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(19:05:01) Minaplo: […-
(19:05:23) Minaplo: [The room was crisp and cool, unlike the outside. The blankets folded around him, a snug, warm cocoon.-
(19:05:25) Minaplo: […-
(19:06:29) Minaplo: [A sudden intrusion. A light jab on the shoulder- then, the smell of cooking food in the air: the fluffy, light smell of rice, the salty, oily smell of fish, the heavy meaty aroma of frying bacon.]
(19:09:14) Sept: "Don't cook in here…" Sera mumbled, rolling over onto his back without opening his eyes.
(19:12:02) Minaplo: [The prodding continued. "Hey."]
(19:14:40) Sept: It wasn't Liline. In fact, it wasn't hostile at all… Still, Sera opened his eyes, quickly. "H-Hey…?"
(19:15:48) Minaplo: [Someone was holding his glasses out to him.-
(19:19:54) Minaplo: [Once he had a moment to focus, he'd realise it was none other than Ritsuko. Her hair was messy, and she was wearing a pair of bright canary yellow flannel pyjamas, adorned with little cartoon cats chasing birds.]
(19:26:17) Sept: "Ah." Sera looked alert for a moment, accepting and trying on the glasses. Then his head flopped back onto the incredibly soft pillow, his untidy hair snaking out in every direction, trying to escape onto the sheets.
(19:26:22) Sept: "Hello."
(19:26:55) Minaplo: ["You're looking very un-Maya like." Said Ritsuko.]
(19:28:46) Sept: "Situation expected to remain stable."-
(19:29:01) Sept: "We swapped because of circumstances."
(19:29:13) Minaplo: ["Circumstances."]
(19:32:39) * Sept elbowed his way up to a sitting position, the blankets covering him from the waist down. He'd left his clothes on the chair by the bed, but maybe he should go back to his more modest attire.-
(19:32:45) Sept: "Yeah. Sorry."
(19:39:15) Minaplo: ["Oh well." She said abruptly, turning back toward the kitchen. "You get breakfast, Maya doesn't."]
(19:41:24) Sept: "Oh. Nice." Sera scooched over to the side of the bed and began the process of digging out his casual uniform from under the layers of bare food containers and loot -
(19:43:38) Sept: "I got you some smokes yesterday as a… souvenir, I guess?" He said, pulling his plain white shirt out from under everything else in the bag and putting it on. "I thought you might be too busy with stuff. I can gift wrap it and make a ceremony out of it back home, if you want."
(19:45:51) Minaplo: ["Haha. Gift wrap smokes? Don't go that far." She Ritsuko with a wry smile.-
(19:45:56) Minaplo: ["Thanks, though. Good brand?"]
(19:46:23) Sept: "So the guy said. I can't read the label."
(19:56:56) Minaplo: ["Heh."-
(19:56:59) Minaplo: ["Juice?"]
(19:58:48) Sept: "Yes, please." Sera got up out of the bed and pulled on his jeans, hopping a little.
(20:04:42) Minaplo: [Before long, Sera would be sitting down at the table; before him was a bowl of steamed rice, around which sat half a dozen plates- one had strips of grilled fish cooked in garlic and lemon oil, another had a few rashers of bacon, another had scrambled eggs; then of course the glass of juice.-
(20:05:01) Minaplo: [Ritsuko sat opposite, said a few words of gratitude in Japanese, then began to eat.-
(20:05:06) Minaplo: ["So how was your date?"]
(20:07:27) * Sept gave his prayerlets, too, having shared a table with the Akagis more than enough times. He piled on a bit of everything onto his plate, taking his time with his response.
(20:07:33) Sept: "It was nice."
(20:09:00) Minaplo: ["Yeah? Get up to much?"]
(20:10:52) Sept: "Shopping, theater, dining. It took a bit of effort to warm me up to the first one."
(20:11:45) Minaplo: ["Heh. Where'd you go? Somewhere crowded?"]
(20:12:17) Sept: "We started in Ginza."-
(20:13:10) * Sept stuffed his mouth with rice, bacon and scrambled eggs.
(20:13:28) Minaplo: ["Woof." Said Ritsuko with a wince. "Ginza?"]
(20:18:39) Sept: "Mm," Sera nodded, swallowing. "I guess it's expensive, then?"

