Characteristics (Normal)

WS BS Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship Synch Ratio
10 75 20 50 50 30 50 30 10 110

Body Parts

Name Hit Chance AP Wounds
Body 1-100 10 40


AB Half Full Charge Run
5 10 20 30 60


Awareness+10, Dodge+20


Ranged Talents

Talent Name Talent Sub-Title Effect
Crack Shot - +2 critical damage from ranged attacks.
Deadeye Shot - Reduce penalty to called shots by -10.
Mighty Shot - Add half of BSB to ranged weapon damage
Precision Heavy Well-Placed Single attacks only: roll Ballistic Skill twice, take the better roll.

Cherubim Talents

Talent Name Talent Sub-Title Effect
Angel 10 TB10
Automatic Response - May React to attacks by firing its Shuriken Cannon.
Positron Curtain - By using a Half Action every round, The Cherubim concentrates fire upon an area 10km around itself in a fast moving, but predictable, pattern. Any pilots entering or leaving this area must test either Dodge at a -30 penalty or Logic using a Reaction Action. Failure means they take damage as if hit by its Positron Array. Pilots already inside the area of effect of this trait must choose between repeating said test or automatically taking 14 E pen 10 damage as they graze past the most dangerous projectiles and soak up the weaker ones.
Priority Target Deals +5 damage to Sera de Pteres, Zhang Yanmei and Fatima Nejem.

AT Field Powers

Barrier Field, Neutralise, AT Wave

Weapons and Natural Attacks

Ranged Attacks

Name Class Range RoF Base Damage Real Damage Pen Special
Positron Array Basic 10km S/-/- 1d10+7E 1d10+10E 10 Positron
Shuriken Cannon Basic 3km S/4/8 1d10+3R 1d10+6R 6 Razor Sharp, Scatter, Shuriken
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