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(14:35:30) Yanmei: Yanmei's office was cozy compared to that of her counterparts. That is to say that it looked like a regular office as opposed to a mysterious cavern with a desk arranged in the center of it or an lavish apartment with a built-in kitchen. The room itself was small enough so that it was only a few paces from the door to the Chancellor's cluttered desk. There was a modest bookshelf, a rather
(14:35:31) Yanmei: nice liquor cabinet built into the wall, two or three nice cushed guest chairs and a mysterious door leading to a somewhat larger conference room, and not much else. -
(14:39:05) Yanmei: Yanmei was presently sitting at her desk. All things considered, she looked rather calm, absently drumming her fingers against the desktop and slipping discreet glances at the first of her guests as if trying to monitor her mood.
(14:40:44) Minaplo: [Marshall Marianne Amatore-DeForest also looked calm, although she stood a little too rigid and her expression a little too cool. She loomed over Yanmei's right shoulder, her eyes fixed on the door.]
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(14:46:28) Sept: After checking in out front, Sera was ushered into the office, looking unrested and unprepared, apart from the spotless uniform he wore.-
(14:46:57) Sept: He made sure the door closed behind him, and looked at the two of them uncertainly. "Hey. Should I sit down?"
(14:48:04) Yanmei: "Please do!" Yanmei gestured to one of the chairs. "How are you feeling?"
(14:50:18) Sept: "I'm okay. Not much sleep," Sera answered curtly as he took his seat. "Has anything happened here?"
(14:53:23) Yanmei: "Nothing out of the ordinary? We're more interested in what your team went through. Would you might starting from the beginning?"
(14:56:35) Sept: "Alright. Well, first, can I ask how they're being treated? Are you holding them, do you need tests or anything? I'm still working on the reports and asylum statements…"
(15:07:35) Yanmei: "Well, some of them are still getting medical treatment? And the others are being watched closely for security reasons. Freya and Mr de Orleans are in a guarded suite and are currently not being permitted to leave. Serafina Raskova is currently in a guarded prison cell."
(15:10:28) Sept: "Okay. I hope none of that is permanent." Sera took a breath and begun his story.-
(15:13:31) Sept: "So. My previous trip outside of Paris - based on some calls we intercepted, but you know that - pointed me to Orleans, so we started there with Michael and Kyuu. We knew she had church contacts and that they'd also gone there to contact some government people Malachi knew he could manipulate."-
(15:14:01) Minaplo: ["The city or the person?" Asked Marianne.]
(15:14:24) Sept: "The-"-
(15:15:02) Sept: "The city, yes. I didn't know about Orleans until we found him. I don't know if Michael did."
(15:19:01) * Yanmei nodded. "What did you do when you got there?"
(15:21:51) Sept: "We visited the church first. She'd stayed there - Freya. For most of our time out, whenever we were dealing with outsiders, we kept up a telepathic link - and had Kyuu ascertain we were talking about the same people and that they weren't just lying to us…"-
(15:22:43) Sept: "Witness accounts at the church led us to a cafe where other witnesses pointed to a guy from the foreign office. So we visited him."
(15:35:20) * Yanmei nodded again and politely waited for him to go on.
(15:40:12) Sept: "When we told him who we were looking for, he went really pale and refused to talk until we were in private. Malachi and Freya had really gotten to him. That was… a pattern that repeated itself a lot. They'd gotten information on weak security on some border checkpoints, as well as some passports, and used it to cross to Germany. The passports were for Louis - the ministry worker - and his lover, who worked on the German side, who he now couldn't go see because of the passports. We told him we'd try and fix it for him if we could."
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(15:43:42) * Yanmei frowned a little at that! "So you followed them."
(15:44:31) Minaplo: [Marianne frowned as well.]
(15:45:41) Sept: "Yes, after coming back to the Dorian and requesting passports and everything else we needed to do that. We eventually got across the border on the Denmark side, which Jeanne recommended, then headed for Munich to follow up on Irene, the German ministry official…"
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(15:47:10) Yanmei: "I wish Simon had told me about this sooner," Yanmei grumped.
