Codename: Voriel
ID: Tenth Angel
First Detected: Paris-2
Date of Attack: 5th of November, 2015
Status: Defe-
Status: Def-
Status: Defea-
Status: Def-
Status: De-
Status: D-
Status: D-



Oh, wicked Man who hides yourself within yourself, fear him for he sees all and is not fooled by your shadows. For he will reach within you and tear out your demons and show them to you as he would a mirror, and within that mirror you will break and be cut forever upon the edges, and be undone.

Look! He fears not you nor your false idols and will cast his shadows upon them; and you will be lost within the labyrinth of your own venal lies, and a purgatory of your own falsehood will envelop you, and smother you, and consume you whole, and you will be undone.

What do you fear, oh downcast Sons of Men and Daughters of Men? It is the world of Men you fear, the world of Men that you have carved and do not treat as your own, and thus you shall be judged and punished for your hubris, and be undone.

And from this the lies of the world of Men shall be forever rent asunder, and the truth of the World of Angels will reign.

He is the Angel of Truth.


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