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(13:04:56) Sept: The promenade of the Dorian was lively enough on a Sunday afternoon. Among the civilians and soldiers milling about, Sera and his entourage made their way towards Blue's for a late lunch.-
(13:05:55) Sept: "What do you think it'd take to oust Blue at this point?"
(13:18:13) Minaplo: ["Oust in what way?" Asked Casey.-
(13:18:18) Minaplo: [Who was not part of Sera's entourage.-
(13:18:22) Minaplo: [(She was part of Marianne's.)]
(13:24:04) Sept: "Could you compete with him in the restaurant business, even if you had a different concept?"
(13:34:34) Minaplo: ["Not me!" Said Casey with a chuckle. "I'm useless at that kinda thing."-
(13:35:05) Minaplo: ["But theoretically, it could be done by someone." Said Armin. "Mr. Blue can hardly be the greatest restauranteur of all time…"]
(13:36:59) Sept: "Wouldn't be much of a world to live in if he was."
(13:38:12) Minaplo: ["Who do we know'd have the best shot, though?" Asked Casey.]
(13:44:42) Sept: "I don't know about cooks, but I bet Marianne'd manage a place like nobody's business."
(13:45:34) Minaplo: ["Ooh yes." Said Casey. "Run it clockwork, she would, and I bet it'd be lovely Italian…"]
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(13:49:10) Sept: "Why Italian?"
(13:51:19) Minaplo: ["Because Marianne's Italian." Said Casey. "Well half anyway, but all of the family she knew were Ities."]
(13:54:04) Sept: "So it'd be a little bit French, too, wouldn't it?"
(13:57:04) Minaplo: ["Maybe, maybe no." Said Casey. "Think, if all of the family she knew were Ities then she'd grow up eating mostly Itie food."]
(13:59:07) Sept: "Mm. We'll find out when she has her grand opening."
(14:00:57) Minaplo: ["Maybe you could open a restaurant." Asked Armin.]
(14:01:47) Sept: "It sounds stressful," Sera said after a pause.
(14:07:02) Minaplo: ["Stressful?"]
(14:09:13) Sept: "A lot of stuff to manage in a restaurant. It's not like you set it up once and it keeps running by itself."
(14:11:39) Minaplo: ["You could go with something more hard work and less stress." Said Casey. "Freddie's always telling me about what you loved to eat down in Paris. Maybe… You could run a bakery."]
(14:14:31) * Sept glanced over, scrutinizing Casey.-
(14:14:52) Sept: "I could, and I might. It's a secret, though."
(14:18:15) Minaplo: ["A secret?"]
(14:19:41) Sept: "Very few people know about it."
(14:22:40) Minaplo: ["Know about what?"]
(14:23:52) Sept: "About my secret bakery plan!"
(14:30:02) Minaplo: ["You have a secret bakery plan?"]
(14:35:16) Sept: "I do."
(14:40:11) Minaplo: ["Alright, what's in this super secret bakery plan?"]
(14:41:40) Sept: "That part's definitely secret."
(14:45:01) Minaplo: [A few minutes later, they'd reach Blue's; it was well patronised today with air force pilots, enjoying a meal before another sortie.-
(14:45:07) Minaplo: [But Casey's questions had not let up.-
(14:45:18) Minaplo: ["You'd need sausage rolls in this bakery, boyo."]
(14:45:38) Sept: "Sausage rolls are forbidden."
(14:45:52) Minaplo: ["Fuck off!"}
(14:50:47) Sept: "You can get your sausage rolls somewhere else!"
(14:52:19) Minaplo: ["Wha' about pies then?!"]
(14:54:46) Sept: "Pies are fine!"
(14:55:25) Minaplo: [Their quarrel was already drawing eyes as they were seated, Armin looking deeply fascinated with both of them.-
(14:55:41) Minaplo: ["What'll it be today?" Asked the waitress.]
(15:00:35) Sept: "I'm in the mood for steak. What do you have?"
(15:11:03) Minaplo: ["Ah, well… We've got ribeye and t-bone, and the biggest rump we can, heh, find."]
(15:15:35) Sept: "From what kind of animal?"
(15:16:18) Minaplo: ["It's… Beef."]
(15:19:46) Sept: "Okay," Sera said, slowly. "I'll have the ribeye. Side of potatoes, water to drink?"
(15:24:43) Minaplo: ["Got it."-
(15:25:03) Minaplo: ["Just the cod and italian salad." Said Casey.]
