinction, and his skill in personal combat- something he personally enjoyed- was considered remarkable- one report says he slew an Overseer Archduke ten times his age and ten of his Warslaves in combat. With the war's loss, however, he lost his taste for bloodshed, instead devoting himself to artistic and scientific pursuits. In 1910, his pod married a pod of three. By 1990, they had birthed five pods, with a total of 21 children between them; all now live separately from their parents. After Unification with the Twiceborn, Violet found a career as a science teacher, disseminating Defector knowledge to humans. Violet and his pod signed onto the Guidance Guild in 2045; this is their first assignment serving on a Starfleet vessel.

Psychological profile outlines Violet as being very patient with humans and less so with Defectors. He shows great fondness for children. He is slow to anger, but reports suggest that his anger, once triggered, is truly astonishing in sheer depth. Rarely for Defectors, he keeps an animal pet: a common housecat named Creeper-of-the-Eversoft.

Of his Podmates…

  • His last living Pod-brother Seeker-of-the-New-Amber has taken a position with the Warfare division.
  • Wife Cutter-of-Crooked-Tyrants has accepted a position in the Marine detachment.
  • Wife Breaker-of-Chains has accepted a position in Technical.
  • Wife Uplifter-of-the-Weary has accepted a position in Technical as well, as part of the medical subdivision.

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