Chloe Goldgrove

Name: Chloe Goldgrove
Occupation: Student of St Evelyn's
Age: 17
Birthday: 3rd of Paraskest
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 119lb

Physical Description:
A dainty young lady with dark pigtails, glasses, and a love of lace and ruffles. She sometimes overdoes it with her equal love of shiny, sparkly, and cute accessories, usually to the point of appearing pretty gaudy. It's unusual to see her strolling around outdoors without her parasol to ward the harsh Paxian sun away from her delicate face and pale skin, and she always takes slow, measured, ladylike steps. Unless she's chasing after a certain emperor's son.

Chloe Goldgrove hails from a former noble family that has still managed to keep a foothold in high society by owning a lot of land, investing wisely, and becoming immeasurably wealthy. She has always been surrounded by gossip of other powerful families in Paxia, whether they have gotten that wealth through politics, magic, or similar wealth, and often takes the time to secretly speculate to herself on the futures of the families of her classmates.

She's a cold, calculating girl at heart… but seems to shed that countenance once Marcus steps into view, instead becoming giggly, bubbly, and grabby. Mysterious, that.

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