Cillian Mac Naoimhin
Name: Cillian Mac Naoimhin
Position: Head of Wizard Army's Engineering and manufacturing; Logistics Officer and bookkeeper
Sex: Male
Age: 34 (born 1983)
Nationality: Irish/Libre-Citizen
Place of Residence: W-Base

Physical Details
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: light Blue
Height: 5'4
Build: Thin and almost petite

Personal Details
"Ma'am, I'm trying, but until I make some more hyperglycerin you'll just have to rely on our stockpiles. No, ma'am, we're out of the components. By the saints, this was so much easier in the old days!"

Cillian Mac Naoimhin his essentially the supply officer for the Wizard Army. To him falls the task of logistics, supply and procurement. It is a supremely difficult task- buying regular ammo or weapons is easy, especially in Africa, but the Wizard Army do not use regular weapons. The standard small arm of the Army is the Masgun or, failing that the Railgun- difficult to make except by specialised equipment, and even then actually getting that equipment is near-impossible. To say nothing of Iron Guard equipment- the armour and bolters are of the highest quality, but when your gun fires large explosive bullets, ammo procurement is a proper pain.

Mac Naoimhin was an Irish engineer who worked for the Thruster Solace program before joining the LN. (The UN had ceded the Republic of Ireland to the UK, and Mac Naoimhin was supremely angry at the loss of his homeland's independence). He was part of the LN's vaunted Engineering and Weapons Development program and helped design several weapons and even Thruster models.

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