(11:32:34) Minaplo: ["Yeah, pretty damn expensive." Said Ritsuko, her grimace fading into a wry smile. "One of the most expensive fashion malls on the planet. You have no idea how quickly Sho used to blow her budget in there…"]
(11:35:51) Sept: "Huh. Think it's worth the price?" Sera swirled the juice around in his glass idly.
(11:38:19) Minaplo: ["Worth is… Relevant." Said Ritsuko. "There's dresses in there that probably get sold for ten times what they're worth in sheer material cost. But the designer adds value too, because of the skills they had to work to develop…"-
(11:39:05) Minaplo: ["… Ultimately, that's subjective though. I don't personally think it's worth it, no. But talent runs rarer than textiles."]
(11:40:46) Sept: "Hm. That's fine, then."
(11:41:55) Minaplo: ["Not very practical stuff either, if your idea of practical is based on how comfortable it is, or how useful it is in day-to-day work. But… Impressing other people can be practical too, which is why it's so popular."]
(11:46:56) Sept: "I don't know who I'd want to impress with extravagant clothing."-
(11:47:45) Sept: "But I don't think it's a waste."
(11:49:10) Minaplo: ["The 'obvious' answer is 'girls'. Or boys, if you're a girl. Well, men and women, at that price tag…"-
(11:49:21) Minaplo: ["But usually it's people who don't have it but want it."]
(11:51:37) Sept: "Aww. I'm not one of those people, right? Who people think is living some high life in their own little bubble?"
(11:53:34) Minaplo: ["No one who knows you thinks so, I'm sure…"]
(11:59:35) Sept: "Eh. Wish I could have an outlet independent of all this military stuff. Just as a person." Bacon and rice didn't go together as badly as one might've thought.
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(12:13:22) Minaplo: ["What about that girl you brought back from the slums?"]
(12:13:53) Sept: "What about her?"
(12:14:44) Minaplo: ["Isn't she an independent outlet?"]
(12:16:23) Sept: "I mean more of a way for me to dispel rumors."
(12:17:03) Minaplo: ["… Oh, you want a PR manager."]
(12:18:59) Sept: "You think Élodie'd be interested? But, no, I don't want a manager…"
(12:20:53) Minaplo: ["So you want a way to 'dispel rumours' in a… Casual fashion?"]
(12:28:16) Sept: "Well, okay, talking realistically, I can't affect the world at large without going through press or doing something really impressive like stopping a battle by myself."-
(12:33:27) Sept: "But on the Dorian, I… guess I am talking about image. Like I come across as so unapproachable that no one would come to me even if it was in their interest."
(12:34:08) Minaplo: ["Mmm." Said Ritsuko, nodding; she had just taken a mouthful of rice.]
(12:44:01) Sept: "If they knew they could, surely someone by now would've stopped me and gone 'hey, Sera, my superiors want to inject magic crystals into me, but we're pretty worried about it and they won't give it to us straight, what's up'."
(12:46:30) Minaplo: ["So then, why do you think you come across as so unapproachable?"]
(12:48:09) Sept: "Because all they hear about me is the fights I got into."
(12:48:31) Minaplo: ["Mmmhm?"]
(12:49:33) Sept: "Well, those make for better rumors, don't they?"
(12:50:26) Minaplo: ["Is that necessarily the reason, though? You're on a military ship, with NeoSpartans and Iron Guard…"]
(12:58:33) Sept: "Well, that's what I assumed. Otherwise, it should be pretty clear I spend a lot of my time trying to raise issues that could be important for people."
(12:59:09) Minaplo: ["Mmmhm?"]
(13:04:11) Sept: "Yeah. I always thought, even if I come across as- Idunno, uncouth or something in the moment, they'd still know I'm that guy who can talk about the weird shit we're constantly doing."
(13:05:02) Minaplo: ["Like what?"]
(13:08:09) Sept: "Evas, bioexotics, clones, Solomons, I mentioned soul-binding crystals, Angels…"-
(13:08:31) Sept: "Actually, scratch that. Zeruel doesn't need my help."
(13:10:46) Minaplo: ["Alright, addressed in what way exactly? You talk about raising these important issues, but… Who are you raising them to? The common soldier in the rank and file?"]
(13:17:57) Sept: "Yeah, I understand that problem, too. I mostly only know NeoSpartans and other people who're as mired in the stuff as I am."
