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(09:11:46) Minaplo: ["Hi, Sept."-
(09:14:08) Minaplo: [The words echoed down the hallway. Freya stood, framed by the vault door, which had slid open at her touch. She wore pale yellow stormtrooper power armour, a pulse carbine slung over her back; there was dirt and blood scuffed on her plated boots. Her face was a little thinner than he remembered, the skin around the eyes a little darker, her face a little more pinched; but it was undeniably
(09:14:09) Minaplo: still Freya.-
(09:15:21) Minaplo: [Her companion turned as well, this one clad head to toe in armour; he still wore his helmet. A moment later he lifted it off, revealing a cocky grin on a narrow face; the right eye was missing, hidden beneath an overlong black fringe. Malachi Ansel.]
(09:20:39) * Sept stared back, wearing his armor that was both eyecatching and eye-evading, strands of his long hair plastered on his face. He'd had ample time to think of what to say over the past week, even month.-
(09:20:50) Sept: "Hello," he said.
(09:21:50) Minaplo: ["I was starting to think you wouldn't make it, Sera." Said Malachi. "Cool gear, by the way. Real chic."]
(09:26:03) Sept: That seemed to wake him up, at least. But he still wouldn't take his eyes off Freya. "Fuck off, Malachi. Should— Should we keep moving?"
(09:29:16) Minaplo: ["Do you want to keep moving?" Said Freya.]
(09:34:18) Sept: "No," said Sera. "I've missed you so much."
(09:40:08) Minaplo: [Freya laughed; she rubbed a hand across her face. "I missed you too."-
(09:40:17) Minaplo: [She opened her arms to him and beckoned slightly.]
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(09:47:13) * Sept hesitated for a moment - or simply failed to register the gesture - before quickly crossing over to her and entangling her in a tight hug.
(09:51:04) Minaplo: [And she squeezed back tight; he felt her head against his shoulder.-
(09:51:21) Minaplo: ["I hope our trail wasn't too hard to track." She whispered.]
(09:54:45) Sept: "It was only hard because I didn't think you'd let this asshole scare all those people half to death so I thought it was a trap," Sera curtly answered.
(09:56:58) Minaplo: [She laughed and squeezed a little tighter. "He is an asshole, you're right."-
(09:57:57) Minaplo: [Michael was off to one side, smiling faintly in an oddly sort of satisfied way. It was almost proud.-
(09:58:33) Minaplo: ["Goddamn you both." Said Malachi. "This asshole would like to remind you that we really should hurry the hell up and get what we came here for."]
(09:59:18) Sept: "Fuck you, I've already got it."
(10:14:51) Minaplo: [Michael beamed proudly, whilst Malachi rolled his eyes.-
(10:15:36) Minaplo: ["Paul isn't going to last forever, Athena." Said Malachi. "If we're doing this it has to be now."-
(10:15:57) Minaplo: ["… I know." Said Freya; she reluctantly pulled away from Sera.]
(10:16:31) Sept: "He… seemed to be doing okay last I saw."-
(10:16:58) Sept: Sera took a deep breath and slowly let it out. "Okay. Let's go."
(10:23:39) Minaplo: [And so the four of them progressed deeper into the depths, Freya in the lead.-
(10:27:54) Minaplo: [The area beyond the door was wide and circular. Here, the artificiality of the walls gave way to smoothed natural stone; a soft white with veins of grey and black rippling through them.-
(10:29:56) Minaplo: [Running vertically through the very middle of the room was a column of water, falling from a hole in the cavern ceiling and down through a hole on the floor. It was sealed away by a transparent surovite barrier.]
(10:34:25) Sept: "Water. Are they growing something? For oxygen?"
(10:35:40) Minaplo: ["Probably." Said Freya. "This mansion is supposed to be self-sufficient, in case anything bad happened."-
(10:38:59) Minaplo: ["But it's also being used to hide something." Said Malachi. "Sera, you reckon you can block up that hole in the roof?"]
(10:42:34) Sept: "…I can try. You heard?"
(10:42:57) Minaplo: ["Can smell it." Said Malachi. "Athena, your hooks ready?"-
(10:43:07) Minaplo: ["Ready." Said Freya, unspooling a pair of hooks from patches in her armour.]
