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(21:41) <Minaplo> [The royal chambers in question were the quarters of the commander of Asgard, currently vacant…]
(21:41) <Minaplo> [Or rather the position was vacant. The chambers were very occupied.]
(21:46) <Yanmei> Upon reaching the door, Yanmei rang the little buzzer next to it that would indicate that someone was visiting said occupant. "She probably already knows we're here," she grumbled.
(21:48) <Sept> "Well, joke's on her. We know she's in there."
(21:49) <Yanmei> "Hah."
(21:57) <Minaplo> [The door slid open.-
(21:59) <Minaplo> [Chiisana Himesama sat in a high-backed leather armchair, wearing a long white gown with a high, narrow waist and flowing hem. She stared at them, her expression neutral.]
(22:02) * Sept raised one hand out of its pocket in a subdued greeting and stepped in.
(22:04) <Yanmei> "Morning?" Yanmei stepped in as well. She was still doing this and that to her phone. "You look well today. Do you have time to chat?"
(22:12) <Minaplo> [And Sera walked into an AT Field.-
(22:12) <Minaplo> ["I did not permit you to enter."]
(22:17) <Sept> Sera staggered a step backwards, recovering his balance. With a sour look at Chiisana, he huffed to himself, shrugged a little and stuffed his hands back in the folds of his coat.
(22:18) <Yanmei> "…" Yanmei glanced between the two of them with a frown. "May we come in, Your Highness?"
(22:19) <Minaplo> [The Field faded. "Enter. Sit."]
(22:22) <Sept> "Thank you," said Sera neutrally, giving the doorway another try without hesitation.
(22:23) <Minaplo> [No Field this time!]
(22:25) * Yanmei wasn't far behind. She beelined for the couch. "You remember de Pteres, don't you?"
(22:26) * Sept stood by the door a moment, giving Yanmei the right of way vis a vis seating before following her. He gave Chiisana a smile and repeated his meager greeting from earlier.
(22:26) <Minaplo> ["Two hundred and twenty-three years was not long enough to forget him, no." Said Chiisana. "I trust you are well, de Pteres."]
(22:28) <Sept> "I am. I hear you did well for yourself."
(22:39) <Minaplo> [She did not reply.]
(22:43) <Sept> Sera paused for a moment. "I can't imagine everything you had to go through. Just the fact that you're here seems to me like it's a pretty big show of faith."
(22:43) <Minaplo> ["Of faith?"]
(22:45) <Sept> "For whatever. I think it might've been easy to stay. Sounds like you traded away a great deal of influence."
(22:47) <Minaplo> ["Duty came first. I'm sure you understand."]
(22:47) <Sept> "That's as good a word."
(22:50) <Minaplo> ["Mm."-
(22:50) <Minaplo> ["Would you two care for something to drink?"]
(22:51) <Yanmei> "Nothing for me, thank you."
(22:54) <Sept> "I wouldn't mind. Water, whatever you'd have. Want me to get it?"
(22:55) <Minaplo> [Chiisana simply held her hand out; a bottle of wine appeared along with two glasses. The bottle poured itself into the glasses, one of which flooated over to Sera.-
(22:55) <Minaplo> ["Savour it. It comes from a vintage you won't find here. Once it's gone, it's gone."]
(22:58) * Yanmei eyed her curiously. "Did you end up bringing a lot of other things over from the world you shaped?"
(22:58) <Minaplo> ["Some things. You should have some of the wine, Yanmei."]
(22:59) <Yanmei> "…I think I'll have a little after all, then. Thank you."
(23:00) <Minaplo> [A third glass appeared; it too was filled, and it floated over to Yanmei.-
(23:01) * Sept spent a few moments looking at the glass and trying to identify some kind of amazing quality to it that it probably shared with the supposedly incredible wine from the coronation. Then, he tried it.
(23:03) <Minaplo> [The wine had a strong, smooth flavour, and he could tell just from a small sample that it was a potent wine, far too easy to get drunk on. It had tastes that… He found hard to identify. Tangy, yet creamy, a hint of metallic flavour…-
(23:09) <Minaplo> ["It was prepared by my great-great-great grandson Ayen." Said Chiisana. "It comes from the Jupiter colonies."]
(23:10) <Sept> "Hm! It's very good."
