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(14:21:03) Sept: [Somewhere else on the same timeline, Sera had had enough of the noise and increasing heat of the hall and made his way outside, opening the top button of his shirt (whoa lewd) to try and find a bit of room to breathe, even if the weather might not let him cool off that easily.]
(14:31:23) Minaplo: [It was bright outside, the green grass vibrant and the air rich in the smell of flower perfumes carried on a refreshing, strong breeze.-
(14:32:41) Minaplo: [But Sera would realise now that he wasn't alone, and his footsteps had attracted attention. Premier Kuzmin sat alone on a step, a cloud of cigar smoke hanging around his head. "Ah, it's you." Said Kuzmin, his voice a deep rumble. "Come over here, sit down."]
(14:36:56) Sept: "It's me," Sera confirmed. "I'll stretch my legs for a moment."
(14:41:16) Minaplo: ["Suit yourself." Said Kuzmin. He withdrew a cigar case from a pocket. "Cigar, boy?"]
(14:47:56) Sept: "No, thank you. I can only enjoy smoking when I'm stressed." Sera flapped the front of his suit to try and air it out, raised his arms up together and stretched first on one side, then the other.-
(14:47:59) Sept: "Russa, right?"
(14:48:17) Sept: «Russia*»
(14:50:08) Minaplo: ["Sure. The proper term's the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, of which Russia is but one member of many. Bigger than all the others put together, 'course."-
(14:50:24) Minaplo: ["Beef jerky, then?" Offered Kuzmin, holding out a packet of beef jerky.]
(14:54:07) Sept: "You've come prepared," Sera said simply, before ambling over to Kuzmin's step and accepting the bribe. He extracted a jerky bit, popped it in his mouth and shoved the packet back at the Premier.
(14:54:35) Minaplo: [It was good. Smoky and satisfyingly tough.-
(14:55:18) Minaplo: ["'Course. Cigars, jerky, and a flask of scotch, that's my survival kit." Said Kuzmin. "I can't stand all this haute couture food or Jap food, so jerky it is."]
(14:56:24) Sept: "Doesn't strike me as a standard diplomat MO."
(15:00:47) Minaplo: ["It's not, which only makes it better." Said Kuzmin roughly. "You've met a few diplomats, you know at least half of them are insufferable twats."]
(15:05:14) * Sept shrugged noncommittally.-
(15:05:53) Sept: "Couldn't tell the difference. You're saying it makes you… approachable? Trustworthy? Or just that you can get away with it?"
(15:12:32) Minaplo: ["Did you enjoy the wine?" Said Kuzmin.]
(15:13:10) Sept: "Sure."
(15:14:18) Minaplo: ["Was it better than most wine you've tasted?"]
(15:16:23) Sept: "I'm… not sure. It was good."
(15:17:24) Minaplo: ["Hah. So you just drank wine that's two hundred dollars a bottle, and you're not sure if it's better than the shit you drink every day?" Said Kuzmin. "Diplomats. Twats, the lot of 'em."-
(15:18:43) Minaplo: ["They drink wine they don't need to drink and they order food for the look of it than anything. It's a waste is what it is. Buncha dickheads who feel happy frittering away hours of other peoples' time and hundreds of other peoples' money for looks."]
(15:23:13) Sept: "Alright, I think I follow. It's something of a protest as well."
(15:23:35) Minaplo: ["Sure. I also just like beef jerky more than I do little sandwiches."]
(15:25:55) Sept: "Of course. It's good jerky, anyway."
(15:28:21) Minaplo: ["One packet costs me two of your francs' worth of rubles." Said Kuzmin happily. "You can have the packet if you want, I brought spares."]
(15:33:42) Sept: "Yeah, alright. Thanks." Sera had another jerky bit, rolled up the packet such that it remained flat and pocketed it.-
(15:34:36) Sept: "You know I'm strictly off politics, of course, so I can't repay you in two francs' worth of favors."
(15:35:41) Minaplo: ["Hah." Kuzmin waved his hand dismissively. "If a man has jerky and another does not, it is a duty to give jerky to the latter."-
(15:37:19) Minaplo: ["Besides, politics is the last thing I'd want from you." Said Kuzmin. "Opinions are fucking fine, though, so what do you think of all this?"]
(15:37:36) Sept: "What, Japan?"
(15:39:17) Minaplo: ["Nah. Well. If you want to talk about Japan, sure. I meant more this coronation."]
(15:40:45) Sept: "Seems pretty standard to me. There's some kind of statement in putting this ragged bunch in a room together, but I'm okay with it."
(15:41:46) Minaplo: ["Hah. Reckon Sakurako wants us all to hug it out, eh? Maybe a peace pipe with Caine?"]
(15:42:22) Sept: "Don't see why not."
(15:44:13) Minaplo: ["Reckon it'll work?"]
(15:45:35) Sept: "I think it'll help."
(15:48:49) Minaplo: ["Yeah?"]
(15:51:32) Sept: "What's the worst that could happen?"
(15:51:54) Minaplo: ["Someone gets in a fight and it turns into murder?"]
(15:52:56) Sept: "And then they declare war on each other?"
(15:57:37) Minaplo: ["Ha." Said Kuzmin with a grin. "I get your point, but eh, we could lose someone importantish."]
(16:01:08) Sept: "Only if they've planned ahead, I think…"
(16:03:51) Minaplo: ["Wouldn't be the first time." Kuzmin took out a pewter flask, took a swig, and held it out to Sera. "Scotch?"]
(16:07:00) Sept: "Hah. No, there's going to be a lot more wine in my near future."-
(16:07:27) Sept: "You can assassinate people in any number of places, though. This isn't any different"
(16:07:30) Sept: .*
(16:10:06) Minaplo: ["But it is." Said Kuzmin. "It's different because there's many VIPs here from different countries and we're on neutral soil. Adds a whole new edge. Bunch of world leaders under the same roof on a highly publicised event? One good bomb from an optimistic terrorist…"]
(16:12:00) Sept: "Oh yeah, terrorists. Sure. That'd be terrible."
(16:18:54) Minaplo: ["Terrible."-
(16:19:35) Minaplo: ["Still, though, no media here." Said Kuzmin. "That's one mark in its favour, I suppose."]
(16:22:39) Sept: "Mm."
(16:24:22) Minaplo: [Kuzmin took another swig.]
(16:25:25) Sept: "None of these anti-war movements have gone that far yet. There's that thing in Brazil, of course…"
(16:30:17) Minaplo: ["Which thing?"]
(16:32:12) Sept: "The attack."
(16:32:39) Minaplo: ["Ah yes. Figures to me that it's someone with a beef with Brazil."]
(16:36:01) Sept: "Intuition?"
(16:38:50) Minaplo: ["Well it won't be anti-war groups for one."]
(16:39:29) Sept: "I guess. If anything, they may want to prolong it."
(16:42:41) Minaplo: ["Entirely possible. Could be mercenaries too, of course… Nuking a city is a tough job."]
(16:48:20) Sept: "Yeah. Well, there's a lot of smart people figuring it out, I guess."
(16:50:57) Minaplo: ["Mmm."]
(16:57:20) Sept: "Maybe I should get back in there. Strike while the iron is… iunno."
(16:58:47) Minaplo: ["Boring you already, eh?"]
(17:01:53) * Sept looked at Kuzmin, a bit puzzled.-
(17:03:19) Sept: "Odd question. What can either of us achieve out here?"
(17:05:32) Minaplo: ["Ho, so you have something you want to achieve in there, eh?"]
(17:10:05) Sept: "Sure I do. What the hell would I be doing at an enthronement otherwise?"
(17:10:56) Minaplo: ["Enjoying expensive wine, mingling with pretty girls, rubbing shoulders with the elite, just seeing new places?" Offered Kuzmin. "Alright, what is it you're trying to accomplish then, boy?"]
(17:14:12) Sept: "World peace?"
(17:15:49) Minaplo: ["Hah. Okay, what's your plan, then?"]
(17:17:13) Sept: "Gain the trust of key people who want the same."
(17:17:26) Minaplo: ["Who?"]
(17:18:25) Sept: "I can't know that beforehand, can I? Some people have more power than others, but that's not always necessary."
(17:21:27) Minaplo: ["This sounds like a very shabby plan, boy."]
(17:23:03) Sept: "Vague plan for a vague goal."
(17:24:10) Minaplo: ["World peace is a vague goal, now?" Asked Kuzmin warmly.]
(17:27:30) Sept: "I sure think so."
(17:28:31) Minaplo: ["Why?"]
(17:29:59) Sept: "Lots of ways to it. Either side winning the war is gonna bring world peace."
(17:32:11) Minaplo: [Kuzmin took out a strip of jerky and began to chew it.-
(17:33:53) Minaplo: ["Find a less vague goal." Said Kuzmin eventually. "Or fix your fucking definitions, I suppose, whichever makes you happy."]
(17:40:21) Sept: "Huh? Why?"
(17:41:23) Minaplo: ["Because I'm a planner." Said Kuzmin. "I'm an organiser. What, you think the Soviet Union lets me run it because of my pretty face and magnetic charisma?"-
(17:42:13) Minaplo: ["Vague goals don't work. Vague plans don't work. You're wasting your time, and I hate wastage. If your ideals call on you to fall on your fucking sword with these vague goals, then go ahead and fall, but if you want results, then you organise."]
(17:52:56) Sept: "Great," said Sera mockingly. "I appreciate the advice, but I don't think it's relevant."
(17:56:00) Minaplo: ["No?"]
(18:04:40) Sept: "No. There's no five-step plan to a satisfactory outcome, and if there was, someone would complicate it for you, so I'm gonna do everything I have to and everything that's possible."
(18:08:30) Minaplo: [Kuzmin took another pull of his jerky, making sure to stretch it out satisfyingly before it snapped. He chewed for a little bit.-
(18:11:05) Minaplo: ["So you're just gonna shoot from the hip on this, eh?"]
(18:11:47) Sept: "Pretty sure. If there was something subversive I was planning, could I tell you?"
(18:13:32) Minaplo: ["Makes no difference to me if you do or not." Said Kuzmin with a shrug. "Unless it involved me, of course."-
(18:13:57) Minaplo: ["Even if you were planning such a thing, I don't see how it'd help when you don't even know what it is you're trying to accomplish."]
(18:19:20) Sept: "Suppose so," Sera said, standing up and dusting off the back of his pants for appearance's sake. "Well, thanks for everything."