(10:49:48) Sept: "It's not mine," Sera explained while looking up at the waterfall. He opened his right hand and faced the palm upward, spreading a directional barrier field above their heads.-
(10:49:57) Sept: "I'm just borrowing it."
(10:50:38) Minaplo: ["From who?" Said Malachi.]
(11:04:16) * Sept considered it for a moment as the water pooled above them.-
(11:04:43) Sept: "Magical alien inside me. She wants to make sure we don't screw up everything."
(11:05:47) Minaplo: ["How's she get in there?" Said Malachi.-
(11:07:32) Minaplo: [Freya meanwhile had latched her hooks onto the rim of the hole; she grabbed the side, then leapt in, using the hooks to abseil down the side. Before long she'd vanished from view in the dark.]
(11:08:25) Sept: "She asked?"
(11:08:49) Minaplo: ["What, you just let in anyone who asks?"]
(11:09:58) Sept: "I'll consider it if they're cute."
(11:10:15) Minaplo: ["… She's cute?"]
(11:11:16) Sept: "Yeah."
(11:19:20) Minaplo: ["Well damn." Said Malachi, looking impressed.-
(11:19:29) Minaplo: [There was a muffled gasp from the cavern below.]
(11:22:25) Sept: "Hello?"
(11:25:38) Minaplo: [("I've found him! Malachi, throw down the harness!")-
(11:25:50) Minaplo: [Malachi quickly pulled what looked like an air rescue harness from his backpack and threw it down.]
(11:26:26) Sept: "F-Found what?"
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(11:34:20) Minaplo: ["Sept, can you come down here for a second?"]
(11:37:44) Sept: "Alright?"-
(11:41:11) * Sept climbed into the shaft carefully and glanced up at the barrier a few times before dropping down into a smooth descent, flickering wings tracing his path behind him.

(11:30:35) Minaplo: [("Can't believe he has literal wings now.") Said Malachi as Sera fell.-
(11:37:28) Minaplo: [Freya stood on a rock ledge about three quarters of a metre in width; the rocks were slick and wet. In front of her, clashing harshly with the rockwall, was a surovite door. "Reckon you can open this?"]
(11:42:14) Sept: "That's just a door," Sera noted, sounding disappointed.-
(11:42:26) Sept: "I can try?"
(11:43:03) Minaplo: [("As opposed to what? Metaphorical wings?") Said Michael.-
(11:43:07) Minaplo: ["Please." Said Freya.]
(11:47:53) Sept: "Okay. Don't get wet." Sera pushed in closer to Freya as the water came rushing down by them.
(11:50:59) Minaplo: [("… Well yes, usually people mean that metaphorically.") Said Malachi.-
(11:51:49) Minaplo: [The rest of their conversation was, fittingly, drowned out by the sound of the rushing water. Freya pushed herself against the wall firmly and clutched tight on her cables.]
(11:55:59) Sept: "Okay. Um." Sera put his hands against the door and tried to figure out which way it was supposed to go. After a few moments, and a lot of tries to manipulate the door, he seemed to find the right direction, losing his balance as the surovite shifted.
(11:56:23) Minaplo: [Freya reached out and grabbed him by the arm.-
(11:56:46) Minaplo: [The door grudgingly slid open, revealing… An apartment.-
(11:58:12) Minaplo: [It looked peaceful, clean and modern, with a kitchen and a living room instantly visible. A blue carpet spread under their feet, and a television was on, displaying nothing but static.-
(12:00:35) Minaplo: [Sitting on the couch, looking surprisingly haggard in the surroundings, was an old man. He looked up- and his eyes widened.-
(12:00:55) Minaplo: ["No, it can't be… Athena?" He muttered.-
(12:01:39) Minaplo: [Sera recognised this man, dimly, from a few parties and papers… More clearly, older memories stirred, putting a name to the face: Gilles de Orleans.]
(12:06:02) Sept: "Sorry for the disturbance," Sera said, stepping inside to get away from the constant spray of water. "What the hell's going on here?" The question was mostly directed towards Freya.
(12:06:50) Minaplo: ["He's a prisoner here." Said Freya. "I'm here to rescue him."]
(12:08:01) Sept: "You're sure about it," Sera stated. "We just take him in tow?"
