Codename: Malchediel
ID: Twelfth Angel
First Detected: Paris-2
Date of Attack: 8th of March, 2016
Status: Def-
Status: De-
Status: D-
Status: Defeat-
Status: Def-
Status: D-




On the First Day, the Sons of Men and Daughters of Men were created and placed upon the World. But they were weak and trembled at the shadows of the world, for the shadows held danger and death and destruction. And the Men were afraid and hid and wasted away.

They called to God, o Lord, we will fade and become dust and ash here for we are beset by shadows and horrors that frighten us.

And God was merciful and kind and gave unto men the first of the great gifts, the gift of courage. And amongst Men came heroes who did not fear the darkness, and they walked into it and returned and said of their findings: truly there is only foolishness, for the shadows hold only bounties, and the only danger is fear.

And the Sons of Men and Daughters of Men celebrated and gave thanks, and traveled into the darkness and grew mighty. But always the bravest went farther, and became mightier, and so the other Sons of Men and Daughters of Men, with wickedness in their heart, turned upon them, crying, O courage, what is needed of you when there is no danger? We will strike you down and you will be no better than us.

And so much wickedness was done, and God felt despair and dismay that his gift should be twisted so. And thus he took the shadows and made them whole, and the horrors that once existed only in Man's fear became real, and hunted the wicked Sons of Men and Daughters of Men.

But God was not without mercy and so sent Her to the world of Men so that she might guide the terrors so they would not destroy Man, and so the gift of Courage became pure again; but Man cursed God and said, O Lord, do we deserve such a curse? Are we not your children?

But She walks on the wicked world of Men, and none but the brave may challenge Her, and by doing so send terror back into meaningless shadow. For She is the Angel of Courage, and it is She who reminds Man of its fears and at the same time pushes them to heroism.


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