D T B Sos 2 Creidhne


Detail Category Entry
Designation: D-T(B) SOS-2 "Creidhne"
Class: D-Titan Bombardier-Type
Pilot: Marie Favager

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E-Destroyer Characteristics
Name Value Bonus Upgrade
Weapon Skill 35 3 -
Ballistic Skill 80 8 Sniper-T (+10)
Strength 30 3 -
Toughness 60 6 Shock Actuators (+10)
Agility 40 4 Agility 4 (+20), Shock Actuators (-10)
Perception 55 7 T-Sat (Unnat. Per 2)

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Body Parts

Body Part Hit Locations AP Wounds
Head 1 – 10 11 18
Right Arm 11 – 20 11 20
Left Arm 21 – 30 11 20
Body 31 – 50 13 24
Right Leg 71 – 85 11 20
Left Leg 86 – 100 11 20

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Trait Subtitle Effect
Ablative Shell - The unit possesses an Ablative (5) Quality on the Body Location.
AC Cockpit - The unit is designed to use an AC Suit as a Cockpit. This has multiple effects, detailed below. It is only killed if the body is destroyed. If the head is destroyed, then it is rendered blind; on the pilot's turn they may test Awareness as a Free Action to remove blindness penalties against targets within 30dm/3km.
- AC Suit The unit takes a +40 bonus to ejection tests. Once ejected, the pilot counts as having AB3 for the purposes of movement.
- Core Block The unit is only killed if the body is destroyed; removing the head merely blinds it. In this situation, on their turn the pilot may test Awareness as a Free Action to remove blindness penalties against targets within 30dm/3km.
- Durable Damage to the pilot from Cockpit breaches are halved.
Booster Module - The unit possesses the Flight (AB) and Hoverer (AB) Traits.
Combat Artillery Mounting - The D-Titan-B possesses a Combat Artillery Mounting, a free upgrade which takes up the Conventional Defense slot. The CAM allows for the D-Titan-B to carry a Heavy Weapon one-handed, one in both hands, although it may not take a Great Cannon in this way. Heavy Railguns taken this way may not be fired unless the D-Titan-B possesses an Entrenchment Artillery System and is entrenched. If both weapons are of the same type, then the weapons are merged into a single weapon with the same qualities as both but doubling ammo. The weapon may then be given the Twin-Linked quality, or have its Semi/Full capacity doubled and given the Storm quality. If an arm is lost, the weapon attached to that shoulder is also lost (merged weapons halve remaining ammo and lose the Twin-Linked quality/Storm quality).
Heavy Frame - This unit is designed for heavy weapons; it possesses the Bulging Biceps talent and never suffers penalties to Agility due to heavy weapons or heavy armour.
Machine - This unit is a Machine. It does not suffer from the effects of a vacuum or extreme cold, does not need to breathe, and is unaffected by mind-influencing mental attacks, and its AP counts towards fire damage.
Weapon Loadout Heavy - This unit may equip any type of weapon except for Great Cannons.

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Advancement Level
Agility 2
Durability 2
Strength 2
Coremods Care, Defense, OTIS II, Jets

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Component Slot Component
Sensor Package 1 T-Sat Network

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Component Slot Component
Tertiary Weapons Smoke Launcher
Conventional Defense Superheavy Plating
Esoteric Defense Point Defense Grid
Pilot Computer Sniper-T System
AI Sniper AI

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Component Slot Component (Left Arm) Component (Right Arm)
Actuators Lion Actuators
Shoulders Integrated Weapon Mk2 Ammo Backpack
Arms Ablative Gauntlet Ablative Gauntlet
Hands Recoil Suppressor

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Component Slot Component
Actuators Shock Resistant Actuators
Legs Entrenchment Artillery System