(15:48:04) FLIXplo: ["But Munich's in Bavaria. You crossed most of Germany?" Said Marianne coolly.]
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(15:52:18) Sept: "Y-Yes, well," Sera started. "I trusted Jeanne's information to be recent, and if Louis wasn't trustworthy, we'd be in a trap immediately. And we could rely on the crossing being simple, even if it took us an extra day of travel…"
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(15:59:45) Yanmei: "Even so, sending pilots into enemy territory is a huge risk that I'm not comfortable with. Technically, you did the right thing by consulting with security, but I think I need to have a talk with Jeanne Simon."
(16:03:06) Sept: "A-And I'm not the one who wanted to assign more people onto this mission. You knew it could get dangerous, even on French soil."
(16:21:44) Yanmei: "Well yes, but that was on French soil and not in dangerous Germany. You didn't run into any trouble while traveling to Munich, did you?"
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(16:24:27) Sept: "We did," Sera said with a glance to the side, though he kept a straight face. "I don't think anyone died."
(16:26:40) Minaplo: [Marianne rolled her eyes.]
(16:29:20) Yanmei: Yanmei resisted the urge to lightly elbow Marianne. "Could you please elaborate on that?"
(16:38:25) Sept: "Well. Okay. Right, we found Irene's address and staked it out. There were some cameras around, and some security teams coming by occasionally. Either national or UN, I suppose. We contacted her outside her home and convinced her to tell us what she gave Freya and Malachi - they were using the names Athena and Odin. But she needed to get the information from her apartment. So on the way in, we must have tripped something of their security. Missed a camera, maybe the place was bugged. Irene wasn't aware of any of it."
(16:43:42) Yanmei: "So there was a fight. No casualties. You all came out of it alright?"
(16:48:06) Sept: "Yeah. It was a security patrol of four… of a couple people, at least one Adept, who immediately came knocking on the door. We jaunted out, got to our car but they chased, so we had to- disable their car while moving. Then abandoned the car and took the track up to Hamburg, where Irene had led them."
(16:51:53) Yanmei: "Wait, how did you diable their car? Did you blow it up?"
(16:54:25) * Sept made a frustrated noise before answering.-
(16:54:26) Sept: "Yes, we blew up the tire of the car."
(16:56:19) Yanmei: "Oh. Just the tire?" Yanmei sounded vaguely surprised. "Anyway, please go on."
(17:00:35) Sept: "They'd visited three contacts in Hamburg. One at customs, one at a private security place, and finally an underground information trader. All but the last one had also been intimidated or blackmailed into giving up information and resources, and she'd left a message for me with the trader. Based on those pieces of information, we learned they were going to attack the Caine mansion in Hamburg in a few days."
(17:03:30) * Yanmei winced visibly. "Is that where de Orleans was staying?"
(17:04:33) * Sept nodded.-
(17:04:34) Sept: "That was the whole reason for the attack. I only found out once I got to them."
(17:04:57) Minaplo: ["Do we know why Caine didn't simply execute him instead of take him prisoner?" Said Marianne.]
(17:08:46) Sept: "No. I didn't have the time."
(17:10:35) Yanmei: "We could just ask him that directly," Yanmei pointed out.
(17:14:43) Sept: "You could. He'd probably be happy to talk to anyone after his stay there."
(17:16:36) Yanmei: "What sort of conditions did you find him living in?"
(17:22:14) Sept: "Regular apartment, but sealed away. I don't think he had contact with anyone. There was a TV, but I don't know if there was anything on it, ever."
(17:27:43) Yanmei: "De Orleans is an extremely persuasive man. I'm sure that's why Caine kept his contact with other people was so limited for so long? It's possible that he's already charmed our own guards into letting him wander around a little."
(17:28:39) Sept: "So you think he's important?"
(17:29:15) Minaplo: ["Important enough to keep alive, apparently." Said Marianne. "Not usually Caine's style."]
(17:32:24) Yanmei: "We would have sent out a search of our own if we'd suspected he hadn't been killed." Yanmei's eyes lowered a bit. "How did those two even find out about him?"
(17:32:47) Sept: "I don't know. Maybe it was all set up from the beginning."
