Captain Michael Vickers
Name: Michael Damien Vickers
Occupation: Captain of 3rd Company, 2nd Battalion, 121st Infantry Regiment, Northern Expeditionary Army
Age: 25
Birthday: 1st of Mardest
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 140lb
Physical Description:
Tall, with a strong, fit build; well-kept blonde hair and blue eyes.

The first son of Richard and Cattleya Vickers and the heir to the now-defunct Vickers Corporation, Michael always felt drawn to a career in the military. His father was at first reluctant to see Michael move into any career not directly related to Vickers Corporation, but Michael's stubbornness, as well as his mother's support, finally saw his father acquiesce. Thus did Michael head into the military to become an officer.

Graduating at 21 as a Lieutenant in the Agnesian Army, he was deployed a mere two months into his commission to the mainland in Agnesia's war against Arcolia. He was attached to Northern Expeditionary Army's 121st, as the 2nd Platoon Commander of 2nd Battalion's 3rd Company.

Michael quickly distingished himself with his admirable planning and leadership abilities, and was well-trusted by his men.

Two years into the war, an ambush killed the captain of 3rd Company whilst forces moved to destroy the organisational head of the 121st. Michael quickly took command of the 3rd Company and was able to save the regiment in time, earning him the Silver Cross for his competence, as well as a promotion to Captain.

The murder of his father brought feelings of shock and grief to Michael's heart that quickly turned to rage as the crimes his father committed came to light. With Vickers Corporation now dismantled and its technological legacy passed on to Paskell, Michael is at the very least now truly free to pursue an untrammelled military career, even if his father's treachery has left a stigma on his name.

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