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(14:41:26) Sept: Sera slid the magnetic card in and waited for the reader to unlock the door with a soft click. He stowed the card back in one of the pockets of his open suit jacket and opened the door.-
(14:43:28) Sept: "Eeey," he called in, kicking his shoes off and closing the door behind him. The shared hotel room was more like an apartment in itself, opening into a spacious white room with two beds and a desk, lined with paintings of what looked like Japanese landscapes.-
(14:44:57) Sept: Sera took off his coat, ignored the coat cabinet with its pristine mirror doors and tossed it onto his bed next to his open duffel bag.
(14:46:00) Minaplo: ["Hi!" Said Michael cheerfully.-
(14:47:00) Minaplo: [… A luxurious smell wafted through the air and enticed Sera's nose. Somewhere in his brain came images of delightful meals in safe, tucked away little cubbies… The rich air outside of the great restaurants of Paris…-
(14:47:07) Minaplo: [… Michael was cooking.-
(14:51:25) Minaplo: ["I'm making dinner." Said Michael with a smile. "For us! As a thank you. Here, I'm making up a nice serving of spicy curry with pan-fried chicken crumbed in herb and panko and some jasmine rice. In the oven is a tremendous serving of five-layer lasagne with a bolognese ragu beef sauce and bechamel sauce with some parmigiano cheese… They were quite expensive to buy locally, with the war
(14:51:26) Minaplo: and all, but I thought what the heck?"-
(14:54:20) Minaplo: ["And then for dessert, I managed with Roku's help to whip up a lovely strawberry cheesecake, with fresh strawberries and conserve on the top." Said Michael with a grin. "Sounds good, right?"]
(14:56:00) * Sept stopped rifling through his bag for a moment and looked up at Michael with an irritated expression.-
(14:56:53) Sept: "It sounds and smells great. You should've checked with me, though. Can't stay."-
(14:59:26) Sept: He found what looked like a track jacket with highlights in EVA-01's colors and laid it out on the other side of the bed. Old NERV merch.
(14:59:54) Minaplo: ["… Oh." Said Michael, his voice suddenly rather high. The sound of wood stirring on stainless steel came to a stop.]
(15:04:04) Sept: "Look, sorry. But there's no way I'm passing up any opportunities on this trip."-
(15:05:41) Sept: "You can invite other people over if you want. If there happens to be any left when I'm back in a couple of hours, I won't appreciate it any less."
(15:05:58) Minaplo: ["Sure." Said Michael, and he gave Sera a smile.-
(15:06:18) Minaplo: ["I'll invite Chii and Yanmei over. I'm sure the girls will appreciate all this… Where are you going, anyway?"]
(15:08:03) Sept: "I don't know. I might be able to tell you after?"
(15:08:19) Minaplo: ["Are you going with someone?"]
(15:11:10) Sept: "Yeah." Sera threw on the jacket, took the key card from the other one and put it in an inside pocket. "I'm not going to get lost or robbed."
(15:11:32) Minaplo: ["Make sure you ring every hour."]
(15:14:31) Sept: "Heh." He changed into some jeans and put his mandated phone in a front pocket. Would he need a wallet..?
(15:19:00) Minaplo: ["Do you have my number?"]
(15:23:12) Sept: "I've got the general dispatch and one of Yanmei's on this one. It's just a burner for this trip."
(15:27:08) Minaplo: ["Alright. Be safe."]
(15:28:39) * Sept patted himself down one more time, seeing if he had everything he'd need. Then he looked back at Michael, his words registering at a delay.-
(15:29:12) Sept: "Yeah. Thanks. I'll see you. Sorry for your dinner."
(15:31:46) Minaplo: ["Don't mention it." Said Michael with another little smile.-
(15:31:54) Minaplo: ["… I can put some in a container for you to go."]
(15:37:04) Sept: "Could you? That's be nice."
(15:37:08) Sept: 'd
(15:41:43) Minaplo: […-
(15:42:33) Minaplo: [And so Sera would leave, down the elevator and out into the warm Tokyo air, having no less than five square containers of curry, lasagne and cheesecake foisted onto him.-
(15:44:04) Minaplo: [The stars were dim in the night sky. This was unusual for Sera- Paris-2's constant struggle with growth had left it with less light pollution than many major cities. Only the brightest of stars were visible amidst the neon glares of Tokyo-2.]
(15:52:03) Sept: It definitely made the sky look less intimidating. Sera hadn't brought a bag, so the food had to survive in a pocket dimension for a little while…-
(15:52:38) Sept: Now, he was supposed to find a Solomon Prime somewhere in this city…
(15:53:37) Minaplo: [Perhaps a good place to start would be the UN compound.]
(15:54:54) Sept: Too easy. But maybe it had to be eliminated before expanding the search.
