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(13:25:57) * Sept buzzered Michael's door, and waited. It was hard work being in charge of such a well-oiled operation, but Sera refused to let his team go unbriefed.
(13:28:40) Mianplo: [The door lock turned green. ("Enter.")]
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(13:29:38) * Sept did.-
(13:31:29) Sept: "Hello, Michael. You got time for a thing today?" Sera'
(13:31:45) Sept: s casual outfit was contrasted by the highly official clipboard he was holding at his side.
(13:32:44) Mianplo: ["That depends on the thing." Said Michael cheerfully. He sat in his chair, wearing a white t-shirt and black slacks. In his hand was a cup of tea.]
(13:34:57) Sept: "They want another person on what, despite my objections, is now officially listed as the Orléans field mission."-
(13:35:04) Sept: "So I want to do interviews."
(13:36:08) Mianplo: ["You want to do interviews." Said Michael. "Do you want my help to run them, or am I first?"]
(13:38:39) Sept: "I want your help."-
(13:39:16) Sept: "Do you think there's anything we absolutely need that the two of us can't do?"
(13:43:23) Mianplo: ["I think three people is a good number. Triangle, you know. A strong shape." Said Michael. "It makes us more resilient as an endeavour. As for things we need…"-
(13:43:43) Mianplo: ["Are you actually very good with AT Fields?"]
(13:49:25) Sept: "I'm okay. We'll be fine if we get into a fight, and I need experience with other kinds of uses. I won't get better otherwise."
(13:50:35) Mianplo: ["Mmm. Bringing along a telepath might be useful nonetheless, even if it's just a passive one."]
(13:53:02) Sept: "Mm." Sera took a quick glance at his clipboard. "Suggestions?"
(13:54:00) Mianplo: ["I don't actually know who is or isn't a telepath." Said Michael gently. "So let's just put everyone with a Field down."]
(14:00:03) Sept: "…right. Okay, that's fine. That means it has to be a foreigner, probably an Ayanami. You don't think that'll draw too much attention to us?"
(14:01:04) Mianplo: ["We could use a disguise."]
(14:02:23) Sept: "I'll have to use my real name, anyway. But I guess we could."
(14:03:05) Mianplo: ["Mmmhm. Of course, we could take along someone like Bruce?"]
(14:07:35) Sept: "Mm. Maybe not. Stick to Ayanamis. We should have a couple that still aren't needed for the war."
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(14:12:42) Minaplo: ["Okay. Guess we speak to the Ayanamis, then. Who should we start with?"]
(14:16:00) Sept: "Well, let's see. 11, 12, 15, 16…" Sera stopped and went through the list again to himself, more quietly.-
(14:17:20) Sept: "Yeah, 18, 19, 20, are still unusable. 11- Ni probably hates me. So that leaves… seven. I suppose."
(14:17:40) Sept: "No, six."
(14:18:46) Minaplo: ["So you're only asking the ones who haven't working units?"]
(14:21:19) Sept: "We can start with those. I still need Marianne's approval, even though this is her idea… I don't know, I guess we just go in order?"
(14:43:19) Minaplo: ["So which one would be first, then?"]
(14:47:00) Sept: "San. I don't suppose you remember where her quarters are? And the others'?"
(14:48:35) Minaplo: ["It's not quite knowledge I uh… Keep handy."]
(14:53:25) Sept: "Mmm. Well, that's just one more detour. Ready to go?"
(14:56:21) Minaplo: ["Mind if I finish my tea? I can tell you all about my trip to Japan in the meantime…"-
(14:56:39) Minaplo: [A cup of tea and one long glowing tale of the legendary charm of Lune la Pucelle, Michael was ready to go.]
(14:59:36) Sept: The magic of the tale was utterly lost on Sera, but Michael's leisurely pace meant he had time for a cup, as well.-
(15:00:47) Sept: So the halls of the Dorian called to them as they proceeded on their hunt for Ayanamis.
(15:01:56) Minaplo: [Michael had stopped by a computer console, which with a simple command had pointed out San's quarters to them on a map. However, she wasn't home.-
(15:02:01) Minaplo: [Where to go looking for her, then?]
