Chiisana S Arms

[07:05:00] <04@Minaplo> [About two days after the battle.-
07[07:05:30] <04@Minaplo> [It was nearly midday, and Aline's schedule was free, although many things vied to make it less so. She hadn't seen Shinji at all since they had returned, possibly for medical reasons.-
[07:08:42] <04@Minaplo> [Nevertheless, so far today she'd received an invitation to target practice with William- a chance to catch up- but also an invite to assist Chiisana in the battleship's science labs (for reasons unknown)- as well as an invite from Navah to handle some 'really cool stuff' down in the Cargo Bay.]
10[07:21:14] * Aline had to triage this rather ferociously, while trying to keep everything in proper order. Quick messages were sent out, one saying that she appreciated the chance to catch up but was kind of tired of the ranges for a while and would probably talk to him later on either today or tomorrow (to William), and another to Navah saying she was going to do something else and if the the really cool stuff was still there she could check it out later. No. Today was meant for SCIENCE. And she felt awkward around William still.
[07:32:55] <04@Minaplo> [The science labs of the battleship were quite impressive for a science lab, but not quite the calibre of the Geofront's own legendary ones.-
[07:41:17] <04@Minaplo> [Chiisana Himesama is within, dressed today in a rather practical outfit- a pair of black ankle-length trousers and a black silk shirt under a labcoat. She's standing in a large testing room with glass walls and a sealed door; before her is a large, steel chest-like object on wheels.-
[07:41:46] <04@Minaplo> [The room is ringed with curious objects, including solid stone walls attached to roof-sliding cranes and what look suspiciously like automated baseball shooters.]
10[07:44:59] * Aline was in rather casual clothing, since that wasn't described earlier - khaki pants and a deep blue shirt - as she arrived on the scene… and paused for a second, just to stare at the setup. Stone walls. Baseball shooters? What. Nonetheless… Aline advanced, and knocked on one of the glass walls softly. "You were… doing something?"
07[07:54:00] <04@Minaplo> [Chiisana turned and opened the door. "Aline. Glad you could make it. Welcome to the Ayanami Combat Design Testing Chamber."]
10[07:58:42] * Aline walked over to the door - because the wall she knocked was slightly at an angle from it, and sort of looked at the assorted… things. "I see! Quite an uh, interesting set of equipment, though some of it looks a bit confusing." She paused for a second. "Design, though?"
[08:09:30] <04@Minaplo> ["Yes. It's where we test Combat Designs." Said Chiisana. "The Ayanamis have a specialised set of equipment attuned to our abilities, you see. I decided that if you were free, you might like to look at them, perhaps be a little inspired to have a word with someone in Technical…"]
10[08:18:19] * Aline bowed her head slightly, and smiled to Chiisana. "Oh, I wouldn't mind giving them a looksee at all. It'd at least be interesting."
[08:21:28] <04@Minaplo> ["Very good." Said Chiisana, slapping a button on the chest. The top of the chest slid open, revealing a dozen long cases within.-
[08:21:58] <04@Minaplo> [Chiisana tapped three of them, the lids springing open. "The last battle seemed like it was rather a good deal closer than it seemed."]
10[08:29:56] * Aline took a second to process the nested seemings, but then smiled again as she settled around the chest and cases. "Well, the angelspawn managed to hack into the systems and commission an N2 attack on the city, and was steadily tampering with our synch ratios through the OD software. Shinji was busy neutralizing, Asuka's unit was forcibly shut down, and I was running out of AT force - and the MAGI reported it was immune to non-AT-charged modes of attack anyway, so if William hadn't appeared… we probably would've been blown up with an almost-dead greater angelspawn on our hands."