(18:19:37) Minaplo: ["Heh."-
(18:19:44) Minaplo: ["One more thing, boy. Why do you do that?"]
(18:20:14) Sept: "Hm?"
(18:23:41) Minaplo: ["Think the rules don't apply to you."]
(18:25:22) Sept: "You make it sound so cool," Sera smiled.
(18:25:28) Sept: "The rules are dumb. We don't need 'em."
(18:26:37) Minaplo: ["… No, that's not really how this works." Said Kuzmin. "We use the rules because they work. You're not being an iconoclast by rejecting them, you're just…" He flicked his hand outwards, as though dismissing the lovely gardens before him.-
(18:26:40) Minaplo: ["Being naive."]
(18:30:07) Sept: "Mm." Sera considered it for a while.-
(18:30:09) Sept: "We won't need them?"
(18:33:40) Minaplo: ["Sorry, boy." Said Kuzmin with a smile. "Some rules can be done away with, and should be, but there'll always be a need for proper planning."]
(18:35:11) Sept: "Good. I'll get back to you on that. Have a nice day, Kuzmin."
(18:36:23) Minaplo: ["Heh."]
(18:37:43) * Sept patted the jacket pocket with the jerky packet and headed back in through the double doors to the audience hall.
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(19:11:08) Minaplo: [The room could be broken up into roughly four different areas. In the southwest corner of the room stood the 'core' of the Federation delegation- right now, Lexie, Mazarin and Zhou were there, talking quietly. Opposite them in the northeast congealed the core of the UN: Mary Caine and von Brandt, talking quietly as they looked out a window.-
(19:13:54) Minaplo: [The broad band between these two poles was where most of the people were, mingling and talking, crossing factional lines. Ezra and Sarah talked and played loudly with Alex, Asuka and Mana; Roku and Aksel chatted and joked with Raphael and Misato; the UN Ayanami, the one who picked at her dress, hovered along the wall, quietly and stealthily watching Yanmei.-
(19:14:26) Minaplo: [The Non-Aligned League meanwhile took up the flat east wall. There he could see Vera and Eufemia and the others, as well as some people he didn't recognise.-
(19:15:19) Minaplo: [Within the 'neutral band' stood Agatha, pleasantly flirting with the Canadian Prime Minister. After a little bit, he laughed, caught someone else's eye and excused himself, leaving Agatha by herself.]
(19:19:48) Sept: It was a hell of a thing to see politics reflected so clearly in real space.-
(19:21:38) Sept: Sera passed on the idea of more wine for now and made his way past the various circles towards the lone Prime. "Aaaaagatha," he called to attract her attention.
(19:24:01) Minaplo: [Agatha turned towards Sera; as she saw him she smiled brightly.-
(19:24:07) Minaplo: ["Hello, sweetie."]
(19:29:03) Sept: A laugh escaped him; he looked down and away from her for a moment as he attempted to reset. The easy smile stayed, at least.-
(19:29:41) Sept: "That's not a title I've been granted. Everything good?"
(19:30:02) Minaplo: ["Very." She said sweetly, holding her arms out to him.]
(19:33:14) Sept: "Nice." Sera had little choice but to accept the gesture and give her a hug.
(19:36:28) Minaplo: [She squeezed him warmly and well.-
(19:37:04) Minaplo: ["Well well." She said, pulling away. "To think a gavroche like you might end up here seeing a Princess become an Emperor…"]
(19:40:55) Sept: "Didn't see her, though."
(19:43:00) Minaplo: ["You saw her a little bit."]
(19:46:36) Sept: "Yeah, it's still pretty good. NERV didn't hire the gavroche, though. It was more like a…"-
(19:47:14) Sept: "A gavroche with backups? So he doesn't just go and die off with his fool revolution."
(19:49:21) Minaplo: ["I think Hugo would weep for a gavroche who could die twice for the cause."]
(19:50:08) Sept: "Oh, sure. But it's easier for that gavroche to make it to the Japanese princess' enthronement in 2018."
(19:50:46) Minaplo: ["I wonder if that wouldn't make him weep for a different reason."]
(19:51:35) Sept: "Hehehe. We should probably leave him alone, then."
(19:52:42) Minaplo: ["Hehehe. Sounds about right." She said, giving him a pretty smile. "C'mon, let's help ourselves to some of Her Majesty's wine."-
(19:52:56) Minaplo: [With or without him, she beelined for the nearest wine table and took a flute.]
(19:58:48) Sept: Sera followed her at a leisurely pace, hands in front of him, holding his wrists. "Oh, I'm pacing myself. This may be a long day. I heard it's pretty precious."
(19:59:41) Minaplo: ["What, sobriety?"]
(20:00:18) Sept: "Hah! I guess. The wine."
(20:03:21) Minaplo: ["Ohh, I see." She said with a grin.-
(20:03:36) Minaplo: [Then she took two wine glasses and drained them both quickly before grabbing a third to savour.]
(20:05:14) Sept: "Someone else is weeping for that, I'm sure."
(20:05:45) Minaplo: ["Not Hugo, hopefully." Said Agatha with a face of mock horror.]
(20:06:59) Sept: "I know nothing about him, but I can say with absolute certainty he would've done worse things to the buffet."
(12:08:41) Minaplo: ["Mmm. Perhaps I should drink a little faster, then."]
(12:09:42) Sept: "You don't get drunk at all?"
(12:12:04) Minaplo: ["Nope." Said Agatha with a sly grin. "It sucks, huh?"]
(12:13:29) Sept: "Does," Sera agreed with an emphatic nod. "But at least you can eat."
(12:13:55) Minaplo: ["Thank God for that. Hey, do you reckon they'll let us go to dinner?"]
(12:18:12) Sept: "They didn't tell me. I think I could handle it."
(12:18:59) Minaplo: ["Man, I hope they don't let us." Said Agatha. "It'd be more fun to sneak out."]
(12:20:18) Sept: "Sneak out to what's probably a set dinner?"
(12:22:20) Minaplo: ["Yeah. And then we can have a walk in a starlit park."]
(12:24:43) Sept: "Hmmh."
(12:27:28) Minaplo: [Agatha gently extended her free hand, brushing a little loose lock of hair away from Sera's eyes with the back of her fingers; her fingertips brushed against his skin ever so lightly. "Not to your liking, sweetie?"]
(12:35:00) Sept: Sera crossed his arms again and shook his head with a puzzled look on his face. "Not what I mean. You're acting strangely. What's going on?"
(12:36:01) Minaplo: ["Strangely?"]
(12:38:24) Sept: "Being very forward, calling me that… You know I appreciate everything you've done for me, Agatha. Just be straight with me."
(12:43:37) Minaplo: [Agatha stared at him.-
(12:47:10) Minaplo: ["Oh, sweetie." She said gently after a moment. "I'm just in a good mood and I've missed you. That's all."]
(12:51:56) Sept: Sera looked back at her for a moment. "Alright," he said slowly. "I don't think you mean that in a romantic way. Am I wrong?"
(12:57:18) Minaplo: ["That's a secret." She said with a twinkle in her eyes.]
(13:00:33) Sept: "Ugh." Sera rolled his eyes in mock disgust. "Anyway, I'm not taking those kinds of chances here. Enough people are looking at us as is."
(13:01:21) Minaplo: ["Fair enough. I'll keep my hands to myself." She said with a smile.-
(13:01:29) Minaplo: ["That's a yes to sneaking out though, right?"]
(13:03:07) Sept: "No," Sera said, laughing. "Who's the gavroche now? What if something happens and I'm nowhere to be seen?"
(13:03:54) Minaplo: ["I'll bring you straight back in a flash." She said with a grin. "Timey-wimey magic, remember?"]
(13:07:12) Sept: "Of course I do. Is this a trap?"
(13:11:35) Minaplo: ["It's not a trap, it's an invitation, sweetie." She said enthusiastically. "Come on. How long has it been since we've been free to mingle?"]
(13:20:42) Sept: "I believe you. We won't lose time?"
(13:22:31) Minaplo: ["We won't lose time getting you back if you need to, no." Said Agatha. "But you will have to spend some time with me."]
(13:23:18) Sept: "That's not what I'd call lost time…"
(13:23:49) Minaplo: ["Ooh." She said, her cheeks flushing pleasantly. "There we go."]
(13:28:20) Sept: "Wasn't that good. So…" Sera looked away at the rest of the mingling crowd.-
(13:28:41) Sept: "When did you mean?"
(13:28:49) Minaplo: ["7 PM?"]
(13:30:00) Sept: "Yeah, that's fine," he said, looking around for a clock.
(13:30:19) Minaplo: [No clocks in here.-
(13:30:34) Minaplo: ["It's 12:14 PM." Said Agatha.]
(13:33:50) Sept: "Fine. So how's everything else going?"
(13:35:13) Minaplo: ["Great." Said Agatha with a smile. "I practically live on the Damocles now. My little girls love spending time with the Promisedlanders. Little too much, actually, I think they're wearing them out…"]
(13:37:11) Sept: "Hehe. Joan, then? She wasn't doing too well with us."
(13:40:54) Minaplo: ["Ah…" She hesitated for a moment.-
(13:40:59) Minaplo: ["Joan's actually… Doing better too!"]
(13:43:25) Sept: "Hm? What's that mean?"
(13:44:47) Minaplo: ["She's less frustrated and pent up and all that."]
(13:45:58) Sept: "How come?"
(13:46:13) Minaplo: ["Ezra's been helping her." Said Agatha.]
(13:48:25) Sept: "Huh. I guess he'd have the kind of leverage you need to get through to her. Good for them."
(13:48:52) Minaplo: ["Yeah! Maybe he'll work his magic on Scholly next."]
(13:49:36) Sept: "Or Aline," Sera suggested offhand.
(13:50:20) Minaplo: ["Or Aline. He's working on her."]
(13:53:22) Sept: "Yeah? I heard you guys've been working overtime on her."
(13:54:38) Minaplo: ["In what way?"]
(13:56:22) Sept: "Eh, nothing. I can't complain about her."
(13:57:18) Minaplo: ["Sure you can. We can save it for later, though."]
(13:57:48) Sept: "Yeah, fine."
(13:58:22) Minaplo: [Agatha smiled; she stuck out a hand. "C'mon, let's go somewhere else for a bit."]
(13:59:28) Sept: "I was just outside, though. I should be mingling," Sera said, gesturing to the crowd behind him.
(14:00:11) Minaplo: ["Mmmm, true. Alright." She withdrew her hand.-
(14:00:15) Minaplo: ["Wanna mingle together?"]
