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(15:59:08) Minaplo: [Tsubaki stood alone in the testing room; Sera could see her bored expression clearly through the glass window.-
(15:59:38) Minaplo: [Around her, piled perfectly straight up to her chest, were wooden building blocks. They had been stacked there telepathically.-
(16:00:38) Minaplo: [All of the candidates for remote synchronisation had taken some time to adjust, but of them all Tsubaki had been the quickest. At first she had posed something of a logistical conundrum in that trying to make 'sleepy' Tsubaki train the connection had been difficult, but once a little progress had been gained, it snowballed, until today.-
(16:01:26) Minaplo: ["That was the last test she needed to pass." Said Dr. Luna Riel. "It looks like we can verify that she has achieved full, remote synchronisation."]
(16:08:47) Sept: "So… what happens now?" Sera asked, always careful to celebrate.
(16:09:44) Minaplo: [Tsubaki walked through the door and stretched. "Now we celebrate." She said happily. "Right?"-
(16:09:56) Minaplo: ["There's nothing more to do here. You're free to go." Said Luna.-
(16:10:14) Minaplo: ["Good." Tsubaki turned with a smirk toward Sera.]
(16:13:31) Sept: "Right!" Sera nodded to Luna, leading the way out and opening the door for Tsubaki. "Shakes or Ritsuko?"
(16:14:34) Minaplo: ["I'll call her on the way. Your shout, right?"]
(16:15:49) Sept: "I'll pay for them."
(16:16:41) Minaplo: ["Whee."-
(16:16:43) Minaplo: […-
(16:17:30) Minaplo: [And so a few minutes later they were happily ensconsced within Blue's bar, strategically positioned so Tsubaki could keep an eye on the bar itself.]
(16:25:31) * Sept had ordered himself some kind of fruity milkshake he wasn't sure of himself, and was now sitting opposite Tsubaki, occasionally glancing at the entrance, but mostly looking at Tsubaki very intently.-
(16:25:42) Sept: "How does it feel?"
(16:32:33) Minaplo: [Tsubaki closed her eyes at him and smiled. "Have you ever felt suffocated or like, chained up somewhere for a very long time? It's like leaving that forever. It feels super wonderful. Like I could conquer the world!"]
(16:42:37) Sept: Sera smiled right back at her. "I don't think I've felt exactly that way. But I know what you mean. I'm really happy it went so… well."
(16:45:10) Minaplo: ["Were you worried~?"]
(16:46:01) Sept: "I'm still worried!"
(16:48:16) Minaplo: ["Huh? Why?"]
(16:49:28) Sept: "Well, you've had time and everything, but it's a huge change in your life, isn't it?"
(16:50:50) Minaplo: ["Oh. I thought you meant 'might die or freak out'-worried…"-
(16:52:15) Minaplo: [Tsubaki took a long, thoughtful sigh. "It's a reclamation than a change. It'll take time to really adjust, yeah, but it's all stuff I used to do once anyway, now just different, but not that/ different."]
(16:58:04) Sept: "You're really not worried about jinxing it. But I guess it hasn't been //that
(17:11:10) Minaplo: ["Jinxing it… C'mon. Don't give me that downer stuff." Said Tsubaki. She held out her milkshake glass. "A toast to finally burying stupid Tsubaki forever."]
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(17:27:28) * Sept sat up straight, but didn't move his yet-untouched glass yet.-
(17:27:36) Sept: "Aww. If I can't be a downer about this, I don't think you can be mean."
(17:31:00) Mianplo: ["Oh, c'mon…"]
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(17:33:23) Sept: "Well, I don't like it," Sera said mock-haughtily. "To conquering the world?" Sera offered his glass to her.
(17:35:33) Minaplo: ["To conquering the world from stupid Tsubakis." She said, clinking her glass against his.]
(17:42:34) Sept: "Hrrm," Sera relented and took a long drink from his smoothie, sealing the covenant.
(17:46:43) Minaplo: [And Tsubaki took a long, long draft of her own; when she lowered her a glass, a pinkish milk moustache clung to her upper lip.-
(17:46:50) Minaplo: ["Mmm. Guess what I can do now?"]
(17:48:40) Sept: "What's that?"
(17:50:49) Minaplo: ["Everything."]
(17:58:02) * Sept took another sip, licked his lips and nodded.-
(17:58:26) Sept: "Anything I can help you with?"
