D T A 1a Co Charlemagne2


Detail Category Entry
Designation: D-T(A) 1A-CO 'Charlemagne'
Class: D-Titan Assault-Type
Pilot: Alexandre Fontaine

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D-Titan Characteristics
Name Value Bonus Upgrade Modifiers
Weapon Skill 40 4 - -
Ballistic Skill 65 6 HAT DC -
Strength 40 4 ASE I -
Toughness 40 4 - -
Agility 60 6 AAE IV -
Perception 40 4 Raven -

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Wounds and Armour

Body Parts
Body Part Hit Locations AP Wounds
Head 1 – 10 10 14
Right Arm 11 – 20 12 16
Left Arm 21 – 30 12 16
Body 31 – 70 14 22
Right Leg 71 – 85 12 16
Left Leg 86 – 100 12 16

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WUP Pool



Ground Speed

AB Half Full Charge Run
6 12 24 36 72

Flight Speed

AB Half Full Charge Run
12 24 48 72 144

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Name Effect
Ablative Shell The D-Titan is equipped with an ablative shell as standard. Gains the Ablative Carapace upgrade.
Battlesuit Cockpit The D-Titan's cockpit is actually an American-built AC Suit variant. This has multiple effects. If the D-Titan's head is destroyed, the D-Titan does not shut down but rather is treated as blind. It may test Perception once per round to remove blindness penalties against enemies and attacks within 3dm. Furthermore, any Cockpit breaches deal damage to the Battlesuit first. Furthermore, the pilot never suffers problems with ejections.
Booster Module The D-Titan is equipped with a Booster Module, giving it the Flight(AB*2) and the Hoverer traits.
Machine The D-Titan is a Machine and thus any body part that is reduced to zero wounds or below is immediately destroyed.
Modular Frame The D-Titan-A is designed for flexibility and versatility, and to that end all upgrades cost 1 SUP less.

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Component Slot Component
Sensor Package 1 Raven Sensors

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Component Slot Component
Tertiary Weapons Flash Cannon
Conventional Defense Super-Heavy Plating
Special Defense Kinetic Dispersal
Pilot Computer HAT DC
AI Enhanced Thruster AI

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Component Slot Component (Left Arm) Component (Right Arm)
Actuators Active Strength I Active Strength I
Shoulders Smoke Launcher Smoke Launcher
Arms Arm Dock Net Cannon
Hands Grip Enhancer Grip Enhancer

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Component Slot Component
Actuators AAE IV
Legs Mesh Elasticity Rebounder

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Name Effect
- -

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Upgrade Points


Increase Decrease Reason Total
- - - Bonus -

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Favoured Weapon Loadouts

Favoured Melee Weapons

Name Class Base Damage Real Damage Base Pen Real Pen Special Upgrades WUP Cost
Prog Knife MK III Melee 1d5+3R 1d5+8R 4 4 Hy-Prog, Compact, Fast, Nimble, Offhand - 0 (x2)/2

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Favoured Ranged Weapons

Name Class Range Rate of Fire Base Damage Real Damage Base Pen Real Pen Clip Reload Special Upgrades WUP Cost
Eva Pistol MK2 Pistol 30dm S/2/- 1d10+3I 1d10+3I 3 3 10 1Half Custom Ammo, Compact - 0
Mas Pistol MK2 Pistol 50dm S/2/4 1d10+2I 1d10+2I 4 4 24 1Half Compact, Carbine, Maser, Proven (4), Reliable, Variable - 0 (x2)/1
Bolt Pistol MK2 Pistol (Bolt) 30dm S/2/- 1d10+6X 1d10+6X 2 2 8 1Half Tearing, Compact, Special Bolts - 0 (x1)/2

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Common Maptools Codes

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