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(15:08:44) Sept: Sera had no clue. But if they found one, they could probably narrow down the list and track down the rest. What about Roku?
(15:09:38) Minaplo: […-
(15:11:03) Minaplo: [Restful was rather busy today, but the layout of the place made it feel quite peaceful and open. Roku was on a ladder on the western wall, putting up some framed pictures.]
(15:14:25) Sept: "Have you tried the place yet?" Sera asked Michael as they entered.
(15:15:17) Minaplo: ["Yes, actually. Very lovely, very well-done. Lots of refreshing dishes- it makes for a nice change from Blue's top-heavy gastropub approach."]
(15:17:41) Sept: "Yeah. It's nice. But I don't know, jury's still out."-
(15:18:18) Sept: "Excuse me, Roku?"
(15:18:44) Minaplo: ["Is that what you're calling it these days?" Said Michael quietly.-
(15:20:34) Minaplo: ["Hm?" Roku twisted to look back at him. "Oh, it's Sera and William."-
(15:20:38) Minaplo: ["Michael." Said Michael.-
(15:20:55) Minaplo: ["Er, sorry. What's up? Just take a seat if you want to be served."]
(15:24:36) Sept: "I enjoyed my last time here, but no, thanks. We've got some business, if you've got a moment?"
(15:29:59) Minaplo: ["Sure." She climbed down the ladder, folded it up and put it away in the back. A few moments later she returned. "What can I help you with?"]
(15:35:20) Sept: "Well," Sera started with a half smile and attempted optimism. "I was hoping you could help me find some of your sisters, but first… I have to ask you if you're interested in taking on a field mission for a day or few. I see you've got your hands full here, but."
(15:35:57) Minaplo: ["Field mission? What sort?"]
(15:41:39) Sept: "Investigation. Friendly soil, not expecting any fighting. Hoping to get someone on as AT backup, possibly a telepath."
(15:45:19) Minaplo: ["Oh, well. That's not really my area of expertise." She said with a smile. "And as you say, I'm pretty busy here. I can give you some references, though."]
(15:48:18) Sept: "That'd be very helpful! We're only just starting out, but San wasn't at her place, either, and we've got no idea where to go."
(15:49:00) Minaplo: ["I have an idea on that." Said Roku.]
(15:49:37) Sept: "Yes?"
(15:51:23) Minaplo: ["If you're looking for telepaths, then you'll want Ni, San, Go, Chii, Kyuu or Julie." Said Roku. "All of them can be expected to pass through Restful soon- within the next hour, in fact, as it's nearly lunchtime. Why don't you just wait here, order something and just wait for them to come to you?" Said Roku warmly.]
(15:58:54) Sept: "Ah. Well. That sounds very convenient. We'll do that, thank you."
(16:02:33) Minaplo: ["Sure thing! I'll just get you some menus…"-
(16:07:08) Minaplo: [Michael and Sera would thus find themselves enjoying a platter of sushi and glasses of mineral water shortly after.]
(16:09:58) Sept: "So was this what you ate on your trip?"
(16:11:15) Minaplo: ["A few times, yes." Said Michael happily; he took a bite into a piece of fatty tuna sushi.]
(16:14:38) Sept: "I didn't like 'em before. But I do now."
(16:14:59) Minaplo: ["That's good! Just Roku's deft hand, I imagine?"]
(16:15:39) * Sept laughed.-
(16:16:39) Sept: "Of course not. They just weren't French or sweet enough for me a couple years back."
(16:18:54) Minaplo: ["Oh, so your tastes have changed?"]
(16:20:06) Sept: "Well, you can't say sushi's not an acquired taste in general."
(16:20:44) Minaplo: ["Hm, that so? I've always liked it quite a lot… Although then again, I did eat it as a kid, I suppose."]
(16:21:28) Sept: "I thought you grew up somewhere in Europe."
(16:22:04) Minaplo: ["We were based in Europe, but we moved around. I've eaten a lot of things. At some point we tried sushi during Lent and it stuck."]