(15:28:07) Sept: "You would."-
(15:28:17) Sept: "Hear anything about Élodie?"
(15:28:48) Minaplo: ["Mmm, it's still in the works." Said Casey. "Me gut says it's goin' to Tenma though."]
(15:29:42) Sept: "Why's that?"
(15:34:05) Minaplo: ["I 'unno… He comes off as more ready for it than I do."]
(15:37:15) Sept: "Probably not the only consideration, though, right?"
(15:42:03) Minaplo: ["Mmm… He, well, he's got deeper roots, so to speak."]
(15:42:58) Sept: "Well, maybe it's better if she lived with someone who's not completely rooted, and would have to adapt with her?"-
(15:43:01) Sept: "I don't know."
(15:46:50) Minaplo: ["Maybe." But she didn't seem convinced.]
(15:47:37) Sept: "Have you heard anything about her, though?"
(15:50:17) Minaplo: ["You mean what she wants?"]
(15:51:48) Sept: "Yeah. Is she actually coping at all?"
(15:53:09) Minaplo: ["I hear she's okay!" Said Casey; she brushed a stray strand of hair out of her eyes. "We got interviews soonish."]
(15:57:07) Sept: "Ah. I'll ask you how it went, then."
(15:57:14) Minaplo: ["Ta."-
(15:57:32) Minaplo: ["Oho." Said Armin.]
(16:00:18) Sept: "What?"
(16:06:13) Minaplo: [Armin pointed to a spot over the bar, where a television had been installed.-
(16:06:34) Minaplo: [The tv volume was a little too dim to hear, but Sera could see what was happening well enough, and the screen had subtitles.-
(16:06:41) Minaplo: [Alphonse at another rally, Rei not far away.]
(16:09:56) Sept: "Oh, right. When's the election, again?"
(16:14:40) Minaplo: ["Two weeks." Said Casey.]
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(16:21:10) Sept: "Haven't the other guys been campaigning a lot longer?"
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(16:22:41) Minaplo|Out: ["You mean White's lot?"]
(16:22:59) Sept: "Oh, is it just them?"
(16:28:25) Minaplo|Out: ["Oh, there's a few others but they're not important."]
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(16:29:35) Sept: "Ah."
(16:30:46) Minaplo: ["Curious." Said Armin.]
(16:30:58) Sept: "What is?"
(16:40:24) Minaplo: ["These elections."]
(16:41:35) Sept: "It's a bit weird we're involved, but they seem normal otherwise."
(16:48:15) Minaplo: ["Well. They're pretty unusual as elections go, though." Said Casey.]
(16:49:18) Sept: "Oh. Enlighten me?"
(16:51:54) Minaplo: ["You remember the last French election?"]
(16:52:45) Sept: "Yes?"
(16:55:45) Minaplo: ["Describe 'em."]
(17:19:04) Sept: "Which part? There were no huge controversies. People campaigned, other people voted. Nothing changed. Or do you mean the parties specifically?"
(17:21:03) Minaplo: ["The parties, sure. The candidates."]
(17:27:21) Sept: "Socialists along with Vendôme got pretty much everything they wanted, no surprise. Nationalists and dems both had a good shot. I understood the nationalists were the favored underdog just for their celebrity candidates?"-
(17:27:40) Sept: "I'm sure you've got a better understanding of them."

(12:25:41) Minaplo: ["Sure. Well, thing is, both th' Brit elections have totally new parties with a lot of- not all- but a lot of new faces in their lineup, eh?"]
(12:28:20) Sept: "They're recovering from a calamity, so it's not weird to see shakeups happen even without interventions like this, I think."
(12:30:28) Minaplo: ["True, true. Th'youngness does stand out though."]
(12:30:56) Sept: "Yup. What does that mean?"
(12:33:29) Minaplo: ["I believe it means that the leading candidates are young, Sera." Said Armin earnestly.]
(12:34:09) Sept: "I know that. What does that mean for the election?"
(12:34:39) Minaplo: ["I dunno, really." Said Casey. "Just unusual is all. I mean look at ol' Mazzy…"]
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(12:37:32) Sept: "I doubt he's very representative of statesmen in general…" Sera mumbled.-
(12:39:37) Sept: "But it's… getting less unusual every day, isn't it? Eva pilots, generals, Federation chancellorships, all those positions were taken over by a different generation long ago. I guess it doesn't surprise me."