(16:02:33) Minaplo: [The UN was fosted within the New Arcadia Hotel, one of the loveliest and grandest in Tokyo.-
(16:02:56) Minaplo: [It lit up like a christmas tree in front of him, and he was barely a kilometre away.-
(16:03:16) Minaplo: [How exorbitant would such a massive place be in a cramped country like this one…?]
(16:04:41) Sept: Well, the UEF could get like two tanks for the price difference. The small things would add up over time.-
(16:04:54) Sept: (They wouldn't.)-
(16:05:16) Sept: Soon enough, Sera found himself in front of the imposing building, rubbing his hands together for warmth.
(16:23:48) Minaplo: [And then quite suddenly, there were hands over his own.-
(16:24:00) Minaplo: ["Hello, sweetie." Came an enticingly warm voice near his ear.]
(16:27:46) Sept: "H-Hey," Sera said, turning to face her. The movement of his hands stopped. "Where'd you come from?"
(16:46:44) Minaplo: ["Oh, I was just hanging around."-
(16:49:10) Minaplo: [She was very close to him. Agatha wore a form-fitting elegant black dress, backless, tying up around her neck; to match it she wore high heels that clearly made her taller than him.-
(16:49:34) Minaplo: [She was very close, enough that Sera could catch the scent of her subtle floral perfume.-
(16:49:43) Minaplo: ["I mean, this is the obvious place to look."]
(16:53:06) Sept: "Hehe. Well, don't I feel underdressed, now."
(16:53:35) Minaplo: [Agatha winked. "Ever heard of Ginza?"]
(16:54:13) Sept: "You got the dress here?"
(16:55:27) Minaplo: ["Uh-huh." Said Agatha. "One of the world's greatest fashion centres… And here we are, two pretty young things, one of whom has 6 and a half million UN credit…"-
(16:55:37) Minaplo: ["Let's get you suited."]
(16:57:41) * Sept looked uncomfortable with the idea.-
(16:57:42) Sept: "I have a suit, Agatha."
(17:05:07) Minaplo: ["C'mon…"]
(17:09:36) Sept: "But what would I do with one?"
(17:13:23) Minaplo: ["Wear it and look sexy for me~"]
(17:15:16) Sept: "Would it make you happy?"
(17:15:37) Minaplo: ["Yesssss." She said with a smile.]
(17:16:16) Sept: "Alright," Sera said seriously. "But I'm paying for it."
(17:17:19) Minaplo: ["Well duh, I did say I had six million UN credit, sweetie, that was your hint."-
(17:17:28) Minaplo: ["Besides, I'll dress up too."]
(17:18:25) Sept: "You're dressed up now."
(17:18:56) Minaplo: ["Lots more dresses out there." Said Agatha with an infectiously cheery grin.]
(17:23:14) Sept: "I'm out of my depth with you," Sera sighed with a hopeless smile.
(17:23:53) Minaplo: ["But not out of my sights, sweetie. Come on, let's catch a taxi."]
(17:25:31) Sept: "Right. I'll do my best."
(17:27:56) Minaplo: [Before long they were happily stowed away in a taxi, Agatha giving directions in flawless Japanese. She sat next to Sera, her arm around his.-
(17:28:21) Minaplo: ["So what shall we do with the rest of our evening, sweetie?"]
(17:31:03) Sept: "If you're still interested in relaxing in a park, we could try to find a quiet one. Maybe make it a picnic?"
(17:32:09) Minaplo: ["A picnic! But what about fine dining?"]
(17:33:44) Sept: "That would be pushing your luck."
(17:34:20) Minaplo: ["Awwww, but…" She gazed at him with very large, deep blue eyes.]
(17:36:03) Sept: "You can dine finely on a picnic…" Sera protested weakly.
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(17:38:07) Minaplo: ["Can't we do both?"]
(17:39:27) Sept: "We'd have to be very careful not to order too much."
(17:43:48) Minaplo: ["That's alright with me."]
(17:47:13) Sept: "Mm," Sera nodded with a satisfied smile. "As long as you lead the way."
(17:48:56) Minaplo: ["What sort of food, I wonder…"]
(17:50:11) Sept: "Something local, right?"
(17:53:48) Minaplo: ["Of course. What do you like?"]
(17:55:39) Sept: "I haven't had a lot of Japanese stuff. I like spicy foods?"
(17:57:47) Minaplo: ["Spicy… Just like me~"]
(18:00:54) * Sept laughed, sincerely.-
(18:01:38) Sept: "Oh, Agatha… you're too sweet to be spicy."