(23:12) * Yanmei was simply peering at her own glass, blinking slowly. "You've already colonized planets as far away as Jupiter…"
(23:12) <Minaplo> ["Not very far via Dirac Jaunting." Said Chiisana.]
(23:13) <Sept> "Terraformed?"
(23:15) <Minaplo> ["Yes. Primarily the moons, although the planet itself is home to mining operations."]
(23:17) <Yanmei> "I bet all the countries were fighting each other like crazy for space and resources up there, never mind the technology that would allow for terraforming to happen."
(23:19) <Minaplo> ["I did not permit conflicts to happen."]
(23:20) <Sept> "We should try that here."
(23:24) <Yanmei> "Unfortunately we don't have several centuries of overwhelming clout built up, so that will be difficult?"
(23:26) <Sept> "We could try. 'No fighting'."-
(23:26) <Sept> "Did it work?"
(23:32) <Minaplo> ["Of course it worked."]
(23:34) <Yanmei> "No rebellions? Of any sort?" Yanmei sipped at last, quickly pulling away from the glass almost as soon as she tasted the wine. "… God, this is good!"
(23:35) <Sept> "Definitely better than Kool-Aid."
(23:38) <Minaplo> ["I'm glad you enjoy it."]
(23:45) * Sept pondered his wine a while longer.-
(23:46) <Sept> "More serious matters. What are you going to do about your duties now that you're here?"
(23:46) <Minaplo> ["Execute them."]
(23:47) <Yanmei> "But it seems that you intend to have a larger role than being an Eva pilot this time around?"
(23:50) <Sept> Sera looked deeply unsatisfied with Chiisana's answer.
(23:58) <Minaplo> ["I intend to fulfill any necessary role. For example, teaching you the ways of leadership."]
(00:02) <Yanmei> "So I've heard," said Yanmei dryly. "Although I'm sure you'll see that I excel in many aspects of it already? Right, de Pteres?"
(00:05) <Minaplo> ["Stop." Said Chiisana firmly. "No self-respecting leader tries to demonstrate their ability by groveling to underlings for affirmation. If you command, you should seek to do so from your own confidence, needing not the sychophantic lickings of any other."]
(00:08) * Sept scoffed at Chii's response, looking away from the both of them for a moment.
(00:09) * Suzune (moc.rr.ser.yabapmat.551cfh1322356|enuzuS#moc.rr.ser.yabapmat.551cfh1322356|enuzuS) has joined #nervfrance
(00:09) <Minaplo> ["Yes, it is." She added toward Sera.]
(00:10) <Sept> "…"
(00:11) <Yanmei> "It's not!" Yanmei could guess what she was responding to, her face reddening considerably. "G-groveling? Honestly. That's /not/ what I was doing!"
(00:11) <Minaplo> ["It doesn't matter what you think you were doing. It was weak."]
(00:12) <Sept> "Can you stop that?"
(00:13) <Minaplo> ["I can, but I won't."]
(00:15) <Sept> "At which point do you think you earned any trust from us, any kind of right to do this?!"
(00:16) <Minaplo> ["The right of knowledge, flowing down to ignorance." Said Chiisana firmly.]
(00:18) <Yanmei> "That's a very one-sided view of this situation. And it's one that doesn't actually answer the question. Trust is two-sided, isn't it?"
(00:19) <Sept> "All we know is your word that you rose to power based on an overwhelming, already godlike technological and genetic set of advantages. We know you made some great wine? But that's it."
(00:19) <Minaplo> ["I have no interest in proving anything to either of you." Said Chiisana.]
(00:21) <Sept> "She's not weak," said Sera, still holding his half-full wine glass in one hand. "And she knows when to take the situation seriously."
(00:26) <Yanmei> "Thank you." She was still glaring at Chii, as if a point had just been made.
(00:30) <Minaplo> ["Empty words." Said Chiisana. "Surrender the right of defining yourself to others and you condemn yourself to being a follower, not a leader."]
(00:33) <Yanmei> "You can't be a proper leader without being hyper-aware of how others view you, especially if you're constantly in the public's eye," Yanmei shot back. "Others' definitions - especially if they're from followers - are important!"
(00:36) <Minaplo> ["Not as important as how you define yourself."]
(00:39) * Sept leaned back for the moment, looking for the frame of mind to appreciate his wine.
(00:40) <Yanmei> "I don't remember implying that that wasn't also important."
