Childhood's Promise

(13:10:39) Aline: Waiting. Ever since she sent a relatively terse text message ["Come to the roof afterschool, there's something I wanted to talk about privately."], Aline found herself waiting in the middle of St. Louis's rooftop. Not quite the top of a random apartment building, but it had that same sense of nostalgic secrecy.
(13:15:38) @AdEvaGM: [And so she waited. About fifteen minutes afterwards, the door to the roof opened. There were soft footsteps. "What is it?"]
(13:17:27) * Aline stood up from where she had been leaning against the wall, and stared at him a bit. She looked… uncertain. Maybe even a bit preoccupied somehow. "It's about us. I'm a little bit confused…"
(13:20:33) @AdEvaGM: [William pulled off his school bag and propped it against the wall before he himself sat down, leaning against it. "I'd be happy to help clear things up."]
(13:24:17) * Aline looked back at her own bag, and sighed deeply. "Well… First of all, I guess I should start by asking… How much do you think I know? I'm pretty nervous about this to begin with, so I don't want to suddenly surprise you with something."
(13:28:17) @AdEvaGM: ["Know about what?"]
(13:30:43) * Aline didn't flail, but she did seem to squirm, as if he was supposed to already know. She was possibly getting a bit irrational about this… "Us, and how you act around me and… stuff."
(13:31:21) @AdEvaGM: ["I know you mean 'us', but… Us is a pretty big topic, isn't it?" He smiled gently. "I don't know, for example, how much you've gotten back."]
(13:37:17) * Aline frowned. "…Sorry. Uh… well. I guess it /is/ on me after all. But uh. I don't think I know anything before you just arrived during that tournament. Everything else about you, that apparently might be some kind of past, is a blank."
(13:39:57) @AdEvaGM: ["I see." He said sadly. "I hoped some of those memories would've returned thanks to your reincorporisation…"]
(13:43:09) * Aline shrugged openly - not the lackadaisacal move that a shrug usually was, but far more subdued. Defeated. "But I don't remember anything I remembered during that time. Except that some of it was scary, anyway. It seems LCL dreams are /hard/ to pierce." Another sigh, though. "I guess we'll have to start from the beginning. I hope, though, this isn't some kind of thing that I'm not
(13:43:09) * Aline supposed to be told until I remember it myself or… something."
(13:49:51) @AdEvaGM: ["…" He smiled a little, wistfully, as though admitting something bad. "I think it might be best for you to remember it yourself. The specifics, at least. I can give you a brief outline, but nothing more."]
(13:52:23) * Aline noticeably pouted, looking a bit upset at that. "Aw… That's going to make it pretty hard, but I'll take your word for it."
(13:57:45) @AdEvaGM: [William nodded. "Well, I'll… Keep it simple." He looked out towards the edge of the roof.-
(13:58:35) @AdEvaGM: ["We knew each other once, before I went my way and you went yours. We were close. We swore ourselves to each other, because… Well." He looked back at her. "I won't say anymore there. It's complicated."]
(14:00:50) * Aline frowned heavily, looking deep in thought. "What I don't get is why I don't remember any of this. It should've been important enough to keep…"
(14:01:20) @AdEvaGM: ["Maybe too important. Maybe it was felt to be distracting." He said quietly.]
(14:07:55) * Aline raised a brow. "That sounds… ominous."
(14:09:53) @AdEvaGM: ["Didn't NERV engineer Sera de Pteres's life? It's not like they lack the capacity."]
(14:10:53) * Aline nodded, with a frown. "I'm surprised they didn't purge it from you then, just in case. Or… did they?"
(14:11:33) @AdEvaGM: ["I don't think they realise." He said.]
(14:12:56) Aline: "Mmm. And now the meme's out, as it were. Pesky little things, ideas are."
(14:16:01) @AdEvaGM: ["Yes." He said quietly. William finally looked up at her eyes, meeting them with his. "It aches at me." He said, his voice sad and pained. "To feel as though a part of me has been cut off. But it's important to do this properly." He glanced away again. "You know, they probably have tons of files on you in the MAGI that would explain everything."]
(14:19:27) * Aline tilted her head, but then closed her eyes to let out a gust of air - not quite a sigh this time, though really if there was an emotionally-appropriate moment for doing that a lot… "Well, I don't quite have the access. I'd have to… find some other way to get at it. Or rather, get contacts. Still, I think I can guess a little bit already."
(14:19:48) @AdEvaGM: ["Oh?"]
(14:21:46) * Aline folded her arms. "I'm suspicious that it's you and me that make an A-E pair. If you catch my drift."
(14:24:16) @AdEvaGM: ["…" He stared at her now, his eyes widening. "… That would make sense. It would explain some things, but it'd be…" He blushed and looked away. "Difficult to prove."]
(14:25:59) Aline: "Mn." A swift nod, as she was, conversely, starting to calm down. "It's only a hunch, I don't have proof either, but… if the fact that they were freaking out when they /thought/ Shinji was mine instead of someone else is any indication, that'd be a good reason to purge it. But it's best to not dwell on a theory…"
(14:32:13) @AdEvaGM: ["… In any case. I have my reasons for feeling as I do. I don't know how things will change should your memories return."]
(14:33:28) * Aline looked a bit into the distance before looking back, eventually. "Right. And I unfortunately got so confused because I ended up building a life without those memories… Frustrating."
(14:34:19) @AdEvaGM: ["It's alright. It's not your fault. Just remember that… I can help you. I want to help you."]
(14:42:07) * Aline slowly nodded again. "R-right. This is hard to deal with, you understand?"
(14:42:31) @AdEvaGM: ["Do I ever."]
(14:45:14) Aline: "So… what do /we/ do, about this? Should we try to avoid tipping them off too much more, or is it already past that stage? I can't really abandon the life I've already made, though…"
(14:48:53) @AdEvaGM: ["We… Let's just try to play it calmly." He said. "We should try to uphold the status quo- I mean, if they are the culprits here, then we really shouldn't tip them off unless we're overt."]
(14:58:15) * Aline tried to smile, though it came out a little lopsided and frowny - but yet it was still a smile! Barely! "I'll try, yeah. I think me and Yanmei will try to find out the truth, because I know I alone don't have the contacts. Sera, I think, still doesn't trust you yet…"
(14:58:50) @AdEvaGM: ["No, he doesn't." Said William, clearly disappointed. "But I think he would be capable of helping you."]
(15:03:18) * Aline uttered one word, at least at first. "Elisha. Because of him. Right, I… see. But you're right, if there's anyone who already /has/ the contacts needed, it'd be him."
(15:04:32) @AdEvaGM: [He nodded once.]
(15:05:53) * Aline drummed her fingers against her hip. "…I'm not sure what else to say…"
(15:08:14) @AdEvaGM: [He stood up. "Well, I could always walk you home."]
(15:16:28) * Aline nodded, with a smile, and stood up as well. "I suppose you could."
(15:17:28) @AdEvaGM: ["It would be my pleasure."]

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