D T C Sos 4 Kotar


Detail Category Entry
Designation: D-T(C) SOS-4 “Kotar”
Class: D-Titan Commando-Type
Pilot: Blaise Herriot

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E-Destroyer Characteristics
Name Value Bonus Upgrade
Weapon Skill 70 7 Fully-Mapped (+10)
Ballistic Skill 40 4 -
Strength 50 5 Strength 2 (+10)
Toughness 30 3 -
Agility 70 6 Agility 4 (+20)
Perception 50 5 -

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WUP Pool


Body Parts

Body Parts
Body Part Hit Locations AP Wounds
Head 1 – 10 10 14
Right Arm 11 – 20 12 16
Left Arm 21 – 30 12 16
Body 31 – 50 14 20
Right Leg 71 – 85 12 16
Left Leg 86 – 100 12 16

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Trait Effect
Ablative Shell The D-Titan is equipped with an ablative shell as standard. Gains the Ablative Carapace upgrade.
Battlesuit Cockpit The D-Titan's cockpit is actually an American-built AC Suit variant. This has multiple effects. If the D-Titan's head is destroyed, the D-Titan does not shut down but rather is treated as blind. It may test Awareness once per round to remove blindness penalties against enemies and attacks within 3dm. Furthermore, any Cockpit breaches deal damage to the Battlesuit first, which has TB 8, AP 10 and 20 wounds. Furthermore, the pilot never suffers problems with ejections.
Booster Module The D-Titan is equipped with a Booster Module, giving it the Flight(AB*2) and the Hoverer traits.
Machine The D-Titan is a Machine, rendering it susceptible to EMP attacks and the like, but immune to toxic-based or similar attacks. It uses the Machine Critical Damage table.
Size: Scrawny The D-Titan-C is size: Scrawny.
Speed Build The D-Titan-C takes a 1 SUP discount when purchasing Leg Upgrades and Agility Advancements.
Stealth Frame The D-Titan-C is equipped with a state-of-the-art Stealth Frame. The Stealth Frame can be activated as a Half and deactivated as a Free. Whilst active, the field grants a +30 bonus to Stealth and a -30 penalty to WS and BS rolls to hit the user. On any round in which the D-Titan-C attacks, they forfeit the Concealment bonus and the WS/BS penalty against them is reduced to -10. The Stealth Field does not hide a D-Titan-C from AT Ping or Angelic Senses.

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Advancement Level
Agility 4
Durability 4
Strength 2

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Component Slot Component
Sensor Package 1 True Sight System

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Component Slot Component
Tertiary Weapons Smoke Launcher
Conventional Defense
Esoteric Defense
Pilot Computer Fully-Mapped Pilot Computer
AI Basic AI

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Component Slot Component (Left Arm) Component (Right Arm)
Actuators - -
Shoulders B Dock B Dock
Arms Arm Dock Arm Dock
Hands Energy Lash Tips Energy Lash Tips

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Component Slot Component
Actuators -
Legs Stealth Enhancements

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Name Effect
Agility 4 +20 to Agility
Durability 4 +4 AP, +4 Wounds
Strength 2 +10 to Strength
True Sight System Not affected by darkness, fog, and can see through up to 20dm of obstacles
Smoke Launcher Gives the Titan two cartridges that create smoke around it. Can be deployed as a half action, and creates smoke as per the 'smoke grenade' in a 5dm radius around the Titan for 1d5 rounds.
Fully Mapped Physical Pilot System +10 to WS
Basic Thruster AI AI with 40/40 WS/BS. Possesses only weapon skill talents, is trained in Athletics, Awareness, Parry, Dodge.
B Dock Holds either a 1-handed Melee weapon or a Basic ranged weapon.
Arm Dock Holds 1 Compact weapon or ammo clip.
Energy Lash Tips Your unarmed attack gains +2 Damage, +4 Pen, and now deals Energy damage
Stealth Enhancements You reduce the penalty to Stealth due to high AP by 10, and gain a +10 to Stealth.

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Upgrade Points


Increase Decrease Reason Total
1 0 Skirmisher Bonus 1
14 0 Skirmisher Purchase 1 15
0 1 True Sight System 14
0 1 Smoke Launcher (Tertiary) 13
0 2 Heavy Plating 11
0 2 Fully Mapped System 9
0 2 Actuator Enhancement Mk II 7
0 3 Energy Lash Tips 4
0 2 Active Agility Enhancement Mk II 2
0 2 Stealth Enhancements 0
0 0 Shoulder Docks 0
0 0 Basic AI 0
6 0 Skirmisher Purchase 2 6
0 2 Agility 3-4 4
0 4 Durability 3-4 0

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Favoured Weapon Loadouts

Favoured Melee Weapons

Name Class Base Damage Real Damage Base Pen Real Pen Special Upgrades WUP Cost
E-Scale Power Fists Melee 1d10+1E 1d10+13E 0 5 Power Glove, Pneumatic Pneumatic, +1 Damage, Pen 4 for 2

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Favoured Ranged Weapons

Name Class Range Rate of Fire Base Damage Real Damage Base Pen Real Pen Clip Reload Special Upgrades WUP Cost
Fusion Lance General 3dm S/-/- 2d10+2E 2d10+3E 12 12 3 1Half Inaccurate, Felling (2), Fusion, Lance, Overheats (+Damage, Clip x2) 0

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Favoured Special Ammo

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Common Maptools Codes

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