(13:19:29) Minaplo: ["Yeah. So on the one hand it's great to raise these issues, but on the other hand you may be speaking to people who know it as well or better than you… Or are doing things like drafting Bioexotic treaties."]
(13:23:00) Sept: "I mean, there's echelons of weird shit above those people, too, but I guess that's different."-
(13:23:34) Sept: "So how does a Sera reach out to the other soldiers? Weekly radio show on the Dorian?"
(13:23:53) Minaplo: ["Weren't you having Alex help you out on this…?"]
(13:24:52) Sept: "I'm not having him do anything, he's being a nuisance!"
(13:26:06) Minaplo: ["That's not what I heard from Maya…"]
(13:27:44) Sept: "Hrrm."
(13:28:54) Minaplo: ["But here's the thing: what does reaching out to the soldiers actually accomplish? Keeping them informed is fine, but if you start spreading info that command wants kept down-low, people are going to become angry."]
(13:32:29) Sept: "Sure," Sera nodded. "Do you think we should keep doing whatever we want without our own people knowing about it?"
(13:34:22) Minaplo: ["You know it's not that simple." Said Ritsuko. "You know there are reasons for keeping the Eternity Tears a secret; it's too easy for someone to fall into enemy hands and explain what they do."-
(13:34:48) Minaplo: ["So yes, sometimes doing what we have to-" she stressed the words very clearly "… Is best done when the details are kept secret."]
(13:37:04) Sept: "I know. I hate it," Sera said simply.-
(13:37:22) Sept: "What is it you have to do, Ritsuko?"
(13:38:11) Minaplo: ["Hm?"]
(13:40:21) Sept: "I don't know. Is there some reason you're sticking it out with us, other than Tsubaki?"
(13:40:52) Minaplo: ["Oh."-
(13:42:34) Minaplo: ["My friends are here for one." Said Ritsuko. "And I prefer the AEC to Mary Caine. That's basically it." She said with a shrug.]
(13:49:09) Sept: "Yeah. Sorry about that. Wanna talk about something easier?"
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(13:51:43) Minaplo: ["Sure."-
(13:51:51) Minaplo: ["So, Ginza. What else?"]
(13:54:47) Sept: "Theater in Japanese. Nobunaga."
(13:55:00) Minaplo: ["Oh? How'd you find that?"]
(13:56:41) Sept: "It was great. A lot of yelling and soliloquies."
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(14:04:23) Minaplo: ["Heh. You were able to follow the story alright?"]
(14:05:46) Sept: "Yeah. She translated for me a bit."
(14:09:40) Minaplo: ["Mmm."-
(14:09:45) Minaplo: ["Your impression of him overall?"]
(14:13:41) Sept: "I think the play was a bit political, so maybe it's not a good source. But they made him seem like a strong leader. New weapons, new ideology by the force of said weapons… It's a conqueror's mentality."
(14:16:21) Minaplo: ["Mmm. It's not too far off, in all honesty… All traits he was famous for. That and cruelty, of course."]
(14:16:53) Sept: "But I guess that part's painted more favorably a lot."
(14:19:31) Minaplo: ["Oh, well. Not exactly… Nobunaga's often painted as the villain."]
(14:20:20) Sept: "Ahh."
(14:20:50) Minaplo: ["But he's also a popular character for 'complex' re-evaluations. 'Was he really as bad as all that, look at all the things he did'…"]
(14:22:58) Sept: "Uh huh. A little perennial controversy?"
(14:27:39) Minaplo: ["That's about right."]
(14:33:26) Sept: "I'd never properly attended good theater, so I didn't realize it was something I could do."-
(14:34:55) Sept: "After that, we had a short dinner thing and continued on a picnic."
(14:35:58) Minaplo: ["A picnic!" Ritsuko grinned. "What food?"]
(14:37:35) Sept: "Michael had made this… everything, but I'd already agreed to go out, so he gave me some of the everything. Lasagnas and curries and stuff."-
(14:37:41) Sept: "It's not really normal picnic food, is it?"
(14:42:31) Minaplo: ["Hahahaha. No! It isn't. But…"-
(14:43:15) Minaplo: [She shrugged. "Chii and Yanmei went out to buy souvenirs; Mana and I got the invite instead. I ended up having more than my fair share, but Maya was packing it all away…"]
(14:45:05) Sept: "Ahh." Sera said, with a hint of embarrassment. "You've had me at an advantage."