(17:38:52) Yanmei: "What do you mean? Like… he knew he would be kidnapped and made arrangements ahead of time?"
(17:41:32) Sept: "I don't mean anything. Maybe Freya and Malachi are spies, and the whole thing was a show, starting with the attack or earlier. But this is where we are."
(17:46:18) Yanmei: "Mmm." Yanmei leaned back in her chair thoughtfully. "Well whatever's going on, we can pick up on more clues just by talking to them all. Did you and Freya have time to catch up yet?"
(17:47:33) Sept: "No. We decided it'd be safest for him and Gilles to make use of the plan Freya had laid out for their escape. We couldn't all go."
(17:48:13) Minaplo: ["I'm surprised Freya and Malachi were able to orchestrate a seemingly successful attack on the Caine Mansion. It seems rather unlikely- nevermind finding a VIP like de Orleans." Said Marianne. "What can you tell us about the mansion's security systems?"]
(17:55:09) Sept: "It's not the mansion itself, they only had codes to shut down the automated first layer. So they had a distraction out front and made it down to the family vaults through the crypt. Which is outside."
(17:55:23) Minaplo: ["Go on."]
(17:58:55) Sept: "Once we got there, we met up with Freya and Malachi and made it down to where de Orleans was held. While we were extracting him, Raskova found us."
(17:59:15) Minaplo: ["And the defenses?"]
(18:01:24) Sept: "It's the family vault," Sera said, irritated. "They respond to me just fine. Nothing visible when you don't trip them. Just doors."
(18:03:16) Minaplo: ["And are these doors guarded? Hidden? Locked somehow?"]
(18:05:11) Sept: "Underground, behind other doors. Locked. Blood or retina scans. Probably more that you can't see."-
(18:05:16) Sept: "That's… really not relevant."
(18:06:15) Minaplo: ["It's relevant in case we intend further operations against the Caine Mansion." Said Marianne.]
(18:06:53) Sept: "Then I will be there," said Sera.
(18:07:57) Minaplo: ["Possibly." Said Marianne. "After all, your blood is necessary to pass some of these security measures- assuming we were operating under stealth."-
(18:08:25) Minaplo: ["That raises the question, however- how did Freya and Malachi intend to enter without you and your blood?" Said Marianne coolly.]
(18:09:19) Yanmei: "That's a very good question!"
(18:09:27) * Sept straightened up at that, and entirely bypassed the very good question.-
(18:09:34) Sept: "You're not taking an army into the mansion."
(18:10:35) Minaplo: ["No?"]
(18:14:03) Sept: "No! The mansion itself is- beyond valuable, historically and locally and the vaults have - you don't do that!"
(18:15:17) Minaplo: ["Are the vaults sacred in some way?" Said Marianne.]
(18:20:37) Sept: "Obviously! But it houses incredibly important artifacts that could be damaged by the disturbance, and we'll eventually have it without fighting, anyway!"
(18:21:38) Minaplo: ["So it's important enough to invalidate it as a target, but not enough to spare using it as a prison cell?" Said Marianne icily.]
(18:24:00) Sept: "W-Well, I… I don't know her reasons, and I don't know Freya's, but I don't want to be even partially responsible for anything happening to the mansion or vaults unless everything depends on it. It's really important."
(18:24:31) Minaplo: ["For what?"]
(18:37:15) Sept: "I… don't know what you want me to tell you. The things that started all of this are in there, who knows what else. If we ever really, truly need them… We won't need to kill for them."
(18:39:10) Yanmei: "Hey. Regardless of our future actions, we still have to figure out how Freya was going to attempt the rescue without you. Obviously there must be another route into the secret prison, right?"
(18:44:04) * Sept looked at Yanmei, slumped back into his chair and took a deep breath.-
(18:45:44) Sept: "I don't know. No secret routes. She has some access to the top vaults. Probably Raskova, as well."
(18:49:04) Minaplo: ["… She has access?" Said Marianne. "That bears questioning…"]
(18:50:48) Sept: "Please let me do that before you start torturing them…"
(18:53:12) Minaplo: ["Please." Said Marianne drily. "We're not torturing anyone. We're not Caines."]
