Convoy Duties Turn 8

Convoy Duties

Convoy duties refers to both the securing of allied convoys as well as the raiding of others. This is an extremely important part of warfare, and always has been: without supplies, armies cannot fight; without food, countries cannot feed their people; without trade, states cannot buy materials with which to produce weapons. An entire doctrine of military thinking revolves around achieving the best ratio possible not only in maintaining one's own supply lines, but in harming the enemy's. This focus was decisive in both World Wars: in World War One, Germany attempted to starve Britain out with a submarine blockade, which would've been catastrophic and ultimately ended the war in Germany's favour; as it stood, it was the British blockade of Germany which prevailed, leading to Germany's eventual surrender. In World War Two, the United States became highly proficient at crippling Japan's convoys, and by the end of the war Japan was unable to really muster any sort of defense.

In modern combat, there's one engine of war that excels at convoy raiding and protection: the Superheavy. Capable of movement from the depths of the ocean to deep space, able to change weapons within seconds and heavily armoured, their flexibility and speed allows them to quickly reinforce convoys, or else capture or destroy enemy convoys then retreat with their ill-gotten gains.



Minimum Allocations
One Director or Commander.
Four Superheavy Constructs.
Maximum Allocations
One Director or Commander.
Twelve Superheavy Constructs.
Three Evangelions.

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Duration One Turn
Expires Never
May be Undertaken: Unlimited Times

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Commander makes a single Command or Lore (Tactics) test. -40 penalty.
-20 Penalty due to MP Eva Production.
+5 per 4 Superheavies
+10 per Evangelion

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Result Legend

Basic: 1 CP and 10 Reserves.
DoS Bonus: 1 CP and 5 Reserves per 3 DoS.
Basic: No effect.
DoF Penalty: One unit, chosen randomly, is critically damaged per 2 DoF.

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