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Name Effect
Agility 2 +20 to Agility
Strength 2 +20 to Strength
Durability 2 +4 AP, +4 Wounds
T-Sat Network you gain +10 to Awareness and Unnatural Perception (2) (expands vision radius).
Smoke Launcher You gain a smoke launcher begins loaded with two Blind Grenades, that may be fired as a Half Action; this does not count as an attack and so does not prevent your ability to perform attacks during the same turn.
Superheavy Plating You gain +2 AP and Wounds to all areas; the body gains +4 wounds instead. However, you reduce your Agility by 10.
Point Defense Grid At the end of every round, you make a single BS test, and record the DoS. Every ranged attack aimed at you that comes from more than Assault (1km) range away compares its own DoS to the DoS of the Grid test; if the Grid is higher, the attack is neutralised, and the Grid's DoS is reduced by one. Otherwise, the attack prevails. If the attack's DoS is higher than the Grid's by 3 or more, the Grid shorts out instantly and requires a full round to reboot. The Point Defense Grid may not neutralise Blast or Cone attacks; attacks from Heavy Weapons with more than 1 d10; and treats its DoS as being 3 lower against Positron attacks.
Sniper-T System You gain +10 BS.
Sniper AI AI with 40/50 WS/BS. Possesses the Sharpshooter and Deadeye Shot talents, is trained in Athletics, Awareness, Parry, Dodge+20.
Lion Actuators Twice per battle, you may use Lion Actuators. Until the start of your next turn, you count as having Unnatural Strength (+4).
Integrated Weapon The Integrated Weapon may, before a battle, have a Compact Ranged Weapon incorporated into the frame; the weapon gains the Rapid Fire Quality if it has any Burst capabilities. Integrated Weapons may be fired as a Half Action or Reaction. Integrated Weapons may be aimed without taking up an action, but still take the same amount of time.
Ammo Backpack The Ammo Backpack may be secured to a single Basic or Heavy Weapon before the battle. This weapon's clip size is tripled, but it cannot be reloaded in battle; outside of battle it takes three normal-sized clips and five minutes to reload. However, if the weapon jams, it only uses a single normal clips' worth of ammo and does not need to be reloaded after unjamming. Using the Ammo Backpack incurs a -10 penalty to agility tests, and if you take Critical E or X damage to the body, if there's still ammo remaining in the pack, it has a 25% chance of exploding, increasing the Critical Damage taken by 1.
Ablative Gauntlet You gain the Ablative (4) Armour Quality on the chosen arm.
Recoil Suppressor Allows Superheavy to fire basic weapons one-handed without penalty.
Shock Resistant Actuators You gain +10 Toughness but lose -10 Agility.
Entrenchment Artillery System You entrench (or unentrench) as a full action. This action requires a flat solid surface beneath you. You cannot move or dodge, but gain a +20 to all Toughness tests, and may test Toughness against any effect that might knock or push you down in place of any other roll- if there is no roll allowed, then you can use Toughness to negate it anyway (with GM permission). Also grants a +10 bonus to BS, may Half-Aim as a reaction and increases the range of all weapons by a step.

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Favoured Weapon Loadouts

Favoured Melee Weapons

Name Class Base Damage Real Damage Base Pen Real Pen Special Upgrades WUP Cost

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Favoured Ranged Weapons

Name Class Range Rate of Fire Base Damage Real Damage Base Pen Real Pen Clip Reload Special Upgrades WUP Cost
Macha (Integrated Long Mas) Basic 375dm S/2/- 1d10+5E 1d10+10E 5 6 12 Half Accurate, Maser, Proven (4), Reliable, Variable ((Compact) Dam, Pen, Clip, Range) 0
Nemain (H. Bolter) Heavy 240dm -/-/8 1d10+6X 1d10+11X 6 7 60 Half Devastating (3), Inaccurate, Mounted (10), Tearing, Special Bolts ((Rapid-Firing) Fire Selector, +Dam) +Pen, Clip, Range 3
Badb (H. Railgun) Heavy Longshot S/-/- 3d10+6I 3d10+10I 10 10 6 Full Custom Ammo, Mounted (20), Longshot, Recharge ((Smoke Launcher) Fire Selector, RDLS) 0

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Favoured Special Ammo

Name Effect Range Effect Clip Effect Quality Effect
Special Bolts: Disruptor Bolts Enemies with AT Fields lose 10% Deflection, cumulative per hit, until the start of next round. - Halved -2 Damage
Special Bolts: Dragonfire Bolts All objects within 2dm of hit must test agility or burst into flame. - - -2 Damage, Overheat
Special Bolts: Iron Vengeance Bolts +4 Pen, Felling (2). On a hit roll of 91-100, the gun explodes, dealing a single hit to the arm of the wielder. Halved Quartered -
Special Bolts: Metal Storm Bolts Weapon gains the Blast (2) quality. - - -2 Dam, Pen
Custom Ammo: Amputator Rounds Whenever this attack would deal Critical Damage, it deals +2 more. - Halved Unreliable
Custom Ammo: Angel Slayer Rounds Weapon gains the Felling (2) quality. - Halved -
Custom Ammo: Bleeder Rounds Targets hit by ammo of this type take +2 damage from all attacks until healed. - - Deals -1 damage
Custom Ammo: Dumdum Rounds Weapon deals +3 damage. However, target AP is doubled against attacks from this clip. - - -
Custom Ammo: EMP Cartridge Deals Energy damage, gains the Shocking (0) quality and deals +3 damage to enemies with mechanical components (Evas, Modular Fighters etc). Full Auto quality halved. Halved Halved Unreliable
Custom Ammo: Inferno Rounds Weapon gains the Flame quality. Halved Halved Loses Reliable (or gains Unreliable)
Custom Ammo: Manstopper Rounds Weapon gains +3 Penetration. - Halved -
Custom Ammo: Synch Distorters On a hit, Eva pilot tests Synch Disruption (may be triggered max once per turn on a single pilot). -1 Damage and Pen. - Halved -
Name Effect Ammo Used Per Shot Quality Effect
Variable: Overcharge Weapon gains +1 damage. 2 Ammo -
Variable: Overload Weapon gains +2 damage and Penetration. 4 Ammo Reliable replaced with Unreliable
Variable: Tactical Hits with this weapon, even if dealing no damage, treat the enemy as though hit by a Markerlight. 1 Ammo -2 Dam, Pen
Variable: Stun Weapon gains the Disabling quality. 1 Ammo -1 Dam, Pen
Variable: Surface Focus Weapon gains Acid (1). Loses Semi/Full Auto quality. 4 Ammo -2 Dam, Pen

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