(18:55:39) Yanmei: "Sera, please contunue. You'll have lots of time to talk to them when we're done here."
(18:56:32) Sept: "Gh."-
(18:59:09) Sept: "Raskova," Sera said with undue venom, staring at his hands in front of him. "She came in to stop the attack, but we talked her down after she caused Malachi's injury. The rest of us held off the Spectre outside while she disabled the dirac jammer."
(18:59:56) Minaplo: ["Talked her down? Curious." Said Marianne; she turned to Yanmei. "I remember you tried the same thing to no avail. I wonder what changed?"]
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(19:02:23) Sept: "She and Freya are good friends. She trusted the both of us."
(19:03:46) Yanmei: "I had no idea they were even acquainted," Yanmei muttered. "And w-wait. Why did she trust you? Wasn't she there to stop you?"
(19:07:04) Sept: "No, she was there to stop Freya and Malachi getting Gilles out. She would've let me and Michael walk away from the beginning."
(19:10:11) Yanmei: "That doesn't make sense. You're UEF. She should have captured you both for sure? Did you manage to become friends with her too at some point?"
(19:13:44) Sept: "N-No. It's not like that. They just… both have a history with Shangri-La, okay? UEF doesn't enter into it."
(19:14:09) Minaplo: ["Freya's Shangri-La?"]
(19:15:45) Sept: "That doesn't mean she has to have anything to do with this. Just leave her to me."
(19:15:58) Minaplo: ["Out of the question."]
(19:16:17) Sept: "She got you Gilles!"
(19:16:51) Yanmei: "Look, we're not going to do anything bad to her, okay? We just plan to talk."
(19:17:22) Minaplo: ["De Pteres, even you have to admit that the scene looks dodgy." Said Marianne calmly.]
(19:18:02) Sept: "Of course it does," said Sera.
(19:18:45) Minaplo: ["Then the possibility exists that she might be a threat to the Federation. That makes her our responsibility."]
(19:19:19) Sept: "But still…"
(19:25:51) Yanmei: "Freya has been friends with us too, remember? We're not going to set out looking for excuses to imprison her or whatever you're thinking we'll do. But we do have to talk with her and clear the air. You understand, right?"
(19:29:57) * Sept stayed silent for a few moments longer.-
(19:29:59) Sept: "…alright. Go ahead."
(19:31:06) Minaplo: ["You should of course be there for it." Said Marianne.]
(19:31:52) * Yanmei glanced at Marianne with clear surprise, but she didn't add anything.
(19:33:26) Sept: "I can do that," Sera nodded, still looking somewhat defeated.
(19:42:03) Yanmei: "As for Raskova… I'll need to speak with Michael about this too, but she basically helped you escape, right? Unless this was all an act, she's not going to be able to return to the UN all that easily."
(19:46:18) Sept: "Mm," Sera agreed.
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(19:49:29) Yanmei: "We'll have to talk to her too later on. But for now, let's call someone to escort Freya here so that we sort her matters out first." Yanmei picked up the phone at her desk and proceeded to do just that.
(19:50:07) Minaplo: [("C-Chancellor? We have a problem.") was the response. ("Solheim isn't in her quarters!")]
(19:53:33) Yanmei: "I see," was Yanmei's measured response. "What about de Orleans? Or the other people we picked up?"
(19:54:47) Minaplo: [There was a scurry of panicked rerouting as the lowly grunt on the other end tried to coordinate an answer.-
(19:55:12) Minaplo: [("They seem to be in their, uh, places…")]
(19:58:05) * Sept was tapping on his chair's armrest anxiously.-
(19:58:45) Yanmei: "All right. Make sure Simon knows about this. There should be video footage of her leaving. At the very least, Akagi should know where she is. Send out a search for her as soon as you know where she might have gone and secure her without harming her. Then contact me."
(20:00:44) Sept: "If you were to lose her within less than a day of me bringing her here, I should be very upset, you know."
(20:01:39) Minaplo: ["Don't worry. I haven't gone anywhere."-
(20:01:56) Minaplo: [Freya was standing in the doorway, smiling just a little.]
