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Feb 10 14:43:32 <Yanmei> Today was a rare day in the Zhang-Wei household… every single adult was available for a nice, warm breakfast and some leisurely conversation instead of rushing off to an office or the Bridge or the medical wing the way they did during most days. -
Feb 10 14:47:25 <Yanmei> They even made breakfast together, still clad in their pajamas. Rather, Yanmei and Isaiah did while Marianne made coffee and peered at her tablet for the latest world news headlines.
Feb 10 14:51:55 <Hopeplo> [Lizzie had been woken up, and she was still groggy; she sat quietly in her seat, her head lolling on her arms, which were folded over the table.-
Feb 10 14:55:57 <Hopeplo> ["Any bad news, Marianne?" Asked Isaiah.-
Feb 10 14:56:40 <Hopeplo> ["Not really." Said Marianne. "Reading the headlines these days is actually a lot less depressing than it has been for awhile…"]
Feb 10 14:57:35 * Yanmei beamed at that as she impatiently prodded a pan of scrambled eggs. "You're welcome, by the way~"
Feb 10 15:02:40 <Hopeplo> ["Hah. Well if you like, I can find some more critical headlines…?"]
Feb 10 15:03:32 <Yanmei> "There won't be any? Everyone's amazed at what a good job we've been doing in the war. Even the Soviets."
Feb 10 15:09:34 <Hopeplo> [Marianne raised a single eyebrow at Yanmei, then swiped at the tablet.-
Feb 10 15:11:41 <Hopeplo> ["'Intemperate child-leader expanding scale of war yet again, millions threatened!'", she recited.]
Feb 10 15:13:47 <Yanmei> "W-what?! That's a lie! Those jerks!" Forgetting about the eggs, she rushed closer to see for herself.
Feb 10 15:14:20 <Hopeplo> [Marianne flipped the tablet around, revealing the headline in all its child-hating glory.]
Feb 10 15:18:47 <Yanmei> "Tch. You know their media is all messed up over there? Kuzmin told me himself that they're a careless bunch that doesn't even factcheck. It's probably some baseless rumor that some jealous no-name is spreading."
Feb 10 15:19:31 <Hopeplo> ["Actually, this is from a German paper."]
Feb 10 15:20:15 <Yanmei> "A German paper run by Russian spies…"
Feb 10 15:22:12 <Hopeplo> ["I think it's just a typical anti-war paper." Said Marianne, pouring herself a cup of coffee. "You guys want some?"]
Feb 10 15:23:11 <Yanmei> "I'll have a cup? I'm still worn out from all the work I had to do last night."
Feb 10 15:33:28 <Hopeplo> ["Oh? What work was that?" Asked Marianne, pouring coffee into Yanmei's cup.]
Feb 10 15:34:10 <Yanmei> "Oh, you know. Looking over security reports and stuff…"
Feb 10 15:52:16 <Hopeplo> ["Weren't you hanging out with Asuka?" Said Isaiah, trying and failing to perk Lizzie up with a spoonful of egg.]
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Feb 10 15:56:51 <Yanmei> "After the reports, of course," Yanmei said smoothly.
Feb 10 15:59:24 <Hopeplo> ["Mmhm." Said Marianne, rolling her eyes as she took her own seat.-
Feb 10 15:59:40 <Hopeplo> ["So what is on your agenda today, then?" Asked Isaiah.]
Feb 10 16:02:00 <Yanmei> "I have to talk with some people from Brazil. Remotely, of course. But it looks like a pretty light schedule outside of that. It's why I get to spend the morning here instead of scrambling about~" She took a sip of her coffee cheerfully.
Feb 10 16:11:51 <Hopeplo> ["Brazil-? Oh. This is about the refugee families?" Asked Marianne.]
Feb 10 16:14:39 <Yanmei> "Yeah. Everyone expects the best from this new plan. That includes me too!"
Feb 10 16:15:19 <Hopeplo> ["What're the details?" Asked Isaiah.]
Feb 10 16:24:38 <Yanmei> "I'll make it short. They might be looking for a way to denounce the UN for some dumb things they did a while back, and this offers them a nice way to do it. On our side we get a place to put our refugees that has an Eva guarding it from terrible things. Everyone wins!"
