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(11:12:41) Sept: ."I… Don't know how to describe it, but I think your Eva's turned to glass?"-
(11:15:21) Sept: Ridiculous. As if he didn't have enough of a time limit on everything he needed to do already, now he was being betrayed by the one thing that was supposed to be completely devoid of agency. Every time he pulled off something that might encourage people to side with him, something like this happened. Unforeseen side-effects, ripples of stupid pointing right back at him.-
(11:16:08) Sept: Utterly and completely ridiculous.-
(11:16:58) Sept: Sera arrived at the bottom of the flight of stairs, saw the corridor leading to the hangar and Jaunted the rest of the way through.
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(12:18:41) Sept: The Evangelion hangar was busy — there were a lot of things to do here, too, repairs, maintenance and upgrades for the big battle. So it would've been busy even if the idle and busy engineers alike hadn't gathered to look at the reflective, gaudy monstrosity standing where EVA-01 usually would be.
(12:26:21) Sept: It had all the iconic colors of 01, painstakingly randomized by the marketing department, and it was the correct size for an Evangelion, but it seemed to consist of what seemed at first sight like stained glass. It wasn't shaped perfectly like the Evangelion, though, as if the Eva had been crystallized, with shards jutting out haphazardly from various points. But otherwise, it was unmistakably still 01, nearly see-through, with only the barely-visible core at its center reminding of its previous function, under a hundred crisscrossing facets of green and orange.
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(12:27:27) Sept: The light on the facets seemed to move, too, as if bending light on its own.
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(12:29:04) Sept: "Sorry about this, everyone!" Sera shouted, touching down a short ways from the Evangelion. "It should be inert, but I'm going to need someone to tell me what the hell happened!"
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(12:30:24) Minaplo: ["It happened awhile ago. It was gradual at first, but the longer it went on, the faster it became." Said Maya.-
(12:31:18) Minaplo: [Maya looked… Different. She looked thinner, paler, dark spots around her eyes. Her hair was shaggier and unkempt than it had been last time. She'd been a prisoner… Yet here she was, working.-
(12:36:27) Minaplo: ["We didn't even want to touch it in case it was dangerous."]
(12:41:01) Sept: "Good. It's probably not, just soulless. I don't think anyone's ever tested this, but even so, this is… a little out there."-
(12:41:43) Sept: "I'm going to be screwed if it's broken," Sera sighed. "Plug connectors gone too?"
(12:51:54) Minaplo: ["That's still all there, actually. It's just that the hatch is… Whatever."]
(12:57:29) Sept: "Right. Let's figure this out," Sera said, cracking his knuckles and taking a look around the rest of the hangar. He stopped on Maya. "Oh. You look terrible."
(10:13:55) Gerblo: [Mana rubbed at her eyes with her wrist. "I know." She said, her voice cracking a little.]
(10:14:01) Gerblo: [Maya*]
(10:19:05) Sept: "Thought you'd got off easy since you were already back here. Let me know if I can cover for you, okay?"
(10:23:52) Gerblo: ["T-Thanks." She mumbled.]
(10:25:33) Sept: "Sorry about everything," Sera said quietly, before quickly continuing. "Anyway. I'm gonna go touch it."
(10:45:17) Gerblo: ["Alright. We'll stand back and watch."]
(11:03:16) * Sept approached the Evangelion… and stopped again. He looked the robot up and down. The reflections in the surfaces were sharper and more focused when seen up close. And they were moving. Not only that, but the light formed shapes: objects, people, places.-
(11:06:24) Sept: Memories and thoughts. Too many to count, reflected in each facet of EVA-01's crystallized form. There was so much motion in his field of view that Sera found it difficult to focus on any one, but he recognized many of the reflections as his, while others were vague or entirely foreign.-
(11:09:11) Sept: Sera looked behind him, half to look at Maya, half to check if he was still in the correct realm of existence. He pointed at the Evangelion, opened his mouth to say something, then closed it again, thinking for a moment. "Come take a look," he finally said.