(20:07:51) * Sept scrambled up from his chair, quickly spreading out what all present would likely identify as a faint barrier field between the Chancellor's desk and the entrance.-
(20:08:03) Sept: "Everyone, stop."-
(20:08:23) Sept: "Is everything okay?" he asked Freya.
(20:09:39) Minaplo: [She didn't seem armed, at any rate.-
(20:09:51) Minaplo: ["Of course. Please, Sept- I don't mean them any harm."]
(20:10:43) Sept: "Okay." Sera didn't move. "And you two? Can you stay calm?"
(20:12:42) Yanmei: "…" Yanmei had tensed up at the sudden interruption, not to mention the sudden AT Field action, but now she was issuing orders over the phone to the grunt to disregard her previous order and inform Simon of where Freya was. As she hung up, she looked up at the two properly. "Of course.
(20:12:53) Yanmei: ^"
(20:13:19) Minaplo: [Marianne fixed Freya with a firm, unwavering look, but she too nodded curtly.]
(20:14:39) Sept: "Great." Sera lowered his AT field and fell back into his chair. "Have a seat, please."
(20:18:03) Minaplo: [And so Freya did; she strode up to the desk and took the seat nearest to it, folding her hands in her lap. She met Yanmei's gaze unwaveringly and smiled.]
(20:21:41) Yanmei: Yanmei smiled back, a bit guarded, but mostly curious. "What the heck, Freya? You only just got here and you're giving my security staff heart attacks."
(20:22:55) Minaplo: ["I assure you, it isn't my first time doing so."]
(20:25:16) Yanmei: "Not surprised, considering the guys you like to hang out with."
(20:25:42) Sept: "The Marshal and Chancellor wanted to know how you knew Gilles was there and why you could get in the vault, Freya."
(20:26:05) Minaplo: ["Is that the case?" Said Freya, at Yanmei.]
(20:28:46) Yanmei: "Yeah. Sera told us about how you reunited at the Caine mansion, but we'd like you to fill in a few gaps?"
(20:29:14) Minaplo: ["I will answer your questions."]
(20:31:13) Yanmei: "Thank you very much. Could you please start with how you found out about Mr. de Orleans and why you decided to rescue him personally?"
(20:36:25) Minaplo: ["It was Malachi who told me about Gilles." Said Freya. "We went to rescue him because we think he has information about the Eternity Drive."]
(20:37:57) Sept: "Is there a short answer to why he hadn't been killed, if he has that information?"

(14:07:19) Minaplo: ["I am sure there is, but you would do better to ask him yourself- I do not have the answer."]
(14:10:08) Yanmei: "Then… why did you go after him yourselves instead of getting help from us?"
(14:13:37) Minaplo: ["There was the possibility that it was a trap, that we had discovered the information about Gilles deliberately as part of a trap. There was nowhere near as much risk if Malachi and I went- if we were caught it would not be that important… But people beyond that, especially people from the UEF, and the risk grows."]
(14:19:30) Yanmei: "That's… understandable," Yanmei admitted, although she was frowning. "But in the end, some of our people did end up helping you out anyway, even if wasn't something you originally planned for. If there's a next time, I'd rather we work together from the start."
(14:20:32) Minaplo: ["I can keep that in mind."]
(14:26:28) Yanmei: "As for the details about how you made your way through the mansion… I understand that the security there was pretty tricky? Sera was able to get through it without trouble because he's basically a Caine and the system recognized him as such. But how did your team do it? I understand that you managed to somehow get access to some restricted areas on your own."
(14:28:58) Minaplo: ["That's right." Said Freya. "But my blood- it suffices."]
(14:32:08) Yanmei: "Um. How is that possible?"
(14:33:25) Minaplo: ["Because I'm a Caine." Said Freya. "Athena Caine, if you want to be exact about it."]
(14:34:05) * Sept was staying quiet, clearly looking more relaxed now as his stare wandered around the room and, occasionally, to Freya.
(14:39:09) * Yanmei stared at her in confusion for a minute or two before panning around the room for other reactions. "So this whole time you were just pretending to be 'Freya Solheim'?"