(12:41:20) Minaplo: ["True, true." Said Casey.-
(12:41:53) Minaplo: ["Like you yourself, Casey." Said Armin. "You are quite young by your standards, yet you shine as brightly as the stars you yearn for…"-
(12:42:02) Minaplo: [Casey blushed. "Well, er."]
(12:46:49) Sept: "I suppose the bridge crew's all around the same age, though."
(12:49:20) Minaplo: ["Oh, mostly early thirties." Said Casey brightly. "Archibald's the bubby at 19, and ol' pervert's over 40. It goes Archibald, Sophie, me, Freddie, Marianne and James."]
(12:51:02) Sept: "You've got a good memory."
(12:53:19) Minaplo: ["Hahah. Thanks."-
(12:54:08) Minaplo: [A waitress passed, placing down drinks. Casey had ordered a beer, Armin had improprietously ordered a double-strawberry thickshake with caramel sauce, and Sera…]
(12:59:16) Sept: Made do with a pitcher of water, allowing the waitress to fill up his glass before nodding a thank-you and looking back at his companions, leaving the glass untouched.-
(13:00:29) Sept: "I don't think it was ever adequately explained to me. Why are Alphonse and Rei running for politics?"
(13:02:27) Minaplo: ["Rei's not." Said Casey. "She's there to support Alphonse, you know."]
(13:06:30) Sept: "But she's on every single poster."
(13:07:22) Minaplo: ["That is because she is a beacon of light in a time of trouble." Said Armin.-
(13:07:44) Minaplo: [Casey laughed. "Okay. I'll give you the rundown, alright?"]
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(13:11:32) Sept: "Alright," Sera nodded and reached for his glass.
(13:13:21) Hepburn: ["So you know 'bout the queen kerfuffle?"]
(13:14:31) Sept: "Yeah."
(13:16:02) Hepburn: ["Well part of that was that the UEF agreed to dissolve parliament and go to elections."]
(13:20:44) Sept: "But couldn't Catherine make a good case for herself without compromises? Is the election just to avoid a civil war over which princess the people wanted?"
(13:22:19) Hepburn: ["The problem is that Cathy doesn't trust 'em." Said Casey. "See, a bunch of parliament are -were- in bed with SEELE. Shardlake. All that sort of stuff. It basically means all of Parliament's a conflict of interest, so…"]
(13:24:00) Sept: "So it's in everyone's best interest? Couldn't the parliament do anything about it?"
(13:25:51) Hepburn: ["Do anything? Like refuse?"]
(13:26:17) Sept: "I suppose."
(13:28:34) Hepburn: ["They could, but that parliament relied on the Fed for support, so if they refused, they'd need the Fed to support them… But there'd be a lot of shit to shovel if the parliament did refuse."]
(13:29:26) Sept: "With the popular support of the monarchs, right?"
(13:30:33) Hepburn: ["Moreso Cathy than Lexie. Lexie's not got a lot of public exposure, but Cathy's loved by a lot of the Scots and Irish, you know. An unpopular parliament in a country where the Scots and Irish make up nearly 50% now that most of the English are dead… Yeah, not a great place to bargain from."]
(13:42:30) Sept: "Is it seen as an election between the UEF party and the… independence party, or whatever? How do Alexandrina and Catherine figure into it, exactly?"
(13:46:52) Hepburn: ["It basically is, yes." Said Casey. "The Unity Party is for us, and it's the one Alphonse is runnin', and the Restoration UK party is Sidney White's, and is all about how bad-wrong we are."]
(13:48:29) Sept: "Are the princesses officially involved?"
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(13:57:42) AdEvaGM: ["Cathy is, she's campaigning openly for Restoration UK."]
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(14:25:23) Sept: "Mm. What about White? Where'd he come from?"
(14:34:07) Hepburn: ["No idea. Seems to be some London lawyer who was in the right place at the right time."-
(14:34:21) Hepburn: ["Whoever he is, he acts with a charismatic magnificence." Said Armin with a frown.]
(14:37:15) Sept: "You don't need to encourage him."
(14:39:15) Hepburn: ["Despite his perfect ears, I do not believe he can hear me." Said Armin seriously.]
(14:40:30) Sept: "What the hell are 'perfect ears'?"
(14:41:21) Hepburn: ["Do you not see the elegant curvature?"]