(18:00:57) Minaplo: ["You can help make everything I do more fun! Like you are right now." She said glowingly.]
(18:04:14) Sept: "Oh! I can keep doing that."
(18:06:38) Minaplo: ["You can. Like the way we can enjoy a milkshake together and sensible conversation without me having to suck it through a flask or coat myself in LCL." Said Tsubaki.-
(18:07:01) Minaplo: ["In fact I've been so-o-ooo busy with practice that I haven't been keeping too close an eye on you recently. What've you been up to?"]
(18:08:53) Sept: "Ever since I got back, nothing but paperwork, it feels like. I'm still waiting for decisions for some of the applications…"
(18:13:01) Minaplo: ["Mmmhm. Oh right, you went on that thing."]
(18:13:21) Sept: "What, you didn't miss me?"
(18:26:17) Minaplo: ["I found time to miss you in between the bouts of being worried sick about you." She said, an edge of sulkiness to her voice.]
(18:29:01) Sept: "Sorry," Sera said, with a one-sided smile. "I had to do it."
(18:43:41) Minaplo: ["Yeah, I know. You got your friend back, too, huh. People are a little spooked."]
(18:44:08) Sept: "Huh?"
(18:44:17) Minaplo: ["About your friend."]
(18:44:26) Sept: "What about her?"
(18:44:53) Minaplo: ["Well she's your friend, so now people are expecting to find unicorns and stuff…"]
(18:48:15) Sept: It took a moment for the confusion and apprehension on Sera's face to clear out and be replaced by a sullen pout. "I was worried…"
(18:49:05) Minaplo: ["Aw, geez. Sorry." Said Tsubaki with a grimace. "Well, I meant it seriously too. Only a few people- Yanmei and such- bit worried about her being, y'know… Cainebaby."]
(18:52:39) Sept: "I know," Sera said, eyeing his smoothie with a concerned look. "But she's the best at that sort of thing. If people can hate Freya despite our best efforts… Well."
(18:53:16) Minaplo: ["Hate's a pretty strong word. They don't hate her. Probably won't."]
(18:54:21) Sept: "Yeah…"
(18:55:04) Minaplo: ["So what's she up to anyway?"[
(18:59:31) Sept: "Well, right now she's still being held with Raskova. Don't think she has much of a plan for after, yet."
(19:02:18) Minaplo: ["Oh right, yeah, that makes sense. What're your plans for after, then?"]
(19:07:07) Sept: "I don't really know, either. We'll have to figre out if we want to move together. I guess we'll have to try and unravel all the dumb war and Caine baggage that's out there."

(11:16:13) Mianplo: ["Always with the war baggage…"]
(11:20:24) Sept: "Is that a problem?"
(11:36:58) Mianplo: ["Well the baggage is, isn't it?"]
(11:42:12) Sept: "Mm. That's what I think."
(11:43:20) Mianplo: ["That all sounds like a pain in the arse, though."]
(11:46:44) Sept: "It is. How do you mean?"
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(11:50:28) Mianplo: ["Well to me, it's more important to actually fix real problems like… Ending the war. Making people happier and healthier, that kind of thing. This is just sort of… Politics."]
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(11:59:15) Sept: "…I understand. But maybe there's things we can only do when we're at war?"
(12:01:53) Mianplo: ["Like what?"]
(12:09:14) Sept: "It's… hard to explain all of it. At least, I'd feel guilty starting a discussion about the fate of Angels and Destiny and Earth only after the war is over. And I've always hoped the war would… change people somehow."-
(12:10:05) Sept: "That sounds heartless. And historically unlikely, Sera finished, returning to drain the rest of his sweet-tasting drink.
(12:10:11) Sept: "
(12:11:34) Mianplo: ["I get it, I think. You're hoping the war makes people more open to talking about this sort of stuff."]
(12:15:27) * Sept finished his smoothie, licked his lips again and leaned back lazily in his seat. "But not just so that we could tell them what we're going to do."-
(12:15:35) Sept: "I wanna be useless."
(12:16:13) Mianplo: [To her credit, Tsubaki resisted the impulse to smirk. "Useless- to them?"]
(12:20:07) Sept: "I guess…? If you want me to be useful to you, I'd still. Hm." Sera paused for a moment, looking over at the entrance. "Yeah, I'd like to still be around."