(12:10:29) Minaplo: ["Yeah." Said Freya.-
(12:11:15) Minaplo: [de Orleans got to his feet, slowly. "I… I never thought I'd leave here. And I never thought you of all people would be the one to do it, Athena."-
(12:11:28) Minaplo: ["It's a mad, mad world, Gilles." Said Freya. "You coming or not?"-
(12:11:33) Minaplo: ["Y-Yes, of course…"]
(12:15:22) Sept: "Anything else in here?"-
(12:15:30) Sept: "Why's the TV on static?"
(12:17:05) Minaplo: ["Probably lost the signal." Said Freya. "Come on, Gilles."-
(12:22:24) Minaplo: [Gilles crossed the floor; Freya put a harness on him, making sure it was tight.-
(12:22:38) Minaplo: ["There's… Nothing here." Said Gilles to Sera. "Just trappings of a false life."]
(12:38:15) Sept: "It's a bit too lively outside, but maybe you'd like that. Let's go."-
(12:39:03) Sept: Sera led the way back out, carefully pushing the water back up - probably flooding the floor upstairs in the process.
(12:41:36) Minaplo: ["Sera, look out!" Shouted Michael- before he cried out in pain. Someone had hit him.]
(12:44:48) * Sept kept his AT field directed upwards as he scrambled out of the shaft, preparing to defend himself.
(12:44:50) Sept: And maybe Michael.
(13:02:26) Minaplo: [Standing by the doorway out, with a gun to his head, was Michael.-
(13:02:49) Minaplo: [Malachi lay in a crumpled heap by his feet, a sword's blade at his throat.-
(13:03:22) Minaplo: [Behind them, holding gun and sword both, was a petite young woman with long black hair and cold eyes. She wore black customised power armour.-
(13:03:30) Minaplo: ["That's far enough." Said Serafina Raskova.]
(13:07:53) * Sept looked back at her for a few moments, assessing the room, before relaxing his hands ever so slightly.-
(13:08:13) Sept: "What do you want?"
(13:09:14) Minaplo: [Freya appeared, her head peeking out just over the lip of the hole.-
(13:09:59) Minaplo: ["I want you, de Pteres, to leave." Said Serafina. "You can take this one-" she rapped her gun barrel against Michael's head lightly- "And go. The others stay here."]
(13:16:12) Sept: "No deal," Sera said without hesitation, still not moving. "I need a better offer."
(13:17:43) Minaplo: ["Then we wait here until reinforcements arrive and you all stay." Said Raskova.]
(13:27:03) Sept: "Unacceptable," said Sera again. "What does she offer you?"
(13:27:56) Minaplo: ["Don't bother." Said Serafina. "My terms. Take them or leave them."]
(13:30:38) Sept: "We're not finished here, are we?" Sera asked Freya behind him.
(13:32:01) Minaplo: ["We have what I came for." Said Freya. "Now we just need to get out."]
(14:07:06) Sept: "Uh huh. I think you're making a mistake, Serafina."
(14:07:14) Sept: ("Well, this is a mess.")
(14:11:09) Minaplo: ["That so." Said Serafina.-
(14:12:43) Minaplo: [("Sorry. She came out of nowhere, and she's incredibly strong and quick." Said Michael.-
(14:12:56) Minaplo: [("Any ideas?") Said Malachi.-
(14:13:05) Minaplo: [("I could try talking to her.") Said Freya.]
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(14:14:35) Sept: "I should know all about those."-
(14:14:40) Sept: ("If you think she'll listen.")
(14:20:35) Minaplo: [("I've known Serafina since I was a baby. If there's anyone here she'll listen to it's me.") Said Freya.-
(14:20:53) Minaplo: ["Really." Said Serafina tonelessly.]
(14:21:32) Sept: ("Oh.")
(14:31:27) Minaplo: [("Sera, how fast can you react?") Said Malachi.]
(14:34:29) Sept: ("I could take a shot at her pretty quick. Or jaunt us into the air.")
(14:35:12) Minaplo: [("This place has 24/7 dirac jamming.") Said Malachi. ("How quick is pretty quick? I can distract her for maybe a fraction of a second, so be ready.")]
(14:36:28) Sept: ("Good luck.")
(14:37:45) Minaplo: [("Could you distract her somehow? Say something stupid like you always do, that'll do it.")]