(14:39:54) Minaplo: ["No. Freya Solheim was the name my adoptive parents gave me." Said Freya, and her expression became wistful.]
(14:42:17) Yanmei: "I see. Did you find out about your biological parents recently, then?"
(14:44:37) Minaplo: [She glanced at Sera before looking back at Yanmei. "For a few years. I found out a few months after you defeated Gazardiel."]
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(14:50:13) Yanmei: Little alarm bells were clearly starting to go off in her head. "Did Mary Caine approach you about it? Is that how you found out?"
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(15:03:05) Minaplo: (21:50) <Yanmei> Little alarm bells were clearly starting to go off in her head. "Did Mary Caine approach you about it? Is that how you found out?"
(15:08:32) Minaplo: ["… Yes, more or less."]
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(15:12:14) Yanmei: "Did she demand anything from you at that time? Or at other points when we were with NERV?"
(15:15:58) Minaplo: ["… She asked that I keep looking out for Sept." Said Freya gently.]
(15:19:29) Yanmei: "She didn't ask for information about him? Or about anything else going on at the time?"
(15:21:15) Minaplo: ["I was already spying on Sept in a fashion, so she did not have to." Said Freya. "We talked about other things. NERV. The Evangelions. She told me who Gilles and Serafina really were, since I had known them for much longer than I had known her. She discussed my father."]
(15:23:25) Sept: "Right. You probably didn't have anything she didn't, at that point."
(15:24:35) Yanmei: "Would you mind telling us about those people too? How do you know Mr. de Orleans and Raskova?"
(15:25:54) Minaplo: [She frowned slightly.-
(15:27:00) Minaplo: ["Serafina has been a friend of mine for a long time, since I was a child. She has not always been around, but she took care of me after my adoptive parents died, and helped to settle me into France."-
(15:27:30) Minaplo: ["And Gilles… He was like a patron. He paid for my schooling and helped look after me through money and protection."]
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(15:36:00) Mianplo: [22:27] <Minaplo> ["And Gilles… He was like a patron. He paid for my schooling and helped look after me through money and protection."]
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(15:38:08) Sept: "Did you talk to them often?"
(15:38:10) Yanmei: "Why did they do such a thing? Were they close with your adoptive parents… or your biological parents? Or both?"
(15:39:18) Mianplo: ["I talked with Serafina a lot more than I did with Gilles." Said Freya. "Serafina and I have spent years together, after all."-
(15:39:41) Mianplo: [She turned back toward Yanmei. "You should save that question for them- I cannot speak for them."]
(15:40:10) Yanmei: "I see. I understand."
(15:53:46) Sept: "Was there anything else you wanted to clear up…?" Sera said, hopefully.
(15:58:43) Yanmei: "Since it's come out into the open now, perhaps you could tell us more about your past? Who were your birth parents? What happened to them? Who adopted you?"
(16:02:40) Mianplo: ["Mary is my mother." Said Freya. "I don't want to tell you who my father is- it's not my place to do so."-
(16:04:11) Mianplo: ["When I was born- this is before Impact- Jeremiah Caine forced Mary to give me away. I was adopted by the Solheims- a pair of actors from Norway, who had been friends of my mother at university."-
(16:04:30) Mianplo: ["… They died when I was six." Said Freya; she looked away, her eyes ever so slightly downcast.]
(16:08:37) Yanmei: "I'm sorry for your loss," Yanmei managed. "And… thank you for being upfront with us about all this."
(16:11:32) Mianplo: ["…"-
(16:11:50) Mianplo: ["Do you mind if I ask you a sensitive question, Freya?" Asked Marianne.-
(16:11:59) Mianplo: ["Please." Said Freya.-
(16:12:48) Mianplo: ["Mary Caine is your mother, yet you took this action against her and other actions besides. Does that mean you oppose her?"-
(16:13:14) Mianplo: ["… Yes." Said Freya. "I can't… Accept the things that my mother has done. Rather, I think that she is not fully herself…"-
(16:13:58) Mianplo: [She looked up at Marianne, and rose to her feet. "I accept my heritage as a Caine, but I'm not going to be bound to follow the head of the family blindly. Even so, I can't bring myself to hate the family either."]