(14:02:15) Sept: "I'm not gonna stop you. Need any UEF contacts?"
(14:04:09) Minaplo: ["Sure. Mm… Pick for me?"]
(14:07:12) Sept: "O…kay. Let's figure this out."-
(14:09:25) Sept: "ODs aren't of any use to you. So it's either pilots or political figures out of the loop. Have you killed any pilots or armies?"
(14:10:06) Minaplo: ["Nope." Said Agatha brightly.]
(14:10:54) Sept: "I mean not just recently."
(14:12:24) Minaplo: ["I don't think I've even fought anyone here except maybe Yanmei and that Fontaine kiddo." Said Agatha. "Unless Nel's hiding around somewhere in a nice tux I think I should be good."]
(14:12:52) Sept: "Who?"
(14:13:25) Minaplo: ["Nel. Your big Angel. We fought him in that weird cave."]
(14:14:10) Sept: "Why'd you call it Nel?"
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(14:17:02) Minaplo: ["UN codename for it. "Unidentified UEF Angel" is a mouthful, so."]
(14:26:03) Sept: "Come on. You know its name by now. Is someone still worried about humanizing an Angel?"
(14:28:09) Minaplo: ["If the Federation's got a name for it, I haven't heard of it, sorry."]
(14:31:56) Sept: "Ridiculous. Zeruel. It's cool, as far as I could tell."
(14:32:19) Minaplo: ["Zeruel. Sure, I like it. Now, pick someone for me, sweetie."]
(14:36:31) Sept: "Well, how would you like a trial by fire? Straight off the deep end?"
(14:39:54) Minaplo: ["Ooh, I love it." Said Agatha with a bright smile.]
(14:41:29) Sept: "Great." Sera grabbed Agatha by the arm and set off at a brisk pace past the various social circles looking for their victims.
(14:45:47) Minaplo: [Whilst Sera had been tied up, Alex and Asuka had managed to disentangle themselves of Ezra, Sarah and Mana; they were now standing a little closer to the UEF side, quietly watching the others and whispering remarks; judging by their smirks, these remarks were very funny.]
(14:48:33) Sept: "Alex! Social emergency," Sera called as the two of them approached.
(14:49:11) Minaplo: ["Social emergency…? Yes! I mean, yes, indeed, I'm on it." Said Alex, straightening up, his smirk vanishing.-
(14:49:20) Minaplo: ["… The fuck are you-" Started Asuka.-
(14:52:48) Minaplo: ["No time to explain, my swan." Said Alex, whipping his glasses off to polish them on his shirt.-
(14:53:06) Minaplo: ["I have to be a social OD." He said solemnly, slowly placing his glasses back on.]
(14:53:59) Sept: "This is Solomon Agatha. She's the most pleasant one. This is Alexandre, this is Asuka," Sera quickly speeded past the introductions. "She needs your expertise, Alex."
(15:00:17) Minaplo: ["Pleased to meet you!" Said Agatha cheerfully. "I've heard so much; but then I'd be deaf not to hear of you." She said, turning with shining eyes to Asuka.-
(15:00:41) Minaplo: [Asuka, who had been busy staring incredulously at Alex, instantly brightened up, puffing her chest out proudly. "Ah, so the UN does speak my name in fear, then~"-
(15:01:08) Minaplo: ["Some might do, but in my circles it's respect and honest admiration." Said Agatha openly. "Asuka the brave, the fierce, the beautiful…"-
(15:01:15) Minaplo: ["Hehehe…" Said Asuka gloatingly.]
(15:01:28) Sept: "Alex."
(15:02:13) Minaplo: ["Ahem. Yes?"]
(15:02:15) Sept: "How do we best disguise her as Robert?"
(15:02:34) Minaplo: [Asuka's face immediately fell. "What."-
(15:02:52) Minaplo: ["Uh… Ahem. Why would we do that, Sera?" Asked Alex in a genteel tone.]
(15:03:12) Sept: "Isn't that step one?"
(15:04:31) Minaplo: ["It… May be, hypothetically, depending on what we're trying to achieve."]
(15:08:02) Sept: "Fiiiine," Sera groaned. "Actually, I just wanted to introduce you guys. And I figured introducing her to some of the people in charge would be positive, too. So if anything, I'd actually need your help for it."
(15:08:40) Minaplo: ["… Weren't you just with the Canadian-" Began Asuka.-
(15:08:55) Minaplo: ["Of course, of course. I'd be happy to help." Said Alex quickly.-
(15:09:49) Minaplo: ["You two are great." Said Agatha. "If only we could hit up a proper pub instead of all this…"]
(15:12:06) Sept: "Could skip the return flight. I think one Dysangelion missing from the field would balance us out nearly enough."
(15:13:23) Minaplo: ["That wouldn't be fair." Said Agatha. "You'd be losing Asuka from the field too…"-
(15:13:26) Minaplo: ["Heheh-"-
(15:13:43) Minaplo: ["Well, that'd be true." Said Asuka, her expression going dark like a tempest. "If I hadn't been shelved by this dickhead."-
(15:13:50) Minaplo: ["What?! No no, it can't be true! Sera!"]
(15:15:34) Sept: Sera took a half-step backward, but did his best to retain his composure. "I'm sorry, you can't scold me for something that's classified?"
(15:16:33) Minaplo: ["Won't be a problem." Said Asuka ferociously. "This shitheel took my fully ready Eva off the front line so he could study it with a bunch of techie bastards, including that cockhead-"-
(15:16:49) Minaplo: ["Oh Sera no." Said Agatha, looking appalled. "You heartbreaker!"]
(15:19:49) Sept: "Hey, how many other pilots could make themselves useful without their Evas?"
(15:20:15) Minaplo: ["Not many." Said Agatha.-
(15:20:23) Minaplo: ["W-well, that's true-" Began Asuka.-
(15:21:59) Minaplo: ["I think we all feel useless when we're passed over." Said Agatha gently. "I wish I had your skill set."-
(15:22:10) Minaplo: ["U-uh, well…" Asuka was starting to blush now.]
(15:26:12) Sept: "Uh huh!" Sera looked openly triumphant.
(15:27:48) Minaplo: ["And that makes me the luckiest man on Earth." Said Alex earnestly.-
(15:27:52) Minaplo: ["I- you-"-
(15:28:10) Minaplo: [Asuka slapped her hands over her face, which had enflamed to a bright hot red. "S-Stop it, all of you, stupid bastards!"]
(15:31:36) Sept: "Alex? You were going to lay out a plan to help Agatha win connections and raise the visibility of Solomons and bioexotics."
(15:31:57) Minaplo: [But Alex wasn't listening.-
(15:39:12) Minaplo: ["I'm like a sunflower, turning towards your radiance every day. To be without you is to be trapped in night, staring at pictures that reflect your beauty like the moon reflects the sun." He purred into Asuka's ear.-
(15:39:39) Minaplo: [This was the breaking point. Face still red, Asuka roughly grabbed Alex's hand and dragged him away, running quite quickly towards one of the exits.-
(15:39:43) Minaplo: ["…"-
(15:39:51) Minaplo: ["That went well!" Said Agatha happily.]
(15:41:54) Sept: "So well. I wish I could do that, too."
(15:42:07) Minaplo: ["I could show you how."]
(15:43:25) Sept: "What do you mean?"
(15:44:42) Minaplo: ["Well. I could give you a few pointers, you know…"]
(15:45:35) Sept: "Nah. You were just being honest, right? There aren't really any pointers for that."
(15:46:23) Minaplo: ["Then why do you wish you could do it? You're an honest man."]
(15:50:16) Sept: "Eh. I'm not sure."
(15:51:36) Minaplo: ["You're not sure you're honest? Hmm…" She eyed him carefully.]
(15:52:07) Sept: "Nah, I'm not sure why it's so difficult."
(15:52:41) Minaplo: ["Then perhaps I can help you." Said Agatha. "Look, you learn things quick if people have the patience for you, and I've got infinite patience when you're concerned."]
(15:58:15) Sept: "I'm not just talking about ambushing Asuka with compliments when she doesn't expect it. How do you stay like that even when the other person's already against you?"
(15:58:40) Minaplo: ["Stay like what?" Asked Agatha curiously.]
(15:59:34) Sept: "How do you… not give up?"
(16:04:50) Minaplo: ["Hm…"-
(16:05:44) Minaplo: [Agatha frowned thoughtfully. "Well it's like this. Most people pretty overtly let you know when you're not wanted, usually with their body language. If they do that I take the hint, but if they don't, then I still have a chance, and most people don't at first. If I can make a good impression right at the start then it goes from there… Maybe."]
(16:10:26) Sept: "Yeah, but what if you've already fucked up several times? That's not something you've got experience with."
(16:13:22) Minaplo: ["If we try really hard today, I bet I could fuck up a few times before 4 PM." She said eagerly.]
(16:13:44) Sept: "Um. Please don't."
(16:13:52) Minaplo: ["Aw."]
(16:17:42) Sept: "Anyway, there must be better things we can talk about."
(16:19:22) Minaplo: ["Of course. You need to tell me about all you've been up to, sweetie."]
(16:26:45) Sept: "Is there a way I don't need to think about what's classified?"
(16:28:43) Minaplo: ["If it's fun, then it's probably not classified." She said sagely.]
(16:29:16) * Sept shrugged.-
(16:30:10) Sept: "Well, you heard they finally let me play with the older kids in Tech. I can't tell you how fun that's been."
(16:34:09) Minaplo: ["… Is that a figure of speech, or you literally can't tell me?"]
(16:35:04) Sept: "…figure of speech. It's been very fun."
(16:35:23) Minaplo: [Agatha giggled.-
(16:35:27) Minaplo: ["Go on, tell me."]
(16:39:09) Sept: "Mm, there's a lot of classified stuff there."-
(16:39:21) Sept: "I got to work with a lot of people I admire very much."
(16:40:47) Minaplo: ["Yeah?"}
(16:42:18) Sept: "Yeah," Sera nodded seriously.
(16:44:18) » Quit: Raphael (ua.ten.letxof.dlq.88-591-291-271-epc|leahpaR#ua.ten.letxof.dlq.88-591-291-271-epc|leahpaR) (Quit: <Suzune> don't be silly <Suzune> DnD doesn't have sex crime laws)
(16:44:26) Minaplo: ["Isn't that wonderful. What makes them admirable, sweetie?"]
(16:51:29) Sept: "They're smart and they all have very impressive fields of specialization that make them indispensable."