(14:42:00) * Sept turned to face the TV for a moment, catching a brief cut to and away from White.-
(14:42:24) Sept: "Yep, they're ears," he said confidently.
(15:02:11) Hepburn: ["You have a lot to learn about the form of ears." Said Armin. "Take Casey's-"-
(15:02:28) Hepburn: ["Hey hey." Said Casey. "I don't wanna hear about my ears."-
(15:02:32) Hepburn: ["Oh."]
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(15:06:49) Sept: "I don't need to learn about people's ears, Armin. And it's fine that you enjoy the beauty in people. Just give it a rest," Sera shrugged, uncomfortably.
(15:13:32) Hepburn: [Armin pouted.-
(15:19:42) Hepburn: ["Aw, don't look so sad." Said Casey warmly. "Just, ears aren't romantic! Eyes are romantic. Lips are romantic. Legs are sexy. Ears are just weird flappy things that you put stuff in sometimes."-
(15:19:48) Hepburn: [Armin lit up.-
(15:19:58) Hepburn: ["… But after Sera's questions." Said Casey.]
(15:22:56) Sept: "Hah. Thanks. I guess I'm more or less up to speed. Are polls at all reliable in an election like this? I've seen them go both ways."
(15:27:41) Hepburn: ["Eh, give 'em margins of error. The closer the polls the less reliable they are."]
(15:30:34) Sept: "Alright," Sera nodded. He was staring intently at his half-full glass as he rolled it back and forth between his hands.-
(15:30:45) Sept: "I guess I'll just wait for the day they need to swing the vote in Paris…"
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(15:48:37) Hepburn: ["Hehe."-
(15:49:03) Hepburn: ["In any case, Alphonse is campaigning because he's a British citizen, he's clever and smart and organised, and Rei is helpin' because Rei is just adorable and makes everything better."-
(15:49:24) Hepburn: ["Also, she subtly reinforces in everyone's minds how powerful an Evangelion is." Said Armin before sucking on his shake.]
(15:51:57) Sept: "By a mind control field?"
(15:54:11) Hepburn: ["No." Said Armin with a frown. "Evangelions inspire awe. And Rei can make that awe seem safe and human instead of scary. She uses her Eva to help people- there was a boat. She saved it."-
(15:54:44) Hepburn: ["The Restoration UK Party doesn't have Evas, it's true, so when the Fed says we can keep Britain safer, Rei goin' around helpin'? That helps hammer it home." Said Casey.]
(15:55:02) Sept: "Mm. Makes sense."
(16:01:02) Hepburn: ["Think he'll make a good PM?"]
(16:02:18) Sept: "I can't possibly answer that," Sera laughed. "I barely know him."
(16:03:06) Hepburn: ["He will make an excellent leader." Said Armin warmly.]
(16:03:24) Sept: "Why?"

(12:53:59) Minaplo: ["He has been one of our leaders for a long time." Said Armin. "And has he not been dynamic in action, meticulous in detail and vigorous in courage? All of these are universal powers!"]
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(12:58:30) Sept: "Universal, my ass! Having to deal with a belligerent parliament and people is entirely different from what he's been doing here, a prime minister doesn't have the sweeping mandate Yanmei's got!"
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(13:02:25) Minaplo: ["Yet you cannot deny that he has been doing well so far."]
(13:02:49) Sept: "At leading Great Britain?"
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(13:06:01) Minaplo: ["At winning the support of the people, which is step one." Said Armin sagely. "Dealing with Parliament, why… I cannot see someone with such a deft mind and easy shine overly hindered, except by someone of Sidney White's calibre. So either they are both magnificent, which is true, or they are both mediocre. Which is false."]
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(13:08:29) Sept: "Is Alphonse's intellect unprecedented among the last hundred years of prime ministers who couldn't navigate their parliaments?"
(13:14:43) Minaplo: [Armin thought about it.-
(13:14:53) Minaplo: ["I'm going to say yes."]
(13:21:18) Sept: "Fair enough. Guess that's to his credit, and to his program's. All the more reason to end the war quickly."
(13:24:43) Minaplo: ["Mmm."-
(13:24:50) Minaplo: ["I'm gonna vote for him." Said Casey warmly.]
(13:27:16) Sept: "I would, too, I imagine."
(13:29:23) Minaplo: ["Mmm. It's… Special for me, though."]
(13:34:16) * Sept took a slow sip from his glass of water, looking back at her.