[08:42:11] <04@Minaplo> ["It is rather curious." Said Chiisana, withdrawing a long, heavy-looking sword from one of the containers. "The Evangelions are unique due to their Angelic-esque AT Field abilities, yet their weaknesses are indicative of humanity's hand- electronics, hacking vulnerabilities."-
07[08:45:01] <04@Minaplo> ["Each Ayanami has a sword, although not all of us care to use it. The style differs from sister to sister." She held the blade out to Aline. "I prefer my blades to come in the heavy, western style, so it requires two hands."]
10[08:50:59] * Aline looked at the sword, and if allowed, hefted it. "I actually bought a heavy western-style sword a few years back. Got it mono-edged for a christmas present… and then Shinji used it pretty extensively. And to think…" She lifted the sword with some difficulty, yet seemed at least casually familiar with the weight and heft of such a weapon. "…I originally picked such a weapon out of simple experience - I managed to well outpace my own ability in the first NERV meeting's combat tournament by wielding a large weapon, and figured I'd have the same advantage in real combat if I went large. Lots of time has passed since then, but your favored blade is familiar because of that." She moved, as if to present it back to Chiisana.
[09:01:03] <04@Minaplo> ["Did you ever consider applying that philosophy to the Prototype Model?"]
10[09:06:12] * Aline paused with consideration. "Well… maybe once upon a time I had, but now… now I have a fairly stable setup of equipment, actually. High-accuracy sniper weapons are what I'm better at…" A smirk. "And the powers available to me with the Lance of Tears are far too great to ignore. So a double-weapon, one-at-a-time, variable-range strategy works the best for me aboard 00. The power I'd gain from a larger melee weapon would sacrifice both the unique enhancements of the Lance AND the value of my sniping training."
[09:13:01] <04@Minaplo> ["True enough." Said Chiisana, taking the blade back and hefting it up in both hands. "Shinji is in the same situation. He is very strong, so for him, a heavy, powerful weapon is perfect on foot. But in EVA-05, he has no need for manufactured weapons."-
[09:13:32] <04@Minaplo> [She returned the sword to its case, and took out a long staff.-
07[09:17:16] <04@Minaplo> ["We also bear staves, which have multiple benefits. Not as lethal as a sword in direct combat, but they can funnel AT Fields and project them at longer distances. They also have a non-lethal setting." She whacked Aline's thigh with the shaft.-
[09:17:33] <04@Minaplo> [Her leg instantly went numb, even as the rest of her body jerked wildly for a second- although it quickly passed.]
10[09:21:10] * Aline /shook/ rather visibly at the hit, holding her leg for a second or two with one hand. "That…! …I see." She couldn't remain too upset, because it was just a demonstration, right? Science. "Yeah, I vaguely remember Rei using one of those in the tunnels when our groups met up." A pause. "It must be pretty handy to have a field projection device, then."
[09:27:39] <04@Minaplo> [One of the slab-cranes began to move, now, as Chiisana returned her staff to its slot.-
[09:28:35] <04@Minaplo> ["You yourself know how useful it is." Chiisana took out a strange steel contraption…-
[09:28:46] <04@Minaplo> ["There is something I am curious about."]
10[09:30:15] * Aline tilted her head semi-absently. "…Ah?" She got a strange feeling, like she was about to be a test subject again.
[09:35:50] <04@Minaplo> [Chiisana focused for a second, and the object unfolded in an instant- it was a large crossbow, albeit one with a modern, sophisticated look.-
[09:36:15] <04@Minaplo> ["How do you feel you use your abilities in the Evangelion? Your manipulation ones."]
10[09:42:40] * Aline seemed slightly relieved, and eyed the weapon somewhat. It made some sense, though it looked pretty ~fancy~. "Oh! Well… it's highly variable. As I kinda confided in Ezekiel - you know, the ambassador - I feel like it goes from 'doing very little' to 'solving the entire battle'. Still, I tend to prefer utility abilities and the tried-and-true rising cross. I often end up doing things like pinning down an enemy with a time field, or… well, I've had some more momentous times - like where I was able to rig up a barrier field as an impromptu scanner to find Voriel when we fought him the first time, or when I sent EVA-22 into the sun with a jaunt."