(18:02:37) Minaplo: ["I can be sweet and spicy~" She said, snuggling up to him; in the front, the driver glanced back at her nervously. "Just you wait and see~"]
(18:04:38) Sept: "Oh, I know. You almost got me that one time…"-
(18:05:09) Sept: "But there's a lot more competition for the title of the spiciest. You've got your work cut out for you."
(18:05:57) Minaplo: ["Hmm… Who's my greatest threat?"]
(18:07:20) Sept: "Asuka's pretty tough. You may have caught her off guard today, but…"
(18:09:20) Minaplo: ["Hehehehe~" Agatha beamed. "Fine. Tonight, I promise to be spicier than even Asuka."]
(18:11:41) Sept: "Don't overdo it. You can take it in steps."
(18:12:31) Minaplo: ["Would that be the spicy thing to do, though?"]
(18:13:10) Sept: "Hee. No, it wouldn't."
(18:16:06) Minaplo: ["In that case… The greatest curry restaurant in all of Japan."]
(18:16:48) Sept: "You know about things like that?"
(18:17:39) Minaplo: ["I will in a bit~"]
(18:19:20) Sept: "Well, I'll leave it to you. You carry a great responsibility."
(18:23:21) Minaplo: ["I curry a great responsibility…?"]
(18:24:02) Sept: "No. Carry."
(11:18:17) Minaplo: ["Carry curry?"]
(11:18:58) Sept: "You're being very silly, Agatha."
(11:22:26) Minaplo: ["I'm just happy. We're gonna have fun, eat some food, be free… And you're here too…"]
(11:24:59) Sept: "That's all true," Sera smiled. "Well, I don't know about being free."
(11:28:42) Minaplo: ["True. Well. We can pretend to be free."]
(11:29:02) Sept: "Yes! I'm very good at that."
(11:30:27) Minaplo: ["Anything you can teach me?"]
(11:36:51) Sept: "Mmm," Sera mused loudly. "How are you at antagonizing your superiors? Even if it's just internally."
(11:37:33) Minaplo: ["I'm good at antagonising them whilst looking friendly about it." She said brightly. "I do it to Gadfly all the time, he gets so cranky."]
(11:39:03) Sept: "Good. And you've got fraternizing with the enemy down. What else…?"
(11:39:35) Minaplo: ["Risky experiments?"]
(11:41:52) Sept: "Yeah! And acting like you're irreplaceable and don't care about the war even though you're completely at their mercy~"
(11:59:57) Minaplo: ["Yes~" She said with a laugh. "Acting like you want to be there, when you just want to run away…"]
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(12:05:05) Sept: "Yeah…" He looked back at Agatha with a contented sigh.
(12:14:04) Minaplo: [She just gave him a big old grin. "We're such a pair."]
(12:14:53) Sept: "Hmm. Why is that…?"
(12:21:09) Minaplo: ["Maybe we just complement one another? Like an Eva and her pilot?"]
(12:26:17) Sept: "Maybe. You've also seen inside my head…"
(12:30:43) Minaplo: ["… Like an Eva and her pilot…"]
(12:31:49) Sept: "… oh."
(12:32:42) Minaplo: ["Hehehe. Or maybe we're just both idiots."]
(12:35:16) Sept: "I don't mind. They're not mutually exclusive."
(12:38:18) Minaplo: ["Hehehe. That should be our motto."]
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(12:40:50) Sept: "And NERV's."
(12:41:46) Minaplo: ["Does it really work for NERV? 'Not Mutually Exclusive'?"]
(12:42:51) Sept: "No, the whole thing. Idiocy and WMDs aren't mutually exclusive, or something."
(12:43:44) Minaplo: ["Ahaha, oh. Oh, I see now."]
(12:47:36) Sept: "But I guess we can keep it to ourselves."
(12:48:03) Minaplo: ["Us and Cabbie-san."-
(12:48:09) Minaplo: [The cabbie twitched.]
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(12:50:35) Sept: "Hehehe. That's fine."-
(12:50:38) Sept: "I'll remember the license number."
(12:51:08) Minaplo: ["License numbers can be changed. Just remember his face."]
(12:51:50) Sept: "Even easier."
(13:04:15) Minaplo: [The cabbie was starting to sweat now.-
(13:04:19) Minaplo: ["Be nice, sweetie."]
(13:07:41) Sept: "I'll be sure to tip him well."
(13:13:39) Minaplo: ["How well we talking?"]
(13:17:46) Sept: "Half the fare?"
(13:18:22) Minaplo: ["Half the fare? I was thinking… Like a hundred thousand times that." Said Agatha. "Like maybe we could give him enough to retire on."]
(13:19:13) Sept: "That'd be interfering with people's lives, though…"
(13:20:38) Minaplo: ["What do you mean?"]
(13:21:46) Sept: "Haven't you seen what happens to people who suddenly get that kind of money?"
