Corruption In China

Corruption in China

"I feel sick."
- General Liu Lin

After pinching our noses and accepting Han's deal, we've been given the promised evidence regarding corruption within the Chinese government. We always knew that considering Han's nature, there was a chance he'd be lying.

Unfortunately he wasn't. Han's evidence is staggeringly comprehensive, and much of it can be corroborated with only a little work. The picture that emerges is one of systemic corruption from lowly prefects and civil servants all the way to Parliament. Even the President and his cabinet have been implicated in taking bribes from illegal arms dealers, corporations, drug smugglers and even human traffickers.

The evidence is such that it could destroy the careers of thousands. In essence, possessing this evidence gives one the power, if they had the right leverage, to implicate so many people as to topple the government.

This is obviously a problem, but it's one that we have various methods of approaching. Kourosh Rustami has presented a plan: keep tight on the evidence for now. Solve China's food crisis with Canada's strategic reserve, but take control of food distribution in order to ensure that young, ambitious, talented and upright people are the ones who are seen organising the effort. Once this crop of individuals has been fostered to the point of being plausible as an alternative government, we reveal the evidence, unleash justice on the leadership, and replace them with our young brilliants.

But this need not be the only path we take. Using the evidence to selectively blackmail members of China's government can increase our leverage there and deliver a broad array of resources to us through furtive channels. We could also broadcast the evidence now, toppling the government, but use it as a pretext to place Liu Lin in charge as a military governor.

Chosen Option: Stick to Kourosh's Plan

Stick to Rustami's plan; keep the evidence quiet for now.
Keep Quiet. No Effect.


Stick to Rustami's plan; keep the evidence quiet for now.
Keep Quiet. No Effect.

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