(16:51:59) Minaplo: ["Hehehe. That sounds cool." She said warmly.]
(16:52:51) Sept: "Yep."-
(16:53:44) Sept: "What else? Trying not to be terrible at music so I can play at a cafe with Viviane."
(16:55:34) Minaplo: ["Ooh. How's that going?"]
(16:56:28) Sept: "I'm probably not terrible!"
(17:01:46) Minaplo: ["Did you bring your instrument? Could you play for me?"]
(17:02:36) Sept: "Oh, that's classified, too. Sorry."
(17:13:45) Minaplo: ["What?! You tease!"]
(17:14:29) Sept: "Like you can talk!"
(17:15:36) Minaplo: ["What's that supposed to mean?"]
(17:18:54) Sept: "…"-
(17:19:32) Sept: "Yeah, I. Guess you can talk, huh. Sorry, it was a default response."
(17:20:33) Minaplo: [She smiled a most catlike smile; with one smooth action she leaned in and linked her arm in his. "You really can't play for me?"]
(17:24:38) Sept: Sera placed his free hand on her linked arm and spoke slowly. "It would look weird and make a racket. I came here to play nice."
(17:26:53) Minaplo: ["Ah. Another thing to save for later, then~"-
(17:27:01) Minaplo: ["I'm glad you're making the effort, though, sweetie."]
(17:28:15) Sept: "I hope it'll pay off. Who knows, maybe I'm not committing treason by talking to you."
(17:32:17) Minaplo: ["They let Kirishima hug her mum and dad, they'll let you talk to me no doubt~"]
(17:34:24) Sept: "Oh, they could make an exception."
(17:38:39) Minaplo: ["Oh, they wouldn't!" Said Agatha in a shocked tone.]
(17:41:01) Sept: "Hehe. Why's that?"
(17:42:28) Minaplo: ["Because it would be awful and cruel and, if they tried, I'd call in some favours."]
(17:45:34) Sept: "Ah. What a hero."
(17:46:25) Minaplo: ["Hehehe. I bet Mr. Fontaine owes me one by now."]
(17:47:07) Sept: "Hey, I was the mastermind behind it!"
(17:49:33) Minaplo: ["We were co-conspirators." Said Agatha lightly.]
(17:53:18) Sept: "That's acceptable. Isn't it your turn now?"
(18:02:32) Minaplo: ["To tell you about what I've been up to?"]
(18:04:48) Sept: "I meant you could introduce me to one of your friends, but I'm quite happy to hear about your adventures. I thought you were avoiding the topic earlier."
(18:06:26) Minaplo: ["Ah, well. No, not really. To be honest, the Synfront is a boring place. Promised Land helped a whole lot with that, though."]
(18:08:40) Sept: "That's what someone avoiding the topic would say."
(18:11:29) Minaplo: ["Well hold on, I'm getting to it, sweetie."]
(18:12:23) Sept: "Alright, alright. Take your time."
(18:12:43) Minaplo: ["Well firstly, there's nothing in general you want to hear about first?"]
(18:14:14) Sept: "I have no idea what you guys do all day, Agatha. Where could I start?"
(18:19:39) Minaplo: ["With my girls, maybe."]
(18:20:58) Sept: "Your… oh, yeah. Tell me about that."
(18:23:13) Minaplo: ["Well, there's twenty of them all up." Said Agatha. "And they're lovely. I wish I'd been able to bring some along, they'd have loved you."]
(18:23:52) Sept: "How come?"
(18:24:55) Minaplo: ["They love everyone who isn't a bastard jerk."]
(18:25:46) Sept: "Oof. Jury's still out on that one."
(18:35:16) Minaplo: ["Hehehe. They're sweet kids, though. Bubbly and energetic. Love going everywhere, and so curious, too…"]
(18:40:48) Sept: "Do you go out a lot?"
(18:41:27) Minaplo: ["As often as we can. We usually end up going to the Damocles."]
(18:41:49) Sept: "That's not very adventurous, is it?"
(18:43:58) Minaplo: ["We can't really just pick any location we want, sadly…" Said Agatha with a sigh. "They want to go to Paris and Cologne and have fun!"]
(18:45:13) Sept: "Wish I could help you. I think I've burned through all of my goodwill for favors like that, though."-
(18:45:30) Sept: "If you can negotiate a ceasefire, I'm sure I could show you around, though."
(18:47:23) Minaplo: ["Haha. I'll take a note of that; I expect you to keep your word, too."]
(18:49:06) Sept: "That goes without saying!"
(18:49:47) Minaplo: ["Heehee."-
(18:55:48) Minaplo: [Agatha then began to describe, in great detail, her girls, one by one; Lilianie who bursts into giggles whenever she sees birds fly and who always eats noodles as loudly as she can; Niselle, who once encouraged her sisters to put on their own musical for the Damocles, which they executed with great enthusiasm if nothing else; Tantan, who loves polkadots, and once went missing for
(18:55:49) Minaplo: several hours, only to be found staring up tearfully at a night sky full of stars, her hand stretched out towards them; Sanisole, who won't go to bed without six kisses from Agatha, and who is always the first up in the morning; and three dozen other girls, all of them with their own quirks and personalities…-
(18:56:13) Minaplo: [And dreams.-
(18:56:46) Minaplo: ["Niselle wants to be an actress, now. She wants to own the stage and sing with all her voice." Said Agatha, who was smiling fondly; but her eyes were faraway.]
(19:00:51) Sept: "Mmm." Sera kept nodding along, paying close attention to the story. "Are you going to have any stories left for later?"
(19:02:27) Minaplo: ["Of course I am, sweetie. Don't you worry, I'm saving the best for later."]
(19:06:13) Sept: "Mhm."
(19:07:30) Minaplo: ["Bet you see now why you'd get along with them, though."]
(19:12:50) Sept: "Sure. Not that I'm surprised. I'm sure they follow their parents very closely in all sorts of ways."
(19:15:47) Minaplo: ["Hehe. They're a fairly varied bunch, in all honesty. They don't take after me in a lot of ways."]
(19:19:51) Sept: "But you have an influence on them."
(19:24:26) Minaplo: ["'Course."]

(11:14:24) Sept: "Any conflict with them?"
(11:16:06) Minaplo: ["A little, but nothing serious."]
(11:20:12) Sept: "With twenty children? Sounds like an easy job raising them."
(11:25:07) Minaplo: ["Well…" At this, Agatha's face fell a little. "I'd like to say it's just because I'm awesome, but I can't deny the fact that they're designed to be obedient."]
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(11:28:54) Sept: "Mhm. You make it sound like you try to make it worth their while."
(11:29:38) » Quit: Mianplo (~ua.ten.tenii.nyd.602-842-7-85|olpaniM#ua.ten.tenii.nyd.602-842-7-85|olpaniM) (Ping timeout)
(12:06:23) » Minaplo|Out is now known as Minaplo
(12:06:47) Minaplo: ["Yeah, you could say that." Said Agatha with a slow, small smile.]
(12:10:51) Sept: "So what else?"
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(12:24:17) Minaplo: ["Hm… Spending time helping cut down on Angelspawn pops."]
(12:25:28) Sept: "All around?"
(12:25:38) Minaplo: ["Mostly near Kenya and all that."]
(12:26:31) Sept: "Neat. How do the locals feel about it?"
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(12:37:43) Minaplo: ["About my helping or about the Angelspawn?"]
(12:38:26) Sept: "The helping. I don't think they're very happy about the Angelspawn."
(12:39:26) Minaplo: ["Nah. Well, I don't really know how they feel." Said Agatha.-
(12:39:50) Minaplo: ["I mean, they're happy to point me toward the nearest sightings, but I haven't really sat down and asked them about how they feel with me helping. Kind of shitty on my part."]
(12:40:39) » Quit: Suzune (moc.rr.ser.yabapmat.551cfh1322356|enuzuS#moc.rr.ser.yabapmat.551cfh1322356|enuzuS) (Quit:)
(12:41:38) Sept: "Ah. But it's not like you're burning down their crops or anything."
(12:46:01) » Quit: Minaplo (~ua.ten.tenii.nyd.602-842-7-85|olpaniM#ua.ten.tenii.nyd.602-842-7-85|olpaniM) (Ping timeout)
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(12:47:07) Minaplo: ["Most of their crops are dead, sweetie." Said Agatha sadly. "Most of them are leaving."]
(12:47:49) Sept: "They'd be that much madder if you burned down the rest?"
(12:48:34) Minaplo: [Agatha just gave him a sorrowful little smile.]
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(12:52:10) Sept: "Mm." Sera looked away for a moment, lost for words. "The people leaving aren't having much luck, either."
(12:59:27) Minaplo: ["Yeah… I've seen."]
(13:03:54) Sept: "…" Sera fell silent, content to uncomfortably fiddle with his hands for a time.
(13:09:08) Minaplo: ["… Heh." She smiled and nudged Sera gently with her forehead. "Only one thing we can do."]
(13:11:55) Sept: "Decisively win the war?"
(13:13:25) Minaplo: ["The sooner the better, sweetie. Although I wouldn't be averse to us all just kissing and making up."]
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(13:15:29) Sept: "Mm," Sera nodded, his expression brighter. "So if you could roll over and get captured next time?"
(13:16:00) Minaplo: ["Sweetie, I'd love it if you could capture me, but you know it doesn't work like that." She said with a grin.]
(13:18:49) Sept: "Sabotaging the Eternity Drive works."-
(13:19:17) Sept: "Or getting rid of the Trinity units, or Mary, or Yanmei…"
(13:20:09) Minaplo: ["Ah, so you don't care who wins, so long as it ends?"]
(13:22:20) Sept: "I care plenty. But my future or happiness doesn't come into that formula…"
(13:23:09) Minaplo: ["Ah, see, that's where we're different, because I think I'd prefer you to win." Said Agatha brightly.]
(13:24:02) Sept: "Well, that's very nice of you."
(13:24:33) Minaplo: ["It's a little selfish, I prefer the people who aren't enslaving me to win."]
(13:26:22) Sept: "Hehe. I know that feeling."
(13:28:46) Minaplo: ["Birds of a feather, we are, sweetie."]
(13:29:57) Sept: "People would die of shock in droves if word got out…"
(13:38:27) Minaplo: ["Gosh, you're right." Said Agatha seriously. "They'd go mad with the revelation, spreading it by word and mouth, 'til we're the only ones left…"]
(13:40:29) Sept: "We'll leave that as our nuclear option."