(14:39:42) Sept: "Like your little community. Maybe it'd still be there without mine."
(14:40:40) Minaplo: [Serafina's whole expression darkened instantly.-
(14:40:58) Minaplo: [("Nice. Here I go!") Said Malachi.-
(14:41:22) Minaplo: [He raised his right hand, palm out, and then plunged it onto the tip of Serafina's sword.-
(14:41:45) Minaplo: [The blade cut through his hand easily; he gripped the blade as tightly as he could and shoved it harshly, a horrific scream rising from his throat.-
(14:42:33) Minaplo: [Serafina looked down and stared at Malachi- for a second she didn't react, her expression one of shock.-
(14:43:39) Minaplo: [Michael launched an elbow into Serafina's stomach- barely moving her- before diving forward. Serafina brought her gun down and fired; the two bolt rounds missed Michael completely but detonated in Malachi's good arm, tearing the bicep open and exposing the bone. Blood splashed across the floor and the roof both.-
(14:43:59) Minaplo: ["Malachi!" Shouted Freya, inadvertently leaping out of the hole, de Orleans barely scrabbling after her.]
(15:27:04) Sept: "Stop that!" Sera shouted - probably inaudibly in the chaos - as he spread his field to hold back Serafina to the best of his ability.-
(15:27:27) Sept: ("Get out, I'm going to slow her down!")
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(15:30:04) Minaplo: [Michael leapt to one side, scooped Malachi up in his arms, and ran.-
(15:31:26) Minaplo: [Serafina barely glanced at them as they went; she looked back toward Sera. Her eyes narrowed, and her lips curled, ever so slightly revealing white teeth. She lifted her sword and flicked a switch on the hilt. It burst into bright light- Sera recognised the sign of positron energy.-
(15:31:48) Minaplo: [She grasped her sword with both hands and charged the length of the room, thrusting toward Sera's chest.-
(15:31:59) Minaplo: [Freya stood, a few metres away, watching, her mouth slightly open.]
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(15:54:43) * Sept started his retreat as Serafina started towards him, quickly stepping past the blade and back out of her reach again - for a split second, at least. Enough for him to recognize Freya was still there.-
(15:55:49) Sept: "WHAT? GO!!" he screamed before turning his attention back to Serafina, openly gritting his teeth.
(15:57:28) Minaplo: [But Freya didn't move.-
(15:58:20) Minaplo: ["Serafina." Said Freya. "Don't- stop fighting! You don't have to choose this- you can come with us. I know she helped you-"-
(15:59:05) Minaplo: [Serafina pressed the attack, swinging her sword so quickly that it seemed to Sera as though he was being threated by a stick of lightning.-
(15:59:30) Minaplo: ["She's not the same person anymore, Serafina!" Shouted Freya.-
(15:59:39) Minaplo: [Serafina turned to look at Freya, just for a split second…]
(16:14:53) * Sept seized his chance, trying to remotely tear away her weapon and throw it away from all three of them.-
(16:16:05) Sept: "We'll rebuild it…" he snarled.
(16:20:22) Minaplo: ["Don't talk to me about it!" Shouted Serafina; her sword had nearly jerked out of her hand, but now she caught it, held it point-first toward Sera, then lunged.-
(16:23:31) Minaplo: [At the last moment, however, something happened that almost stopped Sera's heart cold: Freya leapt in the way. Arms outstretched, she shielded Sera with her own body.-
(16:23:52) Minaplo: [Serafina recoiled, pulling the sword back; it just barely scraped the exterior plate of Freya's armour.-
(16:24:36) Minaplo: ["That's enough, Serafina!" Snapped Freya.-
(16:25:07) Minaplo: [Serafina pulled away as far as she could- which wasn't very far, as she immediately backed into Sera's containment field. She stared at Sera and Freya with a sort of hollow sullenness.]
(16:29:11) * Sept , in turn, staggered backwards, his face utterly overtaken by shock and terror.-
(16:29:48) Sept: "D-Don't-" he tried to muster back his voice from moments ago, but failed.
(16:31:39) Minaplo: ["…"-
(16:31:55) Minaplo: [In response, Freya reached back and tightly grabbed Sera's hand.-
(16:32:08) Minaplo: ["… You." Said Serafina, looking at Sera. "How do you know about Shangri-la?"]
