Commonwealth Purge Joint Action

Commonwealth Purge (Joint Action)

"Antimatter warheads: the only way to be sure."
- Ezra Caine

The Commonwealth, so angered at the Soviet action and response, would soon receive a good deal of information from both the UN and the UEF that suggested- with a great deal of detailed evidence- that the forces present were not Soviets at all, but a host of Shadowmen crawling out of the miasma that was the Finnish countryside. Horrified, the Commonwealth quickly investigated by themselves, and concluded that they were right.

Tens of thousands of troops were suspected of having been subverted; a massive loss of life. That this happened without the Commonwealth realising it was truly chilling; that in itself quickly led to the deployment to the ultimate defense of the state: N2 Warheads. Six N2 Warheads were dropped on the suspected areas, quickly flattening the bases, the Shadowmen, and the countryside around them.

The Shadowmen threat is now being investigated carefully to make sure it's properly taken care of; early evidence suggests that the worst is over. Nonetheless the entire country is shaken and in mourning.


Unfortunate, but that's the best that could be hoped for.
Gratitude. Commonwealth gains +1 Satisfaction.

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