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(14:24:02) Sept: With life more or less normalizing after the battle on the Chinese coast, Sera had set some time aside for something very important. His previous visits to the Dorian's prison cells hadn't been very fruitful, but that wasn't about to stop him. There was, at the very least, an important ceremonial or symbolic or whatever thing to these visits, he thought.-
(14:26:18) Sept: Approaching the guard duty out front, Sera made a passable attempt at a salute. "Here to see our esteemed guest. Anything I need to fill out or take into account?"
(14:33:00) Hopeplo: [The guard handed Sera some paperwork, which wasn't hard to fill in. A second later, he'd be walking down the hall to the transparent surovite door that led to Scholastica's cell.-
(14:37:36) Hopeplo: [Scholastica was standing at the far end of the cell, staring- with closed eyes- at the door.]
(14:43:13) * Sept brushed some invisible dust off one sleeve, walked out in front of the door and tapped the communicator panel.-
(14:43:31) Sept: "Hey," he said, as if to get her attention.
(14:49:14) Hopeplo: ["Oh, it's you."]
(14:52:07) Sept: "Yep."-
(14:52:15) Sept: "Wanna talk?"
(14:54:03) Hopeplo: ["Hmph."-
(14:55:01) Hopeplo: ["Everyone here bores me with their rubbish topics. And they don't talk to me for very long."]
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(15:00:22) Sept: "Mhm. Is there a not-rubbish topic you'd prefer? I don't really know you."
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(15:11:38) Hopeplo: ["Avoid poetry as a start."]
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(15:19:23) Sept: "I don't plan to ever disseminate my poetry, don't worry."-
(15:20:13) Sept: "Do you want to talk about bigger things, then? Humanity and the end of the world and stuff. I'm probably good for that."
(15:22:38) PINGplo: ["What's there to talk about? Humanity is doomed, we should all be so lucky, and the world won't end, you all just say it will because you equate the end of your own species with the end of everything."]
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(15:28:04) Sept: "Hehe. Sorry, there's usually no other way to introduce it. Calling it that has its uses, but it's not all good."-
(15:28:57) Sept: "What is it that sucks about humanity?"
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(15:32:34) Hopeplo: ["Have you ever heard a bird sing?"]
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(15:34:44) Sept: "Of course. Some of them- well, nevermind, go ahead."
(15:34:52) Hopeplo: ["Wrong."]
(15:36:03) Sept: "Mm. You want to say it's just how we interpret the same meaningless noise or something?"
(15:36:54) Hopeplo: ["Not even that. The sounds a bird makes aren't meaningless, they do have a point, but it's not a song, it's just the same sounds over and over. You have this rubbish called poetry, which is you all realising that some words sound like other words, putting them in proximity, and calling it 'art'."-
(15:37:39) Hopeplo: ["I'm sure your 'art' all has its own point. But from an aesthetic standpoint, it's garbage."]
(15:41:49) Sept: "It's just words to a rhythm. Rhythm is important."
(15:42:30) Hopeplo: ["And what else is important?"]
(15:42:57) Sept: "What, in general?"
(15:56:05) Hopeplo: ["About your art, or whatever."]
(16:00:46) Sept: "Well, for art, it's a pretty good way for people to better understand different kinds of people. And, maybe more importantly, understand how other people often feel the same way they do. That's probably how we made it this far. Can't kill everyone else, cause you'd just be alone."-
(16:01:39) Sept: "I don't know. I've got no delusions about the greatness of humanity. But we should still do our best."
(16:13:06) Hopeplo: ["Have you ever made any art?"]
(16:15:58) Sept: "Played music and made poor poetry."
(16:33:38) Hopeplo: ["Oh?"]
(16:37:13) Sept: "That kind of stuff can be fun."-
(16:37:52) Sept: "I thought you'd have bigger criticisms about the human race than its capacity for art."
(16:39:00) Hopeplo: ["Is that not a big criticism? You put a lot of emphasis on it. All the time."]
(16:42:48) Sept: "Hmm."
(16:45:30) Hopeplo: ["Really, what other endeavour compares to art? Science? Big deal. Science isn't new. Science isn't unique to humanity. It's just discovering what's already there. Art is something new, something you can add, and what do I get? Some big-footed fuckface in a desert bitching about something."]
(16:45:53) Sept: "…what?"
(16:49:29) Hopeplo: ["That's one of the poems that I heard quoted a lot in the Synfront. His name is Ozymandias, King of Kings… 'I think I'm so special I made a giant statue of myself but only my foot's left. Alas! Now I am a metaphor for arrogance'."]
(16:59:08) Sept: "Oh… Yeah. I think it's still a relevant image. It's really easy to think you've made, individually or as a species, progress that can't be undone. And then it is. I don't even know if it's fair to call it arrogance."
(17:02:01) Hopeplo: ["True." Said Scholastica. "Like the people I killed and the cities I destroyed. You all just make more of it all in the end."]
(17:13:02) * Sept leaned over from the wall a little, peering at Scholastica through the surovite door with an unamused, but ultimately unruffled expression.-
(17:14:59) Sept: "Stupid question, but I don't know the answer. Was it bad that we killed all the Angels we did, even assuming it was justified self-defense?"
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(17:16:29) Hopeplo: ["I have multiple answers."]
(17:19:03) Sept: "Sorry, I'm not sure how to narrow it down."
(17:27:58) Hopeplo: ["Well, first of all, do you feel bad about it?"]
(17:31:35) Sept: "It… doesn't keep me up at night, but I do. At the time, several of them seemed more like animals that wandered into the wrong place. Later on, when they seemingly became more actively malicious… Of course we didn't think about anything but our survival."
(17:37:47) Hopeplo: ["Where did I fall on that scale?"]