(16:34:55) * Sept looked back at Freya, trying to regain control of himself.-
(16:35:40) Sept: "I-I remember what I remember," he stuttered by way of an answer. "Of Elisha's… memories."
(16:38:02) Minaplo: ["… So it's true then?" Said Serafina. "You're Elisha?"]
(16:41:26) Sept: "-No-," Sera protested, a little urgently. "…well, yes. Will be. And whatever."
(16:42:43) Minaplo: ["…"-
(16:44:31) Minaplo: [She stared at Sera with a mix of suspicion, hurt and, he suspected, joy.-
(16:44:56) Minaplo: ["I trusted you." She blurted out all of a sudden. Her sword's positron flame flickered and died. "The others didn't, don't, but I understood…"]
(16:50:01) Sept: "I… am sorry," Sera said, covering his chest protectively with his free arm.
(16:51:51) Minaplo: ["It wasn't your fault."]
(16:53:00) Sept: "W-What?"
(16:56:18) Minaplo: ["None of it was your fault. The others blamed you, would blame you if they knew, but…" She shooked her head furiously. "I saw the look in your eyes, I heard you at night. You weren't yourself! If anything's to blame, it's Destiny!"]
(16:59:54) Sept: "I-I don't know, but we can still fix it, we can get rid of Destiny and rebuild, b-but I need her and me alive…"
(17:06:50) Minaplo: [She stared at Sera uncertainly, her free hand clenching and unclenching continuously.-
(17:07:24) Minaplo: ["You've seen that look again recently, haven't you, Serafina?" Murmured Freya.-
(17:07:33) Minaplo: ["…"-
(17:07:48) Minaplo: [Serafina turned away and sheathed her sword. "You should both get out of here."]
(17:09:44) Sept: It was Sera's turn to stare back with his mouth ajar.
(17:17:21) Minaplo: [As though following his lead, there was a small moment of silence. Then-
(17:17:41) Minaplo: [Freya ran toward Serafina and threw her arms around her, tightly; Freya's eyes bubbled with tears.-
(17:18:18) Minaplo: ["I am sorry, little owl." Said Serafina, her tone warm; she reached down and took one of Freya's hands in her own. "… But I mean it when I say you need to go. There's a Prime on her way."]
(17:20:08) Sept: "Y-Yes. Please, we should…"
(17:21:41) Minaplo: [Freya lingered for a painful moment before releasing Serafina and turning to Sera. "Alright- let's get out of here, Sept."]
(17:23:41) * Sept grabbed her hand, glanced briefly at Serafina and hurried out, wiping the tears from his eyes.
(17:25:19) Minaplo: [And so they fled, up through the corridors and elevators and the cold tombs and back out into the daylight.-
(17:25:45) Minaplo: [The mansion was in uproar, now, and Sera could easily hear the sounds of repeated gunshots and cries of pain.-
(17:26:05) Minaplo: [It would not be long before he ran into Michael.-
(17:27:33) Minaplo: [Michael, de Orleans and Malachi were hunkered down in a statue garden that ran across the west-most side of the grounds, between the back yard and the front courtyard. They were under attack by Stormtroopers.-
(17:30:20) Minaplo: [Michael, wielding his deadly revolvers in both hands, had already downed a dozen; their cratered bodies lay in brutalised poses across five square metres of bloody stone tile and granite statue. One particularly fine statue of Frederick the Wise had been coated up to his bearded chin.-
(17:31:09) Minaplo: [He now wielded a pair of pulse carbines, with which he poured fire into another squad of Stormtroopers, who quickly broke. "By the Saints, where were you?!" Shouted Michael.]
(17:34:32) Sept: "Fuck off, we did what we could!" Sera yelled from a short ways behind them.-
(17:34:34) Sept: "Is he alive?"
(17:35:41) Minaplo: ["Who? Malachi?"]
(17:36:17) Sept: "Yeah, Malachi!"
(17:37:12) Minaplo: ["Not- dead yet-" coughed Malachi. "Gotta- fuck with you- little more yet-"]
(17:39:05) Sept: "Fantastic. We have to keep going, there's a Prime coming."