(13:29:58) Minaplo: ["Nope."]

(13:32:21) Sept: "They're not happy at all, most of the time!"-
(13:32:32) Sept: "And we're attracting enough attention as is…"
(13:35:03) Minaplo: ["You don't like doing that? A one second gesture of our time, and a whole lifetime altered?"]
(13:37:51) Sept: "Not in such a flippant way! That's not how you help people."
(13:38:19) Minaplo: ["But you do it all the time."]
(13:38:33) Sept: "No, I don't!"
(13:40:02) Minaplo: ["Sure you do, you just don't realise it."]
(13:42:49) Sept: "Like when!"
(13:43:19) Minaplo: ["Ever accidentally stepped on someone's house? Maybe an orphanage…?"]
(13:44:13) Sept: "Completely different," said Sera firmly.
(13:46:09) Minaplo: ["Is it?"]
(13:49:42) Sept: "Collateral damage is a more or less necessary side effect of what we do. Handing out fortunes to people you don't know is irresponsible, since you're doing it willingly without any idea of what will happen."
(13:50:47) Minaplo: ["Irrespective of situation or intent, sweetie, you can still alter whole lifetimes in a second."]
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(13:52:53) Sept: "Of course."
(13:53:18) Minaplo: ["Besides, he'll refuse anyway."]
(13:55:31) Sept: "Really? Is that true, Mr. Cabbie?"
(13:56:30) Minaplo: ["Uh-!"-
(13:56:50) Minaplo: [Cabbie-san glanced nervously up at the rear-view mirror. "Y-Yes."]
(13:58:52) Sept: An excited smile appeared on Sera's face. "Really?! Is there some kind of rule saying you can't accept it?"
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(14:14:09) Minaplo: ["No…"]
(14:16:39) Sept: "That's right!" Sera clapped his hands together and fell back in his seat, turning his attention back toward Agatha. "People are great, aren't they?"
(14:19:22) Minaplo: ["Hehehe."]
(14:19:53) Minaplo: ["What if I tried to persuade him?" Said Agatha brightly.]
(14:21:02) Sept: "That's not the point!"
(14:21:16) Minaplo: ["What was the point?"]
(14:25:20) Sept: "That people don't have terrible judgment?"
(14:26:20) Minaplo: ["I thought you were just asking to see if I was right or wrong."]
(14:27:56) Sept: "How did you know that, anyway?"
(14:28:55) Minaplo: ["Sweetie, they don't call me the 'Time Lord' for nothing…"]
(14:29:51) Sept: "They call you that?"
(14:34:37) Minaplo: ["Of course they do!"]
(14:37:24) Sept: "Okay."
(14:48:35) Minaplo: ["Hehehe."-
(14:48:55) Minaplo: [A few minutes later, however, and poor Cabbie-san's tribulation would come to an end.-
(14:49:30) Minaplo: ["Here we are, sweetie." Said Agatha, climbing out of the taxi over Sera's lap- and somehow making it look graceful and nimble. "Ginza."-
(14:59:50) Minaplo: [Such a confluence of lights he had never seen in France.-
(15:03:18) Minaplo: [The crowds themselves were thick and fast, the air filled with the chatter of a foreign tongue and the sounds of a foreign city. From above him, shining lights declaring the great labels of haute couture glared down at him, blotting out the stars above.]
(15:09:19) Sept: Once Cabbie-san was more than repaid for his personal sacrifices, Sera, too, climbed out. "Huh," was all he could say as his hands found his pockets and he stared at everything moving around them.
(15:16:32) Minaplo: ["Wonderful, isn't it? Any ideas on where to go first?"]
(15:18:38) Sept: "N-No. I wouldn't know the difference."
(15:21:28) Minaplo: ["Okay. Lemme put it like this… Clothes, shoes, face or underwear first?"]
(15:25:49) Sept: "Um. When did the last two enter the picture, and what does 'face' mean."
(15:51:00) Minaplo: ["The last two have always been in the picture since they became fashion, sweetie. And face means, you know- glasses, hats…"]
(15:52:53) Sept: "My glasses are non-negoatiable, Agatha. Is there something you'd like to start with? We've got all night."
(15:59:06) Minaplo: ["Pick one."]
(16:03:33) Sept: "Okay, shouldn't we start with clothes so we can match everything else?"
(16:07:30) Minaplo: ["There's a clever boy." Said Agatha with a grin. "Who first?"]
(16:09:27) Sept: "Me?" Sera suggested. "But where do we start looking?"
(16:10:28) Minaplo: ["Men's clothing stores. Let's see… What kind of style…"]
(16:11:53) Sept: "Should I have a style?"
(16:12:30) Minaplo: ["It helps, sweetie."]