(16:20:02) Sept: "Mm," said Sera, with a smile and a nod.
(16:22:58) * Yanmei was silent. She didn't smile. She just looked… faintly troubled.
(16:24:38) Mianplo: ["I have a favour to ask."]
(16:27:00) Yanmei: "Yes?"
(16:27:34) Mianplo: ["Please release Serafina into my custody." Said Freya. "I can vouch for her behaviour, and if there is any disturbance, I will take full responsibility."]
(16:32:01) Yanmei: "I don't think you have bad intentions, but with her I'd rather not take chances," Yanmei said. "At the very least, she needs an armed guard or two."
(16:33:12) Sept: "Too many armed guards for there to be any point."
(16:34:00) Yanmei: "What do you mean by that?"
(16:38:59) Sept: "You'd need a lot to stop her from doing anything if she wanted to. I don't think it's necessary, but if you insist, you just need one guard with an AT field…"
(16:46:14) Yanmei: "Or we could go with our original plan and keep her in a cell until further notice," said Yanmei flatly.
(16:47:08) Mianplo: ["Serafina saved our lives from the Spectre." Said Freya, her tone firm. "I am sorry, but I consider this to be a very important request. I must insist."]
(16:51:19) Yanmei: "I'm not sure how she feels about you and Sera, but you are aware that she hates the rest of us, right? And that she's been unwaveringly loyal to Mary Caine up until this point?"
(16:54:19) Mianplo: ["Then this is your chance to convert her- not by locking her away, but with charity and openness." Said Freya. "I have been out of the loop for some time, Yanmei, but even I know she isn't the first defector you've welcomed with open arms."]
(16:59:23) Yanmei: "Other defectors were at least willing to work with us," Yanmei pointed out. "This is different. I don't trust her."
(16:59:58) Mianplo: ["Do you trust me?"]
(17:05:15) Yanmei: "That's pretty irrelevant considering that she could probably overpower you if she wanted to. We're not even going into how unpredictable she could become when her withdrawl symptoms start kicking in."
(17:09:22) Mianplo: ["So that is a 'no', then."]
(17:09:58) Sept: "And the solution is to humiliate her on top of the suffering you're already expecting her to face. I thought you weren't Caines."
(17:13:27) Yanmei: "Both of you can stop that blatant manipulation right now," Yanmei snapped. "I do trust you, Freya, but I don't see how you expect to overcome her in the worst case scenario. And how the hell am I humiliating her?"
(17:15:54) Sept: "Fine, then I'll stay with her around the clock."
(17:18:19) Mianplo: ["The worst case scenario was Serafina defeating Sept down in the vaults." Said Freya, an edge of ice in her voice.-
(17:19:22) Mianplo: ["What would she have to gain by waiting until she was brought on board? She must have known that she would likely be quarantined and her access to a target more important than Sera would be very, very limited, not to mention all the extra protection."-
(17:20:28) Mianplo: ["To hear you describe it, it sounds as though Serafina gave up a massive advantage to capture a highly important Evangelion pilot in exchange for a terrible disadvantage to possibly kill or injure another, different pilot. You don't have to trust her motives, but you can trust her intellect. Those are poor odds, Yanmei."]
(17:25:28) Mianplo: ["Try to see it from Yanmei's point of view, both of you." Said Marianne. "She's charged to protect the people under her command. If there's a risk of Raskova posing a danger, then she has to try to minimise it. After all, if Raskova harms someone, it'll be Yanmei's responsibility."-
(17:27:28) Mianplo: ["I understand that she's your friend, Freya, and you want to help her after she rescued you and Sera, but Yanmei has to think with her head and not her heart on this- especially with former Caine agents. Caine technology is still far ahead of hours, and there's no telling what Raskova might be capable of doing that isn't immediately obvious." Said Marianne. "At the very least, you should
(17:27:28) Mianplo: allow us the chance to question her ourselves before asking for her to be released."-
(17:27:48) Mianplo: ["…" Freya frowned. "Then can we at least move her to an apartment under house arrest?"]