Feb 10 16:33:33 <Hopeplo> ["Mm, we're working toward Brazil's integration, so this is a good sort of opener as well." Said Marianne. "An easy deal and a sign of trust."-
Feb 10 16:34:44 <Hopeplo> ["Huh, I see."-
Feb 10 16:35:08 <Hopeplo> [Isaiah tried one last time to get Lizzie to eat something, then shook his head and turned back to his own food.]
Feb 10 16:36:48 <Yanmei> "Hm…?" Yanmei drifted a little closer to Lizzie for a closer look. Did she seem ill?
Feb 10 16:39:48 <Hopeplo> [No, she just seemed tired. She stubbornly turned her head away from mama as Yanmei leaned close.]
Feb 10 16:41:41 <Yanmei> "Hm." Yanmei ruffled her hair gently and then found her own seat at the table.
Feb 10 16:42:26 <Hopeplo> ["What about you, Isaiah? Anything much planned in medical today?" Asked Marianne.-
Feb 10 16:42:54 <Hopeplo> ["Organising and helping with the new people mostly." Said Isaiah. "A bunch of new staff in at the moment, don't know where anything is… Oh, that reminds me, Yanmei."]
Feb 10 16:43:06 <Yanmei> "Yeah?"
Feb 10 16:44:27 <Hopeplo> ["You have an appointment with Dr. Ahearn this week, right?"]
Feb 10 16:45:42 <Yanmei> "Maybe. I'll have to check my calendar…"
Feb 10 16:45:59 <Hopeplo> ["Pretty sure you do. Tomorrow, I think."]
Feb 10 16:49:44 * Yanmei sighed. "What about the appointment?"
Feb 10 16:50:37 <Hopeplo> ["Oh, I was just wondering how it's all going…"]
Feb 10 16:53:22 <Yanmei> "Oh! Oh, you know. It's pretty standard. Not that different from Delgado?"
Feb 10 16:55:38 <Hopeplo> ["So you're not getting much done?" Asked Marianne, frowning.]
Feb 10 16:57:45 <Yanmei> "Hey! I got things done when it was just Delgado."
Feb 10 17:02:11 <Hopeplo> [Marianne gave her a flat look.]
Feb 10 17:03:05 <Yanmei> "What? We talked. Had some enjoyable conversations and such. You know…"
Feb 10 17:06:27 <Hopeplo> ["And what about the work?"]
Feb 10 17:17:03 <Yanmei> "Well it wasn't easy coming up with all those innocuous conversation topics."
Feb 17 14:07:28 <Hopeplo> ["Yanmei…"]
Feb 17 14:11:22 <Yanmei> "It was just a joke?" She grinned at them both cheerfully.
Feb 17 14:21:14 <Hopeplo> [Marianne and Isaiah shared a look. It was a grim look indeed.]
Feb 17 14:21:49 <Yanmei> "Wh-what? What's wrong?"
Feb 17 14:27:12 <Hopeplo> ["I need to know you're taking this seriously." Said Marianne. "That you're not jerking this guy around."]
Feb 17 14:30:12 <Yanmei> "Of course I'm taking it seriously? Why? Did he say something to you about the last session?"
Feb 17 14:33:37 <Hopeplo> ["No, he didn't say anything." Said Marianne. "But you jerked Delgado around for years."]
Feb 17 14:35:20 <Yanmei> "I did not! I just didn't want to talk about some things. What's wrong with not wanting to talk about some things?"
Feb 17 14:41:31 <Hopeplo> ["There's a lot of things wrong about it, depending on what it is and who you are." Said Marianne. "Delgado wanted to help you stop hurting the people you love- how is that not important?"]
Feb 17 14:47:59 <Yanmei> "How was I hurting anyone?" she demanded, frowning back and forth between her and Isaiah.
Feb 17 14:51:27 <Hopeplo> ["C'mon, Yanmei, you know how." Said Marianne shortly. "Lying to us all constantly, even about the little things, even about things where we know that's not what happened- how can we trust you about the big things?" Said Marianne.-
Feb 17 14:52:07 <Hopeplo> ["It was bad enough when you were 'just' an Eva pilot, but now you're a world leader. There's too many people relying on you for you to keep doing this. And I know you feel the weight of that responsibility, so why keep doing it?"-
Feb 17 14:52:28 <Hopeplo> ["Not to mention what habits you might be passing on to Lizzie. Is this really the sort of behaviour you want to model for her, Yanmei?"]