(16:15:39) Sept: "We'll probably have to improvise. I don't like flashy things, but that doesn't help much…"
(16:26:12) Minaplo: ["Alright, let's start somewhere… Gentlemanly." Said Agatha. With a quick grin she offered Sera her arm.]
(16:31:04) Sept: He wrapped his arm around hers without hesitating. "Uh huh. Gentlemanly is fine. Not old-timey gentlemanly, but you know."
(16:36:15) Minaplo: ["No suspenders?"]
(16:37:42) Sept: "I don't think so."
(16:39:06) Minaplo: ["We'll try them anyway." She said lightly, heading off at a clip and tugging him along.]
(16:40:26) Sept: "Hehe. Sure." Sera kept apace with her to the best of his ability.
(18:01:22) Sept: And so the quest began, the myriad suppliers of formalwear ahead of them.-
(18:01:22) Sept: [Sera found himself in a black suit, the jacket about waist-length. Under it a white shirt, complete with suspenders and a red bowtie.]-
(18:01:22) Sept: "Not too gentlemanly, but… too presidential."-
(18:07:27) Sept: [Sera in a slightly longer light gray jacket and a bright red shirt, partially covered by a long, white victorian cravat descending from a brilliant blue gem on the front of his collar. The frills had taken over every bit of space in the ecosystem of the suit, protruding from under the collar and the sleeves.]
(18:07:27) Sept: "Too… pretty."-
(18:07:53) Sept: [Sera in a long-tailed tuxedo, black with green highlights over a light blue shirt and orange tie. A similarly green-tinted capelet covered his shoulders and elbows, descending to around waist-length behind him. A red-orange fez crowned the set.]
(18:07:53) Sept: "Too elaborate."
(18:08:12) Sept: [Sera in-]-
(18:08:12) Sept: "Too lewd."-
(18:08:49) Sept: And so the night went on, the two of them going through catalogues and stores at an abnormal speed.-
(18:10:20) Sept: "Almost ready," Sera said to himself in the changing room. "Sure you don't want to look for something for you for a change?"
(18:13:38) Minaplo: [Agatha sat outside, one leg folded over the other, waiting patiently. "I'm happy to wait~"]
(18:22:51) * Sept threw the coat on, long since having abandoned the concept that he shouldn't be tugging at the sleeves and hemlines of everything he tried on. He drew the curtain aside, spreading his arms - a gesture rather pointless without a consequent twirl.-
(18:34:34) Sept: It was another dark gray suit, past waist-length on all sides, the fabric on the collar bearing subtle embroidered shapes in the same color. The sleeves past the shoulders had short, loose straps of a darker textile in the shape of arrows - or perhaps angle brackets - with metal linings, mirrored by the cufflinks and buttons on the shirt collar. This gave the suit a bit of a military air to it. The shirt under the red tie was a dark blue with white, vertical stripes and a sharp, high collar.-
(18:35:02) Sept: "Hm?" Sera said, glancing down before looking back at Agatha, expression neutral.
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(18:38:03) Minaplo: ["Hm."-
(18:38:28) Minaplo: [Agatha appraised him for a few long, obvious moments, starting with his feet, then panning up slowly to his head.-
(18:39:48) Minaplo: [Eventually, like a cat unfurling, stood; she walked over to him and tugged slightly on the lapels.-
(18:40:01) Minaplo: ["Very, very… Not bad." She said with a grin.]
(18:41:57) Sept: "You think so?" Sera said, expectantly.
(18:45:33) Minaplo: ["I prefer the bow tie and suspenders myself, but this… Yeeeees." She said with twinkling eyes.]
(18:51:25) Sept: "Really? I think I'd be satisfied with this."
(18:51:46) Minaplo: ["Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm plenty satisfied."]
(18:52:49) Sept: "Hahaha. Well, I'm glad. If that was all you wanted, we wouldn't need to buy anything."
(18:54:56) Minaplo: ["Hehehe… Not done yet, though."]
(18:56:06) Sept: "But I should get this now, right?"
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(18:59:35) Minaplo: ["Sure."]
(19:00:49) Sept: "Want me to keep it on?"
(19:01:40) Minaplo: ["For now…~"]
(19:09:26) Sept: "No problem," Sera said confidently. "I'll just get the tags. Figure out where we're going, and I'll meet you outside?"
(19:12:33) Minaplo: ["I'll be waiting."]
(19:13:59) Sept: "If I'm not out in five minutes…"-
(19:16:26) Sept: It was about four minutes later that Sera walked out of the store, wearing his new suit, his casual clothes in a bag of luxurious paper. "So?"
(19:17:30) Minaplo: ["So now we look at shoes."]
(19:20:19) Sept: Sera nodded. "Shouldn't take long."