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(14:47:37) Minaplo: ["Hehehe."]
(14:58:27) * Sept smiled abashedly and looked away, leaning back from his cleaned-out plate.-
(14:58:43) Sept: "That reminds me… I wanted to ask for your advice on something that's maybe sensitive."
(15:07:35) Minaplo: ["Oho."]
(15:10:38) Sept: "And without any weird preconceptions."-
(15:11:48) Sept: "Do you think it's possible Agatha has some kind of connection or advantage over me, maybe because of her genetic makeup?"
(15:12:46) Minaplo: ["Hm. Possible. What kind of advantage are you talking about?"]
(15:14:08) Sept: "O… kay. So, whenever. Hm." Sera shifted in his seat uncomfortably and made an effort to look at Ritsuko directly.-
(15:17:04) Sept: "First of all, she always knows what to say to put me at ease. But she's- been in my head before, so it's not strange."-
(15:20:39) Sept: "But whenever I see her, or talk to her, I — I have to be careful with my expressions — my thoughts stop for a moment, or they're shuffled, and I lose anger."
(15:24:13) Minaplo: ["So you can't help but be at ease around her. Almost to the point where you stop caring about… Keeping your thoughts in order?"]
(15:27:14) Sept: "Maybe. I wouldn't think anything of it if it was just her being nice, but I'm almost certain it was there from the first time I met her."-
(15:28:07) Sept: "And if it was malicious, it's really unlikely it'd be effective against an active AT field opposed to it, let alone an Eva…"
(15:32:36) Minaplo: ["Agreed. Not many could affect that Field of yours."-
(15:35:12) Minaplo: ["It's not my… Strong suit, admittedly- you'd need to talk to Yui." Said Ritsuko. "But I believe it could be some genetic thing… There's some kind of effect that's supposed to stop you from experiencing attractions to those with similar DNA to you, but it requires long exposure, and if you don't have it the effect can be pretty powerful."]
(15:37:34) Sept: "Um. You're talking about things like familial connections?"
(15:38:25) Minaplo: ["Mm."]
(15:40:16) Sept: "Mm," Sera echoed. "I don't know what to think about that."
(15:43:58) Minaplo: ["Well, if it is a genetic thing, then it isn't a conscious effort on her part."]
(15:46:49) Sept: "On her part, yeah. Still… It wouldn't be much of a plot, would it?"
(15:47:31) Minaplo: ["Probably not."]
(15:51:19) Sept: "Yeah, what's she gonna do, have her killed as soon as I care?" Sera joked.-
(15:51:32) Sept: "Hmh. Thanks."
(15:53:00) Minaplo: ["Heh, don't mention it."]
(15:55:34) Sept: "Oh, and the breakfast was great. Maya should be jealous."
(15:56:23) Minaplo: ["Ha! Thanks." Said Ritsuko with a grin. "I worked pretty hard on it."-
(15:56:32) Minaplo: ["… Do you reckon Michael's treating her to a breakfast of his own?"]
(15:57:13) Sept: "Dunno," Sera shrugged playfully. "Might be less colorful, depending on their hangovers."
(16:08:54) Minaplo: ["Oh dear, hangovers…"]
(16:11:08) Sept: "Hehe. Well, I have no idea if they kept going after I saw them."
(16:11:51) Minaplo: ["I hope they didn't. Maya's not great with alcohol."]
(16:12:19) Sept: "They've got time to sober up on the flight back, though."
(16:18:50) Minaplo: ["That much is true. Imagine the night you could've had, though…"]
(16:19:42) Sept: "What, getting wasted with Michael?"
(16:25:54) Minaplo: ["Yeah!" She let out a long laugh.]
(16:31:13) Sept: "Oh, boy, I'm sure I'll have plenty of chances for that yet…"
(16:37:35) Minaplo: ["Heh. Well, I'm… Happy stuff's working out with you and Agatha at least."]
(16:39:56) Sept: "Yeah, me too." Sera yawned and stretched in his chair.-
(16:40:09) Sept: "Think those two are up yet? Or should we give them a bit more time?"
(16:46:58) Minaplo: ["Let's bother 'em."]
(16:48:19) Sept: "Cool," Sera said, getting up. The day was starting well.

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