Feb 17 15:00:09 <Yanmei> "I wasn't…. Look, Lizzie is fine, isn't she?"
Feb 17 15:04:52 <Hopeplo> ["And can you promise she will be in a year? Two years? Five? Ten?"]
Feb 17 15:15:24 <Yanmei> "Of course she will be! I'll make sure of it! You don't think I can?"
Feb 17 15:19:00 <Hopeplo> ["No, you can't!" Said Marianne angrily, shooting to her feet. "You can't promise anything, Yanmei! You say you're sure of it, certain of it, but that just makes you complacent. You don't know the future, you can't ever promise it'll turn out one way or another. All you can do is try your hardest and hope it turns out the way you want. And you're not trying your hardest."]
Feb 17 15:34:57 * Yanmei matched her now, on her feet, fuming. "I can't believe you'd even say that! Just because I'm not perfect at everything… Ok, yes, I'm not omniscient. No one is! It doesn't mean I'm being lazy! If I was, there's no way all four of us would even be here today!"
Feb 17 15:40:25 <Hopeplo> [Lizzie squeaked and shrank back in fear from the two arguers.-
Feb 17 15:40:53 <Hopeplo> ["Then why keep doing it?!" Shouted Marianne. "Why keep doing it when you know it hurts us, when it hurts you?!"]
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Feb 17 16:12:07 * Yanmei didn't answer that. Instead she clapped her coffee mug on the tabletop and pivoted away. "This is ridiculous? I don't have some kind of problem! And if you're going to insist that I do, then I may as well leave and go to my office early today."
Feb 17 16:13:17 <Hopeplo> ["Fine. Go, then." Said Marianne fiercely. "But don't come back until you sort your shit out."]
Feb 17 16:15:16 <Yanmei> "Excuse me? This is my apartment! What the hell makes you think you can keep me out?!"
Feb 17 16:18:07 <Hopeplo> [Marianne turned toward Isaiah, who eyed her warily.]
Feb 17 16:23:31 * Yanmei had a similar reaction, her eyes narrowing suspiciously as they darted between the two. "What? Isaiah, do you have something to say too?"
Feb 17 16:24:45 <Hopeplo> [Isaiah's own gaze flicked between the two of them in alarm.-
Feb 17 16:24:59 <Hopeplo> [Then a third pair of eyes fell on him- Lizzie stared at him as well. Isaiah stared back.-
Feb 17 16:25:21 <Hopeplo> [Finally he shook his head and stood up. "I do, actually. But first, I would like it if the two of you sat down."]
Feb 17 16:27:42 <Yanmei> "…" Yanmei gave Marianne one last glower, but she grudgingly sank into her chair again.
Feb 17 16:32:37 <Hopeplo> [As did Marianne.-
Feb 17 16:33:03 <Hopeplo> ["Thank you." Said Isaiah.-
Feb 17 16:34:23 <Hopeplo> ["Let's just get some things established." Said Isaiah. "The war's turning our way, but we're all still tired, we're on edge, we're prickly and worn out. Agreed?"]
Feb 17 16:36:36 <Yanmei> "Ok, fine, agreed," Yanmei muttered.
Feb 17 16:37:00 <Hopeplo> [Marianne nodded slowly.-
Feb 17 16:37:30 <Hopeplo> ["And as you said, Yanmei, you're not omniscient. And that's true for all of us, right?" Said Isaiah.]
Feb 17 16:38:11 <Yanmei> "Yeah…?"
Feb 17 16:47:05 <Hopeplo> ["Then, then… If we have any hope of seeing the bigger picture, all the possibilities, whatever- we have to trust each other and rely on each other, right?"]
Feb 17 16:56:19 * Yanmei nodded, sullenly.
Feb 17 16:57:35 <Hopeplo> ["Then it'd be best if we all knew we could trust what the other was saying, without any doubts… No matter how small or how big. Remember, we've got a lot of responsibility- even tiny things can have big effects."]