(13:31:11) Minaplo: ["Now, shoes for Sera… What do you prefer?"]
(13:35:21) Sept: "To go with the suit? Don't they all look sort of the same?"
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(13:42:19) Minaplo: ["Not so, sweetie. Some are white, some are black, some are brown, the material of course is important- leather, for example…"]
(13:47:26) Sept: "Alright. So I should just pick something that looks and feels nice? Leather's probably not the way to go."
(13:51:19) Minaplo: ["Aw, but leather's soft and shiny."]
(13:54:55) Sept: "What about something that's soft but not shiny?"
(14:01:52) Minaplo: ["Don't like shiny?"]
(14:02:49) Sept: "If I'm going to be shiny, I should be shiny all over."
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(14:15:49) Minaplo: ["Hm… Body paint?"]
(14:16:58) Sept: "Nope."
(14:18:10) Minaplo: ["Tch. Alright, I guess we'll find something…"]
(14:24:05) » Quit: Suzune (moc.rr.ser.yabapmat.551cfh1322356|enuzuS#moc.rr.ser.yabapmat.551cfh1322356|enuzuS) (Quit:)
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(14:39:27) Sept: "Right. Let's just see what there is."-
(14:43:45) Sept: About another hour later, what there was was a Sera further decked out, first of all, in matte black shoes. They were definitely more robust than dress shoes, but might pass for ones at a distance. Other loot he'd picked up in his bag were a variety of hair products (he'd refused the dreadlocks and other hairstyles he'd been pitched), some quality tobacco for Ritsuko, a surprisingly expansive collection of expensive underwear (reluctantly purchased), a kind of soft long-brimmed light brown hiker's hat to keep the sun out, a tie, a cravat and a pocket watch to tell time with.
(14:44:15) Sept: "I'm running out of space," Sera stated, as a status update.
(14:58:41) Minaplo: ["Then we need to find you a bag."]
(15:03:30) Sept: "Mm." Sera glanced down at his haul. "No, I've got space for all this in my travel bag. Let's find something else to do?"
(15:04:00) Minaplo: ["Hmm…"-
(15:04:16) Minaplo: ["Something that isn't clothes?" She suggested cautiously.]
(15:07:01) Sept: "Yeah! I've had fun, but they're not really my thing…"
(15:07:30) Minaplo: ["Hehehe. And we haven't even gotten around to looking for me."-
(15:07:38) Minaplo: [She grinned. "Something else, then. Theatre!"]
(15:08:01) Sept: "Theatre?"
(15:08:37) Minaplo: ["Theatre."]
(15:12:47) Sept: Sera nodded slowly. "I'd like that. Think there's anything good that's not sold out?"
(15:14:17) Minaplo: ["Musical concert?"]
(15:15:35) Sept: "Like classical?"
(15:17:35) Minaplo: ["Like music." Said Agatha with a shrug. "Any kind. Maybe we could go see a rock band…"]
(15:22:28) Sept: "Theatre sounds like a good plan A. But it's not like I'm worn out. If you'd rather see a concert…" Sera shrugged in turn, with a smile.
(15:22:48) Minaplo: ["I'm happy with whatever. All of this is fun for me~"]
(15:25:28) Sept: "Okay! Let's go see if there's places around with plays I can understand. It's been a long time since I got to see anything…"
(15:32:44) Minaplo: […-
(15:33:59) Minaplo: [They'd been lucky; the particular show they'd gone to see had been booked out, but at the last second a girl standing outside had sold them her two tickets, as her date had stood her up.-
(15:34:47) Minaplo: [And what a show he'd given up, and what seats! They were front and centre, close enough to be able to see the actors clearly, yet kept a respectable distance back and thus able to absorb everything.-
(15:35:45) Minaplo: [It was a historical piece, in the sense that it was based sometime in history and thus able to absorb facets from all across that great homogenous period known as 'Older than 60 years'. A historian would've wept.-
(15:37:03) Minaplo: [But shows are about acting, skill and entertainment, not about accuracy- and this one was accomplished at all three. It was about a Japanese warlord named Oda Nobunaga, who had been one of Japan's great unifiers. The tale itself was a highly embellished and sympathetic account of his life.-
(15:39:01) Minaplo: [The actor who played Nobunaga had once been a rock star of some fame, who had retired from the music scene abruptly in 2010 to go into acting; although mocked at the time, he had since become one of Japan's most famous and lauded champions of the stage.]
(15:40:05) » Quit: Raphael (ua.ten.letxof.dlq.581-95-291-271-epc|leahpaR#ua.ten.letxof.dlq.581-95-291-271-epc|leahpaR) (Quit: <Suzune> don't be silly <Suzune> DnD doesn't have sex crime laws)
(15:50:21) * Sept was engrossed in watching the play, despite the obvious hurdle of speaking barely a word of Japanese. He followed the characters' movements around the stage with a focused expression on his face, only rarely leaning over to whisper questions to Agatha.-
(15:50:52) Sept: "Why's this guy dead, now?"