(17:41:56) Sept: "Well, Berlin was a bit of an unnecessary detour, wasn't it?"
(17:42:19) Hopeplo: ["Oh?"]
(17:46:40) Sept: "When we talk about destructive Angels, we talk about Malchediel for the massacre of Paris-2, or Gabriel for the prolonged terror. But the Sixth Angel's unofficial body count arguably exceeds either of theirs."-
(17:47:32) Sept: "But in the end, Berlin's advance warning was what gave us the time to prepare, in the end."
(17:49:44) Hopeplo: ["That's true." Said Scholastica. "My memories of that time are fuzzy. Nothing concrete. I remember dying, killing. I've had to put together a lot of it from reports."-
(17:50:18) Hopeplo: ["So I can't tell you why I attacked Berlin first. I can't bring myself to regret it."-
(17:50:30) Hopeplo: ["Do you think an Angel's life has intrinsic worth?"]
(17:52:54) Sept: "Thought that might be it," Sera said, pausing to conisder the question.
(17:55:02) Sept: "Put it this way. At the very least, if a human's life has intrinsic worth, so does an Angel's. If I really believed humans were inherently superior or something, I don't think we'd still be in this war."
(17:55:03) Hopeplo: [Scholastica waited.]
(17:59:20) Hopeplo: ["Then the answer is pretty obvious. If an Angel's life has intrinsic worth, then killing an Angel is intrinsically wrong. You took something of worth and removed it from existence. You can have your reasons and explanations and justifications, but that doesn't change that you're still committing an objectively wrong act."]
(18:02:09) Sept: "Mm. That's true."-
(18:03:37) Sept: "I guess I was hoping for something like 'it was wrong, but that one guy was a real shithead, so that was fine'."
(18:11:09) Hopeplo: ["It doesn't work like that." Said Scholastica. "Something important like intrinsic worth isn't and cannot be diminished by the nature of someone's shitheadedness. If you think they have that worth, it has to be based on something separate to something mutable, like their personality- or else it's not intrinsic, it's conditional."-
(18:12:27) Hopeplo: ["And if you think that human life has intrinsic worth, what you essentially did was weighed up that worth against the worth of an Angel, and decided which to remove. Either outcome was objectively wrong, you merely had the power to choose which may have been the less wrong."]
(18:18:25) Sept: "It's not a particularly glamorous power, no."
(18:18:46) Hopeplo: ["I suppose not."-
(18:19:13) Hopeplo: ["For what it's worth, I almost agree with you, if that is what you believe." Said Scholastica. "I do believe human life has intrinsic worth."]
(18:21:23) Sept: "Heh. Thanks."-
(18:22:08) Sept: "So if you could change one thing about humans or Angels or whatever, would you stick with your art thing?"
(18:23:37) Hopeplo: ["Depends."-
(18:24:20) Hopeplo: ["I don't care about individual human beings. Any worth they have is wholly conditional. You can have worthless humans or not. The species as a whole- that's different."-
(18:30:19) Hopeplo: ["Every Angel is unique from each other, so totally different that no normal human taxonomist would put them in the same category based off their bodies. Each Angel is as diverse and multifaceted as the entire human species combined. So if you want to put it into raw numbers, I equate your destruction of 25 Angels with the equivalent of destroying, say, 25 different species."-
(18:33:14) Hopeplo: ["But the art thing is good. Art, culture- that's unique, it adds to the texture of reality. I like it. Every Angel is living art, a living culture- until you kill it, of course, and that's an appalling thing to do."-
(18:34:40) Hopeplo: ["So for humans, and something I would change…" She shrugged. "Nothing comes to mind. Perhaps be less interested in the sheer brute manipulation value of things, and more interested in how they can enrich us all?"]

(15:03:50) Sept: "Yeah, I'll give it some thought. I've never really thought of anything like that as a priority, so… thanks."
(15:10:10) Hopeplo: ["What -do- you consider a priority?"]
(15:15:16) Sept: "Well, I mean. Hrm." Sera looked dissatisfied for a moment, looking elsewhere down the hallway.-
(15:18:05) Sept: "Obviously, I'm just preoccupied with survival. Mine, or humanity's, or everyone's, whatever. That's why I'm asking you in the first place. I know it sounds like an evasion, but that's all I've got for now."
(15:19:50) Hopeplo: ["Then what do you consider a priority -besides- survival?"]
(15:24:35) Sept: "I'm still trying to figure that out. Sorry," Sera shrugged.
(15:35:50) Hopeplo: ["Mind that you do." Said Scholastica idly. "A creature whose only priority is survival is no better than a beast, and will be put down as such."]
(15:40:45) * Sept laughed.-
(15:41:59) Sept: "A beast set along a path can be a useful tool. If it's good enough, maybe it sees another day."
(15:45:32) Hopeplo: ["If you are satisfied with such a mongel existence, then so be it."]
(15:45:37) Hopeplo: <Mongrel>
(15:50:44) Sept: "Yeah, well. Your input's sure to help me in the long run. I hope we can make your existence better, as well, sometime."
(15:51:40) Hopeplo: ["Oh?"]
(15:55:26) Sept: "Well, you can't possibly enjoy leashes, either."
(16:00:17) Hopeplo: [She gave him a glacial look.]
(16:07:15) Sept: "Anyway," Sera sighed, giving her an apologetic shrug. "That's how it is. If there's anything you want to talk about, you can probably get a message through to me around here."
(16:17:18) Hopeplo: ["I see."]
(16:21:35) Sept: "Again, thanks for taking the time, even if you're bored otherwise. See you."
(16:22:55) Hopeplo: [She didn't bother answering.]
(16:25:53) * Sept wasn't disappointed. He turned off the intercom and left.

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