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(14:38:46) Yanmei: Yanmei had selected her office for a meeting of this nature. It was quiet and relatively private, and she had instructed her secretary to to not allow anyone else through until she had given the word. Her guests sat in two comfortable guest chairs before her desk, while she sat behind the desk properly. A bottle of dark liquor and three glasses had been strategically positioned on the
(14:38:47) Yanmei: desktop as well.
(14:42:01) Minaplo: [Makoto Hyuga sat in one, hands folded politely in his lap.]
(14:42:53) * Sept was clad in an unimpressive official UEF track suit, now that he no longer had people to try and impress daily. He was looking a tad uncomfortable with the present company, scratching the back of his neck protectively.
(14:51:02) Yanmei: "So. There's been an interesting development recently," Yanmei began. She was in her regular uniform, naturally. "Um. It happened at the end of the mission that Chiisana and Sho were on. In Ethiopia."
(14:51:30) Minaplo: ["She's alright, right?"]
(14:53:36) Yanmei: "Yes, but busy. It's why she hasn't returned to base just yet. We've taken some Shadowmen prisoner, and she's been watching over them, from the safety of her Eva, in an indisclosed location."
(14:54:28) * Sept stayed silent for the time being, looking past Yanmei and tapping on his lap.
(14:54:33) Minaplo: ["Where?"]
(14:55:55) Yanmei: "Space. This is something you both must keep quiet, understand?"
(14:56:04) Minaplo: ["Where in Space?"]
(14:58:38) Sept: "Understood," Sera said with a nod, ignoring Hyuga's pressing.
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(14:59:37) * Yanmei nodded back and then peered at Hyuga with an expectant expression.
(14:59:46) Minaplo: ["Tell me." He said firmly.]
(15:00:50) Yanmei: "Do I have your cooperation with keeping this quiet?"
(15:01:14) Minaplo: ["Of course."]
(15:02:55) Yanmei: "They're on Mars."
(15:07:07) Sept: "Again?"
(15:07:14) Minaplo: ["Mars?!"]
(15:10:07) Yanmei: "Yes," she said, seemingly answering them both with the same word. "She made a snap decision and teleported them there in an instant? Again, she's fine."
(15:13:19) Sept: "Couldn't the jaunt be traced?"
(15:13:58) Minaplo: ["Why Mars?!"]
(15:21:30) Yanmei: "It's possible, but they'd have a lot of trouble? Mars was probabaly way out of range of any of the UN computers on the scene. That's probably why she picked it as a destination. Plus it's really really isolated."
(15:22:39) Sept: "Okay, so how many Shadowmen are we talking about?"
(15:24:07) Minaplo: ["Yeah, why couldn't she just bring 'em to Paris or whatever if it's just a few?!"]
(15:29:30) Yanmei: "Because it's not just a few? It's thousands of them! We can't contain that many of them securely enough to risk bringing them to a populated city!"
(15:29:56) Minaplo: ["T-Thousands?"]
(15:32:10) Sept: "Yeah, what are we doing with thousands of shadow people?"
(15:38:19) Yanmei: "They were gathering together to make their own settlement. They claim to be sentient and to want to create a place where they could live in isolation from the rest of the world."
(15:39:00) Minaplo: ["Ethiopia's not in isolation!"]
(15:40:18) Sept: "Well, not when you compare it to Mars."
(15:40:47) Minaplo: ["It's in the middle of a continent!"]
(15:43:02) Yanmei: "They had a thing that had erected a barrier around their settlement. An Angelspawn thing. We scared it off."
(15:44:53) Minaplo: ["… But Chii's safe, right?"]
(15:47:00) Yanmei: "Of course she is? I keep saying that."
(15:47:07) Minaplo: ["Right."]
(15:47:17) Yanmei: "Except…"
(15:48:03) Minaplo: ["…"]
(15:48:36) * Sept covered up the lower part of his face with a hand.
(15:50:50) Yanmei: "There was a space-timey thing. An accident. So now we have our Chii, who is perfectly safe on Mars and completely unaffected by said accident? And we also have another Chii from an alternate dimension." There was a short pause. "She's at Asgard right now."
(15:51:27) Minaplo: ["… Two Chiis?" Said Hyuga hollowly.]
(15:51:58) Yanmei: "Yes." Yanmei helpfully nudged the liquor bottle a little closer to him.
(15:52:29) Sept: "But not a shadow Chii, right?"
(15:57:21) Yanmei: "No, she's not a Shadowman. She arrived in her own version of an Eva through a tear in time and space. Also, her story checks out with things we've learned from Ezekiel, and we're running tests on both her and the Eva to see just how different they are."
(15:58:37) Minaplo: [Hyuga took a slug of liquor quickly. "So she even has her own Eva… Okay, what do we know about her so far?"]
(16:02:08) Yanmei: "She's a version of our Chii who was hurled many, many years back in time. Around 200 to exact."
(16:04:04) Sept: "And how long did she spend there?"
(16:05:15) Minaplo: [Hyuga had gone pale.]
(16:05:41) Yanmei: "All 200 years. She had to wait until present day before attempting to cross back over and return home."