(13:49:21) Minaplo: ["Hehehehe."]
(13:53:37) Sept: "Well, this is nice."
(13:55:13) Minaplo: ["It is. I wish we could dance, though."]
(13:58:02) Sept: "There'll be times for that."
(13:59:05) Minaplo: ["Not enough times…"]
(14:04:41) Sept: "Of course not. Don't be silly."
(14:07:40) Minaplo: ["It's not silly to want to spend a little more time with you, sweetie."]
(14:10:26) Sept: "Maybe not. But we can talk about it another time."
(14:13:08) » Quit: @Mogatron (~ten.dshqrabme.pchd.85-252-6-67-ho|alliztahc#ten.dshqrabme.pchd.85-252-6-67-ho|alliztahc) (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 43.0.1/20151216175450])
(14:14:19) Minaplo: ["Alright." She said softly.]
(14:23:54) Sept: "Who else should I meet up with here to advance the cause of world peace?"
(14:34:10) Minaplo: ["Hmm…"-
(14:34:50) Minaplo: ["You could always speak to General Winter-Lorenz?" Offered Agatha.]
(14:39:35) Sept: "Really? I don't know what I could talk about with someone like that…"
(14:40:34) Minaplo: ["Heh, well. I would suggest Ezra and Sarah, but they're kind of like a free square on a bingo board."]
(14:44:53) Sept: "So they are! Hmm…"-
(14:45:44) Sept: "I guess I'll try my luck with some of them. Will you meet me here later?"
(14:50:20) Minaplo: ["Of course." She said with a smile, gently pulling free.]
(14:55:22) » Quit: Raphael (~ua.moc.tensutpo.dlq.ap.012-33-791-94ap|oaT#ua.moc.tensutpo.dlq.ap.012-33-791-94ap|oaT) (Quit:)
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(14:58:51) Sept: "Right," Sera nodded again. "I'll see you then!"
(14:59:33) Minaplo: ["See you, sweetie~" She blew him a quick kiss before heading off, making a beeline for Michael Leon.]
(15:00:36) Sept: Oh no.-
(15:02:14) Sept: Sera took the opposite heading, hoping to take cover in the probably busier circle Ezra and Sarah would be hosting.
(15:09:21) Minaplo: [Ezra and Sarah were in the probable middle of the room; they were with Mana, who was still in Sarah's fond embrace, and were currently chatting with Chiisana.]
(15:11:46) * Sept detoured past the wine depository. If there was to be fallout, he'd need to be prepared. Glass in hand, he approached the group with an unconcerned air, waving a small greeting to them with his free hand.
(15:16:30) Minaplo: ["Hoy, it's Sera." Said Ezra with a grin. "How're you going?"-
(15:16:39) Minaplo: ["Hey, Sera." Said Sarah warmly.]
(15:18:47) Sept: "Hey," Sera said, acknowledging everyone present in turn. "It's not bad at all. I'm afraid the wine's wasted on me, though. Am I interrupting?"

(10:50:38) Minaplo: ["No, not at all." Said Sarah.]
(10:53:59) Sept: "Mhm. How's everything going?"
(10:54:12) » Join: Raphael (ua.ten.letxof.dlq.88-591-291-271-epc|leahpaR#ua.ten.letxof.dlq.88-591-291-271-epc|leahpaR)
(10:57:16) Minaplo: ["Pretty good." Said Ezra with a smile. He reached out and ruffled Mana's hair, giving her a fond grin.-
(10:57:29) Minaplo: [Mana mirrored it; her eyes were bright with affection.-
(10:57:44) Minaplo: ["How're you finding Agatha?" Asked Sarah. "Looks like you were having a good time~"]
(11:03:31) Sept: "Hmph," Sera said, feigning indifference with a smile on his face. "She's being much nicer than I've given her reason to. It's all on her."
(11:15:39) Minaplo: ["She was hoping you'd be here. Very excited about it." Said Sarah with a grin.]
(11:21:19) Sept: "Well, I'm… very flattered by that, and happy to have the chance to catch up with her."
(11:25:01) Minaplo: ["What about us?" Asked Ezra.]
(11:26:43) Sept: "Well, I'm here now, aren't I? Looks like you weren't the first on my list, buuut…"
(11:29:18) Minaplo: ["I can't begrudge Agatha first place." Said Sarah with a wink.-
(11:31:10) Minaplo: ["Yes, yes." Agreed Ezra. "But, it is good to see you again. How are things on your side of the world?"]
(11:33:34) Sept: "Busy! Steadily getting better recently, I think. Back me up, Chii?"
(11:53:06) Minaplo: ["Yes, busy." said Chii. "In fact, Sera seems to be a positive minefield of busy today. I ended up in a project of his apparently by accident."-
(11:53:13) Minaplo: ["Really…?" Said Ezra curiously.]
(11:55:11) Sept: "It was just a couple of days…"
(12:03:39) Minaplo: ["Something we're allowed to know about?" asked Sarah.]
(12:06:30) * Sept hesitated a little too long.-
(12:06:36) Sept: "Guess not," he finally shrugged.
(12:09:18) Minaplo: ["Hmmmm." Ezra looked thoughtful.]
(12:14:16) Sept: Sera looked uncomfortable for a moment as he looked for a change of topic.-
(12:14:19) Sept: "Agatha told me you've been trying to get a handle on Joan?"
(12:20:40) Minaplo: ["Ah, yeah." said Ezra with a small nod. "Trying to curb her excesses, make her a little happier…"]
(12:22:39) Sept: "How are you doing that?"
(12:30:07) Minaplo: ["How familiar are you with Drives?"-
(12:30:13) Minaplo: [Chiisana seemed to perk up slightly at that.]
(12:35:21) Sept: "Only as far as they pertain to my Evas. If that's what you mean?" Sera didn't look too certain about it.
(12:37:45) Minaplo: ["I can't say quite in that context, but the general theory of Drives, and… Energies and all that." Said Ezra uncertainly.]
(12:40:34) Sept: "Then I'm probably lost. Is there a short version?"
(12:44:50) Minaplo: ["Four metapsychological poles that can be understood to form a vague understanding of an individual's ability to channel that energy in a certain way." Said Chiisana.]
(12:46:45) Sept: "What do you mean by 'energy'?"
(12:47:47) Minaplo: ["Will of the soul?" Offered Chii.]
(12:50:39) Sept: "I guess… I mean, does it manifest in any real way?"
(12:55:46) » Quit: Suzune (moc.rr.ser.yabapmat.551cfh1322356|enuzuS#moc.rr.ser.yabapmat.551cfh1322356|enuzuS) (Quit:)
(12:57:05) Minaplo: ["It tends to drive how people act." Said Ezra. "Or at least, it reflects their tendency to act."]
(12:58:05) Sept: "Ah. I think I get it. Go on."
(13:02:29) » Quit: Raphael (ua.ten.letxof.dlq.88-591-291-271-epc|leahpaR#ua.ten.letxof.dlq.88-591-291-271-epc|leahpaR) (Ping timeout)
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(13:02:46) Minaplo: ["If there's evidence of an imbalance in a person's Drives- imbalance from their usual pattern- then it means the person's actions may be extreme or erratic. We found such evidence in Joan and we're working on ways to fix it."]
(13:05:04) Sept: "Mm." Sera stood a moment in thought. "You're saying it's measurable, right?"
(13:07:35) Minaplo: ["To an extent."]
(13:08:07) Sept: "And based on the evidence, you're guiding her activities."
(13:12:41) Minaplo: ["More or less. It's more enabling her to do things that she wasn't in the past."]
(13:15:50) Sept: "Interesting. Guess that's why they trust you."
(13:20:35) Minaplo: ["Heh. It seems to be working a little so far."]
(13:24:52) Sept: "Good to hear."
(13:27:07) » Join: Tao (ua.ten.letxof.dlq.88-591-291-271-epc|leahpaR#ua.ten.letxof.dlq.88-591-291-271-epc|leahpaR) (clones with: Raphael)
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(13:38:53) Minaplo: ["I think she wanted to come today." Said Ezra.-
(13:39:00) Minaplo: ["She actually said that?" Said Mana.-
(13:39:10) Minaplo: ["No, not exactly; consider it a gut feeling." Said Ezra.]
(13:42:27) Sept: "Heh. That would've been fun. Didn't get a lot out of her while she was captured."
(13:53:46) Minaplo: ["It was a bad time for her." Said Ezra gravely.]
(14:00:11) Sept: "I got that feeling," Sera continued without pausing. "Her daughters were in a vulnerable state. Guess it makes sense for her to be very sensitive about that."
(14:00:29) Minaplo: ["Considering what we've learned, yes."]
(14:03:44) » Quit: Mogatron (~ten.dshqrabme.pchd.85-252-6-67-ho|alliztahc#ten.dshqrabme.pchd.85-252-6-67-ho|alliztahc) (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 43.0.1/20151216175450])
(14:03:45) Sept: "Is what you've learned classified?"
(14:04:22) Minaplo: ["I'm afraid so, Sera."]
(14:07:36) Sept: "Of course, of course. Matter of time," Sera mused and took a sip of his wine, still trying to find the hundreds of dollars of value no doubt embedded somewhere in it.-
(14:08:04) Sept: "Where'd you learn about Drives, Chii?"
(14:09:26) Minaplo: ["Very dense textbooks." She said. "I can lend you some when we get home."]
(14:12:43) Sept: "My only weakness."
(14:13:36) Minaplo: [Sarah chuckled. "Not fond of textbooks?"]
(14:14:52) Sept: "Not really," Sera shrugged with mock hopelessness. "Bad habit."
(14:15:43) Minaplo: ["Maybe I should tutor you." Said Chii.]
(14:17:27) Sept: "Can I hold you to that if I find I really, really need it?"
(14:17:47) Minaplo: ["Of course." Said Chii simply, running a hand elegantly through her hair.]
(14:21:30) » Quit: Tao (ua.ten.letxof.dlq.88-591-291-271-epc|leahpaR#ua.ten.letxof.dlq.88-591-291-271-epc|leahpaR) (Ping timeout: 182 seconds)
(14:23:36) Sept: "Well, I appreciate that. There's probably not a lot I can teach you in return."
(14:25:57) Minaplo: ["Oh?"]
(14:28:46) Sept: "Well, not unless you're really into Paris, or Caine history, or, I don't know, running."
(14:30:48) Minaplo: ["I'm sure there's more than that." Said Chii with a small smile.]
(14:32:16) Sept: "Maybe?"