(13:35:03) Minaplo: [She blushed slightly; she blinked several times rapidly. "I've never been allowed to vote before."]
(13:36:41) Sept: "Ah. Looking forward to it?"
(13:37:44) Minaplo: ["Of course!"]
(13:40:07) Sept: "Well, that's good! Why couldn't you vote? There's been elections, I thought?"
(13:41:01) Minaplo: [Casey looked at him for a long few seconds, then turned back toward her beer.-
(13:41:29) Minaplo: ["There's laws." She said. "They can be used to stop the Irish and Scots from voting. This is the first election where they haven't used 'em, boyo."]
(13:45:10) Sept: "Very nice of them."
(13:46:50) Minaplo: ["Wellesley's gonna win." Said Casey fiercely. "And he's gonna scrap those stupid fucking laws."]
(13:51:05) Sept: "Whichever candidate wins, they're gonna win off your demographics. I think White'd do that, too."
(13:54:05) Minaplo: ["True. But I trust Wellesley more, boyo. He and I are a lot alike in some ways!"]
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(14:00:20) Sept: "I didn't say you weren't, lass!"
(14:03:07) Minaplo: [She scowled at him.]
(14:04:41) Sept: "What?"
(14:06:18) Minaplo: ["Don't you patronise me, Sera de Pteres." She said, shaking her beer ferociously at him.]
(14:10:02) Sept: "I'm not patronizing no one! I'm saying things will be strictly better for your people even if Al loses," Sera said with intentional snoot, pushing his plural glasses up with the singular glass still in hand.-
(14:10:29) Sept: "That's a good thing."
(14:15:49) Minaplo: ["I guess, yeah."-
(14:16:03) Minaplo: [At that time, the waitress returned with their orders. "Here you go!"-
(14:22:28) Minaplo: [A cod and salad for Casey, some spaghetti for Armin, and for Sera…-
(14:22:28) Minaplo: [A rib-eye steak, with a side of potatoes. Only…-
(14:22:28) Minaplo: [The steak was…-
(14:22:28) Minaplo: [… Small.]
(14:28:01) Sept: "Thank you!"-
(14:30:12) Sept: "Did you mean it's more difficult to get a good supply of meat right now?"
(14:37:11) Minaplo: ["War rationing went in." Said the waitress with a shrug.]
(14:41:01) Sept: "Aw. I feel like the only one who forgot to adjust for daylight savings. But thank you."
(14:47:58) Minaplo: [The waitress headed off.-
(14:48:13) Minaplo: ["… Hm." Armin stared down at his spaghetti with a frown.]
(14:50:10) * Sept , meanwhile, clapped his hands together and filled his mouth with potato in a gesture that was probably the peak of decadence for any Irish people watching.
(14:51:24) Minaplo: [Casey, meanwhile, was able to enjoy her fish and salad, safe in the knowledge that she wasn't a fractally fucked up individual, which was probably the height of indolence for any Seras watching.-
(14:51:44) Minaplo: ["War rationing." Said Armin seriously. "Because food is becoming scarce?"]
(14:52:22) Sept: "Nt sf-" Sera swallowed.-
(14:53:09) Sept: "Not surprising. You've heard about the tons of refugees. I don't know if it's that bad yet, rationing's always a preventative measure to some extent, too."
(14:53:54) Minaplo: ["Yes." He shook his head.-
(14:54:04) Minaplo: ["Then I, who eat only for pleasure, should not be eating at all!"]
(14:55:14) Sept: "You won't help anyone by letting the spaghetti go cold, though."
(14:57:38) Minaplo: ["Then I must act fast!"-
(14:58:00) Minaplo: [Armin leapt to his feet. "Ho! Hungry peoples! I have spaghetti that you must have!"]
(15:00:28) * Sept laughed loudly and quickly buried his face in his hands.
(15:05:49) Minaplo: ["I'll take it." Said Asari Keita, just entering the door. "I know how to share this amongst friends. Thank you, Armin."-
(15:05:54) Minaplo: ["You are very welcome!"]
(15:09:49) * Sept looked up quickly, wiping at his eyes with one hand. "Weaponized foods are forbidden during rationing, Asari!"
(15:11:05) Minaplo: ["Counterpoint: Mexican Stew MRE."]
(15:11:41) Sept: "Right. Carry on!"
