Cattleya Vickers

Name: Cattleya Lucille Vickers (née Rosaria)
Occupation: Partner in Vickers Corp.
Age: 49
Birthday: 2nd of Damanese
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 125lb
Physical Description:
Tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes, and a very slender appearance. Rather pretty; looks younger than she is.

The wife of Richard Vickers and a long aide of his in running Vickers Corporation, Cattleya always felt very strongly about her husband. Being born to an old wealthy family, Cattleya's family, the Rosarias, never fully accepted Richard Vickers and his parvenu status; it was only Cattleya's significant arguments in his favour and her own stubborn nature that persuaded her family to allow the union.

Serving as both the mother to Richard's children and as a clever assistant in running the company, Cattleya always sought as 'normal' a family life as she could for her family and her children, even if it was ultimately futile. It was primarily her influence that allowed her children to seek careers of their own; even if Michael was always 'destined' to take over the company.

Richard's death at the hands of the Slayer drove Cattleya into the deepest pits of grief and despair, leading her to seek out the rogue Oblationist Sophie Garland to gain her vengeance.

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