(14:39:06) Minaplo: ["… Maybe Paris will be fine."]
(14:42:33) * Sept laughed.-
(14:42:52) Sept: "It's interesting, I swear. We can make it a day trip or something if you really want to."
(14:46:04) Minaplo: ["Sure. Actually, can you show me the most romantic places?"]
(14:46:46) Sept: "Yeah, I could do that!"
(14:52:59) Minaplo: ["For Makoto, right?" Said Mana.-
(14:53:21) Minaplo: ["Of course~" Said Chii, beaming radiantly. "We might be at war, but Paris is still the city of love, I do believe…"-
(14:53:27) Minaplo: ["Makoto?" Asked Sarah.-
(14:54:11) Minaplo: ["My partner~" Said Chii, pleasant red flushing her cheeks. "He's smart and clever and resourceful, even though he doesn't always believe it."]
(14:58:01) Sept: "He's pretty nice," Sera agreed. "Helped me out a couple times."
(15:01:43) Minaplo: ["Really? When was this?" Asked Chii.]
(15:02:26) Sept: "There was that time he broke his arm, for instance."
(15:08:07) Minaplo: ["Oh." Said Chii, and her tone suddenly turned sharp. "Yes, I remember now. When you and Alex took him down to the depths of Asgard."]
(15:09:26) Sept: "Yeah! Thanks to that trip, we were able to keep 01 running."
(15:10:10) Minaplo: ["Oh, I remember Alex talking about this. Didn't you run into some old Hunter-Killers?" Said Mana.-
(15:10:21) Minaplo: ["What!" Said Ezra loudly, his eyes widening. "Hunter-Killers?!"]
(15:11:44) Sept: "A couple, yeah. They were barely functional," Sera assured them.
(15:13:47) Minaplo: ["Tell me more."]
(15:16:32) Sept: "It's not that long a story. We went rummaging around the abandoned layer of Asgard and had to get past some outdated security."
(15:17:58) Minaplo: ["How many? How'd you fight them?"]
(12:42:36) Sept: "Oh, just the one pair," Sera gave a quick, dismissive shake of his head. "We made them blow themselves up with some improvised explosives."
(12:44:37) Minaplo: ["Nice. Didn't know that was one of your skills."]
(12:48:44) Sept: "Nonono, not that kind of improvised. It was explosive to begin with, just not intended to be used as such."
(12:50:03) Minaplo: ["What, like a barrel in a videogame?" Asked Mana.]
(12:54:01) Sept: "I guess. It was some kind of early bolter ordnance. One of those big balls."-
(12:55:41) Sept: "Anyway, Hyuga broke his arm when we got caught in the explosion, and then we left."
(13:02:29) Minaplo: ["Geez. Never a dull moment, huh?" Said Ezra wryly.-
(13:02:36) Minaplo: [Chiisana simply pouted.]
(13:07:50) Sept: "Not really, no. We took him out to eat later, by way of apology."
(13:08:34) Minaplo: ["As is proper." Said Chii firmly.-
(13:12:01) Minaplo: ["A primitive Eva-scale bolt round sounds like a hell of an explosive, though." Said Sarah. "A broken arm's getting off easy."]
(13:14:28) Sept: "Oh yeah, the Ranger unit was gone."
(13:23:43) Minaplo: [Ezra whistled. "Very cool. Those things gave us a ton of trouble back in training."]
(13:25:04) Sept: "I heard. Alex was pretty hesitant about taking them on."-
(13:25:28) Sept: "What kind of training are they used in, anyway?"
(13:29:51) Minaplo: ["Squad tactics training." Said Ezra. "The idea is that each Ranger is faster, tougher and has more guns than any one soldier. It also has that remote sensor drone."-
(13:30:54) Minaplo: ["The squad has some anti-tank weapons, but there's not much ammo, so it has to be used carefully. Thus, the squad has to work cohesively to take the Ranger out. The Ranger's faster than a human but not as elegant or maneuverable."-
(13:32:03) Minaplo: ["So the squad works out a strategy, assigns roles and gets to it. Two on the sensor drone- one to distract it, another to destroy it. Once the drone's out you try to lure the Ranger into difficult terrain, draw its fire on one flank, then have two with anti-tank weapons go around and disable it by shooting some of the weaker armour on the back or crippling its wheels and legs."]
(13:35:05) Sept: "Ah. I'll make sure to do that next time."
(13:36:14) Minaplo: [Ezra chuckled. "It was, now that I look at it in retrospect, good training for fighting an Angel."]
(13:41:12) Sept: "Heh, but not many of the ones we've fought would've cared about terrain, even if the decision was ours."
(13:41:51) Minaplo: ["Well that's the thing with Rangers- difficult terrain can't really stop them, only slow them down."]
(13:46:24) Sept: "I see…" Sera conceded.
(13:50:21) Minaplo: ["Then again, you've fought more Angels than I have." Said Ezra warmly. "What's it like?"]
(13:58:16) Sept: "Like you said, they're a clearly superior foe. Most of the time, we're a step behind until the very end, so it's frustrating and exhausting. And by constantly evolving, we only barely managed to stay apace."
(13:58:39) Minaplo: [Ezra nodded slowly. "What did you do to counter that?"]
(14:00:22) Sept: "To counter it?"
(14:01:26) Minaplo: ["Yeah. What did you rely on?"]
(14:05:07) » Quit: Mogatron (~ten.dshqrabme.pchd.85-252-6-67-ho|alliztahc#ten.dshqrabme.pchd.85-252-6-67-ho|alliztahc) (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 43.0.1/20151216175450])
(14:06:46) Sept: "I never heard anyone suggest breaking up the Paris units, so I guess we did something right with teamwork. And, obviously, we had to rely on more than a few miracles on the way, too…"
(14:09:15) Minaplo: ["Ah, miracles?"]
(14:12:26) Sept: "Like Evangelion features we had no idea about. They were there by design, but there's only so many times we could be saved in the eleventh hour."
(14:12:56) Minaplo: ["Ah, I see." Said Ezra. "They seem to have a few of those, don't they? Bet you're still discovering some."]
(14:15:30) Sept: "Oh, yeah, they found something interesting just the other day."
(14:16:36) Minaplo: ["No kidding?"]
(14:19:41) Sept: "Yeah, turns out the ablative bonding agent we were using was actually inhibiting 01's recovery. We're gonna be saving millions off its maintenance costs."
(14:20:23) Minaplo: ["That doesn't sound like an Eva thing." Said Ezra. "That just sounds like bad management."]
(14:23:00) Sept: "It's an Eva thing when we didn't properly understand all of their regrowth processes."
(14:23:32) Minaplo: ["It's amazing how we still don't know everything about them when we made them." Said Sarah.]
(14:24:10) Sept: "Well, it's more like we put them together, isn't it?"-
(14:24:14) Sept: "We'll get there, though."
(14:25:21) Minaplo: ["'Course you will." Said Ezra, clapping his hand on Sera's shoulder.-
(14:25:54) Minaplo: ["… Unless Asuka unscrews your head off for shelving her." He added, his mouth curling into a wry little grin.]
(14:28:24) Sept: Sera shrugged with a smile and took a sip of wine. "I'm safe for maybe half an hour, for now. So I'll just try to make the best of it."
(14:29:40) Minaplo: ["Is anyone ever truly safe from Asuka…?"]
(14:35:24) Sept: "There are… moments when one might be considered safe, definitely."
(14:37:43) Minaplo: [Ezra laughed.-
(14:38:14) Minaplo: ["You know, it's been years since I've seen that young lady…" He said with a fond smile. "What a sight, huh? She's… So much like how I remember, yet undeniably she's grown."]
(14:42:14) Sept: "Uh huh. One of the strongest people I know. She's been through a lot."
(14:44:15) Minaplo: ["No kidding." Said Ezra solemnly. "Yet despite it she hasn't broken. Asuka's always seemed to have a lot of confidence and energy, but to me she always felt as though it came from a place of self-anger. She still has energy, she's still so assertive, yet now she seems so much more comfortable in her own skin."]
(14:47:42) Sept: "Yeah. Those two are great together. And I think she's had a lot of healthy competition from Yanmei."
(14:48:15) Minaplo: ["Oh?"]
(14:49:56) Sept: "That's what I hear. I'm not privy to what they get up to."
(14:56:07) Minaplo: ["Mmm."-
(14:57:04) Minaplo: ["Of course, it's healthy for Alex as well."]
(14:57:19) Sept: "How do you mean?"
(15:02:02) Minaplo: ["Alex has always been in a tough position." Said Ezra. "He's always expected to be something of a leader to the other NeoSpartans, so he's always carried himself with a sense of respect and sang-froid. But…"-
(15:03:35) Minaplo: ["He's often been one to compare his achievements to those around him." He said. "Asuka included. I know Alex felt… Humiliated when he was passed over for Eva piloting. I think Asuka has helped restore his sense of self respect."]
(15:06:57) * Sept nodded seriously.-
(15:08:50) Sept: "I thought we were always on good terms, but my being so close to Ginevre back then in addition to being 01's pilot must've been tough for him."
(15:09:28) Minaplo: ["I don't doubt it." Said Ezra.-
(15:09:52) Minaplo: ["Although… He always wanted to be 04's pilot, so he could be a Production Model pilot like Asuka. How did he and Yanmei get on?"]
(15:12:01) Sept: "Can't say I remember, but I can't imagine they would've gotten along well."
(15:18:25) Minaplo: ["I remember that they had a terrific feud at one point ages ago." Said Mana.-
(15:18:39) Minaplo: ["Hm? How do you know that?" Said Chii.-
(15:23:07) Minaplo: ["Oh, Alex and Yanmei were a popular gossip item." Said Mana brightly. "Just like Guillory and Katsuragi, or Rei and Alphonse, or Sera and Tsubaki…"]
(15:24:18) Sept: A prominent wrinkle developed on Sera's forehead.
(15:25:01) Minaplo: ["Hello, what?" Said Ezra. "You and Tsubaki…?"]
(15:29:26) Sept: "Are fine," Sera finished. "And will remain so until further notice."
(15:34:14) Minaplo: ["Ah. Well. Good for you two."]
(15:43:06) Sept: "We try to take care of each other like we always have. And some people find that interesting, I guess."

(13:52:14) Minaplo: [Sarah smiled, but Ezra simply nodded. "Fair enough. Shame she couldn't make it…"]
(13:56:11) Sept: "It is. Maybe another time."
(13:59:28) Minaplo: ["How are the NeoSpartans on your end going?" Asked Sarah.]