(11:10:54) Gerblo: [Maya bit her lip, but walked to Sera's side. She looked up at the Eva.-
(11:11:09) Gerblo: [Her eyes narrowed- then widened. "Wait…"]
(11:12:33) Sept: "Some kind of lens, right? I saw me in it, but."
(11:13:16) Gerblo: ["Y-Yeah. It's like a-a collage. Of… Memories."]
(11:15:22) Sept: "Right. Recognize anything?"-
(11:15:54) Sept: "But don't look at it if it starts to take over your mind or something."
(11:17:20) Gerblo: ["I can see my dad…"]
(11:18:49) Sept: "So it's a mirror or receptacle. Interesting. But we should focus on making it operational, no?"
(11:22:51) Gerblo: [Maya didn't respond. She was staring, her raw eyes wide, at the different panes.]
(11:29:18) Sept: "Maya," Sera said, putting his hand on her shoulder.
(11:31:41) Gerblo: [She shook her head as though waking from a daydream.-
(11:31:46) Gerblo: ["Ugh- I'm fine. I'm fine."-
(11:32:01) Gerblo: [Her shoulder sagged beneath Sera's hand. "I just want to go home is all."-
(11:32:11) Gerblo: ["We should work on making it battle-worthy, you're right."]
(11:35:11) * Sept stayed quiet for a moment, a difficult expression on his face. "Yeah," was all he managed to say.-
(11:37:10) Sept: "Okay, for real this time," he said in a louder voice, clapped his hands and crossed the few remaining steps to the foot of the Evangelion. He extended his good hand and placed it on the crystal surface, ignoring the motion inside.
(11:45:22) Gerblo: [As his hand touched the Eva, the 'skin' of it rippled outwards, slowly reverting back to its usual, metal-and-flesh form.]
(11:48:00) Sept: And once he took the hand away?
(10:39:01) @Minaplo: [The 'normal' skin was quickly swallowed by the encroaching glass.]
(10:42:01) Sept: "Alright," Sera said, taking a step back. "Well, it worked while I was in it, and it doesn't seem to be actively harmful. I think we'll be okay."
(10:49:57) @Minaplo: ["We'll need you to be around for us to repair it."]
(10:56:48) Sept: "Guess so. Just give me a call and I'll come, you know, give him a hug or something."
(10:57:14) @Minaplo: ["Okay." Said Maya.-
(10:58:03) @Minaplo: ["Do you know why this happened, in detail? Is it contagious?"]
(11:02:38) Sept: "There's a few possibilities, but considering it reacts to me in such an immediate way… It's gonna be because I reassimilated One's soul, so it's. You know. Pining for a soul? That makes sense, right?"
(11:03:56) @Minaplo: ["Oh, I see." Said Maya.-
(11:04:14) @Minaplo: ["I guess it'd not make sense for Evas to just turn into LCL when they lose their soul, but… This is kind of an extreme."]
(11:08:33) Sept: "You mean extremely interesting?"
(11:08:54) @Minaplo: ["W-Well, I mean… It's turning into memory-reflecting glass."]
(11:10:20) Sept: "Right? You can bet your ass the ancestrals had some of this."
(11:11:19) @Minaplo: [Maya let out a little choke-laugh.]
(11:23:10) Sept: "Okay, I'll be on my way. It's okay to tell Yanmei about this now, I think." Sera took his eyes off the ever-shifting surface of the Eva, turned to look at Maya. Crews of hangar and engineering staff were still milling about at a safer distance, either actually busy with their duties or trying to look like it while gawping at the glass Eva.-
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(11:24:47) Sept: "And like I said, if you need me to- to cover for you, or need to talk about. You know. Home, or recent events. We can probably find time, right?"
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(11:27:29) @Minaplo: [Maya let out a low, heavy breath. She rubbed at her eyes with a shaky hand. Nonetheless, she gave Sera a smile. "Sure. We can find time. T-Thanks."]
(11:35:14) Sept: "Uh huh. See you later!" With that, Sera headed out of the hangar, with significantly less urgency than with which he'd arrived. An auspicious omen.

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