D T A 1a 1 Roland



Detail Category Entry
Designation: D-Titan-D 1st Auxiliary One "Roland"
Class: D-Titan Denial-Type
Pilot: Edgar Chevalier


D-Titan Characteristics
Name Value Bonus Upgrade Modifiers
Weapon Skill 60 6 Mk2 Core (+5)
Ballistic Skill 50 5 Mk2 Core (+5)
Strength 35 3 -
Toughness 50 5 -
Agility 40 4 -
Perception 45 4 -

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Body Parts

Body Parts
Body Part Hit Locations AP Wounds Qualities
Head 1 – 10 14 21
Right Arm 11 – 20 14 23 Ablative (4)
Left Arm 21 – 30 14 23 Ablative (4)
Body 31 – 50 16 27 Ablative (5)
Right Leg 71 – 85 14 23
Left Leg 86 – 100 14 23

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Movement Speed

Movement Speed
Movement Type Half Move Full Move Charge Run
Normal 8 16 24 48
Normal (Flight) 8 16 24 48
Strategic 2 4 6 8
Strategic (Flight) 2 4 6 8

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Trait Subtitle Effect
Ablative Shell - The unit possesses an Ablative (5) Quality on the Body Location.
AC Cockpit Core Block, Durable, Reliable The unit is designed to use an AC Suit as a Cockpit. This has multiple effects, detailed below. It is only killed if the body is destroyed. If the head is destroyed, then it is rendered blind; on the pilot's turn they may test Awareness as a Free Action to remove blindness penalties against targets within 30dm/3km.
- Core Block The unit is only killed if the body is destroyed; removing the head merely blinds it. In this situation, on their turn the pilot may test Awareness as a Free Action to remove blindness penalties against targets within 30dm/3km.
- Durable Damage to the pilot from Cockpit breaches are halved.
- Reliable The unit never has any ejection problems; the pilot is always assumed to have ejected and landed 1d10km away. Assuming the unit has not been breached, it may then move under its own power; it counts as AB 2.
Booster Module - The unit possesses the Flight (AB) and Hoverer (AB) Traits.
Defense Frame - This unit may possess two Esoteric Defenses instead of one. Furthermore, it takes a 1 SUP discount to Armour Upgrades and Conventional/Esoteric Module purchases.
Machine - This unit is a Machine. It does not suffer from the effects of a vacuum or extreme cold, does not need to breathe, and is unaffected by mind-influencing mental attacks, and its AP counts towards fire damage.
Weapon Loadout Defense - This unit may equip any type of weapon except for Heavy Weapons. Furthermore, the unit has a small pool of free weapons. Every battle, the unit has access to one copy of each free weapon; this weapon may be deployed with the unit, or stored in a Port for mid-battle deployment.
- Close Combat This unit has free access to the following Melee Weapons: Combat Shield, Hyper Knife.
- Primary This unit has free access to the following Basic Weapons: Masgun, Mascarbine, Rail Assault Rifle, Rail Carbine.
- Sidearm This unit has free access to the following Pistols: Hellpistol, Maspistol, Railpistol.

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Advancement Level
Agility 0
Durability 5
Strength 0

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Component Slot Component
Sensor Package 1 -

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Component Slot Component
Tertiary Weapons Harken Blades
Conventional Defense Superheavy Plating
Esoteric Defense Damaskite Mantle
Esoteric Defense 2 Kinetic Barriers
Pilot Computer Mk2 Core
AI Basic AI

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Component Slot Component (Left Arm) Component (Right Arm)
Actuators -
Shoulders Mark Array A Dock
Arms A Dock A Dock
Hands - -

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Component Slot Component
Actuators -
Legs -