(16:05:50) Sept: "Oh."-
(16:05:52) Sept: "Wow."
(16:05:54) Minaplo: ["… W-What?" Whispered Hyuga.]
(16:08:46) Yanmei: "Yeah. She's been through a lot if you want to put it mildly."
(16:09:52) Minaplo: ["T… Two hundred years."]
(16:10:13) Yanmei: "Two hundred."
(16:11:06) Minaplo: ["…"-
(16:11:23) Minaplo: ["I… I don't understand. How…?"]
(16:14:52) Sept: "I'm not sure if that's important. We can't answer that, anyway, can we?"
(16:16:53) Yanmei: "Not with any clarity, no. Ezekiel would be able to explain it in detail."
(16:17:13) Minaplo: ["But…"-
(16:17:22) Minaplo: ["But this is like what you went through, isn't it?"]
(16:18:09) Yanmei: "You mean with Raphael's world?"
(16:18:41) Minaplo: ["Yeah."]
(16:19:23) Sept: "Guess so. In a way."
(16:21:39) Minaplo: ["Except she's done it a whole lot longer!"]
(16:22:49) Yanmei: "That's true. And she was very influencial in her world, which is yet another thing she has to adjust to now."
(16:23:08) Minaplo: ["I-Influential?"
(16:23:09) Minaplo: ]
(16:24:37) Yanmei: "She's Chii. And she was left by herself in a technologically primative land with an Evangelion and a super computer. What you think happened?"
(16:24:57) Minaplo: ["…"-
(16:25:14) Minaplo: [Hyuga suddenly put a hand to his head. "I… I don't feel well."]
(16:26:33) Sept: "You can have a moment if you want."-
(16:26:52) Sept: "So she just became God Emperor for two centuries, is that it?"
(16:28:17) * Yanmei eyed Hyuga with concern, but it didn't stop her from confirming everyone's suspicions. "Yes, that's exactly right."
(16:29:26) Minaplo: [And suddenly Hyuga threw up across Yanmei's desk.]
(16:33:45) Sept: "Hyuga!" Sera reached out to him without a clear plan for it, ending up just holding his shoulder sympathetically.-
(16:34:01) Sept: "Look, um. Everyone's fine."
(16:35:58) Minaplo: [Hyuga demonstrated his reassurance by throwing up again. It was green and filmy, and there were chunks of half-digested chicken in it.]
(16:39:30) * Yanmei had hopped to her feet, dialing a number on her phone with one hand, and offering Hyuga a small trash bin with the other. "Miss Lucille? We need a cleaning crew in here ASAP. Someone capable of handling the works. Thank you." She hung up, and scrutinized both of her guests for a second carefully. "Do you need a trip to the infirmary?"
(16:39:51) Minaplo: ["Ablurrrrrgh!"]
(16:40:21) Yanmei: "Ah. De Pteres, would you mind escorting him?"
(16:42:29) Sept: By this time, the trash bin had been crudely magnetized over to Sera, who was holding it in front of Hyuga. "I'll get him. We're not in a hurry, yes?"
(16:42:41) Minaplo: ["Bleuruggghghugh-hup."]
(16:46:08) Yanmei: "No, I suppose not." She waited, hopefully. Was he finished at last?
(16:46:28) Sept: "Come on, ami. Get it out of your system. We'll work this out."
(16:47:33) Minaplo: [Hyuga was still looking quite green. He began to stagger towards the door.]
(16:52:40) Yanmei: "Yeah. We'll pick this up again later, when we're… all well." Yanmei was compelled to see him out. Or at least make sure he wasn't going to pass out on the carpet.
(16:53:26) Minaplo: ["Blegh."]
(16:55:00) * Sept took off his jacket, stuffed it into the bin to vaguely suppress the smell and hurried after Hyuga, holding the bin and supporting him by the shoulder.
(17:00:27) * Yanmei waved goodbye to them as they left… and then promptly clapped a hand over her eyes once they were gone, turning a faint shade of green herself.
(17:18:34) Sept: […]
(17:20:28) Sept: About half an hour later, the still-jacketless Sera orbited his way back to the scene of the crime. He knocked on the door, glancing around for signs of people who might've come by with the requisite flamethrowers.
(17:27:42) Yanmei: There were no flamethrowers, but Yanmei slipped out to greet him. She was wearing a surgical mask, and the very strong scent of antiseptic cleaners wafted after her. "Oh. Welcome back?"
(17:29:50) Sept: "Thanks," Sera said and stood still, clearly disenchanted with the idea of entering the office.-
(17:30:59) Sept: He paused for a moment, looking back down the corridor. "I don't get it. She's fine."
(17:32:42) Yanmei: "We'll just chalk it up to shock, I guess." Yanmei stepped past him, leading the way back out to the area where her secretary's desk was. Said secretary wasn't there, but there were several sleek leather waiting chairs. Yanmei sunk down into one easily. "…what do you think about it?"
(17:36:48) * Sept followed, standing opposite her with his arms crossed. "I don't know," he shrugged.-
(17:36:52) Sept: "Seems like continuing to date our Chiisana is the easy answer for him."