(15:53:26) Minaplo: ["Nobunaga's a bad student."]
(15:55:24) Sept: "Ahh."
(16:05:10) Minaplo: [By an hour in, Oda would feature in his first battle, one where he seemed to be outnumbered ten to one and all his allies wanted to surrender; yet he himself just laughed at them cockily then went on to win anyway.-
(16:05:29) Minaplo: [It was also around this time Sera began to suspect that Oda might have actually been Yanmei in a past life.]
(16:15:14) Sept: A likely guess. Sera sat in open-mouthed wonder at his bravery and foreign military prowess.
(16:27:41) Minaplo: [Except before long, that foreign military prowess began to become a lot more familiar.-
(16:28:34) Minaplo: [There'd been a lot of swords in this show. Swords, spears, bows- but now that Oda was ascendant, there were guns. Matchlock muskets, serried in a row, shooting down brave horsemen and brave samurai, each time Oda looking on with a cocky smile.]
(16:34:53) Sept: Could it actually be a pro-UEF sentiment in the production, then…? Sera spent more than a little time considering this during the longer dialogue scenes.
(16:37:55) Minaplo: ["European guns." Murmured Agatha to Sera. "Oda's really open to foreign ideas. Guns, religion…"]
(16:41:18) Sept: "Oh. And the people are okay with it?"
(16:50:25) Minaplo: ["No, of course not. But it doesn't matter because he's winning."]
(16:52:46) Sept: "Aw."
(16:53:11) Minaplo: ["Some people are okay with it, I mean, most of the peasants don't care so long as they're safe, but the lords, the monks, those with power…"]
(16:57:05) Sept: "I understood that much," Sera whispered proudly
(16:57:08) Sept: .
(16:57:34) Minaplo: [Indeed, it was easy to pick up on, considering ten screaming Buddhist monks in saffron robes were being nailed to crosses.-
(16:58:01) Minaplo: [They went out for an intermission just as Oda had defeated the Takeda and was getting ready to march on Kyoto.-
(16:58:12) Minaplo: ["How're you going?" Said Agatha. "You looked… Damn engrossed~"]
(17:01:42) Sept: "Yeah, I like it a lot! I don't think I would've thought to come out without you…"
(17:03:27) Minaplo: ["Even though you don't understand the language." Said Agatha; she was positively glowing. "That's excellent!"]
(17:05:28) Sept: "Y-Yeah, well…" Sera fidgeted with his hands. "I just- like seeing them be so into it…"
(17:06:23) Minaplo: ["All that passion on full view, huh?"}
(17:08:58) Sept: "Mm." He looked back up at Agatha with a warm smile, though the fidgeting continued. "We used to go to a lot of open air performances, we couldn't hear what they were saying then either, except when they were yelling."-
(17:10:31) Sept: "But Freya had always seen it before me, so she knew what was going on. Or other times she could just figure it out, because she, um, wasn't a complete dolt."
(17:11:41) Minaplo: ["Hehehe." She leaned in close, wrapped an arm around his shoulder, then brought her hand up to ruffle his hair; probably scandalising some Japanese couple nearby. "But now things are different."]
(17:14:26) Sept: "Hehe, maybe." Sera smiled wider. "Her parents were actors, you know…"
(17:15:52) Minaplo: ["Oh, really?"]
(17:20:07) Sept: "Not necessarily! But that's why she had to know so much about theater, so she could talk about it with me. And she liked it just as much."
(17:21:10) Minaplo: ["That's great. Did she ever do any acting?"]
(17:21:55) Sept: "Good question," Sera grinned.
(17:23:52) Minaplo: ["What, you never saw her act?"]
(17:28:16) Sept: "Well, no, she recapped pieces she'd seen with me, but I was making, I mean if she-"
(17:28:22) Sept: "Yeah. She acted."
(17:36:11) Minaplo: ["Hehehe. I wonder what you'd be like as a big movie star."]
(17:37:26) Sept: "Nuh-uh," Sera laughed. "Wouldn't be me anymore."
(17:37:51) Minaplo: ["Nah. And that's fine." She said, going in for the full contact dual-armed cuddle-hug.-
(17:37:58) Minaplo: ["You hungry? Want me to get you something to eat?"]