(15:17:59) Minaplo: [Keita took his prize and set down at a nearby table with it; he was soon joined by Hikari and Musashi.-
(15:18:31) Minaplo: ["You know, it can be very strange, war rationing." Said Casey.]
(15:18:47) Sept: "Odd word. Go on."

(12:29:47) Minaplo: ["What's odd?"]
(12:36:53) Sept: "'Strange' is odd." Sera sampled his steaklet.-
(12:37:00) Sept: "I'm interested in why you say that, Casey."
(12:41:42) Minaplo: ["Well you know, I remember being told that back in World War 2, they had rationin' in Britain, and it turns out everyone's nutritrion, their diets like, all improved."]
(12:46:17) Sept: "Huh! Were they murdering each other for strips of bacon at all?"
(12:49:27) Minaplo: ["Don't think so."]
(12:52:55) Sept: "Neat." Sera took another thoughtful mouthful of beef. The steak was nearly gone now.-
(12:53:51) Sept: "I suppose if we made everyone eat what we wanted in peacetime, we could make nutritious foods that aren't miserable to eat. But that would probably suck, too."
(13:10:00) Minaplo: ["I guess so. They tried after th'war ended but no one wanted it."]
(13:11:35) Sept: "Can't blame them. Food is pretty important. I don't think I'd give it up for a couple years of life."
(13:16:12) Minaplo: ["Well if you gave up food, you would starve and die." Said Armin.]
(13:17:56) Sept: "Food, not nutrition."
(13:20:19) Minaplo: [Armin stared at Sera, his eyes narrowed suspiciously.-
(13:20:32) Minaplo: ["You're mocking me."]
(13:23:36) Sept: "What are you talking about?!"
(13:26:54) Minaplo: ["Food is required for your nutrition!" Said Armin. "If you gave up food you would still starve and die because you weren't getting nutrition!"-
(13:27:03) Minaplo: [He leaned over the table. "This is very simple biology!"]
(13:27:41) Sept: "Is IV fluid food? Of course not!"
(13:28:38) Minaplo: ["It is for emergencies!"-
(13:28:48) Minaplo: ["Why are we talkin' about givin' up food anyway?" Muttered Casey.]
(13:31:11) Sept: "-Eating-. Local and personal cuisine, part of anyone's identity, that's why enforced diets won't work. Next topic."
(13:33:20) Minaplo: ["You should have said so in the first place!"-
(13:34:09) Minaplo: ["Me mam used to make great stews with little." Said Casey fondly.]
(13:38:31) Sept: "That's what moms do, I hear," Sera agreed, returning his attention to his potatoes. "Tough childhood?"
(13:39:15) Minaplo: ["Yeah, tough childhood, redcoat bastards were runnin' the country!"]
(13:41:12) Sept: "Who?"
(13:42:26) Minaplo: ["The English."]
(13:43:56) Sept: "Oh, right. Not communists. Sorry."
(13:44:23) Minaplo: ["… Are you really French? Maybe you're knockoff French. Maybe you're Belgian or something."]
(13:45:57) Sept: "You take that back right now."
(13:47:09) Minaplo: ["What sorta frog hears 'redcoat' and doesn't think of England?"]
(13:51:01) Sept: "What am I, a French fucking revolutionary? I don't think I knew England existed until high school!"
(13:52:37) Minaplo: ["Belgian!"]
(13:54:05) Sept: "Belgium is closer to England than France!"-
(13:54:08) Sept: "On average!"
(13:55:14) Minaplo: ["What?!"]
(13:56:25) Sept: "No, that's not- Out of the two of them, Belgium is the one that's closer to England. So they should know more about England!"
(13:57:44) Minaplo: ["Er, y'share a border! Y'share a language! And whenever France goes off it's fucking head it looks at the clock and goes 'Ooh, it's time to annex Belgium o'clock!'"]
(13:59:50) Sept: "I'm not talking about the distance between Belgium and France I'm talking about France and England and Belgium and England!"-
(14:01:09) Sept: "And besides no one I knew cared about foreign politics, we had leepoes to worry about, and stupid gangs!"
(14:01:43) Minaplo: ["Yeah, I hear Brussels is mad with gangs."]
(14:07:53) Sept: "…" Sera stewed.-
(14:10:09) Sept: He quickly jabbed his fork through a bit of tomato and salad on Casey's plate, stuck it in his mouth and stared at her.
(14:11:46) Minaplo: ["…"-
(14:11:49) Minaplo: ["…"-
(14:12:02) Minaplo: ["Did you just steal my tomato?"]