(00:42) <Minaplo> ["You did so by deferring to de Pteres to define the areas of leadership at which you claim to excel, instead of describing those areas yourself."]
(00:46) <Yanmei> "Then shall I describe those areas right now so we can lay this argument to rest?"
(00:47) <Sept> "Please do," Sera cut in.
(00:47) <Minaplo> [Chiisana waited.]
(00:53) <Yanmei> Yanmei squared her shoulders, crossed her legs and held her glass with a sudden pronounced elegance, even swirling its contents a bit as she talked. "I am damn persuative in nearly all situations, have a strong sense of ethics, and have managed to keep juggling a nigh-impossible balance among the UEF nations. It takes a special sort of person to keep them all relatively happy. And none of that even touches on how much of a military powerhouse I am?"
(00:59) <Minaplo> [There was a moment of silence.-
(00:59) <Minaplo> [Then Chiisana smiled brilliantly. "Good! Well done."]
(01:00) <Yanmei> "Thanks. And I'm glad you agree?" she said smugly. "I knew you were smart."
(01:01) <Minaplo> ["Don't get ahead of yourself. You still have a breathtakingly long way to go."]
(01:04) <Sept> "If you two want to schedule training sessions, go right ahead. But the matter of Chiisana's role is still pretty unresolved. What's she going to be to the UEF?"
(01:08) * Yanmei decided to ignore the part about lessons. "I figure we'll start slow. Probationary pilot, plus volunteer duties around Asgard. If you're as experienced as you say you are, you must have learned many many skills over the years."
(01:11) <Minaplo> ["I will deploy to the front line."]
(01:13) <Sept> "Maybe we can have you working with Kourosh? I think that would avoid most of the potential issues."
(01:14) <Minaplo> ["Tell me who that is."]
(01:15) <Yanmei> "He's a brilliant new strategist that I've just recruited. He's probably going to be our Prime Minister too."
(01:16) <Minaplo> ["Even though you've only just recruited him? Impressive. Very well. I will meet with him, and if he suits, I will deploy to the front, working alongside him."]
(01:18) <Yanmei> "I see. I'm sure you two will get along famously. I'll send him and his entourage here soon."
(01:18) <Minaplo> ["No need." Said Chiisana. "You will be transferring me to the Lachapelle shortly. I'll meet him then."]
(01:20) <Sept> "That's not a good idea right now."
(01:22) <Yanmei> "It's not," Yanmei agreed. "I'd rather you stay here for a few more weeks."
(01:22) <Minaplo> ["Security reasons?"]
(01:23) <Sept> "We have to give Hyuga more time to adjust."
(01:26) * Yanmei winced. "That's another part of it, yes. Not just him. Your counterpart and some of the higher officers will find this confusing as well. We'll get this sorted with them, and when everyone's braced we'll transfer you with minimal fuss."
(01:27) <Sept> "Hopefully minimal."
(01:27) <Minaplo> ["…"-
(01:27) <Minaplo> ["No, I understand. That is a wise concern." Said Chiisana gently.]
(01:28) <Sept> "I'm glad you agree."
(01:30) * Yanmei nodded. "I'll send Kourosh and his people over sooner rather than later so that you don't get bored in the meantime. Please be patient for a little longer."
(01:30) <Minaplo> [Chiisana nodded.]
(01:32) * Sept finished his wine and twirled the glass around in his hand for a moment.-
(01:32) <Sept> "Anything else we can help with?"
(01:35) <Minaplo> ["The question I ask to you."]
(01:38) <Sept> "Is… that a no?"
(01:40) <Yanmei> "We're ok right now. Feel free to inspect any of the technology that's being made here and compare it with some from your other home. I'm sure a lot of our scientists will be eager to hear about the technological accomplishments from there as well." Yanmei drank the rest of her wine slowly, savoring it.
(01:40) <Minaplo> ["Very well."]
(01:48) <Sept> "Suppose it is, then," Sera said, standing up. "I'd like to take a bit of a tour around the place before I go, I think."
(01:51) <Yanmei> "Yeah. I guess it's been a while for you, hasn't it? There were a few changes since the last time we were here…" Yanmei stood up too. "Would you like to come with us, Your Highness?"
(01:57) <Minaplo> ["Very well."]
(01:59) <Sept> "Great." Sera gestured towards the door. "Shall we?

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