D T A Sos 5 Ilmarinen


Detail Category Entry
Designation: D-T(A) SOS-5 "Ilmarinen"
Class: D-Titan Assault-Type
Pilot: Henri Duval

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E-Destroyer Characteristics
Name Value Bonus Upgrade
Weapon Skill 50 5 Mk2 Core (+5)
Ballistic Skill 55 5 Mk2 Core (+5)
Strength 50 5 Strength 3 (+15)
Toughness 40 4 -
Agility 60 6 Agility 4 (+20), Superheavy (-10)
Perception 50 7 T-Sat (Unnat. 2)

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WUP Pool


Body Parts

Body Parts
Body Part Hit Locations AP Wounds
Head 1 – 10 11 17
Right Arm 11 – 20 11 19
Left Arm 21 – 30 11 19
Body 31 – 50 13 23
Right Leg 71 – 85 11 19
Left Leg 86 – 100 11 19

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Trait Subtitle Effect
Ablative Shell - The unit possesses an Ablative (5) Quality on the Body Location.
AC Cockpit AC Suit, Core Block, Durable The unit is designed to use an AC Suit as a Cockpit. This has multiple effects, detailed below. It is only killed if the body is destroyed. If the head is destroyed, then it is rendered blind; on the pilot's turn they may test Awareness as a Free Action to remove blindness penalties against targets within 30dm/3km.
- AC Suit The unit takes a +40 bonus to ejection tests. Once ejected, the pilot counts as having AB3 for the purposes of movement.
- Core Block The unit is only killed if the body is destroyed; removing the head merely blinds it. In this situation, on their turn the pilot may test Awareness as a Free Action to remove blindness penalties against targets within 30dm/3km.
- Durable Damage to the pilot from Cockpit breaches are halved.
Booster Module - The unit possesses the Flight (AB), Void (AB) and Hoverer (AB) Traits.
Machine - This unit is a Machine. It does not suffer from the effects of a vacuum or extreme cold, does not need to breathe, and is unaffected by mind-influencing mental attacks, and its AP counts towards fire damage.
Modular Frame - This unit is designed for flexibility and modular construction; all Module Upgrades cost one SUP less.
Weapon Loadout Medium - This unit may equip any type of weapon except for Heavy Weapons. Furthermore, the unit has a small pool of free weapons. Every battle, the unit has access to one copy of each free weapon; this weapon may be deployed with the unit, or stored in a Port for mid-battle deployment.
- Close Combat This unit has free access to the following Melee Weapons: Hyper Knife.
- Primary This unit has free access to the following Basic Weapons: Masgun, Mascarbine, Rail Assault Rifle, Rail Carbine.
- Sidearm This unit has free access to the following Pistols: Maspistol, Railpistol, Hellpistol.

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Advancement Level
Agility 4
Durability 5
Strength 3
Coremods -

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Component Slot Component
Sensor Package 1 T-Sat Network

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Component Slot Component
Tertiary Weapons Flash Cannon
Conventional Defense Superheavy Plating
Esoteric Defense Kinetic Barriers
Pilot Computer Mk2 Core
AI Enhanced Thruster AI

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Component Slot Component (Left Arm) Component (Right Arm)
Actuators -
Shoulders Mark Array B Dock
Arms Ablative Gauntlet Ablative Gauntlet
Hands Ambidexterity Compensator

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Component Slot Component
Actuators -
Legs Emergency Boosters

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Name Effect
Agility 4 +20 to Agility
Durability 5 +5 AP, +5 Wounds
Strength 3 +15 to Strength
T-Sat Network You gain +10 to Awareness and Unnatural Perception (2) (expands vision radius).
Flash Cannon You gain a special one-use array which emits an Assault (1km) range cone flash as a half action. All enemies with the Machine trait or comparable reliance on electronics must test Toughness; on a failure they are blinded and deafened for 1d5 rounds.
Superheavy Plating You gain +2 AP and Wounds to all areas; the body gains +4 wounds instead. However, you reduce your Agility by 10.
Kinetic Barriers You gain a Deflection Rating of 50%, which may deflect any type of attack except for Blast attacks; you may test Deflection without sacrificing your opportunity to dodge or parry. As a Full Action, you may increase the Rating to 100%, or expand it to create a bubble with a 1km radius; in either case, the Barrier now works against Blast attacks. Disruption, AT Penetration, Positron, Neutralisation and other effects which negate or affect Deflection work as normal on Kinetic Barriers.
Mk2 Core You gain +5 WS and BS.
Enhanced Thruster AI AI with 45/45 WS/BS. Possesses the Rapid Reload and Combat Master talents, is trained in Athletics, Awareness, Parry+10, Dodge+10.
Mark Array You gain a Markerlight on your shoulder.
B Dock B Docks hold one Basic or One-Handed Melee Weapon, or up to two clips of ammo.
Ablative Gauntlets You gain the Ablative (4) Armour Quality on the chosen arm.
Ambidexterity Compensator Grants the Superheavy the Ambidextrous talent. If you already possess the Ambidextrous talent, than you may reduce the dual-wielding penalty by a further -10.
Emergency Boosters Emergency Boosters possess 3 units of fuel. You may expend 1 fuel to gain +20 to a single dodge test.

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Upgrade Points


Increase Decrease Reason Total
2 0 Support Bonus 2
24 0 Support Purchase 1 26
0 4 Agility 1-4 22
0 5 Durability 1-5 17
0 3 Strength 1-3 14
0 1 Flash Cannon 13
0 5 Superheavy Plating 8
0 4 Kinetic Barriers 4
0 2 Ablative Gauntlet 2
0 1 Ambidexterity Compensator 1
0 1 Emergency Boosters 0
0 0 T-Sat Network 0
0 0 Mk2 Core 0
0 0 Enhanced Thruster AI 0
0 0 Mark Array 0
0 0 B Dock 0

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Favoured Weapon Loadouts

Favoured Melee Weapons

Name Class Base Damage Real Damage Base Pen Real Pen Special Upgrades WUP Cost

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Favoured Ranged Weapons

Name Class Range Rate of Fire Base Damage Real Damage Base Pen Real Pen Clip Reload Special Upgrades WUP Cost

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Common Maptools Codes

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