(16:22:26) Sept: "Lent?"
(16:23:28) Minaplo: ["Yes."-
(16:23:35) Minaplo: ["… You are French, right?"]
(16:24:40) Sept: "Oh, during. No, I see. Nevermind."
(16:28:17) Minaplo: ["… Yes, right."-
(16:28:21) Minaplo: ["… Speaking of taste…"]
(16:30:29) Sept: "Huh?"
(16:33:55) Minaplo: [Michael surreptitiously shot a glance toward Roku, who was warmly welcoming a pair of guests to the restaurant.-
(16:34:08) Minaplo: ["Roku- is she your type? Be honest."]
(16:37:27) Sept: "I don't know her at all, Michael."
(16:39:33) Minaplo: ["Alright, do you find her attractive at all?"]
(16:42:41) Sept: "Sure. She's friendly, and obviously hard-working and skilled to be able to run this place."
(16:43:24) Minaplo: ["Right. And if she weren't someone in a relationship, do you think you'd be more interested in… Finding out more?"]
(16:44:15) Sept: "No. I'm not looking for a relationship."
(16:44:28) Minaplo: ["Fine, fine…"-
(16:44:37) Minaplo: ["But if you were, what do you think you'd be looking for?"]
(16:50:42) Sept: "Look. I get that war makes people desperate to couple sometimes, but I'm not comfortable with talking about this."-
(16:51:01) * Sept stuffed his mouth with salad and took a sip of water for good measure.
(16:51:28) Minaplo: ["Alright, sorry. I wasn't trying to set you up or anything, though. Just wanted to know you a little better."]
(16:52:15) Sept: "Shfre."-
(16:52:38) Sept: Sera swallowed. "You can ask me something else."
(16:53:56) Minaplo: ["Alright. What'd you used to eat 'back then'?"]
(16:57:29) Sept: "We ate well. Pigeons and stuff sometimes, but mostly good street food. Fresh bread, croissant, fruits. We had the means to get cheap supermarket fare, but barely ever did."
(16:57:58) Minaplo: ["I see. Sounds pretty fulfilling."]
(16:58:04) Sept: "It was fun."
(16:58:15) Minaplo: ["That so?"]
(17:00:26) Sept: "Of course. You don't think the Ayanamis enjoy their obsessions?"
(17:00:44) Minaplo: ["So food was your obsession?"]
(17:02:17) Sept: "No, I mean… the whole experience."
(17:03:10) Minaplo: ["Oh."]
(17:10:35) Sept: "I mean. Obviously a lot of people look at their childhood favorably, you don't need anything artificial to get that. But they rarely latch onto them that strongly, right?"
(17:11:11) Minaplo: ["Hmm. How strongly are we talking about?"]
(17:18:14) Sept: "I'm… not sure how to answer that question?"
(17:19:01) Minaplo: ["Right."-
(17:19:16) Minaplo: ["Well, I don't think it's unusual for people to latch pretty firmly onto their childhoods, Sera." Said Michael.]
(17:24:52) Sept: "Yeah. I still think it's different, but… yeah."
(17:26:05) Minaplo: ["'Course."-
(17:26:51) Minaplo: [Sera would notice a new guest walking in- the slim frame and fair skin of an Ayanami, with pretty green hair: San. Or Julie? Could he tell?]
(17:37:40) Sept: He could - whether because he was a functioning adult who could remember things or because he'd gone over the list of Ayanamis a few hours earlier with Archivist. Who could tell?-
(17:38:23) Sept: "Looks like she was right. I hear San was working with Guillory earlier."
(17:39:02) Minaplo: ["Yes, I've heard the same." Said Michael; he turned in his seat and glanced at San.-
(17:39:46) Minaplo: [San passed right to a table near the counter and sat down; within a second she'd pulled out a holo and had begun browsing the internet.]
(17:42:36) * Sept finished his glass of water and breathed out. "Guess I should go ask her."
(17:43:18) Minaplo: ["Could just invite her to our table."]
(17:45:42) Sept: "Well, yes, but I'm not a fucking telepath, am I?"

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