07[09:43:53] <04@Minaplo> [Chiisana nodded at that, then shoved the crossbow into Aline's hands. "Fire this at the stone wall."-
07[09:44:17] <04@Minaplo> [… Aline would immediately notice that the crossbow had no trigger. Or in fact any obvious way to trigger the propelling mechanism.]
10[09:48:06] * Aline blinked. "…I'm glad you've heard of E-type permanent synchronization, but I'm not about to damage my AT Field trying to operate this thing, assuming that's…" She stared at it some more. "…how you operate it."
07[09:49:43] <04@Minaplo> ["It is, and you are right to choose that option." Said Chiisana, taking the crossbow back. She raised it to her shoulder, and- seemingly of its own accord- the crossbow launched, propelling a violently powerful bolt into the wall, which cracked down the middle, filling Aline's ears with the shocking sound.-
[10:04:47] <04@Minaplo> ["An Ayanami lives with their AT Fields. We grow used to them, we use them to assist us in all sorts of ways unconsciously." She said, folding the crossbow back up and putting it away. "I believe if you had to look at it from that perspective, you might find new attitudes forming in how you use your powers in combat."]
10[10:12:14] * Aline was sort of playing the dumb route a little, in that she decided to ask. "What would the difference end up being? That I'd think of them more casually, or that I'd come up with uses that weren't always so 'isolated'?"
07[10:20:55] <04@Minaplo> ["Yes." She took out one box now that contained a loose blue garment, rather like a dress that fell to Chiisana's knees. She held it out against Aline's chest.-
[10:22:05] <04@Minaplo> ["Let me ask you- imagine a person who has spent their entire lives without arms, one day gaining arms. Now they have hands, ways to do things that are much easier than the method they have been using, but because they are new to the concept of arms, they don't use them to their full potential."-
[10:24:39] <04@Minaplo> ["Try this on." She said, nodding towards the dress. "These are made for an Ayanami's physique- mine specifically. Your proportions are somewhat different, but we have enough similarities. The fabric has limited defensive capabilities, but more importantly, it is slippery and near frictionless. It will be very difficult for you- or any non-Ayanami- to hold, so be careful."]
10[10:28:21] * Aline slowly nodded, feeling like she'd prrrrobably drop it right when she took hold of it. But she'd have to try because she was asked to! So gingerly, Aline reached out and clamped her fingers down on the dress, trying to lift it up over herself!
[10:30:39] <04@Minaplo> [It -was- very treacherous. It was almost like trying to hold a fabric that kept turning into water…-
[10:35:21] <04@Minaplo> ["I am not trying to criticise you, of course." Said Chiisana. "You have done clever and innovative things with the AT Field. It is simply an observation. Sometimes an enchanted blade is better than a fireball."]
10[10:39:20] * Aline was almost comedically fumbling with the dress, pushing and catching and /wrestling/ with the damnable thing. "The… literal…" Flail. "Version of that was proven last…" Wrestle, wrestle. "…battle, yes!" She finally managed to lift it over herself… only for the dress to flumph its way down her already-clothed body, barely caught by an elbow wedging into one area of it.
[10:43:20] <04@Minaplo> [Chiisana watched. Perhaps she found this amusing.-
[10:46:59] <04@Minaplo> ["Indeed. Although that lance definitely makes things easier." Said Chiisana, nodding slowly. "It can be easier, simply put, to enhance what is there rather than creating it fresh from the cloth is what I am saying."-
[10:47:14] <04@Minaplo> ["Have you spoken with Shinji since the battle?"]
10[10:51:58] * Aline continued to wrestle with the dress, until /finally/ she managed to get one arm through - so she could work on the other. "Ah, well… Yeah, I can see that point." A beat passed, as she slipped the other arm through, awkwardly. "I tried to see him, but he's been under strict medical supervision. Really strict. That spawn… I could feel the field damage it caused from just /trying/ to neutralize it. I imagine he took it hard."