(14:06:11) Sept: "Most are doing well, I think. I'm not on good terms or even familiar with all of them, but, hm. Edgar and Remy are great, as are the other Japanese guys… Anyone in particular?"
(14:07:08) Minaplo: ["What's Remy been up to?" Asked Sarah.]
(14:08:32) Sept: "Freaking everyone out by raising Impact Ferals?"
(14:09:42) » Quit: Mogatron (~ten.dshqrabme.pchd.85-252-6-67-ho|alliztahc#ten.dshqrabme.pchd.85-252-6-67-ho|alliztahc) (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 43.0.1/20151216175450])
(14:12:46) Minaplo: [Ezra laughed. "So basically normal."]
(14:14:10) Sept: "Yeah, I thought so. Yanmei and her people valued him enough to give him a bit of space and resources for his projects, it seems."
(14:14:29) Minaplo: ["What's he working on at the moment?"]
(14:18:45) Sept: Sera shrugged. "A bunch of things. I don't know what his long-term goals are."
(14:19:37) Minaplo: ["Heh. He still working with those lions?"]
(14:24:49) Sept: "Armored lions? Sure. There's one of those Australian spiders, too."
(14:25:26) Minaplo: ["No shit?" Said Ezra, his eyes widening slightly. "Where'd he find one of those?"]
(14:30:39) Sept: "Australia? Well, Yanmei got it from there and he's taking care of it, obviously."
(14:33:51) Minaplo: ["Ah. I'm… Impressed." Said Ezra. "Didn't know she wrangled one of those during her soiree in Melbourne."]
(14:36:05) Sept: "Oh, no. Her diplomacy skills don't go that far. It was from one of the locals."
(14:37:51) Minaplo: ["Mmm, I thought so." Said Ezra. "I think the only way to get one of those safely is to treat with one of the Iron Guard clans."]
(14:45:29) Sept: "That's the impression I got, too. She got a lot done on her trip."
(14:45:53) Minaplo: ["Have you met any, Sera?" Asked Sarah curiously.]
(14:46:04) Sept: "What, Iron Guard?"
(14:46:21) Minaplo: ["Australian Guard clanners."]
(14:53:02) Sept: "Briefly? They weren't that different."
(14:57:19) Minaplo: ["Hmm…"]
(14:59:17) Sept: "Oh, Chii?"
(15:00:22) Minaplo: ["Hmm?"]
(15:01:42) Sept: "Captain Salazar from Brazil wanted to talk to you. I thought she'd do well to know a few pilots."
(15:04:04) Minaplo: ["Really?" Said Chii, one fine eyebrow rising in an arc. "I see. I'll think about it."]
(15:05:00) Sept: "Cool. No pressure."
(15:06:56) Minaplo: ["You were talking with her earlier." Said Sarah. She still had Mana bundled up in a tight hug, and Mana seemed content to remain that way. "What's she like?"]
(15:09:25) Sept: "Sincere, straightforward. Probably moreso than her OD would like, but that tells me her reputation's probably not unfounded."
(15:12:33) Minaplo: ["She looked like quite a… Serious individual." Said Chii.]
(15:13:03) Sept: "Serious?"
(15:16:43) Minaplo: ["Serious." Said Chii. "Solemn. Stoic. The opposite of Marshal Holt."-
(15:16:48) Minaplo: [Sarah beamed.]
(15:18:03) Sept: Sera looked away from Chiisana and back at Sarah for a moment, a thoughtful expression on his face. "Alright, yeah," he concluded. "I see what you mean."
(15:20:32) Minaplo: ["Quite unlike her commander." Noted Mana.]
(15:21:17) Sept: "She seemed more the conspiratorial type."
(15:23:17) Minaplo: ["Oh?"]
(15:26:42) Sept: "Maybe openly so? Maybe it was just her minding what her ace gets up to, but she was watching everything pretty closely."
(15:29:29) Minaplo: ["VIPs like those- and like us, honestly- can find themselves in a world of trouble quite easily." Said Chii.]
(15:30:32) Sept: "I've heard about that," said Sera wryly.
(15:31:01) Minaplo: ["Mmm." Said Chiisana equally as dry.]
(15:34:13) Sept: "Mm." Sera turned back towards Ezra and Sarah. "Any other Neos you were curious about? Should I say hi for you?"
(15:35:02) Minaplo: ["To all of 'em, of course." Said Ezra. "You mentioned Edgar?"]
(15:36:10) Sept: "Sure. We get along alright, at least."
(15:36:24) Minaplo: ["Mmm. How's he doing?"]
(15:37:51) Sept: "He's got a metal spine."
(15:39:01) Minaplo: ["… Ah, yes." Said Ezra uncertainly. "I heard about that, how did he take it?"-
(15:39:17) Minaplo: ["He fell in love with the girl who did it." Said Chii bluntly. "The man is singular."]
(15:40:58) Sept: "He is, too!" Sera echoed in an excited tone.
(15:52:26) Minaplo: ["He's such an idiot." Said Mana, shaking her head slowly. Behind her, Sarah and Ezra were laughing.]
(15:55:57) Sept: "And a real softie."
(16:01:26) Minaplo: ["Yeah…" Said Mana, a gentle fondness in her voice.-
(16:01:55) Minaplo: ["All this just wants me to throw a party." Said Ezra. "Not one of these, a real one, with real food and nasty beer and a sofa and a tv with a games console, just all of us shooting the shit."]
(16:08:13) Sept: "Uh huh."
(16:09:48) Minaplo: [Ezra let out a sigh.-
(16:10:19) Minaplo: ["… On the topic, though." Said Sarah quickly. "There was a Neo with the Japan Superheavy squad… Asari Keita? He didn't get along with Edgar, I think I remember being told…"-
(16:10:28) Minaplo: [Mana shifted a little uncomfortably.]
(16:11:56) Sept: "Keita's not bad, either. They've got a thing together, but it doesn't really stop anyone from doing their jobs."
(16:14:19) Minaplo: ["Sera and Keita are sports buddies." Added Chii.]
(16:14:54) Sept: "Are we?" Sera frowned a bit, unsure if that meant anything else.
(16:17:10) Minaplo: ["Aren't you doing sports with him and his team every week?" Said Chii.]
(16:22:42) Sept: "Yeah. So I'm sports buddies with all of them?"
(16:24:25) Minaplo: ["Yes, I suppose that's true." Said Chii.-
(16:24:33) Minaplo: ["How's it feel to try to play against a Neo?" Asked Ezra.]
(16:31:22) Sept: "I'm not sure. Asari's team has obviously played together for a long time, so they're tough. But we've been catching up to Neos for years, anyway, so maybe I'm blind to the difference."
(16:31:59) Minaplo: [Ezra chuckled. "Maybe we should have a game. Sneak out tonight some time, hit up a field."]
(16:33:39) Sept: "I'm not deep enough into any sports to be much of a challenge. But I think I can keep up physically."
(16:34:58) Minaplo: ["That's what I figured. You'd have to be to parkour."]
(16:37:25) Sept: "Maybe. But I still had a ways to go in terms of endurance when I started piloting."
(16:41:22) Minaplo: ["Yeah." Said Mana. "I'm a fit person, but I know piloting a Titan wears me out."]
(16:43:16) Sept: "And if anything, taking a beating with 01 is tougher. I spent a lot of time hospitalized back then."
(16:45:04) Minaplo: ["Aha." Ezra grinned. "You, Keita and Edgar have that in common."]
(16:48:51) Sept: "Guess that's one reason I get along with them," Sera shrugged.
(16:52:49) Minaplo: ["Say." Sarah nudged Mana. "Does Asari still ~wuv you~?"-
(16:52:58) Minaplo: [Mana went a deep red; she scowled. "Yeeeep."]
(16:55:46) Sept: "Wait, what? Has this always been a thing?"
(17:00:25) Minaplo: [Mana's cheeks only became more enflamed. "Y-Yes. Always."]
(17:01:56) Sept: "I would've thought Tsubaki would've done something to get you guys together by now?"
(17:02:34) Minaplo: [Mana gave him a flat look. "Sorry. Keita's great and all, but it's all on his side."]
(17:05:52) Sept: "Hehe. Is it a problem?"
(17:06:25) Minaplo: ["N…ot always." She said hesitantly. "He's just… Intense."]
(17:08:41) * Sept just nodded, grinning.
(17:10:47) Minaplo: ["What?"]
(17:11:17) Sept: "Nothing. Just imagining it."
(17:12:11) Minaplo: ["Lewd." Whispered Chiisana.]
(17:16:03) Sept: "Hmph! Fine, let's move on. Say hi to the Neos, Salazar, science stuff… oh, yeah. One more thing."
(17:16:12) Minaplo: ["Mmm?"]
(17:17:02) Sept: "What's up with Aline?"
(17:24:27) Minaplo: [Ezra frowned. "… In what way?"]
(17:26:53) Sept: "How is she doing now? What's been done to her after she was killed?"
(17:29:36) Minaplo: ["…"-
(17:29:52) Minaplo: [Ezra and Sarah both shot quick glances over their shoulders.-
(17:30:00) Minaplo: ["Solomon Prime." Said Ezra quickly.]
(17:31:18) Sept: "Great," said Sera simply, his expression unchanging. "Settling in?"
(17:36:11) Minaplo: ["Yes, I suppose." Said Ezra gruffly. "She's personable enough."]
(17:40:28) * Sept nodded quickly.-
(17:42:23) Sept: "Take care of her, then. I'm sure we'll bump into each other again, but it's great to see you both. I'll catch you later?"
(17:43:53) Minaplo: ["Sure. We'll be here for awhile yet." Said Ezra with a smile.-
(17:44:04) Minaplo: [Sarah let Mana go and held her arms out to Sera.]
(17:47:50) Sept: "Uh huh." He returned the gesture without hesitation and gave Sarah a tight hug.
(17:50:34) Minaplo: ["Oooh." Sarah was warm and comforting; she wrapped her own arms around him and squeezed. "Take care, Sera."]
(18:03:56) Sept: "You too." He let her go, waved good bye to Mana and Chiisana and went on his merry way.
(18:25:24) Minaplo: [Where to now?]
(18:27:06) Sept: [Catch up with Michael. He was hanging out alone last he saw him, and if Dorian had anything to say about it, Sera would certainly be making more of an effort to look after the guy.]
(18:29:12) Minaplo: [Nonetheless, he didn't seem to be in the reception hall.]