(17:40:22) Minaplo: ["Wonderful." Said Michael. "Run out and draw their fire, I'll move into a better position."]
(17:47:06) Sept: "Got it!" And immediately after, Sera dashed out of his cover to head out diagonally past where the others were huddled.
(17:52:21) Minaplo: [And quickly he drew fire- a dozen pulse bolts rained around him, most missing, a few flashing off his AT Field. So distracted, they didn't see Michael move up to a mansion corner; within seconds he was firing his carbines until they ran dry, the bolts tearing another dozen men apart.-
(17:53:02) Minaplo: [De Orleans hefted Malachi up in his arms and followed after, as did Freya, who hefted her own carbine and fired over the heads of the nearest enemy troop.-
(17:53:44) Minaplo: [At that moment, however, an explosion rocked the mansion. A plume of positronic energy rippled into the sky, leaving a shimmering after-effect that warped the sunlight.-
(17:53:59) Minaplo: [A few seconds later, a large grey-red object sailed through the air. It was an Iron Guard.-
(17:54:15) Minaplo: [He slammed head-first through the perimeter wall of the mansion. He did not move.-
(17:55:27) Minaplo: [A half second before he landed, a far smaller, nimbler shape streaked out into the open, lance in hand. It pierced through the Guard's back three times before grabbing the Guard by his leg, pulling it free, turning him onto his back before reversing the lance and plunging it down into the Guard's chest.-
(17:55:49) Minaplo: [A red light sparked through the air, followed by a rainbow shimmer; the Guard jerked once, then went utterly still. His core had been split in half.-
(17:56:07) Minaplo: [The Prime looked up, her body coated in blood. Its robe was black, as was its armour.-
(17:56:20) Minaplo: [The Spectre. She raised her spear toward Sera.]
(18:03:25) Sept: "No…" Sera punched the extremely nice gothic statue he'd been hiding behind. He stood up straight to face her, spreading his arms.-
(18:03:29) Sept: "-WHAT-?"
(18:05:55) Minaplo: [And so, offered a prime target, she leapt across the distance and thrust the lance toward his heart.]
(18:17:47) * Sept growled to himself, having regained his anger meter. He jumped in the air and stayed there, bypassing the lance with a zigzag and fell back to the ground, furtheraway from the others.
(18:22:32) Minaplo: [Michael levelled his guns and fired, but the Spectre was too quick; a mere half-second after Sera had landed, she was attempting to stab him through the throat with her lancehead.]
(18:32:18) Sept: "What-" Sera had started again, but was cut short as he had to dive out of the way again, tumbling past the remains of people and yard ornaments both.-
(18:32:28) Sept: "What happens if you kill me?!"
(18:35:46) Minaplo: [In response, her eyes flickered with a rainbow corona; a moment later a radiant cross of light burst forth toward Sera, lighting the courtyard aflame and blasting apart a statue of Desiderius Erasmus.-
(18:36:58) Minaplo: [Michael let off another few shots, but these again the Spectre evaded- this time she flicked her hand up, and a crackle of electricity sparked outwards from her fingertips. They bounced from pulse bolt to pulse bolt and surged into Michael's guns. The resulting power surge sent Michael flying; he hit the ground hard and did not stand.]
(18:44:17) * Sept flinched from the noise of the statue's destruction.-
(18:50:32) Sept: "Right, of course you can't speak. Well, I hope you can still understand. You're sorely mistaken if you think you're accomplishing your purpose, any of it, by coming here."-
(18:54:31) Sept: "The further you drive me into my corner, the closer you draw to the end of your own deplorable goddamn existences. Do you think she- do you think Longinus will let me die here, and let you people finish your fucking plans in peace?!"
(18:56:46) Minaplo: [The Spectre stared at him for a few seconds, then ever so lightly shrugged. She lifted her lance once again.-
(18:57:04) Minaplo: [… But there was a slight shift in the air. A pressure on Sera's mind- a pressure he'd barely acknowledged- had lifted.-
(18:57:21) Minaplo: [The Dirac Jammer was down.]