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Name Subname Effect
Basic Upgrades
Durability 5 'You increase your AP and Wounds by 1 in all areas, for a total of +5 base.
Tertiary Defenses
Harken Blades - You gain an assault (10dm/1km) range pair of Harken Blades. Harken Blades may ensnare an enemy limb with a half action Called Shot WS test; entangled arms may not be used, whilst entangled legs force the target to pass a free Strength test in order to move away from you; they also apply a -10 penalty to dodges (-20 for both legs). An entangled target may test Strength as a Half Action to break free. Harken attacks may be dodged as normal.
M-Vulcans - You gain an Assault (10dm/1km) range mega vulcan embankment, which counts as a -/-/10 2d5+2I pistol with the Storm Quality. It may be fired as a Free Action, but does not restrict you from making other attack actions on your turn. The M-Vulcans have effectively unlimited ammo and may not Fury.
Conventional Defenses
Superheavy Plating - You gain +2 AP and Wounds to all areas; the body gains +4 wounds instead. However, you reduce your Agility by 10.
Esoteric Defenses
Damaskite Mantle - Attacks against you reduce their Penetration by -2. You gain the Shimmer (2) Quality.
Kinetic Barriers - You gain a Deflection Rating of 40%, which may deflect any type of attack except for Blast attacks; you may test Deflection without sacrificing your opportunity to dodge or parry. As a Full Action, you may increase the Rating to 80%, or expand its bubble to cover all adjacent squares; in either case, the Barrier now works against Blast attack. Disruption, AT Penetration, Positron, Neutralisation and other effects which negate or affect Deflection work as normal on Kinetic Barriers.
Pilot Computer
Mk2 Core - You gain +5 WS and BS.
Basic Thruster AI - AI with 40/40 WS/BS. Possesses only weapon skill talents, is trained in Athletics, Awareness, Parry, Dodge.
Arm Actuators
Sensor Dock MAGI-RMD, Mark Array Whenever you purchase this upgrade, choose one of the upgrades below. You may purchase one of each upgrade, but a Superheavy only has two Shoulder Slots at any given time.
- MAGI-RMD MAGI rolls made on a target within Medium Range (60dm/6km) of a MAGI-RMD take a +20 bonus. Furthermore, as a Full Action you may perform a MAGI scan on a target within Medium Range, but you do not gain the +20 bonus.
- Mark Array As a Half Action, you may hit an enemy body part of your choosing with a marker. All allies receive a +10 bonus to BS against that target until the start of your next turn. If a single body part is struck three times with a markerlight in the same turn, then Called Shots against that location are nulled, and any Horde attacks against that target automatically hit that body part.
Storage Dock A Dock Whenever you purchase this upgrade, choose one of the upgrades below. Each upgrade may be purchased multiple times, but a Superheavy only has two Shoulder Slots at any given time.
- A Dock A Docks hold one Compact Weapon or a single clip of ammo. They may also hold items of comparable size such as an AC Suit or an Entry Plug safely.
Ablative Gauntlet - You gain the Ablative (4) Armour Quality on the chosen arm.
Leg Actuators

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Upgrade Points

Increase Decrease Reason Total
1 0 Pointman Start 1
20 0 Pointman Purchase 21
0 5 Durability 5 16
0 5 Superheavy Plating 11
0 1 Harken Blades 10
0 4 Kinetic Barriers 6
0 2 Damaskite Mantle 4
0 1 Mk2 Core 3
0 3 Ablative Gauntlet 0
0 0 0
0 0 0

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Favoured Weapons

Melee Weapons

Name Class Base Damage Real Damage Base Pen Real Pen Special Upgrades WUP Cost
Dynamic Glaive Melee 1d10+4R 1d10+7R 4 4 Balanced, Devastating (2), Daiglaive Dam Up, Pen Up 6
Dynamic Heat Blade Melee 1d10+4R 1d10+7R 6 6 Balanced, Compact, Offhand, Daiglaive Heat 2
Dynamic Nanoblade Melee 1d10+4R 1d10+7R 4 4 Balanced, Compact, Offhand, Daiglaive Nanoblade 2
Eva Shield Melee 1d5+0 I 1d5+3 I 0 0 Defensive, Shield (3) - Free

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Ranged Weapons

Name Class Range RoF Base Damage Real Damage Base Pen Real Pen Clip Reload Special Upgrades WUP Cost
Bolt Pistol Pistol 30dm S/2/- 1d10+6X 1d10+6X 4 4 8 Half Tearing, Compact, Special Bolts - Free

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