(18:31:55) Sept: [Hmm. Agatha had had a chat with him at some point, right? Was she anywhere to be seen?]
(18:34:16) Minaplo: [There she was, having a pleasant chat with Roku and Aksel.]
(18:36:54) Sept: Sera got rid of his empty wine glass on the way over and approached the group, tapping Agatha on the shoulder. "Hey, sorry?"
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(18:40:01) Minaplo: ["Hm? Oh, you're back, sweetie. Couldn't resist?" Said Agatha with a grin. "Hey, have you met Aksel?"-
(18:40:11) Minaplo: ["Hey." Said Aksel, offering a hand to Sera.]
(18:42:59) Sept: "Hey, hey," Sera said, a tad urgently as if to apologize for ignoring him. "I know you. You ran into Raphael?"
(18:49:51) Minaplo: ["Y-Yeah. We had a big long talk."-
(18:50:04) Minaplo: ["They're best mates now. Hey, Sera." Said Roku, stepping over to give Sera a quick hug.]
(18:55:47) Sept: "Mmph. Hey, Roku." Sera hugged her back in a cursory manner. "If there wasn't an incident, you're probably clear for a good while with him? Ah, Roku. Captain Salazar was interested in you and your sisters, so she might come looking for you. She's cool."
(19:00:09) Minaplo: ["Oh, huh. Any particular reason she's interested?"]
(19:03:03) Sept: "Dunno, I didn't consider it my business. Odds are it's for a role model, advice or a girlfriend? Or maybe she just wants to talk."
(19:10:18) Minaplo: ["Hmmmm. Alright, I'll let Chii know."]
(19:11:55) Sept: "Yeah, I just mentioned it to her. It's all up to you, of course. Anyway," Sera tapped his hands together.-
(19:12:44) Sept: "I'm looking for Michael. Did you see anything, Agatha?"
(19:21:08) Minaplo: ["Oh yeah, he went outside in a hurry."]
(19:21:33) Sept: "O-Oh. Alright, thanks."
(19:27:47) Minaplo: ["Not problem, sweetie."]
(19:32:48) Sept: "Right. Gonna go look for him. You have fun!" And he was off again, to explore the outside realm.
(19:37:09) Minaplo: [It was muggy and warm still outside, and the air was sweet with flower perfume.-
(19:37:32) Minaplo: [Sera would find Michael in one of the gardens, underneath the shade of a katsura tree.]
(19:40:42) Sept: "Yo, Michael!" Sera called as soon as he saw him and headed over.
(19:45:05) Minaplo: [Michael snapped his head toward Sera and quickly beckoned him over.]
(19:46:25) * Sept caught up to him shortly, glancing around.-
(19:46:42) Sept: "What's going on?" he asked, in a low voice, not really sure why.
(19:47:37) Minaplo: ["I'm attempting to delay the inevitable." Said Michael grimly.]
(19:48:06) Sept: "No, I mean now, specifically."
(19:48:52) Minaplo: ["Fatima and Aline are here and I'm trying to, at the very least, find a way to talk to them on my own terms. Please sit down."]
(19:50:29) Sept: "Oh. Alright," Sera said, much less conspiratorially, and sat down on the ground, cross-legged.
(19:51:25) Minaplo: ["Preferably I would like to talk to them one at a time." Said Michael.]
(19:52:25) Sept: "Okay." Sera held up a hand. "First of all, do I have something to do with this? Do you need my help?"
(19:58:30) Minaplo: ["I don't think you're explicitly involved, no." Said Michael. "But I might need your help, yes."]
(19:59:01) Sept: "Alright, fair. Go on."
(20:02:10) Minaplo: ["I may need you to run interference."]
(20:03:24) Sept: "Should I cause a fire?"
(20:04:11) Minaplo: ["Wh- no." Said Michael, a sliver of alarm creeping into his voice. "No. Just… If it looks like I'm in a situation where I might need to speak to both of them at once, try to distract or lure one away."]
(20:06:43) Sept: "…alright. Is that it?"
(20:09:10) Minaplo: ["If you can't distract them, then you'll have to just join in."]
(20:10:00) Sept: "…"
(20:10:31) Minaplo: ["You're free, of course, to leave me to it." Said Michael.]
(20:11:12) Sept: "I'll see what I can do, Michael."
(12:08:02) Minaplo: ["Thank you."-
(12:08:07) Minaplo: ["How are you doing?"]
(12:09:11) Sept: "What do you mean? I'm fine."
(12:10:02) Minaplo: ["Of course you're fine. You enjoying yourself?"]
(12:12:23) Sept: "So far, yeah."
(12:13:34) Minaplo: ["I see. That's good."]
(12:15:43) Sept: "Sure is. What have you been doing, other than avoiding people?"
(12:17:55) Minaplo: ["Admiring the gardens. They're quite lovely."]
(12:19:44) Sept: "Must be expensive to maintain."
(12:21:06) Minaplo: ["Yes. But… Fulfilling, I'm sure. I used to own a garden."]
(12:22:26) Sept: "Why's it fulfilling?"
(12:26:19) Minaplo: ["It's a little like meditation." Said Michael. "You tend to your garden… Shifting the soil, pruning the branches, watering the plants, laying down fertiliser. They're all simple enough tasks, lets you think about all kinds of things."-
(12:26:46) Minaplo: ["And then of course, you get lovely plants, growing up out of the ground! Growing day by day, blossoming into the prettiest of colours and most fascinating of patterns…"]
(12:27:23) Sept: "And then they're gone again?"
(12:29:15) Minaplo: ["Yes, but if you work hard enough, they'll always come back."]
(12:30:02) Sept: "Uh huh. Was it big?"
(12:36:44) Minaplo: ["Oh, it was of a decent size."]
(12:36:58) Sept: "Bigger than this?"
(12:52:14) Minaplo: ["About as big as the one around us right here." Said Michael with a fond smile.]
(12:56:36) Sept: "The high life, huh."
(12:58:07) Minaplo: ["It was a peaceful life, at least."]
(12:59:21) * Sept shifted around a bit and stretched his legs, but stayed seated on the ground.-
(12:59:29) Sept: "What'd you do with it, anyway?"
(13:03:47) Minaplo: ["The garden?"]
(13:04:35) Sept: "The life. Or did you just chill in your garden?"
(13:11:01) Minaplo: ["Well, I was living with Fatima at the time." Said Michael. "I spent time with her, of course… Ah, I would read a lot. Cook. Used to pay visits to the local schools and help educate the children."]
(13:12:41) Sept: "Nice," Sera said, simply.
(13:15:28) Minaplo: ["Yes, it was."-
(13:15:32) Minaplo: ["Then I left."]
(13:17:01) Sept: "Left?"
(13:18:02) Minaplo: ["Yes, I left."]
(13:19:24) Sept: "Where?"
(13:24:49) Minaplo: ["For NERV."]
(13:25:08) Sept: "…oh. I see."
(13:26:48) Minaplo: [Michael smiled, a little sadly. "This is the first time I've seen her since. The last time we talked, she… She pleaded with me to stay."-
(13:26:55) Minaplo: [He turned his face away.]
(13:28:52) Sept: "The last time I saw her, she ran away when a naked, muscular man suddenly turned up. I think yours is better."
(13:29:35) Minaplo: [Michael gave Sera a dark look.]
(13:31:30) Sept: "What? What's really the worst case scenario of you talking to her?"
(13:32:59) Minaplo: ["It's not talking to her that's the problem." Said Michael. "The problem is that I know- she knows- that the reason why I didn't stay with her is right there in that room."]
(13:36:55) Sept: "Okay," Sera said, in a tone that expected something more.
(13:38:39) Minaplo: [But there was nothing more. Sera and his assumptions would go disappointed; Michael remained quiet.]
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(13:39:32) Sept: "I don't follow."
(13:42:52) Minaplo: ["Fatima knows I left to follow Aline. I hurt her doing that. I hurt myself doing it, but I hurt her more. It would've broken her heart."-
(13:43:54) Minaplo: ["But we also know that Fatima was the one who captured her. And that led to Aline's death, and now…" He waved a hand vaguely toward the audience hall. "This."-
(13:44:40) Minaplo: ["Fatima has no idea about my own resolutions since I woke up. But Aline might. And considering this 'new' Aline, and what Mary Caine did to her, it's entirely possible she'll try her best to ruin any reunion Fatima and I have."]
(13:47:40) Sept: "You're assuming a lot there, Michael."
(14:07:59) Minaplo: ["Oh?"]
(14:11:56) Sept: "You think Fatima hates you and hasn't gotten over you, you think this Aline's going to be a complete asshole toward you… People can change."
(14:13:41) Minaplo: ["Yes, people can change. That is half the reason why I'm worried, because Aline had no reason to be cruel to me before."-
(14:16:54) Minaplo: ["And I don't think Fatima hates me. I know I hurt her, though." Said Michael. "And hurts like that run deep. It's not foolish to think it's lingering."]
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(14:22:06) Sept: "I'm not saying it's foolish, and I don't know either of you well. But saying you're sure it broke her heart for years sounds a bit much."
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(14:29:41) Minaplo: ["You're right." Said Michael. "You don't know either of us well."]
(14:32:37) Sept: "Mm," Sera nodded.
(14:48:52) Minaplo: ["Nothing to do but wait for an opening. Who've you spoken to so far?"]
(14:52:10) Sept: "Ezra's little circle of happiness. Agatha. Asuka and Alex. Caught up with Mazarin briefly."
(14:53:08) Minaplo: ["How'd that go?"
(14:53:09) Minaplo: ]
(14:53:40) Sept: "Eh. Small talk."
(14:59:57) Minaplo: ["Ah."]
(15:02:39) Sept: "You ran into Agatha earlier. How was she?"
(15:03:01) Minaplo: ["She seemed fine. Friendly, isn't she?"]
(15:03:48) Sept: "Yeah. She didn't do anything weird?"
(15:08:39) Minaplo: ["'Weird'?"]
(15:10:52) Sept: "So no. Don't worry about it."-
(15:11:14) Sept: "Did you want me on standby until you find one of them, then?"
(15:16:37) Minaplo: ["If you don't mind."]
(15:18:19) Sept: "I can do that. I'll go be subtle over there until then."
(15:21:08) Minaplo: ["Alright. Thank you."]
(15:24:39) Sept: "No problem." With a grunt for his sore legs, Sera got up and brushed any loose dust off his suit pants. Running theme, today. He bid Michael good luck and went off to see what kinds of flora the other nooks of the garden held.

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