(14:12:35) Sept: "Iunno. Maybe you should report it to the Belgian authorities."
(14:12:59) Minaplo: ["You just stole food." Said Casey dangerously. "During war rationing."-
(14:13:12) Minaplo: [Something clicked into place in Armin's head. He leapt to his feet. "What! You rogue!"]
(14:13:22) Sept: "Ain't no rationing in Belgium!"
(14:13:45) Minaplo: ["This is a French warship!"]
(14:14:30) Sept: "Fine! I claim asylum!"
(14:15:03) Minaplo: [There was a light sound of someone drumming their fingertips at the end of the table.-
(14:15:32) Minaplo: [Henriette Mazarin stared at them all with careful eyes.]
(14:17:25) Sept: "Yes? Am I bothering you?"
(14:17:56) Minaplo: ["Why are you claiming asylum?"]
(14:19:44) * Sept took a quick, deep breath.-
(14:21:21) Sept: "I'm a Federation citizen, I obviously have no reason or ability to claim asylum within our state. Right?"
(14:22:04) Minaplo: ["Right."]
(14:23:15) Sept: "So is there a problem, Miss Mazarin?"
(14:24:38) Minaplo: ["He stole my tomato." Said Casey stubbornly.-
(14:26:54) Minaplo: [Henriette's eyes grew wide, and she placed her left hand- Sera would note the little finger and ring finger were missing, terminating in twisted knots near the bottom knucle- over her mouth.-
(14:27:01) Minaplo: ["What a ruffian!"]
(14:31:58) Sept: "You don't say. What's next? Do I turn myself in?"
(14:36:28) Minaplo: ["I believe the courtesy is to pay for all the meals."]
(14:38:14) » Quit: Raphael (ua.ten.letxof.dlq.931-85-291-271-epc|leahpaR#ua.ten.letxof.dlq.931-85-291-271-epc|leahpaR) (Quit: <Suzune> don't be silly <Suzune> DnD doesn't have sex crime laws)
(14:38:56) Sept: "Let me guess, including yours?"
(14:43:28) » Quit: Mogatron (~ten.dshqrabme.pchd.85-252-6-67-ho|alliztahc#ten.dshqrabme.pchd.85-252-6-67-ho|alliztahc) (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 43.0.1/20151216175450])
(14:45:03) Minaplo: ["Heavens no."]
(14:48:00) Sept: "Good. Deal."-
(14:48:11) Sept: "But don't think my people will forget about this, Casey."
(14:48:33) Minaplo: ["Who're you gonna turn to? The Dutch?"]
(14:49:13) Sept: "Stop bringing other countries into this!"
(14:52:12) Minaplo: ["Sorry, we'll keep it to Belgium."-
(14:52:51) Minaplo: ["I had no idea you were a Walloon, de Pteres." Said Henriette.]
(14:53:51) Sept: "Please stop."
(14:57:27) Minaplo: [She beamed, and then headed back to a nearby seat- where she rejoined Sophie Gagnier, a pram next to her holding a sleeping Patrice.]
(15:08:07) * Sept cast a dry look at Sophie for her presumed part in the matter.-
(15:08:43) Sept: Then, he proceeded to scarf down the rest of his meal.
(15:09:37) Minaplo: ["A fine end, my Belgian friend." Said Casey cheerfully.]
(15:10:33) Sept: "Would you like to add assaulting a senior officer to my record?"
(15:13:43) Minaplo: ["That a threat, boyo?"]
(15:17:17) Sept: "A really menacing one. In reality, of course, I'll just finish my plate, walk out and seethe."
(15:20:07) Minaplo: ["Oh now now, I'm all sorry alright?"]
(15:35:31) Sept: "It's fine. If I fought back and joined in on your fun, I'd be thrown out."-
(15:36:04) Sept: "Well, I'm done. I did promise to pay for today."
(15:36:27) Minaplo: ["And we're very appreciative."-
(15:36:35) Minaplo: ["Yes." Said Armin. "Good job."]
(15:42:23) Sept: "Thanks." Sera wiped his mouth on a napkin, left it on his plate and got up. "Good luck with the interviews, Casey."
(15:44:57) Minaplo: ["Aye, thanks. Have a good day, now."]
(15:46:33) Sept: "You too! I'll have them put it on my tab." With a wave, Sera took his leave.

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