Core Limiter Signal Research

Core Limiter Signal Research

"This is most fascinating. Whatever could it be…?"
- Doctor Fuyutsuki

Research into blocking the Core Limiters has produced some hopeful results.

Going into this project, we worked under the following outlines:

  • That the Core Limiters have two major purposes: to prevent the Master Models from berserking, and to receive a signal.
  • That the Master Model berserk is somehow different to a regular Eva berserk event.
  • That the signal was Dirac in nature, and that the signal was active

As noted, we can send the Limiters a signal of our own that causes them to painlessly dissolve. However, this posed a problem. Were the Core Limiters innately inhbiting berserk, or was it the signal's doing? This was an important question: if the Core Limiters were being primed to inhibit berserk thanks to the signal, then blocking the signal would allow them to berserk. However, if the Core Limiters weren't being primed in this way, and inhibited berserk innately… Then the signal wasn't needed to prevent the berserk, which meant that the signal was doing something else that we weren't comprehending. Furthermore, it wasn't as though the Limiters relied on the signal to keep going; after all, the Limiters required a specific signal to force them to collapse.

In essence:

  • Either the Core Limiters are only inhibiting berserks because the Signal tells them to do so.
  • The Core Limiters inhibit berserk naturally, meaning the Signal is not related to the berserk inhibition.

Because of this, the research team decided that we would proceed in the following steps:

  • Analyse the Signal and ascertain its nature as best as we can.
  • Discover a method of replicating the Signal, so we can use it in case it is blocking the berserks.
  • Attempt to block the Signal whilst deploying the duplicate.
  • Maintain the duplicate signal. If nothing adverse is observed, deactivate the duplicate. Reactivate if something adverse is observed; if reactivation does not prevent the event, then remove Signal block. If that does not prevent the event, scramble Evangelions.
    • Adverse in this case being: Danger to individuals in the vicinity, danger to important infrastructure, danger to pilot, or the Tannenbrot Threshold being breached (something happening that the MAGI could not analyse and comprehend within 15 seconds).

Step One: Analyse the Signal

We analysed the signal using the following methods: electromagnetic sensors, MAGI scans and Evangelion senses (telepathy and psychaudience). Electromagnetic sensors detected nothing, whilst Evangelion senses did. Routing the senses into the MAGI, we were able to provide details that we predict to be 92.45% accurate.

Analysing the Signal was important. Technology that uses 'dirac signals' exists (one was implanted in the decoy Roku). Highly advanced and extremely difficult to manufacture, Dirac signals are invisible to conventional sensors and to most passive Evangelion senses. They can, however, be susceptible to interference from an Evangelion locking space around them. Dirac jammers, meanwhile, use a method different to space locking, which has no effect on Dirac signals whatsoever.

However, we quickly found that the Signal bore similarities to a Dirac signal, but was not actually of Dirac. It did not use a Dirac Sea or such elements; instead it seems to exist in a dimensional waveform that we have never seen before. Our analysis was highly interesting, but the details are extremely technical. Nonetheless, the results were obvious: this was not a Dirac signal and so would not be blocked by space-locking. The signal is also untraceable with our existing technology, but wherever the source is, it is transmitting to the Limiters instantaneously.

In summation:

  • Signal was not a Dirac signal
  • Locking space is thus not expected to work.
  • Signal is fast enough to be transmitting instanteously, and is untraceable with our current technology.

Step Two: Replicate the Signal

Despite the esoteric nature of the Signal, replicating it proved surprisingly easy. Our AT specialist pilots (in this case Akagi and Simonides) were able to do so with ease in the Dorian, using their Evas' AT Fields. We observed, however, that this became more difficult the farther away the Dorian was from Paris-2. In fact, past a range of 100km it becomes nearly impossible. It was our conclusion that the signal was not being generated by Akagi and Simonides, but rather from something within the Geofront.

Some scans and analyses proved us right: the Geofront was emitting a low-level passive field of this dimensional waveform in all directions within a hundred kilometres. The Evangelions were simply twisting this existing waveform into shape.