(17:34:29) Yanmei: "Please understand that if we do that her security is still going to be way more intense than the precautions we took with you and Mr. de Orleans. Precautions that haven't seemed to hinder your own ability to move about freely, I might add."
(17:35:13) Mianplo: [Freya let out a sigh. "I can accept that. The idea of her rotting in one of those awful little cells was too much to bear…"]
(17:38:17) Yanmei: "Fine. We'll move her tomorrow once I've sorted out the personnel and read the official reports on this mission."
(17:39:30) Mianplo: ["Thank you."]
(17:42:24) Sept: "You'll have the reports by the end of the day," Sera said, apparently accepting the result, as well. "Will that be all?"
(17:44:46) Yanmei: "Yeah. You guys can run off and have fun, I guess. Take a look around the ship. And please apologize to the poor guards you duped in order to get here, ok?"
(17:47:03) Mianplo: ["Of course." Said Freya.-
(17:47:17) Mianplo: ["Not one word on whether you missed me or not, though? I'm hurt."]
(17:48:58) Yanmei: "Please. You know I did. Everyone's just relieved to see that you're not hurt, or worse?"
(17:49:47) Mianplo: ["Hm."-
(17:49:51) Mianplo: [She smiled a little at that.-
(17:49:58) Mianplo: ["Let's go, Sept. I'm hungry."-
(17:50:13) Mianplo: [And without looking back, she turned and left- her stride was firm and bold.]
(17:52:16) Sept: "Ah!"-
(17:53:11) Sept: "Thank you for your time," Sera said, acknowledging Yanmei and Marianne as he got up and headed after Freya with a few hurried steps.
(17:53:38) Mianplo: [Once they were gone, Marianne sighed.-
(17:53:42) Mianplo: ["Those two…"]
(17:55:28) Yanmei: "It wasn't half as bad as I was worried it would be," Yanmei remarked, but she let out her own sigh. "Thank you for defending my decision near the end, though. Freya sure is stubborn."
(17:55:53) Mianplo: ["Were you tempted to give in?"]
(17:57:00) Yanmei: "A little. But I just couldn't. The risk was so high…"
(17:59:25) Mianplo: [Marianne placed a hand on Yanmei's shoulder and squeezed. "Why don't you take the rest of the afternoon off? I can handle the paperwork for today."]
(18:00:11) Yanmei: "No, it's fine. But maybe we could just take a break for a little while. That would be nice."
(18:02:31) Mianplo: ["No no, come on." Said Marianne; her hand converted from a warm squeeze into a vice grip. "Off you go and don't you dare come back."]
(18:04:50) Yanmei: "Huh…? Well. Okay?" Baffled, Yanmei rose from her chair. "If you need anything, don't hesitate to call me, okay?"
(18:05:21) Mianplo: ["I won't." Said Marianne cheerfully, forcefully shooing Yanmei toward the door.]
(18:06:55) Yanmei: And so Yanmei was shooed out of her own office. For a few moments she lingered outside the door wondering what had happened, but soon enough she turned to go. Time for a nap?
(18:07:16) Mianplo: [Once she was out, Marianne stretched.-
(18:07:56) Mianplo: [She walked over to the drinking cabinet and took out a bottle of brandy, or what she referred to as her 'de Pteres medicine'. She poured a finger into a glass, downed it, shuddered lightly, then picked up the phone.-
(18:08:32) Mianplo: ["Rustami? You're still Prime Minister, yes? Good. There's some paperwork that needs doing. Get up here and get on it."-
(18:08:37) Mianplo: ["Yes, I mean it."-
(18:08:56) Mianplo: ["If you don't I'll tell Go all your hiding spots."-
(18:09:04) Mianplo: ["Yes, I do know all of them."-
(18:09:13) Mianplo: ["Especially the one in the G-Defiant's wing dock."-
(18:09:16) Mianplo: ["Yes."-
(18:09:21) Mianplo: ["Okay, good. See you in three."-
(18:09:35) Mianplo: [She put the phone down, downed another shot of brandy, and waited.]

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