Cornelia Archibald

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Name: Cornelia Alexandria Winnifred Archibald
Position: Principal Warfare Officer of the Dorian Lachapelle
Sex: Female
Age: 19 (Born 1999)
Nationality: British
Place of Residence: Paris-2 Geofront Apartments

Physical Details
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Dark blue
Height: 5'5"
Build: Slim

Personal Details
"I really need to work on recalibrating the Positron Bow Drill, sir."

Cornelia Archibald is the Principal Warfare Officer on board the Dorian Lachapelle- it ultimately falls to her to ensure that all the weapons are in perfect working order, that the munitions and armaments are supplied, and that the fire control systems are operational. In battle, Archibald's role is to handle the weaponry on behalf of the captain; she will designate targets, lock in firing coordinates and execute the order.

Archibald is a Companion, a product of the NeoAlexander Project. As the project's aim was to create excellent leaders capable of filling any role, Archibald is not considered to be a successful product of the program, and was graded poorly in the areas of Leadership and Strategy. Thus, unlike the most famous products of the project- Alphonse Wellesley and Minerva Linden- she was never offered a true command position.

The aims of the NeoAlexander Project were rarely met in full; most candidates would end up developing extreme ability in a few areas, and average or lacking results in the others. Archibald is no exception, proving to be exceptionally gifted in the areas of Mathematics, Engineering and Naval Warfare Conduct. Because of this, early in 2016 she was turned over to the Royal Navy, where she served 12 months on the HMS Decisive, a Type 45 destroyer, where she saw action against pirate activity in the Horn of Africa and the Strait of Malacca. After the breakout of WWIII she was reassigned to the HMS Valiant, a Vanguard-class ballistic missile submarine equipped with devastating new N2 Bolt Torpedoes. The vessel served with distinction, and in both assignments Archibald excelled, although gained little respect amongst her peers.

Archibald remained assigned to the Valiant until the capture of the Dorian Lachapelle. As the Valiant was on site at the time, Colonel Amatore-DeForest reassigned her to the new AT-LSAS Battleship, using her using NERV executive authority to cut through the red tape.


Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship
25 50 30 30 40 50 50 30 25
Characteristic Boost (BS, Intelligence, Perception), Specialist (Intelligence), Talent Boost (2), Touched by the Fates (1)
Horde Leader Bonus
Athletics, Awareness, Literacy, Dodge, Scrutiny Logic+10, Tech Use+10
Specialist Skills
Linguist (English, French), Navigate (Sea), Operate (Naval, Void, Tracked, Wheeled) Lore (Naval Warfare+10, Whales+10)
Weapon Talents
Pistol Proficiency, Basic Proficiency, Heavy Proficiency Heavy Specialisation Heavy Mastery
Combat Talents
This Gun Is Mine Precision Attack Elite Precision
Ranged Talents
Covering Fire, Rapid Reload Barrage, Crack Shot, Flush Out, Gun Drill, Overcharge, Sharpshooter Mighty Shot, Storm of Iron
Wounds Loyalty Fate Equipment
9 85 1

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