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(17:43:22) Sept: In this hug, Sera refused to be the victim any longer and responded by heartily embracing her.-
(17:43:52) Sept: "No, I'll be fine. We can get something after…"
(17:44:49) » Minaplo|Out is now known as Minaplo
(17:45:31) Minaplo: ["Okeydokey!"-
(17:45:57) Minaplo: [Agatha was warm, warmer than the air. And her grin had only widened at Sera's requition.-
(17:47:12) Minaplo: ["Gotta go back in a minute."]
(17:48:04) Sept: "Okay," Sera said, and didn't move.
(17:52:33) Minaplo: ["Hehe." She didn't shift either; in fact her grip tightened.-
(17:52:39) Minaplo: ["I bet we're embarrassing 'em all around."]
(17:53:12) Sept: "Better than scaring 'em…"
(17:53:41) Minaplo: ["We could do that too~"]
(17:55:36) Sept: "I've been scared. It's not nice."
(17:55:51) Minaplo: ["Mmm, true. Not of me?"]
(17:56:18) Sept: "Nah."
(17:58:53) Minaplo: ["Hehe."-
(18:00:21) Minaplo: ["You'll remember tonight, won't you?"]
(18:04:06) Sept: "Yeah. Of course I will."
(18:12:45) Minaplo: ["Good." She said, a little breathlessly.-
(18:12:49) Minaplo: [… A bell chimed.-
(18:13:06) Minaplo: ["Oops. Time to go back in." She said, finally pulling away. Her smile became a little… Sad.]
(18:16:57) Sept: Sera let go as well, and nodded sharply. His hands stayed intertwined in front of him. Maybe they could preserve a bit of that moment's warmth? "Yeah. The war's not gonna wait, huh?"
(18:17:21) Minaplo: ["Afraid not."]
(18:21:01) Sept: "So let's finish the show. Come on." He offered her his hand.
(18:21:43) Minaplo: [And she took it, entwining her smooth fingers with his own.]
(18:42:52) Sept: […]-
(18:52:01) Sept: Eventually, finally, certainly more than a "couple of hours" after he'd left Michael, Sera returned to his hotel. He dug through his pockets to find the key card and opened the door to the suite he shared with Michael. "Eeey," he called in, kicking the door shut with his heel as he laid down his bag, its thin cord leaving marks on his good hand by now. His new suit still looked to be in good shape, though one shoulder — like Sera's cheek — seemed to remain stained with red.
(18:55:31) Minaplo: [Two people sat around the room's kitchen table.-
(19:09:08) Minaplo: [One of them was Michael. He was a little red in the face, his hair dishevelled, the top buttons of his shirt undone. He had his arm around the shoulders of…-
(19:09:17) Minaplo: [Maya Ibuki, looking equally dishevelled, although much more red in the face.-
(19:12:18) Minaplo: [On the table between them stood the demolished remains of the Feast. A large ceramic pasta dish, only a few scraps of lasagna remaining… A quarter of a cheesecake, sitting forlornly between two empty bottles of sake, one half-finished bottle of claret and two lopsided brandy bottles. Between all this detritus lay some very colourful boardgames, many of them only half-finished.-
(19:15:10) Minaplo: [The two of them both slowly turned toward Sera.-
(19:15:12) Minaplo: ["…"-
(19:15:23) Minaplo: ["You- din't call." Said Michael darkly.-
(19:15:26) Minaplo: [Maya only went redder.]
(19:17:08) Sept: "…" Sera took the time to properly assess the situation, hands frozen on the front of his suit jacket where he'd began to take it off.-
(19:17:38) Sept: "You were serious."-
(19:17:43) Sept: "I'm gonna go away and get a different room for the night."
(19:18:31) Minaplo: ["Fine." Said Michael shortly. "You… Go take Maya's bed. Maya, you- you can sleep with me."-
(19:18:48) Minaplo: ["With- in- Sera's bed." He amended quickly, as Maya began to let out a low horrified squeaking noise.]
(19:20:28) Sept: "Yeah?" Sera said, cautiously. "Is that okay?"
(19:20:46) Minaplo: ["… O-Okay." Whispered Maya.]
(19:23:03) Sept: "You got the key?"
(19:23:28) Minaplo: [Maya fumbled within her jacket for a few seconds before pulling the key out and tossing it clumsily onto the floor.]
(19:24:36) * Sept carefully crouched down and reached out to grab it, as if everything was cool and the deal would go down as agreed upon.-
(19:24:55) Sept: "Have a good night. Don't waste it."-
(19:25:14) Sept: "I sleep lightly, so just knock if you want to switch back."
(19:26:24) Minaplo: [Maya nodded quickly, too mortified to speak.]
(19:30:31) Sept: And with that, Sera slipped back out of the suite, leaving the bag of souvenirs and now-empty food containers by the door.-
(19:31:49) Sept: Outside, he stopped to breathe a sigh of relief before heading out to look for Maya's hotel room, a spring in his step.

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