Feb 18 22:01:40 <Yanmei> Yanmei pressed her lips together for a moment. "You guys don't trust me," she said eventually.
Feb 18 22:40:36 <Hopeplo> [Isaiah shook his head. "No, that's not the problem." Said Isaiah. "I admit, sometimes it's a bit difficult to know if what you're saying is true, but the problem isn't that we don't trust you."-
Feb 18 22:40:47 <Hopeplo> ["I think the real problem is that you don't trust us."]
Feb 18 22:46:52 <Yanmei> "But I do!" Yanmei blurted out. "You're the people on this ship I trust the most."
Feb 18 22:48:01 <Hopeplo> ["But not with the truth." Said Marianne.]
Feb 18 22:54:17 <Yanmei> "…
Feb 18 22:54:46 <Yanmei> ^"…" Yanmei's brows knitted together in frustration. -
Feb 18 22:56:07 <Yanmei> "That's… not meant to be a personal slight or anything."
Feb 18 22:56:26 <Hopeplo> ["No?" Said Marianne.]
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Feb 18 23:04:34 <Yanmei> "It's not," Yanmei confirmed. "I actually tell more of the truth to you guys than anyone else? It's kind of unavoidable sometimes."
Feb 18 23:09:33 <Hopeplo> ["But you still keep stuff from us." Said Marianne tightly. "A lot of stuff. Flat out lie. And sometimes it's not even important. And it hurts."]
Feb 18 23:21:59 * Yanmei blinked a few times, glanced to Isaiah, and then glanced back to Marianne. Her face was starting to burn quite a bit now. -
Feb 18 23:22:22 <Yanmei> "I didn't mean to hurt you. I'm sorry for that."
Feb 18 23:43:20 <Hopeplo> [Marianne gave Yanmei a shuffling nod. "…"-
Feb 18 23:45:10 <Hopeplo> ["So now that you know how we feel, Yanmei, the ball's in your court." Said Isaiah quietly.]
Feb 19 00:00:05 <Yanmei> "You want me to be better about it. I can try, but I'll probably slip up a bunch of times."
Feb 19 00:07:15 <Hopeplo> ["Right." Said Isaiah, nodding slowly. "And that brings me to…"-
Feb 19 00:11:36 <Hopeplo> [He turned toward Marianne. "Marianne, I know that you feel hurt and angry. That's fair. I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel some of the same. But as Yanmei admits, she'll probably slip up a lot. That's okay- she has to do a lot of work on this, and it's gonna take some time for it. When she falls, she'll need help and support from us."-
Feb 19 00:13:30 <Hopeplo> [Marianne shrank back in her chair a little, a flush of shame filling her cheeks as well. "… I… I didn't come off as very supportive, huh?"]
Feb 19 00:20:39 * Yanmei shook her head. "You were just upset? I understand, so don't be too hard on yourself."
Feb 19 00:23:55 <Hopeplo> ["S-Still… I'll try to be more supportive from now on. Ok? If you're struggling… I want you to be able to come to me."]
Feb 19 00:33:20 * Yanmei nodded a little awkwardly. Rather than answering out loud, she stood up, went over to Marianne's chair and offered her a little hug.
Feb 19 00:54:21 <Hopeplo> [Marianne grabbed her and pulled her into a close squeeze. "I-I'm sorry…"]
Feb 19 01:06:15 * Yanmei snuggled against her. "I'm sorry too? I've been kind of thick about the whole thing…"
Feb 19 01:14:50 <Hopeplo> ["H-heh."-
Feb 19 01:14:54 <Hopeplo> ["Mama thick?" Said Lizzie.]
Feb 19 01:19:14 <Yanmei> "Nevermind that, Lizzie." Yanmei gave her a smile over Marianne's shoulder. "Why don't you eat some yummy breakfast today?"
Feb 19 01:19:48 <Hopeplo> ["Thicky thick thick thick?"]
Feb 19 01:21:30 * Yanmei sighed. There would be no end to it now…
Feb 19 01:25:09 <Hopeplo> ["I think mama's right, Lizzie." Said Isaiah. "Eat up your breakfast. That goes for you two, as well."]
Feb 19 01:33:47 <Yanmei> "Right, right." Yanmei pulled away and hurried back over to her seat. After all, she only had so many mornings off…

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