(12:24:24) Mianplo: ["I'd like you to be around too." Said Tsubaki lightly. "You might wanna slow down and explain what you really mean though."]
(12:28:50) Sept: "Huh? If you want me to be around, I'd like to be around."
(12:32:24) Mianplo: ["Well that's good."]
(12:33:23) Sept: "Mm," Sera agreed, enthusiastically.
(12:39:56) Mianplo: ["Everything else we can work out bit by bit, huh?"]
(12:42:36) Sept: "I hope so."
(12:49:11) Mianplo: [Tsubaki took a mouthful of shake.-
(12:49:33) Mianplo: ["With any hope the war might be over soon. I dunno what he knows, but that old man you hauled back, he knows something."]
(12:54:32) Sept: "Oh, him. Yeah. We'll find out soon enough."
(12:58:02) Mianplo: ["Think it'll be anything bad?"]
(13:00:53) Sept: "In one way or another, absolutely."
(13:02:00) Mianplo: ["Oh?"]
(13:04:25) Sept: "Well. I guess not necessarily. If he just knows the location of the Eternity Drive, that'd be fine."-
(13:05:19) Sept: "Almost anything else, though - something else she's doing with it, specifics about her current state or any other UN plans in motion… I'd be happier not knowing."
(13:10:28) Mianplo: ["… Mmm."]
(13:19:43) Sept: "Mm. What's next?"
(13:23:02) Mianplo: ["Next?"]
(13:24:35) Sept: "On your list!"
(13:29:01) Mianplo: ["Hmm."-
(13:29:21) Mianplo: ["Well I gotta go establish dominance over that Solheim girl…"]
(13:29:57) Sept: "Nuh-uh. Not allowed."
(13:31:21) Mianplo: ["Whut?!"]
(13:34:10) Sept: "Freya is Freya. No one's establishing any kind of dominance there."
(13:37:55) Mianplo: ["She has to know that you're mine, though."]
(13:42:09) Sept: "Not true," Sera said, crossing his arms and shaking his head adamantly.
(13:43:02) Mianplo: ["W-What?"]
(13:46:34) Sept: "You have no valid claim over me."
(13:51:24) Mianplo: [Tsubaki stared at him, her eyes wide.]
(13:53:12) Sept: "Neither does she, if it matters…?"
(13:54:04) Mianplo: ["Oh. Well that's boring. Hmph."]
(13:57:16) Sept: "How would you do that, anyway?"
(13:59:37) Mianplo: ["Know-offs."]
(14:00:00) Sept: "What?"
(14:02:28) Mianplo: ["We both compete to see who knows you best."]
(14:05:02) Sept: "That… sounds like it'd be weird."
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(14:28:26) Mianplo: [Tsubaki laughed. "It'd be funny. But mostly weird."-
(14:28:39) Mianplo: ["Anyway, with that all done, uh… Say hi to some folks."]
(14:33:29) Sept: "Whozzat?"
(14:41:39) Mianplo: ["Yanmei's brother Zhengsheng… Mr. Mortens… Obviously I gotta eat a real dinner with Rits. Also Maya. Hell, let's have those two over with us."]
(14:43:19) Sept: "For dinner?"
(14:48:22) Mianplo: ["Yeah."]
(14:50:38) Sept: "Sure!"-
(14:50:44) Sept: "So I'm having dinner with you, huh?"
(14:55:13) Mianplo: ["Yep."]
(14:56:38) Sept: "Neat. Your place?"
(14:58:58) Mianplo: ["Well, my place isn't very good for dinners. Or entertaining at all."]
(15:03:08) Sept: "So… Blue's?"
(15:04:52) Mianplo: ["We could try Roku's."]
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(15:07:34) Sept: "I think I'd like that better. I don't know if it's 'entertaining', but…"
(15:09:19) Mianplo: ["Not everything is about Blue's silly bar," Said Tsubaki, making a face.]
(15:10:03) Sept: "Hehehe. I wish that was true."
(15:16:21) Mianplo: ["You eaten at Roku's yet?"]
(15:18:00) Sept: "Yeah! It was alright."
(12:30:27) Mianplo: ["You wanna pay…?"]
(12:33:09) Sept: "Hm. How about I pay for the whole thing, Tsubaki?"
(12:43:08) Mianplo: ["Alright!" Said Tsubaki instantly; she grinned.]
(12:50:11) Sept: "Great," said Sera, clapping his hands together.

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