(17:38:51) Yanmei: "Well, of course?" Yanmei smirked. "We don't even know if Her Highness is interested in him anymore."
(17:39:56) Sept: "Yeah? So no problem. And is she still more or less on our side?"
(17:42:02) Yanmei: "Yes. She says it's her duty to assist us. But… she's also determined to see that we're doing things properly in her book. Which means she's going to evaluating the UEF and pushing for changes and such."
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(17:44:49) * Sept relaxed his pose, glanced behind him and sat down on the edge of the secretarial desk.-
(17:44:51) Sept: "Will you let her?"
(17:49:15) Yanmei: "Only if I think her suggestions are good ones. She's like all of our allied world leaders - she's bossy, weird and unpleasant. But she has valuable experience with running a government and I can't come up with a reason for her to double cross us yet."
(17:51:16) Sept: "Well, that's good. And your other problem? Any ideas?"
(17:52:26) Yanmei: "No idea. We can't keep them up there forever, but no place on earth will accept them."
(17:53:17) Sept: "Want me to do anything about it?"
(17:54:09) Yanmei: "What do you mean?"
(17:55:50) Sept: "I don't know, try and figure it out. We just need a single unit to keep things stable for now, right?"
(17:58:54) Yanmei: "Yeah, but we'll be rotating units in and out so that the pilots can rest. You want in on it too?"
(18:01:39) Sept: "Sure. I don't mind."
(18:04:59) Yanmei: "I'll add you to the schedule then. Future Chiisana thinks we should have destroyed them. It's a lot harder to do that if they're actually sentient, though."
(18:06:53) Sept: "Can I talk to them?"
(18:08:33) Yanmei: "While you're looking after them on Mars? Sure. They have a leader, so that'll make it easier."
(18:11:37) Sept: "Great. Anything else?"
(18:14:50) Yanmei: "No. I'm curious to know what your thoughts on it are so far, though."
(18:17:41) * Sept shrugged, again. "If they're sentient, then we're obviously not just slaughtering them. We can just keep them and some Angelspawn and whatever else isolated until we figure things out and do it right."
(18:24:17) Yanmei: "We're on the same page, then." She looked a little relieved. "It just didn't seem right to do that to them."
(18:28:45) Sept: "Yeah. If we wanted to be lazy, we'd be helping Mary," he said in a trite tone, wearing a smirk.
(18:35:20) Yanmei: "Mmph." She had to force herself to not frown when Mary's name was mentioned. "Best case scenario… we might get some new horror-monster allies out of it. I bet she'd hate that!"
(18:38:05) Sept: "Uh huh! Or you could appoint the other Chiisana as a diplomat and send her to annoy the UN."
(18:39:26) Yanmei: "The perfect job for her," Yanmei smirked.
(18:40:17) Sept: "Oh, yeah. Kourosh is a bit of a douche, too, isn't he?"
(18:41:24) Yanmei: "Huh? You think so?"
(18:44:17) Sept: "Well, I thought he was just amusingly naïve or something, like a kind of prodigy. But that's not true, is it?"
(18:46:20) Yanmei: "Well, no. He's incredibly sneaky. Just having an informant among us is evidence of that. Not to mention the other stuff he did to lead us to him."
(18:47:39) Sept: "Took some effort, then?"
(18:53:00) Yanmei: "He got into it with weapon smugglers, set up a hell of a lot of traps, and I think he somehow got in contact with my uncle at some point too."
(18:53:55) Sept: "Damn."
(18:59:12) Yanmei: "Yeah. So. He might play the innocent prophet, but he's nothing close to that. Have you actually talked to him yet?"
(19:00:03) Sept: "I had the pleasure, yes. Didn't amount to much."
(19:01:13) Yanmei: "Want me to mediate?"
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(19:03:58) Sept: "Oh, I don't think we offended each other or anything. We'll see."
(19:07:10) Yanmei: "Hm. All right. Good luck. Er. He's pretty much made of glass, though, so please don't resort to any of Asuka's tactics if he pisses you off in the future."
(19:07:53) Sept: "I'll find the softest cliff to throw him off of, don't worry."
(19:11:50) Yanmei: "Thank you." Yanmei smirked again.
(19:17:33) Sept: "No problem at all." Sera stood up straight and glanced at the door to her recovering office.-
(19:18:29) Sept: "Go check on him sometime today, okay? He'll probably be feeling terrible for more than one reason."
(19:24:43) Yanmei: "Yeah. I'll bring him a get well card too. Is he really going to be be okay?"
(19:28:25) Sept: "When I had his arm broken, he took it like a champ. No reason to believe he won't survive this."
(19:33:39) Yanmei: "Eh, I'm sure you're right. This is probably no big deal."
(19:34:18) Sept: "It's definitely not our fault in any way even if it is."
(19:35:02) Yanmei: "Nope! Why would it be?"
(19:36:19) Sept: "Exactly! Well, I'll leave you to it. Have a nice day!"
(19:39:24) Yanmei: "Thanks. You try to have a good one too, okay?" She slipped her mask on again.
(19:40:22) Sept: "Always!" Sera called over his shoulder as he headed back out into the hall.

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