(19:16:50) Sept: With that, the hyper-progressive knife was returned to its rightful place in Sera's hand, where he used it to deflect the Spectre's attack. Sera took these events as what they were.-
(19:17:04) Sept: A divine signal to turn up the ham.-
(19:19:43) Sept: "NO! You try to kill me, she takes what little remains of my will and turns the planet inside out to start a new era of galactic fucking history, ruled by Angels! And wouldn't that please you! To see your tormentors, all those shitty lilim with their schemes turned to dust!"
(19:24:56) Minaplo: [The Spectre stared wordlessly, then leapt backwards.-
(19:25:06) Minaplo: [Perhaps his words had gotten through, somehow?-
(19:25:40) Minaplo: [Or rather not. Her helmet retracted back into her neckpiece, revealing her face- the face of Rei Ayanami. She showed no real emotion on it besides faint puzzlement and perhaps focus.-
(19:25:56) Minaplo: [She met Sera's eye for a moment, then lifted her head and screamed.-
(19:28:23) Minaplo: [It wasn't a normal scream. There was something unnatural, harsh and monstrous to the howl. It had a piercing, keening pitch that seemed to cut deeper than flesh- it sliced through to Sera's mind and filled it with terror.-
(19:29:15) Minaplo: [The effect was instantaneous. The remaining Stormtroopers on the field instantly faltered. More than a few collapsed to the ground, screaming in horror and clutching hands to their ears. More fled completely, abandoning dozens of guns in their wake.]
(19:34:21) Sept: All of Sera's words were erased from his thoughts at once as he doubled over, screaming over the Spectre's noise in pain and anguish, barely staying on his legs.
(19:37:44) » Join: FLIXplo (ua.ten.tenii.nyd.27-011-96-601|olpaniM#ua.ten.tenii.nyd.27-011-96-601|olpaniM) (clones with: Minaplo)
(19:38:36) FLIXplo: [The more he screamed, the louder the howl became, and the deeper it dug into him, hooks on his insides trying to drag it all out.-
(19:39:23) FLIXplo: [… And then suddenly it was gone. There were sounds, but they seemed blessedly dull and muted in comparison to that awful shriek.-
(19:39:23) » Quit: Minaplo (~ua.ten.tenii.nyd.27-011-96-601|olpaniM#ua.ten.tenii.nyd.27-011-96-601|olpaniM) (Ping timeout)
(19:40:52) FLIXplo: [The Spectre had been distracted by an attack. Serafina had charged her down, sword in hand- the Spectre had brought her own spear up to parry, and the two were now locked together. It was obvious, however, that Serafina was starting to lose.]
(19:46:05) * Sept shook his head for a moment to try and make sense of what had happened.-
(19:47:34) Sept: And eventually, a course of action took form in his ramshackle mind. Sera dropped down to one knee, uncached his rifle and took aim.
(20:02:20) » FLIXplo is now known as Minaplo
(20:05:57) Minaplo: [The ringing in his ears was still painful, however, and his shots went wide.-
(20:07:14) Minaplo: [A moment later the Spectre had broken the lock, struck Serafina twice in the stomach with the butt of her lance, then pushed Serafina to the ground. She struggled to land the killing blow, Serafina barely keeping the lance at bay with her positron sword.]

(11:33:09) Sept: The warning shots hadn't helped. Moments later, Sera was back on his knees, throwing himself towards the Spectre to try and pin her down. "Please- STOP!"
(11:43:36) » Quit: Suzune (moc.rr.ser.yabapmat.551cfh1322356|enuzuS#moc.rr.ser.yabapmat.551cfh1322356|enuzuS) (Quit:)
(11:44:23) Minaplo: [The Spectre leapt to her feet, warding Sera away with her lance.-
(11:45:28) Minaplo: [Serafina scrambled up and lunged with her sword, very nearly stabbing it into the Spectre's arm before it, too, was knocked away by the lance. "She can't stop." Said Serafina. "Stop trying; get us out of here!"]
(11:51:19) Sept: "Shut up, just get over to the others!"
(12:04:27) Minaplo: [The Spectre was keeping the both away with her lance.-
(12:04:41) Minaplo: [Again, there was that flash of rainbow light from her eyes- she was about to blast them once again!]
(12:16:30) * Sept growled in frustration at the Prime's persistence, grabbed Serafina's arm and zipped right past them both, sailing through the air towards the rest of their entourage still in various states of injury - and then they were all gone.
(12:17:00) Minaplo: ——

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