[11:03:52] <04@Minaplo> ["I see. He's been having some problems as of late…"]
10[11:07:45] * Aline gave a little pose, but was quickly interrupted by the statement, bringing only questions to the table. "…Dare I ask?"
[11:14:12] <04@Minaplo> ["You would know more than I do. His attack on Gosselin…"-
[11:15:11] <04@Minaplo> ["I am an Ayanami, but whilst many of my sisters are affectionate towards Shinji in various degrees, I am not so cordial. I like him and care for his wellbeing, mind. I hope you understand."-
[11:15:22] <04@Minaplo> ["… Shinji. What is he like as a partner?"]
10[11:22:43] * Aline opened her mouth a moment, and closed it, pausing in order to be in deep thought. Eventually, though, she'd stir. "He's loving and devoted… and has developed in ways both good and ill. I admit that I didn't help in the case of the latter, but I also was of some help in the former. But things are changing. I think he's been way too affected by the attacks lately… Hallucinations, who-knows-what else…" She looked embarrassed now. "Truth be told, I'm kind of afraid to see what'll happen next."
[11:32:30] <04@Minaplo> ["You love him?"]
10[11:36:03] * Aline nodded. "Yeah. I'm really worried about him now, but… I guess I just…" She wrung her hands. "I guess I'm not the epic romantic that some people think of when they think of love, stereotypically. I just… love and care for him. I can even admit that at first he was almost like a plaything, back before things became more serious - he was so afraid and delicate that it felt like I could mold him however I pleased. But I wasn't really so forceful in that, and I wonder if I haven't made some grave mistakes."
[11:41:57] <04@Minaplo> ["Mistakes?"]
10[11:44:30] * Aline poked her fingers together a little, looking even more embarrassed than she was a little before. "I'd… rather not go into some of them. The rest… just, I'm not sure if I nurtured him in the right direction or not. Or maybe I have, and he's just bending under the strain. I don't know anymore…"
[12:01:06] <04@Minaplo> ["What's done is done." Said Chiisana decisively. "You get no second chances, and indecision is death."-
[12:03:48] <04@Minaplo> ["The best you can do now is reinforce him."]
10[12:07:58] <Aline> "Right." Was all Aline needed to say to that. She wasn't used to, still, the martial kind of soul that Chiisana had at times. It was a different experience.
02[12:22:49] * Oat (~ua.moc.odod.lsd.citats.122-511-841-221|leahpaR#ua.moc.odod.lsd.citats.122-511-841-221|leahpaR) Quit (Quit: )
[12:27:15] <04@Minaplo> ["But you can't just be the support without being supported. Are you handling this alright?"]
10[12:29:45] * Aline sighed a bit, and looked at Chiisana. "I would be less worried if I was, no? Or at least less emotionally concerned."
[12:32:49] <04@Minaplo> ["One can be worried at the same time as on top of things." Said Chiisana gently. "Rather… I'm wondering how to help you."]
10[12:38:09] <Aline> "…I'm not entirely sure? Just maybe listening could be helpful." Aline confided.
[12:41:53] <04@Minaplo> ["I can listen. I can also keep secrets if you need me to."]
10[12:47:21] * Aline bowed her head. "…I don't think I have any secrets that I want to share to keep my mind yet, but I thank you for the offer."
[12:56:50] <04@Minaplo> ["Very good."-
07[12:57:07] <04@Minaplo> [Somewhere beneath the dress Aline was wearing- in her actual clothes- her phone began to ring.]
10[12:59:02] * Aline rummaged through said clothing, basically just letting the dress billow around her as she reached, and grabbed it sharply. "Hello?"
07[13:07:26] <04@Minaplo> ["Aline? It's Doctor Kenzo. It's about Shinji- we have a problem and we need your help."]

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