Nonetheless, we had our duplicate signal, even if we didn't know what it meant. This signal has been dubbed "Parrot", whilst the original Signal has been renamed "Peacock".

Step Three: Block Signal tests

Although discovering a new dimensional waveform was very exciting, it also meant that we had little understanding of how to block it. Eventually we decided that if the AT specialists could shape the waveform, then they could also block it somehow.

We commenced tests using both Akagi and Simonides, using Simonides to broadcast Parrot to Chiisana's Eva, whilst Akagi attempted to block Peacock. Both succeeded, and no adversities were observed.

Step Four: Activate/deactivate/activate Parrot

With the foundations set, we could now proceed onto the fun part of testing what happened once the Limiters were receiving no signal at all. With Akagi still blocking Peacock, we ordered Simonides to cease broadcasting Parrot.

Instantly, we observed a sudden high energy pulse within the Eva. Chiisana's synch ratio leapt by 89% (to a total of 201%), at which point she was at risk of developing ego instabilities. We redeployed Parrot and both the energy pulse and synch ratio dropped to standard levels.

This time we tried again, making sure to remove Chiisana and suppress her remote synchronisation to the best of our ability. Once again the high energy pulse was detected, but it quickly faded of its own volition. The Eva's Limiters received no signal for two hours, and showed no adverse effects. We tested by reestablishing Chiisana's full synchronisation, and the energy pulse instantly returned, as did Chiisana's dangerously high synch ratio. Although we wanted to abort, Chiisana promised that she could withstand it for a little while longer.

Five seconds later, her ratio leapt to 255%. Ten seconds in, and it was reaching 299%. At eleven seconds, a white glowing nimbus of light began to emanate from the Eva. We quickly suppressed Chiisana's synch and reestablished Parrot; the energy pulse and the ratio dropped back to normal levels. We analysed the mental data and observed that the Evangelion had entered a latent berserk state one point two seconds after the signal was blocked.

We have come to a single conclusion: the Core Limiters are not just inhibitng potential berserk effects. The Master Model Evangelions are in fact existing in a state of perpetual near-berserk, and are willing to berserk at the drop of a hat. Furthermore, the Core Limiters suppress the Synch Ratio between Eva and Ayanami.

Thankfully, Chiisana kept her word; she suffered no permanent damage to her ego barrier, but she definitely sustained some.

Conclusion and Recommendation

These findings are incredible, but also disturbing in their own way. Only a handful of times in the past has an Evangelion's Synch Ratio breached the 200% mark. Each time, it was a momentous incident that recontextualised our understanding of the Impact century. The fact that each Master Model is capable of doing this and more if not for a single signal being broadcasted from a mysterious location is frightening.

The good news: we can block the foreign signal and maintain the Limiters using a signal that we completely control. Furthermore, we believe that once the Ayanami pilots fully merge with their souls, then the risk of the Eva berserking will be null (there is a minor (1.1%) prediction that this could instead create an uncontrollably berserk Master Model with a projected Synch Ratio of 400%).
The bad news: the signal we can create is limited to 100km around the Geofront. Furthermore, maintaining it is a deeply exhausting experience for the pilot. This creates massive limits on the Master Models' strategic deployment.

Our recommended course of action, then, is to locate the source of the dimensional waveform within the Black Moon. This will be highly difficult- although the Geofront is built into the Black Moon and is able to connect to the ship's 'passages', the passages are not mapped, may possess technology or markings beyond our understanding, and are estimated to possess powerful auto-defense systems, according to Ezekiel. Once we find it, however, we can study it and potentially create an autonomous 'Parrot' broadcast that has global range, inhibiting the Master Model berserk until a safe time.

One final note: we attempted to locate the source of the signal by scanning for the dimensional waveform. Sadly we were not able to locate the source on Earth. We did, however, locate a low-level passive signal on the fringes of our solar system. Conventional sensors and telescopes spotted nothing. What we do know, however, is that the signal is moving. It is on a course for Earth, and is projected at current speeds to reach the planet by December 25-29.

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